15 Reasons Why Kate Beckinsale Is Insanely Hot Right Now!

There is a certain allure to Kate Beckinsale that no one can deny. She’s sexy, talented and a total class act. If that isn’t enough she just so happens to be highly intelligent as well. When it comes to making it big in Hollywood, you need more than just a pretty face, because there are so many pretty faces that you need to have something that sets you apart from all the others. Kate has that in tenfold. Maybe it’s her British upbringing that brings about a sense of elegance and class to her and that accent? Wow, talk about sexy.

She’s been in the industry since she was young; remember Brokedown Palace? She worked hard in Hollywood and didn’t get her big break until she worked alongside Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. From there her career skyrocketed, and she became a household name overnight. She’s most known for her role as Selene in the Underworld movies. It was then that she met the director Len Wiseman who later became her husband. There are so many reasons to love this sexy actress these days and the fact that she is still going strong in Hollywood and looks half her age is nothing to sniff at. You may think that you know the sexy actress, but there are so many interesting facts out there that are going to give you a look inside this Hollywood class act. Check out what we dug up on the fascinating Kate Beckinsale.

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15 She Refuses to Be Distracted by the Internet

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She may be the only smart person left on the planet. I often find myself saying that I never have time to read anymore and then I realize that I spend hours checking Facebook and other social media sites all day. I long to go back to the days when the internet wasn’t so prevalent. These days it’s hard to avoid it, it seems to be in every aspect of our lives. Kate Beckinsale loves to read and has been doing so since a young age. Her parents encouraged her to spend her free time discovering new worlds in books. She has also passed on her love of reading to her daughter. Maybe that’s what makes this Brit so smart. "I just think especially in this day and age when you're constantly fighting the pull of the Internet and television; there's something about reading that is an active thing for children to do."

14 She’s an Oxford Graduate

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I told you this girl was one smart cookie. She’s always had a love of literature and the arts and when she attended Oxford University she studied French and Russian literature, which is no easy feat for anyone. She spent three years in University and during her third year she lived in Paris, which is something most people only dream about. Her passion wasn’t completely into literature, however, and she started to think of life as an actor. She didn’t finish her degree however as she ended up dropping out of University to focus on acting. It obviously worked out for her as she has made quite a name for herself in Hollywood. Many actors choose to go back to school later on in their careers in order to finish their degrees, but Kate seems to be happy with her career in Hollywood and her family life.

13 She Speaks Openly About the Problems She Has

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Kate Beckinsale is not one of those Hollywood actresses that denies she has a problem or tries to hide her skeletons in the closet. In fact, she believes it’s important to discuss the things that have happened to her in order to help others. When her father died, it affected her greatly, and she developed anorexia. She has spoken openly about her issues with the disease as she wants to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to her own daughter. During an interview with Glamour, the actress had this to say, "I believe anorexia, alcoholism and drug abuse in teens are more about what is happening in the home than a problem with images in the media. It's the nice girl's way of becoming a crack w**re. It means they are in some kind of pain that needs to be addressed."

12 She’s from a Showbiz Family

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Many actors these days come from a showbiz family. Clint Eastwood’s son is now in Hollywood as well as Melanie Griffith's daughter, and of course, Kate Hudson is the product of Goldie Hawn. These days the actors that became legends in our days are unleashing their offspring on us. In Kate’s case, she too is from a showbiz family but from the British end of things. Her father, Richard Beckinsale was into British comedy, and he became famous for it. While her mother, Judy Loe was a star in many British sitcoms and dramas. So Kate has acting basically in her genes. For Kate, though, she wasn’t satisfied with staying in Britain to become an actor; she wanted to go to America and be seen on the silver screen everywhere. In doing so, she became a big star and created the life that she had always dreamed about while in University.

11 She Hates Physical Activity

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You would think that would be weird for an action star/vampire warrior, but it’s true. She’s not athletic at all and doesn’t enjoy a lot of physical activity. She gets her great body from exercises such as yoga and pilates, but aside from that you won’t see this girl doing any type of sports or power lifting. It’s just not her thing. During an interview with Women’s Health, the actress was joking around about how her friends and family think it’s hilarious that she is the star of Underworld and is required to do these action scenes and stunts but that she does not engage in a lot of physical activity in real life. It must be exhausting for her to keep doing takes when she’s not physical to begin with. Hopefully, she does a lot of cardio beforehand to keep her endurance up.

10 She’s a Fan of Her Va-Gay-Gay

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Seriously this is no joke. When it comes to the actress’s favorite features on her body, she goes with her private parts. It’s probably not something I would admit to admiring while in an interview but to each their own I suppose. Maybe that’s why the actress seems so fascinating at times; she certainly has no problem speaking her mind in interviews. She’s always been quite candid about her personal life when it comes time to do press interviews. During an interview with Allure magazine, the actress stated quite plainly that she loved her va-gay-gay! "I've only ever had about three boyfriends. Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh's Tomb... My best feature is, unfortunately, a private matter, although I'm told it's spectacular."

9 She Could Have Been a Writer

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We already know that Kate studied literature in various languages while she attended Oxford University. But what you may not have known was that she had aspirations of becoming a writer. While she was studying literature, she was also doing some writing. She started submitting them to contests and won some awards. She won the WH Smith Young Writer’s Award for both poetry and fiction twice in a row. It would be interesting to read some of her stuff to see what kind of thoughts she had while studying at Oxford. She gave it all up however to become a Hollywood actress. While she was at the University, she came in contact with a journalist. She must have made quite the impression because Kate was described by a contemporary journalist by the name of Victoria Coren as, "whip-clever, slightly nuts, and very charming.”

8 She Was a Late Bloomer

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Despite her fascination for her own lady parts, Kate Beckinsale was a later bloomer in life. It took her awhile to become interested in boys which may be why she had so few partners. She loved building campfires and just sitting and chilling with her friends. She was more interested in spending time with her friends, but she came into some problems because her friends were chasing boys. She started to feel depressed over the fact that things were changing when she just wanted them to stay the same. "All of my friends were kissing boys and drinking cider way before me. I found it really depressing that we weren't making camp fires and everyone was doing grown-up stuff." It’s endearing that she wanted to stay a kid as long as possible, especially when so many others are trying to grow up too fast.

7 She Doesn’t Drink

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This girl doesn’t need to drink to have a good time. She doesn’t even indulge in a glass of champagne. She has often stated that she and her husband rarely go to clubs because she doesn’t like the feeling of a hangover. Nobody does Kate! She has just chosen not to drink, and she has also sworn off all drugs, she’s never even tried them. She’s dealt with many mental health issues in her life, and she feels that drinking only makes her feel depressed. Not surprising since alcohol is a depressant. There are many people that choose not to drink because of the changes that occur when they do. Some people just aren’t meant to drink. “Drinking just doesn’t make me feel well. I find wine very depressing. I get into a kind of despair the next day, like, ‘Oh, I must sit in the house and cry,’” she said.

6 She Smokes

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Yes, she’s a smoker! Not sure if smoking is still considered “cool” or not, I’ve been out of the loop for awhile. It is kind of shocking in this day and age with health issues and so on but there are actually a lot of celebrities that smoke. A lot of young Hollywood is smoking their brains out without a care in the world to premature aging. Many people believe they do it because it allows them to curb their appetite and therefore stay thin. She started smoking when she was sixteen years old and the only time she quit was when she was pregnant with her daughter Lily. She actually stayed a non-smoker for three years after that but eventually went back to smoking. She doesn’t drink because it makes her feel awful but smoking makes you feel great? C’mon Kate, we love you but…

5 She’s Not in Love with Herself

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Well, she IS in love with her lady parts, but she’s just not one of those celebrities that go around and pretends that the sun rises and sets with her. She has said that while growing up she always felt like she was an ugly duckling. It’s shocking since Kate is such a fox these days. But that’s how she felt, and it wasn’t until she crept closer to her 30’s that she started to feel beautiful. A lot of women can feel that way, especially as we go through the awkward stage of being a teenager and then a young adult. “I didn’t feel very attractive as a child, and actually I wasn’t. Feeling attractive didn’t come until I was 29 and with [my husband] Len [Wiseman],” she told Allure magazine. She has often said how great her husband makes her feel. She once said in an interview that when he returns home, he looks at her like it’s Christmas morning. Awe!

4 She Doesn’t Have a Driver’s License

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That’s right, not only that but she doesn’t even know how to drive. How could this be you ask? She just never had any interest in driving. She’s had a few issues while on set because she can never drive a car in any of her movies. "I did have to on this one actually say, 'You do know I don’t know how to drive, don’t you?' And everyone goes, 'Ha, ha, ha,' you know, and thinks it’s a joke. And I said, 'You know, I really don’t know how to drive, and I’m not insured, and you can't let me drive.' And they go, 'Sh-t, now we've got to find money in the budget for one of those things to pull you along.' I'm terribly sorry.” She recognizes that it’s embarrassing especially the older she gets. She even once took the leap and went to a driving school but failed the written test because she didn’t know what the legal limit for drinking while driving was.

3 She is Denied Roles Because She Looks Too Young

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Kate Beckinsale is creeping close to 42 and yet she looks like she is half her age. It must be those British genes. It’s nothing to complain about, of course, the girl looks fantastic and looking young for your age can’t really hurt right? It’s possible that it can in Hollywood. It’s the place where you’re expected to look young forever, and yet sometimes you get punished for it as well. Kate went for the lead role in The Ring but was denied, and the role went to Naomi Watts. I can’t quite picture Kate in a horror movie, but she did quite well in the Underworld series, so who knows? The reason for them turning down Kate down was because she looked too young for the role. Only in Hollywood can you be too young for something but at the same time, you have to prevent yourself from aging. Makes perfect sense...

2 She’s Uncertain About Her Daughter Acting

There are so many celebrity parents who don’t bother to protect their children in Hollywood. They allow them to do whatever they want and don’t worry about what throwing them into showbiz early will do to them. So it’s refreshing to see a parent who worries about their child getting into the industry. Kate’s daughter had a small role in which she actually played Kate Beckinsale. When asked how she felt watching her daughter play her she said, “Quite creepy and obviously on every psychological angle of your brain because it's, 'Is this okay? Is this weird? Is this okay? Is this going to turn out weird?' But she did well. I mean she did really well. I wouldn't want her to constantly have to play me in some kind of creepy cabaret." Kate’s not sure whether her daughter will become an actress, but she plans on watching her back either way.

1 She Couldn’t Throw a Punch

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She doesn’t exactly look like the kind of girl that you would see in a boxing ring, but when she showed up on set for the movie Underworld, they expected her to at least be able to throw a punch. She couldn’t, she didn’t even have a clue. It’s kind of cute actually, but she had no idea what she was doing or how to work out a fight scene. She couldn’t even make a fist which completely horrified the stunt coordinator. “I remember the look of horror on the stunt coordinator’s face when I turned up,” said Beckinsale. “I really lived in my head at that point and was very academic, and I was just about managing to walk. They said, ‘Just throw a couple of punches,’ and I did it with my thumb tucked in — which you’re not supposed to do because you’d break your thumb immediately.”

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