15 Reasons Why Iron Man Is Better Than Batman

We think that if you were to ask anyone in the world to name a superhero or a comic book character, 99% of them would say Batman. Whether you're a comic book fan or not chances are that you not only know about The Dark Knight but you also think he's cool, and to be honest he is. Since his creation Batman has been stalking the streets of Gotham City, taking care of the bad guys and doing it with style. He's easily the most famous hero in the DC Universe and he doesn't have any super powers because Batman doesn't need them. He'll always save the day, he'll always win, and he'll always be the hero DC needs and the fans will love him for it.

Batman may be great but if we step across the comic book pond to Marvel, their poster boy and face of their vast MCU is Iron Man. Not having the long history that Batman has hasn't stopped Iron Man from becoming one of the most popular heroes around. The two share a lot of similarities but it's their differences that make them unique and their differences, we're afraid to say to Batman fans, is what makes Iron Man always likely to come out on top. It's time for the Dark Knight to step aside as the king of the superheroes and let Iron Man take the crown, so here are 15 reasons why Iron Man is better than Batman.

15 Iron Man Is Better Prepared 

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Our first entry looks at what made our two heroes put on a suit and try to save people. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne actually do have similar backstories - they both lost their parents (Although Bruce was a lot younger), they've both spent time in captivity and they're both sons of billionaire businessmen. However, while Batman spent most of his young life traveling the world to seek out all the ways he could train himself to the peak of human physical condition, Tony Stark didn't need to.

Having been held by terrorists for a few days, Stark put his best muscle to good use, his brain, and came up with a weapon that can do everything that Batman learned to do and so much more. While Wayne trained for years, Stark took a weekend to out do him, and let's not forget that Stark did all of that under threat of death by the terrorists and with his heart about to give up and explode. So not only did he create a super suit but he basically performed heart surgery on himself too.

14 Iron Man Doesn't Need A Sidekick

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It has to be said that our next entry is one trait that Batman has that's been annoying us for years and that's the fact that he constantly surrounds himself with help. Batman is the ultimate loner and vigilante crime fighter and yet he is always taking people under his wing and creates a Bat Family. We don't have a problem with that as such, after all, hero team-ups are awesome. But Batman is constantly telling everyone that he doesn't play well with others and that he does everything better by himself. In other words, he surrounds himself with people in order to tell them he doesn't need or want people.

Iron Man, on the other hand, is far better by himself and he knows it. Yes, he plays with The Avengers and other heroes a lot, but more often than not he chooses to save the world single-handedly. Whether that's his ego taking over or not is a different subject but Iron Man doesn't need a string of sidekicks to aid him in his mission.

13 Iron Man Knows His Weaknesses 

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Some people out there may say that this is a strength of Batman's while others will find it a weakness, but Batman doesn't seem to have many, if any, weaknesses. Which is very strange considering that he's just a rich kid who learned some fighting skills. If you think about all the heroes in both DC and Marvel, they all have some flaw or weakness, even The Hulk and Superman do, but not Batman. Yes, he gets his butt kicked from time to time and even had his back broken by Bane, but Batman always gets over it which is a lot to ask for the fans. We have to suspend belief and reality a lot when we follow The Dark Knight.

Iron Man on the other hand is a much more rounded and relatable character. His heart provides the weakness for Iron Man while Tony Stark is full of flaws such as alcohol issues, womanizing, and his vast ego which often puts people in danger. We're not saying any of those are good traits but it makes Stark, and Iron Man, a much more rounded character with a lot more conflict in his life to tell great stories. Batman, on the other hand, is just Batman and Bruce Wayne is just what happens when he's not in the Bat suit.

12 Tony Stark Is A Better Businessman

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It's fair to say that both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark were handed the silver spoon when they were younger. Being the children of rich and successful businessmen certainly gave them some advantages in life. But it's what they've done with that advantage that counts and Mr. Wayne has pretty much wasted his. Since donning the Batsuit, Wayne has let Batman take over his life, his father's company is pretty much run by a board of directors, and he only uses  Wayne Enterprises to get the weapons and gadgets he needs to use as Batman. His father might be proud of what Batman has achieved, but as Bruce Wayne? He's pretty much a failure.

Tony Stark, on the other hand, knows the importance of money, business, and keeping his business going in order for Iron Man to be effective. Not only has he always had his hands firmly on the reigns of his company, except for the odd time when he let someone else run it, but he uses his company to push forward the world in technology and energy.  Tony Stark really would make his dad proud.

11 Iron Man Sees The Bigger Picture

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This is one strength that Iron Man has in bucket loads and yet it's something Batman always seems to be a bit short-sighted about. As well as pushing his company into the 21st century and trying to help the world with its energy crises, Stark also sees the importance of Iron Man in the world. Not content with just stopping the bad guys or cleaning up the streets, Iron Man is constantly tackling the world's bigger problems from terrorists to alien invasions. Whether that's by himself or as part of The Avengers, Iron Man wants to save the world and make it a better place for everyone.

Batman on the other hand is only interested in Gotham City. While it's true that Batman considers himself a vigilante and a crime fighter, he is still a hero and therefore should step out of the streets of Gotham once in awhile to help his fellow man. We know that Batman is a key member of The Justice League, but even then he likes to stay in the background more and let the big hitters take the lead. His intellect and gadgets should be put to a better use for everyone.

10 Iron Man Has Better Gadgets 

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It's fair to say that when it comes to gadgets, Iron Man has Batman beat hands down. Just before all the Batman fans out there start shouting at the screen, let's just look at the facts. Iron Man is all about protection and fire power. Admittedly this is because Tony Stark spent a lot of his early days as an arms dealer, but once he saw the error of his ways, he put that knowledge to good use and created everything he needs to save the world. Then of course there is Jarvis, the computer interface that can do anything, which Tony built, and then there is the sustainable energy from the Arch reactor that powers pretty much everything.

Batman, on the other hand, has a few Batarangs, grappling hooks, and gadgets that a 10-year-old boy would think are cool. Admittedly, the Batmobile is great and an icon but that's it really. The other thing is that Stark builds everything with his own two hands whereas Wayne has people do it for him and we haven't even gotten to Iron Man's suit yet.

9 The Iron Suit Is Pretty Much Invincible

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So, our next entry is about the suits that the two heroes wear. Batman looks amazing, there is no denying that Batman's outfit is cool, stealthy, and flexible enough for him to bust his ninja moves. It's pretty much bulletproof and can take a lot of damage but it's nothing compared to Iron Man. Tony Stark's crowning glory is not only one of the strongest pieces of technology, after all, it can survive in space, but it's armed to the teeth, it can fly, it gives him super strength to rival The Hulk and Thor, and is pretty much indestructible.

When Tony Stark designed his Iron suit, he saw one thing that Batman fails to see and that's sometimes bad guys might shoot you in the face! With all the criminals using machine guns, super powered beings, and aliens, Iron Man doesn't need to train his body to its ultimate physical condition, what would that do against the likes of Thanos? No, Stark understands that in order to beat or even match these people you have to make yourself indestructible and the only way to do that is with a suit.

8 Intellect 

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Okay, so we know that both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are pretty much geniuses but just who has the bigger intellect? Tony Stark, without any doubt. Yes, Bruce Wayne has a great brain when it comes to the art of detection and strategic planning, he's one of the best in the DC universe and possibly even the Marvel universe as well. Not even Captain America's military training could compare to Wayne's tactical mind. But that's all he is. Those skills are great in his vigilante role as Batman but Tony Stark's mind is far superior in so many ways.

Not only is Stark a scientific genius; we've already mentioned on this list how Stark creates and builds all his own gadgets and pretty much defies the laws of science and physics on a daily basis, but Stark also knows how the rest of the world works. Money, politicians, government, the list goes on. Stark knows all worlds and knows how to use them to get what he wants whereas Batman shuns everything, hides in the shadows and then wonders why everyone either hates him or is scared of him. Stark uses everything to his advantage and if he doesn't know something, he finds someone who does and uses them.

7 Batman Acts Like A Whiny Child... 

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So we know that Bruce Wayne had a very hard and traumatic childhood; after all, his parents were gunned downed right in front of him! So given that fact, we know why Wayne wanted to do what he did and rid Gotham from its criminal element as the vigilante Batman but we also think that because of this Wayne never had a real childhood and therefore constantly acts like a child in his adult life.

Every time something happens Batman essentially goes off on his own to sulk. That's the adult equivalent of running to your bedroom, slamming the door, and screaming that everything is so unfair. Admittedly a lot of people go for the brooding type but Batman has taken this too far for far too long and enough is enough. It's about time Batman realized that you can be The Dark Knight without having to resort to tantrums or always living in the past.

6 ...Whereas Iron Man Doesn't 

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Iron Man, on the other hand, is completely different. Okay, so he may have lost his parents when he was a lot older and they weren't killed in front of him. But the fact is that he is also an orphan like Bruce Wayne but even more than that, Tony Stark had to live under the enormous pressure of his father's legacy, not to mention that his father was obsessed with Captain America, another impossible mantle for Stark to live up to and another thing that takes his father's attention away from him. So it's fair to say that Stark had an unhappy childhood too.

However, whereas Wayne lets his childhood define him, Stark does not. In fact he embraces everything that's bad and his long list of flaws, to which there are many, and doesn't let those things stand in his way. He wants the world to know that he's Iron Man, after all, if you're saving the world then why not have people know about it. As well as this, Tony Stark knows how to have fun and relax, he can save the world one day and then enjoy it the next, which is something Batman has failed to realize.

5 Iron Man Has A Clearer Moral Code 

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Now we come to the very core of what makes our superheroes tick. Batman is a crime fighting vigilante that stalks the streets of Gotham to rid it of the criminal scum that makes peoples lives terrible. A very noble act, however, what he does is illegal and more often than not Batman is no better than the criminals he hunts. Except for one thing: in order to keep himself on the right side of the law, he never kills people. That's always been Batman's one rule. He can do what he likes, or what is necessary, to get the criminals but he must never kill anyone. That is until the writers decide it's okay for Batman to do that. These days, Batman's moral code is a lot more murky and his number one rule has been broken a lot.

Iron Man however has a very clear moral code. He does whatever is needed in order to save the world and protect the people. He never goes out of his way to hurt or kill people but he understands what needs to be done for the greater good. Whether you agree with Iron Man's code or not, it is a lot clearer and therefore more focused than Batman's.

4 Batman Gets Upstaged A Lot 

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We all know that for many, many decades Batman has been the ultimate and most famous hero ever but more often than not The Dark Knight often gets overshadowed by someone else. We're not just talking about the times when Batman crosses over with other heroes such as Superman and the Flash in The Justice League, but even in his own comic books and movies Batman plays second fiddle. Whether it's by The Joker, Bane, or even his ever growing Bat family, a lot of the times the characters, storylines and actions by other characters become more famous than the exploits of The Dark Knight and the only reason we read or watch them is to see it play out rather than for Batman himself.

Iron Man doesn't suffer from this. Whether he is working with The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, or out saving the world on his own, Iron Man is always centre stage. Ok, so some fans out there may say that Iron Man doesn't have the wealth of characters and villains as Batman does. After all, there is no Joker in Iron Man's world. That may be true but we still think that Iron Man would outshine any character that was pitted against him.

3 Robert Downey Jr. 

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Throughout this list, we've actually tried to stay away from movies and focus more on Iron Man and Batman in the comic books. After all, there is so much more to these characters in the pages of the comic books. But we would be foolish not to mention the movies, especially with the MCU and DCEU being so popular right now, so we have put all of that into one entry.

It must be said that Iron Man, and in fact the entire MCU, is no doubt as popular as it is because of the perfect casting of Robert Downey Jr. Although Batman has had many TV shows and movies about him, none of them have been as perfect as Iron Man. Yes, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, and even Ben Affleck have done a great job with The Dark Knight but Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark/Iron Man. This is another reason why Iron Man is better than Batman. The Batman movies may have been better than Iron Man's over the years but no amount of casting will ever be as good as Downey Jr.

2 "Because I'm Batman" Is Not A Reason

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Our next entry has become a crazy trend that started to happen to the character of Batman and it's that he can do anything and everything and the only explanation we get is "Because I'm Batman!" If you talk to any true Batman fan about the Dark Knight and say anything remotely putting him down or ask them how he does half the things he does, they'll say to you "Because He's Batman."

This has become such a big deal now that Batman has actually surpassed the pages of comic books and crossed over into folklore and mythology. Batman's recent adventures and storylines have almost become a joke. Batman is a man, albeit a man in perfect physical shape, but he was still a man. That's what made Batman so popular because he didn't have superpowers and he could only do what a human could do but now his legacy is so blown out of proportion that Batman is a borderline god which undermines the character and makes him a lot less than he ever was.

1 Summary 

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To summarize our list: Iron Man and Batman are very similar heroes with very similar abilities, drive, and resources, but whereas Batman is stuck in the past, Iron Man is the superhero for the future. He lives in the modern age and uses everything that the world today has to offer, while Batman is stuck in the dark with outdated technology and no clue about the world outside his city. Iron Man can handle himself against superpowered beings and gods with his intellect and gadgets while Batman has to use tricks and sneakery in order to be able to stand with these superpowered giants.

But whatever our views are, they are just that, our views. That's what we all love about the artistic nature of society, the fact that everyone can have an opinion and everyone's opinion is justified. There will be many hardcore Batman fans out there that will have nothing bad said about their precious Dark Knight but the simple fact is, that from our standpoint it's time for a new king of the comic book superhero and that king is Iron Man.


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