15 Reasons Why Jim Halpert Is A Massive Douchebag

The man best known for setting relationship standards and for being a paper salesman is a gigantic douche, and I have the proof.

As one of the most beloved characters on The Office, Jim Halpert has had viewers convinced that he is the epitome of relationship goals. His relaxed demeanor and penchant for smirking at the camera crew left viewers wanting more, and he quickly became a fan favorite. His relationship with his wife Pam throughout the series helped churn out one meme after the next, and people flat out adore the man. Hate to break it to you all, but Jim Halpert is a total douchebag.

Yes, he's funny, and can be charming. He does have a quality about him that makes him seem like someone you would want to be friends with, or even someone that you would want to date. But, take a closer look at Jim throughout the series and you'll find yourself wondering why no one pumped his teeth down his throat (although Roy tried). Oh, to be young and charming.

While most of the world seems convinced that Jim is the second coming of Christ, I'm here to guide you through a slew of reasons as to why he is the antithesis of what people perceive him to be. Don't get me wrong; Jim is a fantastic character. He works perfectly for the show, and fills his role dutifully. Then again, Frank Gallagher is a perfect fit on Shameless, and I'm pretty sure that he's the Antichrist. The man best known for setting relationship standards and for being a paper salesman is a gigantic douche, and I have the proof.

15 Undermining Ryan To David Wallace


The very basic structure of a working environment is not at all hard to grasp, but our pal Jim decided to go rogue, and take matters into his own hands. We learn early on that the workplace has a chain of command, and that proper protocol must be taken when dealing with matters in the workplace. Leave it to Jim to jump the shark, and try and undermine Ryan, his former Scranton office peer. As the ever crooked Ryan Howard tried pushing Dunder Mifflin into the new millennium with updates and upgrades to the way the company does business, Jim was far too busy going to David Wallace to express his opinions on the matter.

Unbeknownst to Jim, Ryan already found out about their conversation, and issued Jim a stern warning. While Ryan tried to play it off, it was pretty clear that he was pi**ed. You see, that's what happens when you pull a shady move like that. Granted, Ryan would go on to fail in a major way, but that doesn't excuse Jim from being a total douche.

14 Trying To Ditch Pam At Michael's Dinner Party


Finally, after seasons of teasing the idea that Jim and Pam were destined to be together, it finally happened, and the world freaked out. After all, the two had a bond unlike any other on the show, and there is no possible way that these two would ever do anything shady to the other. Oh how wrong we were. After Jim and Pam were finally tricked into going to a dinner party at Michael's house, the duo quickly learn that all hell is about to break loose, and that they need to leave immediately. Well, apparently Jim didn't care a bit about his dearly beloved, and he tried to leave her to fend for herself at the party.

While this moment offered viewers a bit of levity in an otherwise uncomfortable scenario, it's pretty easy to see that this was a total douchebag move by Jim. Fortunately, Michael was able to persuade Jim to stay beside his girlfriend, and he was forced to suffer alongside Pam for the duration of the evening.

13 Darryl's Nightmare Roommate


Sharing any sort of living situation with another person requires a certain level of respect from both parties. Each roommate owes it to the other to keep their areas clean, and to ensure that they don't leave a mess for the fellow members of the household. Prior to moving in together, Jim and Darryl were work friends, despite working in two different areas of the building. Don't worry; Jim always found plenty of time to ditch his duties to play some ping pong with his pal. After the duo began to work in Philadelphia, they opted to get a place together to ease the burden of traveling from Scranton. Sadly, Darryl had no idea that Jim is the absolute worst.

Shortly after moving in together, Darryl learned the hard way that Jim is awful. The young salesman had no qualms with leaving his parts of the apartment an absolute mess, and his refusal to do the dishes (opting to leave them to soak in water) was embarrassing. The two were able to hash things out, but prior to the intervention, Jim had shown his dear friend Darryl his true colors.

12 He Kept Michael's Relationship With Pam's Mom A Secret


Relationships are built on trust, and it's important to clue your partner in on matters that have can have an impact in their life. For example; if your boss happens to be sleeping with your wife's mother, you should probably let her know instead of keeping it a secret. Now, what type of person would keep something that juicy a secret from their wife? If you guessed Jim Halpert, then I applaud you for actually paying attention. That's right folks, Jim, in all of his infinite wisdom, opted to hide this secret from his wife, and she was none too pleased with her beau.

Now, I firmly believe that Michael is a total weasel, and has shown throughout the show that he's incredibly selfish and narcissistic. Sleeping with Pam's mom was a rotten thing to do, but Jim deciding to hide it from her was incredibly low. I'd like to say that I'd expect more from him, but I don't.

11 Breaking Up Pam's Engagement


Any person who paid any sort of attention to the show's earlier seasons could tell that Jim and Pam were nuts for each other. Despite being engaged to Roy on several different occasions, Pam was never able to hide her true feelings for Jim, and the two would engage in exchanges that were so sweet you'd swear that you were developing diabetes. Because Jim is the douche that he is, he couldn't idly sit by while the object of his affection was in the arms of another. Instead of playing the part of the best friend, Jim decided to do everything in his power to ensure that Pam fell for him.

To be clear, Pam's relationship to Roy was garbage, and there were other factors at play that ultimately destroyed their relationship. It's hard to deny that Jim wasn't a major player in that scenario. And, because he is who he is, Jim finally got his wish, and nabbed the office beauty. Bravo, Halpert.

10 Stealing A CD From Michael And Jan's Party


Earlier in this article, I spoke of an event that was so terrible that Jim tried to abandon Pam and head on home to lick his wounds, leaving her to fend for herself. Michael's dinner party was a disaster from start to finish, and to be fair, I would have had a miserable time as well. After all, watching a dysfunctional couple trade jabs at one another throughout the evening and eventually having the police show up isn't my idea of fun. While America's sweethearts were finally able to escape the clutches of Jan and Michael, Jim decided to take a parting gift.

Jan did a fantastic job of creeping everyone out by playing a sexually provocative song that was written by her former assistant Hunter. It's quite clear that those two were knocking boots, and this ode to their carnal encounters was downright terrible. Jim decided that he wanted a copy, and nicked the CD from Jan's CD player. He and Pam sat in their car listening to the track, and America got another taste of just how much a turd this guy really is.

9 Lying To Impress Charles Miner


Having a new authoritative figure in the workplace can be a challenging experience. People have varying styles of management, and a seamless integration is important to keep things in ship shape. When Charles Miner headed to the Scranton Branch shortly before the departure of Michael Scott, it was clear from the start that he meant business. Because he was a stark change from Michael, Jim was finally exposed for being a douche, and he left a horrible impression on Charles. So, how does one fix a bad first impression in order to starting kissing his bosses butt? Well, you start lying, of course.

Jim decided to be a weasel, and he started to lie to Charles in order to gain his approval. This blew up in Jim's face when he told Charles that he loved soccer. It's funny, because no one in America loves soccer (even though it's an incredible sport). Charles decided to have a pickup game, and the jig was up for Jim. Lying to get on your bosses good side? That's just sad.

8 Buying A House Without Telling Pam


Secrets don't make friends, but they can somehow sustain a marriage. Once again, our dear friend Jim decided to hide a huge secret from his wife, but it totally worked out in his favor because the writers loved him. Jim decided to but his childhood home from his parents, and opted to keep Pam in the dark about the whole thing. While Pam was shocked at first, she became elated, and planted a kiss on Jim's face. People pined about this being adorable, but, in reality, it was incredibly selfish.

The house that he purchased was near a quarry, and had a horrifying clown picture on the wall that was stuck there for life. The shag carpet look like something from the 1970s, and Jim was very proud of himself. If someone actually pulled a stunt like this, their partner wouldn't be as happy as Pam was. They made a huge decision for the two of you, and you're just along for the ride.

7 Letting Dwight Fight His Battles


The master of secrets did a fantastic job of hiding the fact that he kissed Pam at a company party, and when the truth finally surfaced, Jim was in for a beating. Roy is a very large man, and he was hurt and betrayed when he learned of what Jim had done. After vowing to kill Jim, Roy headed upstairs seeking blood. After making his way over to Jim to finally deliver a much-deserved beating, Roy was subsequently blasted with mace, and his hands never reached Jim's throat.

If you've seen the episode, then you're aware of the fact that Jim wanted no part of Roy. He looked horrified, and was perfectly content to run instead of stand his ground. Thankfully, he had his mortal enemy Dwight save his tail from a beating. Dwight always kept a stash of weapons at work, and his preparedness may have saved Jim's life. Nevertheless, Jim shouldn't have relied on the man he tortures to fight his battles for him.

6 He's A Lazy Employee


We've all had to deal with them, and quite frankly, they are the worst. Jim has an amazing talent for wasting time while at work, and he's over at reception flirting with Pam more often than he is at his desk actually doing his job. Truthfully, it's impressive to watch. Jim is the standard of laziness that any slacker strives to become. Randal Graves from Clerks was pretty bad, but he only had Dante to hang out with. Jim's infatuation with Pam kept him occupied, and his output at work is laughable at best.

Yet, despite the lack of doing much of anything, Jim is still able to pull down some decent sales numbers. Dwight may be the best salesman in the company, but Jim is no slouch, so in a way, I suppose he gets a point for that. You can't help but wonder how high his sales numbers would be if Jim actually applied himself to his job. Instead, we are relegated to watching a slacker who isn't nearly as funny or as crude as Randal Graves.

5 Keeping Angela's Affair A Secret From Andy


Are you beginning to notice a trend here? Angela is quite an interesting character on The Office. While she comes across as conservative and uptight, she also has no issues with sleeping with Dwight Schrute whenever she gets the chance to, even if she's engaged to someone else. Poor Andy Bernard had no idea that Angela was sleeping with Dwight, and probably could have benefited from someone telling him sooner. Initially, very few people knew, and when I saw very few, I mean Jim and Pam. Never failing to be a dirtbag, Jim kept his mouth shut just to watch Andy bathe in misery.

Sadly, the rest of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton employees were just as guilty as Jim on this one. They all ended up finding out how awful Angela was to Andy, and yet they all decided to keep quiet and let the chips fall where they may. For a group of people that spent so long working together, it's pretty clear that they don't care for each other.

4 Being Horrible To Michael


Michael Scott is a garbage manager who finds inventive ways to ruin his staff's day with events and activities that are unbearably cringe worthy. However, Michael is also fiercely loyal to those he considers friends, and genuinely loves the people that he works with. While I can't exactly fault Jim for continuously avoiding any sort of social connection with Michael, my issue mainly lies with the koi pond incident. The usually unbearable Michael was the victim of an incident that left him soaking wet and embarrassed.  It was later revealed that Jim could have prevented the folly, but chose to sit on the sidelines and watch Michael take the plunge of shame.

The other employees saw the footage, and promptly gave Jim a hard time for his lack of effort or caring. Maybe Jim was just taken by surprise that Michael found his way into a koi pond. Maybe he couldn't have cared less that Michael was about to humiliate himself. Given his history, I'll go with the former on this one.

3 He Made A Move When Pam Was Still Engaged


The fabled love of Jim and Pam keeps people coming back for more while binge-watching the show on Netflix. It's one of television's most famous romances, and the two have set some unrealistic goals for real life couples. But, before the two began to date, Jim made a move on Pam when she was still with Roy! Both parties kept this act a secret for a long time, but Pam eventually spilled the beans, and Jim almost lost some teeth because of it. Some people may watch this and consider their first embrace a sweet one. I just have to cringe at Jim being a total douche.

Everyone has had feelings for someone that was in a relationship, and any decent person would have left it alone. Jim Halpert is not that type of person, and he decided that making a move on an engaged woman was a fantastic idea. I'll never understand people's fascination with Jim and Pam. Roy was pretty awful to begin with, but pulling a stunt like that was just low.

2 Getting The Staff Stuck In The Building After Work


After Michael leaves work to go and party with Ryan, Jim is left in charge, and he proceeds to ruin everyone else's evening. The crew was tasked with working on a Saturday, but Jim convinced everyone to stay and work later to ensure that they get their entire weekend off. It's a great idea, but Jim executed the idea poorly, and everyone else had to suffer. Jim neglected to tell the building security guard about their plan, and the staff was locked in their place of work for a few hours. Jim genuinely tried to do a good thing, but totally ruined an otherwise great plan.

To complicate matters, most of the employees didn't even know the guy's name (it's Hank), and he was less than thrilled to be heading back to work to clean up their mess. Eventually, the cleaning staff arrived, and the staff was finally on their way home. If only it ended there. After being freed, Jim forgets to call Hank, leaving their proverbial savior to arrive to any empty parking lot.

1 Spending Every Moment He Can Torturing Dwight


Be honest; did you really think that anything else could have taken the top spot on this list? Throughout the duration of the series, Jim spends an incredible amount of time and effort torturing Dwight. Each day seems to bring a new prank to the beet farmer, and Jim soaks up every second of Dwight's misery. Regardless of time or season, Jim always has a few tricks up his sleeve, and Dwight is the only target that he truly gets off torturing. These pranks, while hilarious, leave you wondering why Jim spends all of his time making Dwight miserable.

Dwight is one of the most irritating people at Dunder Mifflin, and I understand why most people there would dislike him. We have all had coworkers that we couldn't stand working with, but normal people wouldn't spend their days torturing them to impress a receptionist that has a fiance. Pam laughed, Jim laughed, and the two lovers that bonded over torturing Dwight lived happily ever after.

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15 Reasons Why Jim Halpert Is A Massive Douchebag