15 "Reasons" Why Every Woman Hates Kate Upton

If you do not know who Kate Upton is by now, you must be living under a (very boring) rock in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The cute and curvy 24-year-old mega-model is making major waves in the industry, defying the traditional “norms” of what it means to be a supermodel, and the stunner seems to get hotter by the second.

The gorgeous Upton is the object of many a fella’s affection (in their wildest dreams, of course), and women all over the world just love to hate her, due to their obvious envy of the beyond attractive blonde beauty. Her voluptuous body has graced the pages of countless fashion, women’s, and men’s magazines, including the popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and she has been on a number of talk shows and has even had parts in movies, including The Other Woman.

Upton hails from Michigan, but she is now an international sensation, and she isn’t even a quarter-century old yet. How stinkin’ unfair! It is no wonder so many women are jealous of the model’s genetic jackpot luck and grand success in life thus far.

Guys drool over Upton’s busty pics and girl-next-door smile and attitude, while a gal will sneer at the mere mention of her name, especially if it comes from their boyfriend’s mouth. How dare he even take a glimpse at the golden-haired goddess?

Here are 15 legit reasons why every woman hates the great Kate Upton. But really, what did she ever do to them anyway?

15 She Gets Paid to Scarf Down Burgers

Many women are constantly dieting, swapping fries for salads and dreaming of greasy burgers. Not Kate Upton. She eats her huge cheeseburgers and gets paid to do it by Carl’s Jr. The fast food chain is known for their sexy commercials showing hot babes stuffing their faces with burgers, and Upton had the gig and did it well. She sits in her car all dolled up and opens her trap wide to let a big hunk of meat on a soft bun pass through her luscious lips. All while she doesn’t gain an ounce and looks even hotter beside her fast food takeout bag. As women saw this commercial while eating their rice cakes and celery, a collective sigh of dismay was heard ‘round the world.

14 She’s Been the SI Swimsuit Issue Cover Model 3 Times!

Being the model chosen to grace the cover of the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue once in a lifetime is a milestone, but to have been selected three times is downright groundbreaking. The stunning Upton has been the model of choice to land the SI cover in 2012, 2013, and 2017. And she is only 24-years-old, so she could very well get the cover spot again in the years to come. Women hate it when their guy is perusing this special issue of SI, particularly when someone as hot as Upton is the reason they picked up the magazine in the first place. Even the other models must be jealous that Upton stole their thunder for another year, thanks to the execs at SI.

13 She’s a Victoria’s Secret Model

Many people would argue that Victoria’s Secret models are among the sexiest women in the entire world. So it is no big surprise that the sultry Kate Upton would be selected by the underwear and lingerie brand to model their skimpy lacy numbers, sexy bras, and revealing panties. Of course, seeing the gorgeous Upton inside the VS catalogue would make lots of women insanely jealous; not too many everyday gals can fill out their undergarments quite like she can. That said, lots of h---y hubbies are snatching their wives’ VS catalogues to catch a glimpse of the utterly awesome Upton showing off her goods on the glossy pages. They can pretend they are picking out a gift for their gal.

12 She’s a Movie Star

As if being a world-class model isn’t enough, Kate Upton has also been in films including Tower Heist, The Three Stooges, and The Other Women, with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. She is also set to appear in films coming out later this year and surely others in the future. Upton’s a true beauty, so seeing her on the big screen and in motion is a real treat for her throngs of fans. Women will not be too pleased when their guys suddenly want to take them to the movies when they find out it is because Ms. Upton will be part of the cast. With “movie star” added to her list of credentials, Upton is only getting more popular and wealthier. Envious women are groaning everywhere.

11 She’s a Vogue Magazine Cover Model

Some models wait many years to be considered to grace the cover of the popular and impressive fashion mag, Vogue, but Kate Upton already has that gig under her belt. Looking beautiful as always, she’s been on the cover and in the magazine more than once, giving models with far more experience a run for their money. Women love this mag, but many are jealous that one woman could be so beautiful and likely claim that airbrushing and Photoshopping are the reasons that Upton looks so perfect. Even if the pics are retouched, Upton still looks flawless in the flesh, so we know it’s not a case of too much post-production work. Surely Vogue will have Upton back again for future covers if her image helps sell the mag.

10 She Got Her Modeling Contract in One Day

Some modeling-minded teenagers and young ladies spend years trying to make it in the modeling biz, going on countless casting calls, taking new headshots and pics month after month, and practically living out of a suitcase in the pursuit of landing a modeling contract with an established modeling management company or agency. Not the hot Kate Upton though. She went on a casting call in Miami, Florida in 2008 for Elite Model Management and was signed with them the very same day! One and done. Elite Model Management surely snagged a good one with Upton. The other agencies missed their shot with the hottie at first, but she did eventually move to IMG Models in NYC. The rest is history.

9 She’s 5’10”

What could be hotter than a long-legged lady with a body like Upton’s? It is no wonder women (especially the vertically-challenged ones) envy the tall and tempting Upton with her glam gams that seem to go on for miles. She can look eye-to-eye with most fellas and towers over most women, glaring down at the tops of their heads. With high heels on, Upton looks like a “glamazon” who could rule the universe just by standing there in all her glory. She looks great in clothing (or without any, for that matter), and designers want to dress her in their very best creations. Upton is surely no shrinking violet when she’s standing tall just like the most beautiful trees in the forest.

8 She’s a Guess Model

Guess clothing and accessories brand is well-known for their overtly sexy advertising campaigns and sultry photographs and commercials. Who better than the smoking hot Upton to be their “face?” She was a model for the popular brand from 2010-2011, promoting their goods by using her natural sex appeal and knack for giving her all to the camera. Guess certainly didn’t have to second guess their smart choice in picking Upton to represent their brand, as she brings wild success to practically everything she touches. Women hoped to look as good in their Guess clothing as Upton did in the ads for the brand, but when they couldn’t even come close, it was just another reason to hate the sizzling model.

7 Her Eyes are a Breathtaking Blue

Brown-eyed women are green with envy over the natural color of Upton’s exquisite eyes. They are a stunning shade of greyish-blue and look like the breathtaking ocean waters surrounding the most exotic islands of the world. She plays up her pretty eyes for the camera and makes the guys feel like she’s looking directly at them. Hint, she’s not. She would look great with any eye color, but the shade she was blessed with pairs perfectly with her hair color and skin complexion. A blue-eyed babe is always considered hot and Upton proves this notion to be true. The blue hue gives the model a youthful expression and a special twinkle in her eyes that make her hard to take your eyes off of.

6 She’s an Equestrian

Not only is Kate Upton a talented and successful model, but she is also a former equestrian who showed at the American Paint Horse Association as a youth. She even won three world championships! Wouldn’t men just love to see the athletic Upton atop a horse bouncing around? As an adult, of course. She may not spend much time, if any, in the saddle these days, but knowing that Upton is a secret horse whisperer must make envious woman even more jealous of her many special gems and talents. Her old trainers and even the horses she rode on are surely proud of the woman Upton has become since her days spent galloping through the fields on her strong stallion. Giddyup!

5 She’s Engaged to a Baseball Player

Men all over the world are as jealous as the ladies are for this one. Kate Upton got engaged to Detroit Tigers baseball player, Justin Verlander, in 2016 after dating since 2011. Of course, the rich and famous marry one another, and go on to live happily ever after… at least some of the time. Average gals marry bank tellers and truck drivers while super-hot models and mega movie stars get hitched to famous millionaire athletes. No offense, there is nothing wrong with bank tellers and truck drivers, but the “wow factor” of being coupled with an athlete can’t compare to the general jobs of the everyday folk. Looks like Verlander hit a home run with his new hot wife-to-be.

4 She’s Been on Saturday Night Live

Some actors and other celebs wait all their lives to have the chance to make it to the classic SNL stage, but not the highly sought-after Kate Upton. She was on the popular late-night comedy show in 2012, playing herself in a scene with the hilarious comedian Maya Rudolph. So now other women are hating on Upton yet again since she’s not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but she’s making audiences laugh as well. Is there anything this babe can’t do? People who normally can’t stay awake past 11 pm downed a few cups of coffee in order to stay up late and watch the blonde beauty do her thing on SNL. Good looks and a good sense of humor make Upton even more desirable.

3 She’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Woman

Ladies from all over can’t wait to see who People magazine selects as their sexiest people each year, and in 2014, the popular celebrity culture magazine chose the lovely Kate Upton as a winner of the sought-after, yet superficial award. Not that Upton needed the magazine to confirm what we already know, but surely she was happy and thankful for the acknowledgement. Most women look forward to the sexiest men awards so they can drool over images of George Clooney or Matt Damon, but seeing Upton smiling brightly in all her goddess-like glory makes many ladies snarl with sarcastic remarks and reasons to nitpick as to why someone else should have won instead. But the people spoke, and People listened, crowning Upton as the princess of the year.

2 The Teens Adore Her

In 2014, Kate Upton won a Teen Choice Award in the category of Choice Movie: Chemistry. It’s not a big shocker that teenage boys drool over the curvy and bouncy babe, and teen girls probably wish they will grow up to look like Upton one day. But the women watching with their teenage kids are not all too thrilled that Upton is their role model, even though she always seems kind-hearted and sweet. Are good looks that threatening? Seems so. Yes, as these teens get older, their tastes may change, but by the looks of things as far as how adult men are crazy for the model, the teens will likely keep on giving props to the pretty and perfect Upton for years to come.

1 She Was on Watch What Happens Live… With Ricky Martin

So many people from all over tune in with dedication each night to see who the silly and fun Andy Cohen has on his hit late night show, Watch What Happens Live. When the beautiful Kate Upton was asked to appear on the popular show, the other guest sitting beside her was the wildly talented and super-handsome performer, Ricky Martin, making women worldwide even more jealous of Upton. Cohen couldn’t have picked two hotter celebs to appear together as co-guests, and viewers were in awe of the two stunners as they had tons of fun drinking their cocktails and schmoozing with the late night host of the popular Bravo show. Even Cohen was impressed with the pairing and the three had a great time as viewers watched from their sofas.

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