15 Reasons Why Meghan Markle's Fashionable Lifestyle Makes Her The People's Princess

The competition is on! Since Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle announced their engagement people have been buzzing, most of the buzz is about who is the better royal wife. We doubt that there is any real competition between Princess Kate and Markle. In fact, there have been several reports that Kate absolutely adores Markle and they have even had a few girl’s night out. This, however, hasn’t stopped the trolls on social media from assuming that a ripe and heavy competition is brewing. They are comparing everything from personal style to engagement rings. They have these women set up in a way where if someone only got their news from social media posts, they would assume that they are on the verge of fighting. The social media trolls aren’t completely wrong though because there is a bias and it’s leaning towards Markle. Just like Prince Harry people seem to be in love with Markle, they are even going as far as to say that they are willing to do away with Kate altogether. This is gearing up to be the competition of 2018 and everyone has to choose a royal. What do you think? If you had to choose, who be the better spouse to have? Princess Kate or Megan Markle? To make things easier (or harder) here is a list of reasons why Markle is making Harry the luckier Prince (so far).

15 She Won’t Be Called A Princess

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And she doesn’t give a damn. Markle technically cannot be given the title of princess and there are a few reasons behind this. First, she has been married before, if someone has the stigma of divorce attached to them they can’t receive a royal title. Second, as a general rule in the royal family, one can only be a prince or princess if they are born into it. So, even though we call Kate a Princess and she has the official title of Her Royal Highness (HRH), she isn’t technically a princess. This same rule will go for Markle. They can be granted Dukedom (like Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). Megan and Harry will supposedly be Duke and Duchess of Sussex, something the Queen reserved before they were eve born. Markle, however, doesn’t seem to care about that at all.

14 She Can Handle Criticism

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Being a pretty well know actress Markle can handle the critics. She has proven this on numerous occasions when it comes to her work. She has even had a chance to prove it when it was revealed and confirmed that she was dating the Prince. Haters took to social media to bombard her and Harry with negative comments and personal attacks. Megan was attacked for her race, her job and even her skills as an actress. All because she was the one to finally capture the heart of the sought after bad boy prince. She did not seem phased, she didn’t pull a Chrissy Teigen and clap back, she just kept her composure. She has no time to fight the haters. Kate would never clap back either but we assume that is because she is scared.

13 She’s Making Her Own Traditions

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Markle won’t be following in the footsteps of several other royals. She has chosen a smaller wedding, a smaller wedding venue, she won’t have the opportunity to have that balcony kiss like Diana and Charles and Kate and William had. This only goes to show you that she has a mind of her own, she doesn’t feel the need to follow all the different traditions just because it’s something that has been happening for decades. Harry should thank his lucky stars that he has a woman who knows that it’s okay to be a little bit different. Someone who knows what they want and won’t be easily persuaded or talked out of it.

12 She’s Shaking Up The Royal Family

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It is no secret that Markle will be the first openly biracial woman to marry into the royal family. No other royal has been married to someone who wasn’t English and/or white. This is kind of a big deal. Harry has always been a rebel, but we can safely say that no one assumed he would bring home a woman of color to meet his stickler for the rules grandmother. If Harry does become King, Markle can really have a strong effect on his decisions. Even if he doesn’t become King whatever he does, she will have an effect on. Truthfully, it is exciting to see how things might change for the better or worse. She may be able to open his eyes to a few things that he wasn’t privy to or had a different opinion on.

11 She’s Prettier

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Okay so let’s start with the fact that we are not saying that Kate isn’t pretty. Meghan just has a more soft, striking look about her. Kate looks pretty cookie cutter and doesn’t really have anything about her that is stunning. Markle has a glow to her and a beautiful skin tone that is undeniable, her style compliments her, and she looks comfortable in her skin. Kate sometimes comes off as robotic and we get it, being in the public eye can do that to someone. But Meghan just handles everything so well and looks gorgeous doing it. Her smile is warm and welcoming, and she genuinely seems happy and in love. Love looks great on her and a woman in love just has a glow about her.

10 Their Relationship Seems More Passionate

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It could be new love, it could be excitement, it could be the residual high from a new engagement, but Meghan and Harry seem smitten with one another. At the beginning of William and Kate’s engagement they didn’t act how Harry and Meghan are acting. The couple is constantly holding hands, whispering to one another and always laughing together. They genuinely seem to be in love and have a strong passion for one another. Now that William and Kate have 2 kids and one on the way we know it’s hard to make time for one another but they just seem to be making the rounds. Who knows maybe after 2 kids Meghan and Harry will be that way but something tells us that their passion is on a different level from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

9 The World Is Already Obsessed With Her

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After all that negative social media business the world realized Markle is here to stay. During their first interview together as an engaged couple the world officially fell in love with Markle. They praised her on social media and were even willing to trash Kate a little bit with their comparisons. Now, everyone can see why Harry is so obsessed with her, she is undeniably charming. She handles herself with class and she is prepped and ready for whatever comes her way. This is in part thanks to her career but really sometimes it can be chalked up to the idea that you either have it or you don’t. She has it. She’s approachable, seems content with herself and is headstrong. How can you not fall in love with a woman like that?

8 She’s Confident

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Being an actress means that you have to have a certain air about you. You have to be able to take a lot of punches and keep getting back up. Markle’s confidence is radiant she is sure of who she is as a human being and she isn’t worried about how decisions she makes is going to affect how the world sees her. Markle is a fighter and we can only assume so because the industry she is in isn’t the nicest to women, especially women of color. It’s hard to stay confident but she has found a way around that. The actress seems like she is ready to take on new challenges and embrace her new role.

7 They Date even after their engagement

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One way to keep a relationship fresh is to date one another. Even though the couple has only been dating for a year, they seem to go on a lot of dates and spend a great amount of quality time with one another. One of the biggest mistakes married or dating couples do is not provide one another with enough personal time. It seems like the new royal couple is on the right track to having a happy and healthy marriage. Harry is very lucky that a career woman like Markle is willing to give up her career and personal life to be his wife. She will be in a whole new world and it can be scary to navigate. Most regular (non-royal, non-trust fund babies) would be hesitant to take such a giant step.

6 She Looks Like She Won’t Put Up With His Ish

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It has been seen time and time again that Harry can get a tad bit wild. He loves a good party, he indulges in a lot of unroyal-like behavior and he is in his prime. Guys Harry’s age are not interested in getting married and settling down especially when they have the pick of the litter. Something tells us that Meghan can hold her own. She won't stand for the childish behavior, in fact she seems like she won’t hesitate to walk out the door and say goodbye forever. If she was a pushover she probably would still be married to her ex-husband. Hopefully, Harry’s partying days are behind him or maybe he will be like his scandalous uncle Andrew, and that would be a whole other story.

5 She Was Married Before

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Because Markle was married before the second time around one can assume that she knows what she is looking for. She is less likely to make the same mistakes that were made in her first marriage and she is more likely to find a way to work through the problems. For Harry, this can work for him or against him. She could cut and run at the first sign of problems or she can say, “Okay, there is a way to work through this”. While Markle comes off strong-headed she also seems open minded and probably doesn’t want to be divorced twice. She also won’t be shell-shocked about what married life is really like, Harry might be but she can guide him through it. Maybe being a divorcee can actually come in handy.

4 Her Style Is Attainable

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Markle’s style is great. She wears a lot of clothes that are casual yet classy. The best part about her style is it is attainable. She wears a lot of Canadian fashion designers seeing as she lived there for several years while filming Suits. But, she also wears a lot of affordable clothes that her fans can pick up in local stores or even recreate her style with different brands. She isn’t shy to wear a pair of sneakers, a dress shirt and a cute pair of straight leg jeans. She totally owns her comfortability in this kind of wear and she doesn’t look like she will be switching it up anytime soon. Of course, unless she is attending one of the many classy AF royal parties.

3 Meghan Is More Relatable

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Meghan is relatable. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. She had no problem walking the streets of Toronto, she didn’t shy away from fans, she is just a down to earth girl. She may be the princess that isn’t afraid to address the masses and isn’t afraid to walk the streets of England (that is if the secret service will let her). Markle seems like the kind of chick that will stop and have a conversation with you no matter how famous or unattainable she becomes. This is great for Harry because he is also pretty down to earth. He and Meghan together can shine a friendlier and more attainable light on the royal family. Maybe give them a boost in popularity. The possibilities are endless.

2 She Already Knows How To Handle The Spotlight

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During the couples first interview together after their engagement Markle was on the money. She answered questions with grace and comfort and she even answered questions for Harry. She seemed excited and happy and of course, the camera loved her. This is a far cry from Kate’s engagement interview with William. She seemed still, nervous and very uncomfortable. Markle has something that Kate didn’t have though, years of training. As an actress, you are always doing an interview, on a red carpet, or in front of a camera. It obviously became second nature to her. This will come in handy when she and Harry have to make the rounds as a royal couple. She will knock it out of the park. She shouldn’t be easily shaken because she is trained to suppress facial emotions when a question is asked that is out of pocket or comes out of nowhere.

1 She’s Accomplished


Markle has a been there, done that kind of attitude. When it comes to her career she had a great run and who knows maybe she will do a few things here and there when things calm down. But this is the perfect time for her to get married because she has her own money, she has been successful, and she isn’t longing for much more in life. She is ready to try again and this time she is more grown up and sees the value in what a good man can offer her. She won’t be held back by what-ifs because she has had that opportunity to have the career and stand on her own two feet. We wouldn’t be surprised if she turned into a Diana-type and found a new passion to focus on. She’s ready to follow Harry around the world as he pursues his mission in life.

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