15 "Reasons" Why Daredevil's Deborah Ann Woll Is The Next Big Thing

Deborah Ann Woll may not be a household name at this point in her career, but she certainly is garnering quite a bit of attention. The actress has been steadily gaining steam over the recent years for her epic television roles that have featured her as a major standout. It all started back in 2008 when she was chosen to be part of the highly successful series True Blood. Since then, Woll has slowly but surely risen in the ranks of the up-and-comers in Hollywood. When True Blood ended, she picked up where she left off and grabbed another big television lead as Karen Page in the Daredevil television series.

Woll was not blessed with child stardom. She had to audition and climb the ladder to find success. In fact, she didn't achieve her first role in the business until she was 22. That got her onto the television series Life with a one-off role. From there, Deborah Woll has made quite the name for herself. She's on the rise, and her television appearances have only boosted her reputation. Although she has yet to conquer the big screen with a big payday, Woll is a wonderful talent, and when you kick in her beauty, she's definitely a winner worth keeping an eye on.


15 Not Just a Hot Piece

Sure, you look at some of the gorgeous photos and look at that amazing body and beautiful blue eyes and think you know Deborah Woll. But the fact is, she's a true actress at her heart. She didn't start her career modeling and hoping someone picked up on her beauty and gave her a few roles. She studied and performed her butt off at USC. Then, with her London training under her belt, Woll pursued a love affair with the true craft of acting. That's why in 2013, she jumped at the opportunity to co-star in the play Parfumerie. With a striking cast featuring Eddie Kaye Thomas (now one of the stars of the hit series, Scorpion, and the American Pie movie series) and Richard Schiff (West Wing and Glengarry Glen Ross), Woll got to dig her teeth into a dramatic stage role that was right in her wheelhouse. The talented cast pulled off telling the touching story that many found intriguing and sweet.

14 Lookin' Good


Make no mistake about it, Deborah Ann Woll is a talented actress. But as is the case with any other actresses in the business, looks do matter. It's not a requirement to be a "perfect 10" in order to grab roles in the entertainment industry, but it's important to have an original look and to stand out. Now, most of the time, women in the entertainment industry stand out for being hot. This is true. Others are character actresses that fit the perfect mold. Woll possesses a terrific blend of originality and extraordinary beauty with her appearance. Her being of Irish and of German descent certainly stand out. She has striking blue eyes and blonde or fire-engine red hair, depending on when you catch her. In fact, Woll actually saw her blonde hair as an obstacle in getting jobs and made the clutch decision to go red. She hasn't looked back since! Woll is gorgeous, and in 2007, she went from graduating college to attending a London arts school to stepping into Hollywood.

13 The Little Daredevil

As Woll's time on True Blood was ending, her agents were preparing for the next big score for one of the small screen's hottest stars. With the superhero genre bustling in both the movie theater and on the small screen, it was the perfect opportunity for Woll to jump into a bigger pond as a standout lead. She wouldn't have to prove her worth in her next job. She was top billing from the start. She was added onto the series Daredevil in 2015, a year after True Blood ended. The Marvel Comic-driven series is already in season 3, enjoying a successful run on Netflix. The seasons have been released on a single day, allowing fans to binge watch and drink in the entire season in one giant gulp if they so please. Netflix loved their time with Woll so much, they wanted more of her.

12 Woll Gets Noticed


For actors, getting their first big break can be a difficult journey. They're constantly battling tons of other hopefuls who just want to get some time on camera. Usually, they're an extra or hope to land a small role that helps them stand out. And that's what happened with Woll. She was extremely fortunate, though. Not only did she get small roles; she got small roles on big-time television series that would help put her on the map. It all started with the short-lived television series Life in 2007. From there, Woll would get a lot of camera time in 2008 with numerous one-offs in shows like ER, Ace's N' Eights, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, My Name is Earl, and The Mentalist. But by the end of 2008, Woll got her big break.

11 Deborah In Lace

After Woll found her new acting passion, she focused her efforts on making a career out of it. First stop was USC, where she successfully got her Bachelor's Degree. Not only did she graduate, Woll starred in over 20 play productions during her time in college. Next stop was the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Woll was a true talent and further honed her craft. Woll's family lineage was originally from Europe, so her return to study in London was a homecoming of sorts. She is both of German and of Irish descent. Woll's stay in London would be very short-lived as she was about to land a slew of jobs that would establish her as a beautiful young force on the rise in the entertainment industry. Television roles were on their way.

10 Oh My Jessica Hamby


Woll's character on True Blood, Jessica Hamby, proved to be a big win for her. She emerged in season 1 as a recurring role when she was Bill Compton's vampire progeny. The role may have been a temporary one, but Woll's portrayal of the character earned her a permanent role on the show. In 2009, Woll and the rest of the True Blood cast captured a "Best Cast" award for their exceptional performances. This was truly a big moment, and Woll would enjoy 6 more years of success on the show. The character, herself, was a nice and challenging product. Woll's character, Hamby, was a devout Christian and a newly turned vampire. The diversion of a strict upbringing with the new freedoms of being a vampire was a wonderful contrast that Woll perfectly exploited.

9 She Knows How To Take A Photo

Just prior to landing her very significant role on True Blood, Deborah Woll came across a handsome man that would light up her life. His name was EJ Scott. The two met 7 years ago through Woll was trolling through profiles when she came across Scott's. The two went out, and she fell in love with him on their first date. He was a budding stand-up comedian who was pushing his way toward a deeper love affair with acting, while Woll was a bright-eyed hopeful actress. What was more extraordinary is that Woll wanted to date Scott despite the traumatic disease that currently has him trending toward being totally blind. Scott suffers from Choroideremia, also known as CHM, a genetic impairment that always ends up in blindness. There is no cure. But Woll loved what she read and loved even more what she encountered when she met Scott. Her success has risen and their love has continued to blossom over the years.


8 Deborah's Demons


Of course, when you play a vampire on television, you're constantly battling inner demons. But Woll has a disease she battles on a daily basis. Hers is not nearly as crippling as her boyfriend's, but Woll suffers from celiac disease. Celiac is a genetic disease that directly affects a person's small intestine. The disease can make it extremely difficult for a person to eat food. Someone with celiac disease is prone to have a body that rejects gluten. Avoiding wheat, barley, and rye are huge orders of business for someone who has celiac disease. It makes heading out to a restaurant a massive ordeal. There are strict limitations with the disease and avoiding particular kinds of foods can be a massive issue for that person. Woll has taken to championing her own battles but also to highlighting her boyfriend's, EJ Scott's, illness in hopes of bringing to light the genetic diseases and using her celebrity to draw positive attention to their cause.

7 Deb's Big Break

Two simple words would change Woll's life and career forever: True Blood. By the end of 2008, not only was Woll able to get noticed with her numerous small roles, but she got a shot at landing a big-time supporting role. And make no mistake about it, she landed that role in a big way. True Blood was a highly successful series that aired on HBO. The series made an extremely successful run from 2008-2014. The dark fantasy, horror, drama was highly successful and starred Anna Paquin. Originally, Woll's role was set to be "recurring." But she impressed everyone so much during season one, that her role was expanded into a starring role for the remainder of the series. Woll killed it as the young vampire apprentice, Jessica Hamby. Deborah Woll had truly arrived.

6 In Her Own Words...


Many actresses have quite a few things to say about themselves. Some are snobby, and a lot of them are simply full of themselves. Then you have faux celebrities like Kim Kardashian and others who spew such vile comments that it makes your ears bleed. But Deborah Woll is a different kind of person. Take a read at some of her best public comments: "I've never been much of a glamour girl," ... "I was shy and a hard worker, so acting was a way to focus whatever nervous energy I was experiencing onto a goal," ... "I think that part of the difficulty of being a celebrity is that you have to hide what you are feeling and you aren't totally allowed to be yourself because you're in the public eye." Ah, honesty and humility in an actress... so that's what that feels like!

5 Those Orange Locks

Deborah Woll was born in Brooklyn, New York back in 1985. Woll was the product of a father who was an architect and a mother who was a teacher. Woll became a highly successful actress over her career, but she didn't always start out with acting in her mind. She always loved the arts, but she originally enjoyed playing the piano and loved dancing. It would be when Woll attended the Packer Collegiate Institute for high school when she truly began to gain an appreciation for acting. This is the moment when she took great strides toward her future career. She then moved on to USC School of Dramatic Arts and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

4 The Big Screen


In 2009, Woll spent some of her off time from True Blood and ended up on the big screen. Woll captured the role of Lydia Koffman and appeared in the 2010 release Mother's Day. But Mother's Day would be just the beginning. Woll would land a large number of roles in the proceeding years, maximizing both her time on her hit series, True Blood, and capturing other opportunities on the side. Woll appeared in ten feature films in just under 6 years. None of the movie roles were huge, but they would provide Woll the opportunity to expand her repertoire and add to her budding resume. Her roles were diversified and allowed Woll to explore new facets of her skillset.

3 Everyone Taking Notice

2010 was an epic year in the career of Deborah Woll. She was a mere three years from graduating from her collegiate drama program and was just two years removed from her acting training done abroad in London, England. In that amount of time, Woll was making quite the impression on the world. Her role in True Blood was a career catalyst. She got recognized with the rest of her cast members in 2009 when they won the "Best Cast" award. But 2010 marked a big year for Woll, who was nominated for her first individual award. The honor came with a nomination for "Best Breakout Performance: Female" from the Scream Awards. What was once a simple recurring role turned into a permanent place on the show, and then, industry-wide recognition. The entire cast would also see a 'team' nomination for their efforts. But clearly, Woll was a standout on the show and her star was just beginning to shine. It would be this dynamic that allowed her to capture bigger and better things in the coming years.

2 Double Duty


Most people enjoy success on one hit show and call it a day. Not Deborah Woll. This little seductive beauty is anything but satisfied. Her thirst for challenges is equally challenged by the vampire role she portrayed on the hit series True Blood. Woll's show, Daredevil, has been such a hit on Netflix (they have ordered a third season of the show) that spinoffs have now been ordered and created. The series will have crossover characters, one of which is Woll's Karen Page. Woll will appear in both new crossover series, one of which is entitled The Punisher and the other The Defenders, both of which are Marvel products and will be aired on Netflix. Woll is quickly becoming the beautiful female face of Netflix by appearing in three different television series simultaneously.

1 The Horizon

Deborah Woll rarely says the wrong thing in public. She's generally soft-spoken and allows her highly creative characters to take the center stage. Sure, she's played vampires and superheroes, the kinds of mindless fun that on the surface may seem extremely shallow. But her characters are tortured souls, deep and dark. This is where Woll's strength is displayed. She dives into her roles and relishes the art of acting. In her personal life, Woll hasn't shied away from challenges either. She knowingly dove head-first into a relationship with a man who was destined to become blind because she knew there was something special there. Make no mistake about it, Deborah Ann Woll is no normal actress. She is "super" in so many ways on and off the screen, and the future looks incredibly bright for this highly talented star. Don't be surprised if there's a big-budget movie in her future, although we don't think she needs it. She's already a massive small-screen star and looks set for many years to come.


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