15 Reasons Why Negan Will Get The Walking Dead Cancelled

When The Walking Dead first premiered in 2010, it wasn’t clear whether or not the series would become a hit with television audiences. It seemed like the public was still into its fascination with vampires since the premiere of the first Twilight film in 2008 and no one knew whether or not people could get into a new monster craze. Yet, all doubts were put aside once the first season of The Walking Dead made it onto the airwaves. People became fixated on the zombie craze and it wasn’t long before The Walking Dead became the most popular show on television. It seemed like each new season was bringing on a whole new batch of TV viewers and the ratings were going through the roof.

Yet, there were some doubts about whether or not the series would be able to hold onto the public’s attention, especially with the introduction of a new villain. While audiences maintained their passion for the show with other villains like The Governor, Negan’s character seemed to have a negative impact on the ratings. There were significant drops in viewership after Negan and the Saviors were introduced into the show and many people started to question whether or not the series would be able to hold onto its popularity. While there are some people that fully enjoy the new storyline regarding Negan, there are many that feel like he is ruining the series. Check out our list of the 15 reasons why Negan is ruining The Walking Dead and see what some people are saying about the newest storyline in this zombie-apocalypse television show.


15 Moving Away From The Zombie Storyline

One of the biggest draws to The Walking Dead series was the fact that the inhabitants of the world needed to fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. While the zombies used to be at the forefront of the storyline, the emergence of Negan's character shifted the focus of the series where it seemed like the majority of the storyline solely dealt with the social aspect of the struggle, rather than the fight against the zombies. Loyal fans of the series have tired of the Negan storyline and have become frustrated with the main focus being taken away from the actual zombies. With the show being entitled, The Walking Dead, people have started to wonder why the showrunners aren't featuring the actual zombies in the way they once did.

14 Unbelievable Loyalty To Negan


Part of the reason why fans have been so enthralled with the storyline within The Walking Dead is the fact that they could envision themselves in the place of some of the characters. The storyline would often beg the question as to what they, themselves, would do in certain situations. Yet, it's been extremely difficult to do that with the emergence of Negan's character. This became evident with the way the Saviors have been so blindly loyal to Negan and have even been forced to kneel down in his presence. Even those that are supposedly his closest enforcers have been forced to kneel down and this whole scenario just seems completely dramatic. Introducing an unbelievable storyline is just a way to further alienate the audience and has caused people to question whether or not Negan really belongs in the series.

13 Negan’s Multiple Wives

Just when the series couldn't seem to get any more unbelievable, the showrunners introduced Negan's multiple wives into the mix. Rather than making Negan's character a little more believable in the way he is portrayed, the storyline gave him a harem of wives that are meant to be at his beckon call. Not only does this feature give his character less credibility, but it made audiences question why these women would even put themselves in this situation. This is far beyond the Saviors simply being forced to kneel down in his presence. This is a form of servitude that is far beyond anything else that has been depicted in the series. It cheapens the reality of the show and turns it into something that isn't even worth watching.

12 No Real Backstory


One of the reasons why audiences have been able to attach themselves to the main characters of The Walking Dead was the fact that they have been able to see the characters evolve from their former selves. Yet, the public really hasn't been able to do that with Negan's character. Even the other villains in the series have connected with viewers since we got a glimpse of how the Governor had evolved into the monster he later became. Fans of the comic series know that Negan was once a high-school gym teacher and that he had been married before, but none of that has been shown on The Walking Dead television series. There might be a backstory that is added to the show, but there hasn't been a true telling of how he came to be the leader of the Saviors, as of yet.

11 Negan’s Weapon Of Choice

One of the most irritating features of Negan's character is the fact that his weapon of choice is just a simple baseball bat. Fans of the comic series know that the name of his bat, Lucille, is actually the name of his first wife. This is what gives the bat some real significance, especially since he often talks to and about the bat as if it's a living entity. Yet, the conversations lack a certain depth that would help audiences relate to him. Instead, his comments are often just vulgar and off-putting in a way that makes the audience wonder why someone doesn't just kill him off of the series. His bat doesn't seem that menacing when it would be easy to overcome him with the number of people that stand against him.

10 Conflict Of Character


It's hard to get into a character when there is so much conflict within his persona. This is definitely the case with Negan since his character has been shown in such conflicting ways throughout his time on the show. While he was first seen as a completely ruthless character that didn't care at all for human life, there have been glimpses of him that have completely changed the way he is portrayed. While this can sometimes be done in a way that gives the character a sense of depth, that isn't the case with Negan. Instead, it has confused and further alienated the audience to make it seem like certain aspects of his character has been thrown into the show without much thought of how it makes the audience view him.

9 Eluding Death

Any show with a lot of action can be criticized for the amazing feats that somehow manage key characters to walk away from certain-death situations, but Negan has truly taken it too far. On top of making it out of gunfights without a scratch and getting attacked by Sasha in close quarters without getting bitten, he was actually able to stop a bullet with his bat. There is no way for the audience to believe that he would be shot at, within close quarters, and then manage to dodge being shot in the face by stealthily putting his bat in front of him. This is just too ridiculous for anyone to believe and it just adds to the ludicrous nature of Negan's storyline.


8 Negan’s Relationship With Carl


It's understandable that Carl would have major animosity toward Negan, especially since he was present when Negan killed Abraham and Glenn. Yet, Negan seemed to show Carl some favoritism, even after Carl killed a bunch of Negan's men at the Sanctuary. Not only did he have some heart-to-heart moments with Carl, but he also took Carl back to Alexandria, unharmed. This completely goes against what the audience knows as Negan's character and just showed viewers that Carl was being shown favoritism for no reason. It's already been established that Negan isn't above killing young boys since that's what happened with Hilltop Colony during their first meeting, so there's no reason why Negan would hesitate to kill Carl. For the argument that Negan had to return Carl to keep a hold on Rick, the best way to do that would have been to keep Carl at the Sanctuary as a prisoner similar to Daryl.

7 Turning Good People Bad

Fans of The Walking Dead series have remained incredibly loyal to the original group of core characters that first appeared in season 1 of the show. Not all of them have made it to the end of the series, but the ones that have died on the show have definitely made their mark on viewers. People were genuinely sad to see T-Dog and Dale get killed off the show, and the characters still bring up Shane from season 1. Yet, not all of the original characters were killed off since Morales and his family broke off from the original group early on. The series brought back Morales because of the Negan storyline, but it wasn't the heartwarming reunion fans wanted. Instead, Morales was turned into "Negan" and it only made people hate Negan even more.

6 Punishment System


The Walking Dead audience has seen a variety of different ways to punish people for ill behavior through the various groups within the show. Diana talked about how she would banish people that didn't work out at Alexandria and they were sentenced to exile. Rick has been a lot less lenient and voted to kill Pete when it was discovered that he was beating his wife. These punishments seemed fitting since it was endangering the safety of the rest of the people from the community. Yet, the punishment system in Negan's group is something that isn't exactly winning people over to his side. From cutting off fingers for "stealing" gas to burning people's faces for all to see, Negan is truly barbaric in the way he runs his people.

5 Sadistic Humor

When considering the various leaders within The Walking Dead storyline, it's plain to see that no one is perfect. The Kingdom is led by a man that exudes the presence of a royal monarch from days gone by, the trash people have some sort of cult traditions insisted upon by their leader and Gregory's cowardly actions led to Maggie having to take over the Hilltop Colony. Yet, Negan's attributes seem completely all-consuming in its negativity and it makes people wonder why the Saviors would ever want to follow him. One of the worst features of his personality is the fact that his sadistic humor rears its head with every single scene he's in. From playfully asking Dwight if he wanted to sleep with his wife again as a reward to referencing the size of his manhood in comparison to others, these sorts of comments are just another reason why people hate Negan.

4 Brainwashing Tactics


Throughout The Walking Dead series, the audience has seen how people have come to join certain groups and how they have become part of their communities. There was always a draw to why people would want to stay in certain camps or follow different leaders. Whether it was because of high walls and solar grids or a loyalty to people through shared experiences, it was easy to know why people would choose specific leaders. Yet, Negan used different tactics in order to gain the loyalty of people in the Saviors. This brainwashing technique combined physical torture, confined spaces, and a lack of food and clothing. The individual is stripped down in order to get them to submit to their predicament and even others within the community view them as less than equal.

3 Cutting Down Viewership

People are all too familiar with once popular shows being cut from television lineups due to dwindling ratings and those loyal to The Walking Dead series can't fathom the thought of losing this beloved show from the airwaves. While the ratings used to be the biggest draw in the series, Negan's presence has definitely caused a negative effect on viewership. The fact that his character has caused many loyal fans to drop from watching the series is a huge hit to the show. With dwindling ratings, there is a good chance that the network might decide to start mapping out the end of the series. Loyal fans are hoping to see Negan get killed off so that the show could resume its popularity with fans and then the threat of cancellation could be put to rest.

2 Killing Off Favorite Characters


There have been a number of characters that have been killed off from the original cast that were introduced during the very first season of The Walking Dead. Yet, none of them seemed to have the same sort of impact as Glenn. This was the character that helped to facilitate Rick's introduction to the main group during season 1, and he was also the one to save Rick from the giant hoard in the zombie-infested city. Glenn was more than just a character that sought to help those in need, he was resourceful and could always be counted on when the group needed help in performing a difficult task. When Negan killed Glenn, it was a shot to the heart for some of the most loyal fans of the series.

1 Constant Control Through Intimidation

The characters on The Walking Dead series have all been through some horrific events and some truly trying times. Yet, they have managed to get through these events and it has brought them even closer together. From Carol burning people alive at the prison to Morgan attacking Rick, Carl, and Michonne, it's not like the characters haven't had issues with one another from time to time. Yet, the issues with Negan have not helped unite the community. Instead, Negan chose to forego the possibility that his people could grow closer together and bond with one another. He chose to rub the murders and deaths in their face in order to continue the mind-control and intimidation with the people he ruled.


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