15 Reasons Why Everyone Is Starting To Really Hate Caitlyn Jenner

I think it's safe to say that everyone and their grandmother knows who Caitlyn Jenner is. Formally known as the US gold medal winning Olympian Bruce Jenner, she transitioned from male to female and is now known as Caitlyn. She first made her appearance into the public eye as Caitlyn Jenner with her cover of Vanity Fair magazine. And that was all it took for the world to be entirely enraptured. Her transition had gone viral overnight, and even people who didn't own a computer or receive the newspaper or lived under a rock knew who Caitlyn Jenner was. It came as shock that surprised everyone to think of the once masculine former Olympian had admitted after 65 years that he had struggled with gender dysphoria. Her process and her journey has been widely publicized to all.

Caitlyn Jenner's decision to speak openly about her transition has been praised by many as being a turning point for the transgender community, and of course you have to admire someone who has the strength to openly come out in front of the public eye by expressing themselves in their most authentic form. But within a year, it felt as if Caitlyn Jenner may not have been in tune with the ongoing battle for equality and recognition of the trans community.

Although her transition was a brave decision, it does not mean that Caitlyn Jenner is some kind of saint, she's hardly even a good person. Caitlyn is constantly the center of controversy and is completely out of touch with every social issue and only concerned with herself. Since coming out in 2015, Caitlyn Jenner has proven she is no longer the sympathetic transgender woman who spent 65 years in the closet, instead she has proven that she is just a selfish rich white woman surrounded by sumptuous wealth. And the true tragedy lies in the fact that Caitlyn Jenner is still struggling to be a part of the media to focus on trans rights, in spite of her true nature. Caitlyn Jenner is a self-centered fame junkie who has been on a downward spiral of dislike, and it has nothing to do with being trans.

15 It's Easier When You're Rich And Famous

Caitlyn Jenner and her position as a rich, white trans woman has sparked a whole new kind of controversy. The kind of woman she expresses herself as in the public eye and the comments that follow are just trailing their way back to her ears.

Instead, they are effecting everyday trans people and their journeys. These people who are a part of the trans community and do not uphold the status of "fame and fortune" are being fatally penalized and wounded for their transitions.

Yes, Caitlyn Jenner has gotten the media to focus on trans issues, but it nearly feels as if it's all in the wrong ways. It feels more like they're focusing on HER trans issues, or rather HER story. Since Caitlyn Jenner has popped into the media, the only positive thing she has done, is give everyone hope that things would change for the better, but that quickly washed away once we had learned what her true intentions were and opinions had quickly gone from supportive to hateful.

14 She Publicly Disrespected Kris

In her coming out article in Vanity Fair, she spoke about her former wife and mother of her children, Kris Jenner. And did so in a rude and spiteful way, saying “I think in a lot of ways she became less tolerant of me. A lot of times she wasn’t very nice. People would see how I got mistreated."

Now, not everyone is the biggest fan of Kris Jenner, especially considering we have the ability to watch her first hand through her and her family's reality TV show. But I think it was incredibly childish for Caitlyn to publicly bash her and to do so without shame. This is the mother of her children and because of that, she should always be thankful for her, or at least have the decency to respect her in public. I found this to be completely tasteless and ill-mannered, towards both Kris and their children, by bluntly providing such explicit and unlikable content for a national magazine.

13 She Publicly Disrespected Kris, Again

In her same coming out article for Vanity Fair, she went on to blame her and Kris's divorce on Kris, saying she was mean and controlling. But I think Caitlyn Jenner had forgotten that the whole world had the chance to witness the truth on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Sure, Kris can be annoying, but if we're being completely honest, Kris has been genuine and has done nothing but be there to help her kids. And it was clear that toward the end they were not getting along. But in the years leading up to their divorce and her transition, Caitlyn had completely withdrawn herself from the family, was rude, and had a complete lack of interest in anyone but herself. And Caitlyn takes zero responsibility in the fact that the years leading up to their divorce had nothing to do with her transition.

12 She's A Hypocrite

For many reasons, but in this particular case we're talking about the time she announced she would be posing nude. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but it all depends on who you are.

Perhaps you recall the time Khloe and Kim had decided to pose nude, Kim for Playboy magazine and Khloe for PETA. And Bruce was not supportive of their nude projects whatsoever and completely lost his temper in a furious frenzy. He was disappointed with his step daughters and totally unsupportive. I'm not sure how, now that Bruce has transitioned into Caitlyn, it's a very feminist and empowering thing, not disappointing... Hypocrite!

11 She's A Republican...

In many interviews, Caitlyn Jenner shamelessly told the media that she was an open Republican. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but no one expected a trans woman to be on the right. She admitted in the earlier months of the 2016 political race that she was in fact a fan of Ted Cruz, saying that if Cruz would have her, she would gladly be Cruz's "trans ambassador." His campaign had no comment.

Once Cruz was out of the picture, she quickly and openly extended her support to Donald Trump. She said he would be "very good for women's issues" to which nearly every woman in America was wondering if her transition from male to female had also transitioned her brain from muscle to mush.

10 ...And She Voted For Donald Trump

It may not be appropriate to bash her according to her political views, but now that Donald Trump had been president for a few months we are aware that he does not always have women and their "issues" in mind, now the priorities of trans women. Proving so in his first days of presidency by signing an "Anti-Abortion: executive order and all the while, he was completely surrounded by men in the process... But abortion has everything to do with men, so we get it...

Also worth mentioning, the month of June began and Trump dismissed the fact that it had been the start of Pride Month and shrugged off the idea completely by not acknowledging it and breaking the presidential streak to do so. But again, it didn't come as a shock that our toupee wearing, "Grab 'em by the pu**y" president had refused to acknowledge the positive growth in the LGBT community. So, I'm still wondering how it is he is good for women's issues and can continue to be supported by trans women.

9 She's Always The Victim

During Bruce's transition to Caitlyn, it came as no shock that both the Kardashian and Jenner kids would have a hard time letting go of Bruce and accepting the idea of Caitlyn in a quick manner. Her kids needed the time to mourn over "losing" their father, so to speak. They had been letting go of the man who they had spent their whole lives with for someone they didn't even know.

And with such a big adjustment, it was obvious that the kids needed to be able to take their time. Bruce has had 65 years to think about and get ready for his transition, and lost his patience with his kids because they were not as excited as he was. I understand that Bruce waited a long time to finally be Cait, but I do think the way she went about lashing out at her kids for needing time to heal was uncalled for.

8 She Disses The Kardashians

Caitlyn Jenner openly goes around and, get this, creates drama! Never would've guessed. She is constantly treating her kids like punching bags and making them out to be complete jokes in the media.

She is constantly taking hits and jabs by dissing the Kardashians all over town, obviously forgetting that she was the one who raised them..? It's really that simple, if you can talk sh*t about your own children in the media and then face them hours later as if it never happened, that's the shadiest thing I've ever heard. It is completely despicable to talk about your children like they don't mean anything to you.

7 “The Hardest Part About Being A Woman Is Figuring Out What To Wear”

Back around the time Jenner first came out, she had been interview by Buzzfeed, who had asked her what the hardest part about being a woman was, to which Caitlyn had replied that it was "figuring out what to wear." Yes Caitlyn, the hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear, you nailed it!

After her responses to the interview had gone public, she had quickly burned through her support group considering her answer had been the single most stupid thing she could have said. Although, when you think about it, who can really blame her when she has spent over 20 years surrounded by the Kardashian family and their lavish lifestyle.

This time, however, the world had surrounded her with an enormous support group and believed she was going to be the person who was going to bring change to the way people saw, not only the trans community, but also women and the LGBT community as a whole. They were finally gaining an ally who had known the struggle of embracing your true self. And within minutes, it began to crumble due to secondhand embarrassment. Caitlyn Jenner had proven that she was just another woman in the limelight who could afford to be different, literally.

6 She's Doing It For All The Wrong Reasons

I adore the fact that as a celebrity, Caitlyn Jenner has had the guts to come out as a trans women. However, that seems to be the primary thing that is keeping her in the spotlight. And that alone seems to be bothering a lot of people. Through all the press and the media over what seemed to be an overnight transition, she continues to give a bad name to the trans community. She's constantly bringing attention to herself in all the wrong ways.

It's no secret that Jenner can afford any sort of surgeries that she desires, from facial feminization surgeries to breast implants and because she can afford to have these done, she isn't having to go through the same kind of sleepless nights and constant pain due to the confusion to her hormones. She has nearly skipped all of the hardest parts of transitioning that people are currently facing today.

With everything that is going on, including her "docu-series"(giving her even more time in the spotlight), she says she's trying to use her voice to help trans people. And with that it seems as if she has forgotten about the rest of the trans community and has made everything about her. If she wanted to help, there are ways she could help the trans people in a big way, but instead she is only helping herself. With this, she has gone from icon straight to incompetent.

5 She Acts Like She's In High School

In an interview with Howard Stern, Khloe Kardashian spoke honestly about Caitlyn and her many stages of transitioning, including how in the beginning of her transition, Caitlyn was not always honest and there was something new to tell each time the two had seen each other again. And if you've seen the show, just like in any other instance, you'll see what Khloe is referring to.

Once Caitlyn had seen the interview, she texted Khloe "F**k you, you piece of s**t" for speaking "negatively" about her in the interview, but really Khloe had just been telling the truth. And how dare Caitlyn have the audacity to speak to her own daughter that way! It's trashy and childish.

4 She Loves The Fame

Once Caitlyn Jenner had gotten bitten by the fame bug, she couldn't turn away from her obsession. It's clear that Caitlyn has a sort of sparkle when it comes to being in the spotlight. She's constantly making appearances, splashing across headlines in the media, and causing controversy on all platforms.

You see it with the drama she creates and uses her family as the constant punchlines. She shows up to make speeches at LGBT rallies and other social events to tell her story once more, and in one instance on an episode of I Am Cait, she reminded the viewers over and over again about the millions of followers she has.

She is so childish, truly. I find that there is a lot of power in being able to reach that many people, but surely it must be a joke by now to see what crude thing she's going to say next.

3 She Talked About Robert Kardashian In Her Memoir

In Caitlyn Jenner's new tell-all memoir, she made things especially painful for her family when bringing up the Kardashian's biological father, Robert Kardashian, writing about and giving information concerning the real reason behind Robert Kardashian defending Simpson when he went on trial for murder. She claimed that Robert had known that Simpson was guilty for murder, but decided to work with him despite the truth.

Not surprisingly, the Kardashians are furious that Caitlyn could write something about their beloved late father that was so untrue and corrupt. They are not happy that Jenner involved Robert in her book at all, they feel completely betrayed by the person who raised them and allegedly Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have stopped talking to Caitlyn all together.

Whether I'm a fan of the Kardashians or not, I am a fan of having morals and respect, especially for your family. With Caitlyn Jenner's new book, it is very obvious that she has crossed the line, yet again. But this time it looks as if her family may not forgive her this time, and who could blame them.

2 She Goes After Kris One Last Time

Back in 2015 when Caitlyn shed a bad light on Kris Jenner in Vanity Fair, the family and Kris were furious. And now, she has done it again in her new book, slamming her ex-wife over and over again.

Among the hurtful messages about Kris in her book, she claimed that Kris knew about her gender dysphoria since the beginning and how Kris tried to "suppress" the former Olympian's desires to dress like a woman and be her true self, which Kris denies.

It's a typical "(s)he said, she said" kind of tale, but Caitlyn Jenner just cannot let it go for the greater good of her family. With this constant assault, she is quickly burning bridges with everyone who once called her family. She transitioned, okay, don't fu**ing start a war with the mother of your 2 kids and 4 step kids (who she completely raised). The kids have gone through so much and can't seem to catch a break due to all the controversy she keeps starting with Kris. They've gone through a divorce and her transition, if she wasn't so selfish, she would've stopped and thought about how they all felt. This "oh I'm a victim of the Kardashians" is getting a little old. Seems as if she's forgotten that everything in their lives have been public for over a decade. People know the truth, and it's not hidden below the surface.

1 She Does Not Support The LGBT Community

This one I'm still trying to figure out myself is how it's obvious to me that Caitlyn is not aware that the "T" in LGBT stands for transgender.

Okay okay, perhaps that's pushing it a little. But in an interview with Ellen, it was clarified how Jenner was conservative (which is not a bad thing), but it's well known that conservatives do not always agree with gay marriage. Not all, but it's known to be a common agreements with the right side.

However, her response still happened to shock the viewers, seeing as how this was still pretty early on in her transition, in 2015. She told Ellen how she was a "traditionalist" and she can "go with it" if that's what made people happy.

I'm going to be honest, Ellen handled the situation a lot better than I would have, and I don't believe this has anything to do with political views. I do believe this idea is simply just about equality and civil union and human rights. It should not be a big deal. But if she's a "traditionalist" where do "trans rights" fit into a traditionalist's agenda...? Anyone seeing what I'm seeing? Her argument completely fell on top of itself.

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