15 Reasons Why Rihanna Is A True Ride Or Die Chick

Rihanna is the girl we love to love! She has made it clear several times on social media that she has no problem saying what we wish we could but would never dare to say, or type, out loud for millions to see or hear. We’ve seen her grow up and develop extremely thick skin as the official good girl gone bad. She literally has a witty and snappy comeback for anything and anyone (Piers Morgan is no exception) who tries to come for her. And of course, it is unfiltered as she teaches people and some celebrities one by one that she is not the one to mess with.

And we haven’t even mentioned her fashion sense yet. Rihanna can sport whatever she wants, whether it is a bright red wig or a pair of boots that go all the way up to her hips; and much of the time (if not all) it’s okay because it’s Rih Rih being Rih Rih. But she has also shown that she has a softer side and is a ride or die chick whether it comes to being a good friend, showing extra love for her fans, or even simply standing up for herself after someone attempts to downplay her success. Considering all of this, it wasn’t difficult to come up with some of her best moments of all-time. So join us as we take a look at the 15 times Rihanna was the ride or die chick that we couldn’t get enough of

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15 When She Showed She’s Not Keeping Up With The Kardashians…or the Jenners

Via: Hollywood Life

Kendall Jenner might have had the best of intentions when she tweeted about going to a Rihanna concert. But she might not have expected for Rihanna to respond at all, or with a clap back that was bound to go viral in just minutes. Jenner wrote back in April of 2013, “If Rihanna doesn’t perform ‘Complicated’ tomorrow I’m gunna be very upset #FavSong!” Rihanna set the record straight when she responded to Jenner’s tweet with the comment, “Well don’t come.” Jenner ended things there but really, what can you say after Rih Rih has that type of answer for you? Little did we know this was only one of the first times of several that Rihanna would have a hilarious and witty response for a fan or even a celebrity. We’re really interested to know if Jenner ended up going to the concert though. Still, this is just one of the times she proved she is a ride or die chick.

14 When She Fanned Out For Herself

Via: Huffington Post

Rihanna is one of our favorite ride or die chicks because she even fans out for herself every once in a while. We can’t forget the time during her 777 Tour that she refused to keep singing if the sound was going to be messed up. Rihanna had just started performing her hit song “Where Have You Been?” when she had a few choice words for the live band who apparently couldn’t get the sound right. She asked, “Alright, what the [expletive]. Stop this…Why is the track off from the band? This is the [stuff] we deal with when we are just doing a random rock and roll tour with no rehearsal…” We love that she stood up for herself because if she would have kept going, she would have been the subject of scrutiny for not sounding right. She went on to apologize to concertgoers and those streaming live online before they started the song again

13 When You See Rihanna, You See Melissa

Via: Stylecaster

Rihanna has had the same best friend since she was a little girl and despite reaching huge levels of fame and fortune, Melissa Forde is nearly always by her side. She was there before Rihanna’s first single "Pon de Replay" was a major hit and the two made it clear they were still going strong when they celebrated Rihanna’s birthday together earlier this year. From the time Forde was Rihanna’s date to the Grammy Awards to that time Rihanna supported Forde at her hat line launch, they are without a doubt BFF goals. They have no problem twinning out and wearing matching outfits and we loved the time Forde gave Rihanna a piggy back ride. Of course, Forde has been accused of only being Rihanna’s friend because of her celebrity status, but Forde and Rihanna go all the way back to Rih Rih’s Barbados days, when Rihanna was simply known as Robyn Fenty. The fact that Forde and Rihanna are still as close as they are shows that Rih Rih and Forde are both ride or die chicks.

12 That Time She Blasted A Major Network

Via: Hollywood Reporter

Rihanna vs. CBS might not have gone down as one of the most epic beefs of all time with the Island princess, but it is definitely one that shows Rihanna will stand up for herself no matter who her opponent is. She blasted CBS after the network yanked her then hit Run This Town from the Thursday Night Football introduction. There was speculation that CBS pulled it because it happened around the time of the infamous Ray Rice incident when the former NFLer was seen physically abusing his wife. Considering Rihanna’s past with domestic violence, many thought this was the reason the song was pulled. Rihanna tweeted the network after they put it back in for the following week. “CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO… Y’all are sad for penalizing me for this…The audacity…” And there you have it ladies and gents

11 Who Else Gets Their Legs Insured?

Via: Wallup

You know you’re a real cool chick when your legs are insured, and that certainly holds true for Rihanna. While you might be surprised by the number of celebrities who have body parts insured (from Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks to Julia Roberts taking out insurance on her teeth), Rihanna is on the list too. Her legs are said to be insured for $1 million. This came after the razor brand, Gillette, took notice of the "Needed Me" singer’s long legs and gave her the “Legs of Goddess” award back in 2007, which came with the leg insurance. Still, she stayed pretty down-to-earth about the deal. She once said, “Do people really insure their legs for a million dollars? If it was my million dollars, I’d probably walk about in pants all day long.” This is just one of the many reasons she is one of our favorite ride or die chicks. Side note: Mariah Carey’s legs and vocal cords are insured for $70 million and Taylor Swift’s legs for $40 million.

10 When She Took 150 Journalists On Her World Tour

Via: Huffington Post

Rihanna is just one of a handful of celebrities who have gone all out for their fans and reporters like this. Readers might remember the time she brought 150 journalists with her on her 777 tour. While many of them said it was the worst experience since they barely slept, it is something they’ll remember for a lifetime. Rihanna also apologized for their not-so-great time with her after some complained they barely got to see her. “It’s impossible to spend time with everybody, and I’m sorry I didn’t. But this was excellent and I would definitely do it again.” She added that she would’ve loved to party and “pop bottles” with them but she has to rest her voice for her tour after getting sick. “I had to just sleep whenever I could. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did.”

9 When She Pranked One of the Ultimate Pranksters

Via: Fusion

Not many people can say they have gotten one over on late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, but Rihanna can. And because of that, she is one of our favorite ride or die chicks. The singer snuck into Kimmel’s home while he was sleeping and pranked him with a parody of her own song "B*tch Better Have My Money." The moment of course aired on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live in April 2015. She went into his very dark room and blasted the song while she and a group of friends threw dollar bills at him and she yelled the song. It was safe to say Kimmel was extremely surprised as Rihanna jumped on his bed and threw a pillow at him. She even flashed a light in his face. Rihanna confessed to Kimmel that it was all her idea as she was a major fan of his April Fool’s pranks. It was definitely a classic moment

8 She’s a Family Girl

Via: Elle

Rihanna has shown time and time again that no matter how famous she gets, she is all about family. Avid Rihanna fans (also known as the Rihanna Navy) know that Rihanna is extremely affectionate with her cousin (who she refers to as her little niece) Majesty, and was really close with her late grandmother, Dolly. We even know that Majesty loves to call Rihanna “Aunty Oh Na Na” thanks to her social media pages. How cute is that? Rihanna has shared extremely special moments with her millions of fans between her and Majesty, like the time she taught the tot how to paint her nails, or even when Majesty hit the red carpet with Aunty Oh Na Na at the Clara Lionel Foundation’s 2nd Annual Diamond Ball in December 2015. It’s safe to say that Majesty and Rihanna were the belles of the ball. Rihanna unfortunately mourned the passing of Gran Gran Dolly in 2012

7 When She Gave Away A Million Copies Of ANTI

Via: Just Jared

Rihanna gave her fans a free download of ANTI back in January. To say they were all excited for it is one of the biggest understatements as the album reached 1 million downloads in 14 hours alone. The free downloads came after Samsung signed a $25 million deal with Rihanna. Some of that was used to purchase the million copies of Anti from Jay Z’s Roc Nation Records, which is Rihanna’s label. Fans were able to go to Tidal, Jay Z’s subscription music service, type in the access code, and get the album. The album, which marks Rihanna’s eighth studio project, ended up going double platinum and hit the number one spot on Billboard 200 Albums Chart, even after selling less than 1,000 copies the first week. Her collaboration with Drake on "Work" also made history and was nominated for Record of the Year at the 2017 Grammy Awards. It was just one of seven nods that Rihanna received for the success of ANTI.

6 She’s A True Friend

Via: Love B Scott

Considering that Rihanna will go off on a celebrity, she also has no problem getting her friends together. Along with Melissa Forde, Leandra is also one of Rihanna’s closest friends. But we saw that she’s not going to let even her embarrass her in front of her peers like other artists, actors, and athletes. Leandra accompanied Rihanna to the 2015 BET Awards and it soon became clear as they were leaving the Microsoft Theater, that Leandra had one too many drinks. You can hear Rihanna tell her friend, “Leandra your drunk a** is being stupid. Well, handle it,” in a video of Rihanna and Leandra that surfaced and went viral on Twitter. Leandra made it clear the next morning that she and Rihanna were still good friends despite the high profile moment. She released a statement and said, “True friendship never dies! Shout out to the real MVP for taking me as her date to the BET awards. I had an amazing time…. Thank you….” Yep, Rihanna is definitely a true ride or die chick

5 She Has The Most Blinged Out Accessories

Via: Luxuori Magazine

We had to mention the amazing Dolce & Gabbana headphones that Rihanna debuted. It was blinged out with jewels and even had a crown at the top. And they were only $9,000! Yeah, the “only” was definitely sarcastic; especially since the headphones still had a wire on them. But that didn’t stop fans and some celebrities from rocking them. The items are completely sold out and have been for more than a year. In fact, it only took 24 hours for them to fly off the shelves after being featured at Dolce & Gabbana’s 2015 fashion show. The crystals were made of Swarovski and surely made Rihanna’s headphones one of a kind. She wore the headphones herself in a pic she shared via Twitter and it caused a huge frenzy on social media. While Rihanna’s particular pair is no longer available, similar styles are still up for grabs. We just had to point out this is one of our favorite Rihanna moments that make her a ride or die chick.

4 She Unapologetically Gets Physical With A Fan

Via: In Touch Weekly

Rihanna made headlines after she decided to hit a fan with a microphone during a concert in the U.K. back in June 2013. The clip reached millions on the Internet and while some tried to defend Rihanna and say she didn’t mean to, she ended up speaking on the situation herself and made it clear it was not an accident. She was performing “We Found Love” during her Diamond World Tour as she walked right in front of the front row of ecstatic fans in Birmingham, England. Well, one fan got a little too hands-on for the pop star, so Rihanna got their attention when she hit them with her microphone. She tweeted, “Purpose! That [girl] won’t let me go” to fans who said it was all a big mistake. Looking at the video, it’s clear that Rihanna’s move was an intentional one. While we don’t condone violence, we’re all for Rihanna setting the record straight.

3 One Of The Many Times She Was The Woman Of The Hour

Via: The Culture Custodian

Rihanna held it down for the ladies at the 2015 Grammy Awards when she hit the stage with none other than superstar rapper Kanye West and the one and only sir Paul McCartney for their hit song Four, Five Seconds. Rihanna kept her look extremely classy as all three rocked black outfits. She opted for a pant suit with a diamond necklace and a slicked back hairstyle. While doing songs alone is another reason Rihanna is a ride or die chick, the idea that she held her own while rocking the stage with two of the most famous artists of all time is more than enough to add this moment to the list. The song itself ended up reaching the top 10 mark on the charts and contributed to Rihanna now having the third-most top 10 hits of all time. She was tied with Michael Jackson but thanks to "Love on The Brain," the King of Pop is now fourth.

2 She Laughs At Her Own Fashion Choices

Via: Pinterest

So it’s safe to say Rihanna takes risks when it comes to her fashion do's and don’ts. But she can rock whatever it is no matter what type of response she receives. And for that, she is a superb ride or die chick. In one of her most talked about moments, she donned a completely sheer and sparkly dress to the CFDA Awards in 2014. She received lots of attention for this because some explicit parts of her body were on full display. Yet she managed to cover up with see-through gloves and a matching hat. Still, she didn’t have a problem being compared to famous Family Guy character Peter Griffin. She posted a side-by-side of the animated star rocking the same outfit as her; the photo had been going around so it’s only right that Rihanna got in on the fun as she wrote, “He gets it.” Fans shared that picture thousands of times

1 When She Defended Her Love Life

Via: Cargo Collective

We can’t count how many times Rihanna set a reporter straight after going too far when it came to asking questions about her personal life. But one that stands out is the moment she had with a journalist when walking the red carpet of the premiere of her first movie, Battleship. That reporter learned the hard way it might not be a good idea to ask Rihanna about her love life. At this time, there was speculation that Rihanna, who has also been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio and Drake, was dating comedic actor Ashton Kutcher. So they asked her about it. Rihanna calls out the reporter and responds with, “Wow… How disappointing was that question?” before clarifying that she was “single,” “if that’s what you’re really asking.” They decided to move on with more questions. While the moment was brief, it is certainly a pivotal one that showed Rihanna is not one to be messed with.

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