15 Reasons Why Cersei Lannister Is Far More Evil Than King Joffrey

Cersei has consistently found a way to leave Joffrey in her dust when it comes to being an absolutely terrible person.

During its amazing run, Game of Thrones has developed an incredible amount of characters that fans love and hate. These characters have down a wonderful job of driving the plot of the series as well as captivating viewers with each passing episode. While every character that makes their way through Westeros may not have the same impact with fans as Jon Snow or a Stannis Baratheon, there are some characters that fans will talk about long after the series has concluded. Joffrey Baratheon is no doubt one of the most discussed and disgusted characters to have been on the show, but I'm here to let you know that his mother Cersei is far worse than the little runt ever was.

From the very first time that he opened his mouth, Joffrey was a despised character. He took great pleasure in belittling people, and loved to cause physical and emotional harm to those he came in contact with. While some had to endure him longer than others, the young Baratheon left a poor taste in everyone's mouth. However, having seen the series through, it's easy to spot why Joffrey is the way he is. After all, his mother is like a well of evil, and the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree. Torturing people? Check. Belittling people? Check. Doing anything and everything to get people to hate and fear them? Double check. After everything that I heard prior to watching the show, I had always assumed that Joffrey was going to be the worst. Oh how wrong I was.

Cersei has consistently found a way to leave Joffrey in her dust when it comes to being an absolutely terrible person. Throughout this list, you will find yourself reflecting on the truly awful things that Cersei has done, and will no doubt hate her even more than you already do. Believe me when I say that Joffrey doesn't hold a candle to his evil mother, and I have all the proof you'll ever need.

15 The Attempted Murder Of Bran Stark

While some of the horrendous acts on this list may be debated by some, there is no debate about this. At the time, Bran was just a young boy who was being a disobedient child by scaling walls that he had no business being on. Meanwhile, unbeknown to the child, Cersei was a bit occupied (don't worry; I'll touch on that in a bit). After stumbling upon what can only be described as some family bonding, Bran sat there in absolute horror. Naturally, wanting to keep the world in the dark about their disgusting relationship, Cersei ordered Jaime to push Bran to his certain death.

Jaime obviously deserves a huge part of the blame. After all, it was his hands that propelled Bran to his crippled state. Cersei, however, had absolutely no problem with having a dead Stark on her conscience, and didn't bat an eye when Bran was paralyzed. For as dark as this show can be, this act happened in an earlier episode, and gave some fantastic foreshadowing of just how awful this woman truly is.

14 Resurrecting The Mountain

Cersei is not the only person to dabble in the resurrection of the dead on the show, but this one left an awful taste in my mouth. To her credit, Cersei has an incredible ability to adapt to any possible situation that can cause her pain. After choosing The Mountain as her champion, the hulking man's victory sent Tyrion on a surefire path to the gallows. Naturally, the death of the character struck a chord with Cersei, but, in true Lannister fashion, she found a way to bring him back.

While the resurrection of Jon Snow came as a delight to his peers, the resurrection of The Mountain left those in King's Landing completely horrified. She utilized her weapon of chaos effectively, and now that she sits on the much-desired Iron Throne, Cersei has an absolute beast of a man to keep her safeguarded as she begins her awful reign as Protector of the Realm. Season 7 promises to bring chaos to her world, and only one part of her prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Hopefully her stay on the throne is brief.

13 Her Incestuous Relationship With Her Brother

As promised, I will go ahead and touch on Cersei's disgusting relationship with her baby brother. Jaime has been a character that I have both loved and hated throughout the series. He has done some horrible things, and yet he has committed some acts that are noble and of goodwill. But, of all of the things that he has done, his relationship with Cersei is appalling and gross. The Lannister's aren't the only family from Westeros to engage in some incestuous relations. It's even been admitted that the Targaryen family is guilty of this as well. The problem with the Lannister's relations is that it caused a whole mess for most everyone.

Their covering of their relationship led to Bran being crippled, and set off Catelyn Stark on a warpath. It also caused chaos and the potential destruction of King's Landing when Stannis Baratheon tried to claim his rightful place as Protector of the Realm. Thus far, no good has come from their relationship. But, without the discovery of this horrid relationship, we wouldn't have the incredible story that we do now.

12 Giving Jaime The Cold Shoulder

If I'm being completely honest, this came as quite a shock to me while watching the show. After being stuck in captivity for a long period of time, Jaime was finally able to make his way back to King's Landing to go be with his love and his children. Instead of receiving a warm welcome from his sister and lover, Jaime was greeted with a coldness that seemed to be reserved for nearly anyone else because Cersei hates basically everyone. Jaime was completely stunned by the way she treated him, and couldn't quite grasp that Cersei wanted nothing to do with him.

However, in the most Cersei way possible, she finally warmed up to her brother/lover, and the two siblings rekindled their romance. Their relationship has seen a number of highs and lows, including the ending of Season 6. After Cersei plops her keister atop the Iron Throne, her and Jaime share a brief moment across the room from each other. The look the two shared didn't come off as friendly, so it will be interesting to see where the two lovers pickup next season.

11 Having Joffrey Leave The Battlefield

As a mother, Cersei has every right to be protective over her children. If anything, Cersei's one redeeming quality is that she is fiercely protective over her children, and none more so than Joffrey. Even though people perceived this little twerp to be the face of evil prior to meeting the awful Ramsay Bolton, Cersei loved him unconditionally, and was willing to do anything to save him from any sort of harm. During the Battle of the Blackwater, Stannis Baratheon and his trips came to King's Landing with every intention of slaughtering and taking over. Tyrion's heroics and leadership were a huge reason why this didn't happen. While the battle waged on, Cersei called for her son, the King, to abandon his men and seek refuge.

In this moment, Cersei didn't care about her people. She didn't care that the men on the battlefield could have benefited from having their leader fighting beside them. Instead, she chose to be selfish, and called for her firstborn to run and hide from the war. The men were clearly affected by this, and needed a huge boost to win. Thanks to Tyrion and some incredible timing by Tywin Lannister, Stannis and his men were defeated.

10 Her Hatred Of Tyrion

Tyrion Lannister is a rather divisive character. He can be both crude and funny, and his ability to survive is rather impressive. He's made tons of friends, and even more enemies during his lifetime, but no one in Westeros hates him more than his very own sister. Cersei's hatred of Tyrion is well-documented, and she will stop at nothing to watch her demon monkey brother be buried in the dirt. She blames Tyrion for the death of their mother, and while he was still a baby, would show him off as a freak show attraction, and flick his penis to inflict harm on him.

Joffrey hated Tyrion as well, but that's mainly due to Tyrion never backing down from his awful nephew. Cersei's treatment of him is otherworldly, and she's convinced that her life will be better once he's dead. Tyrion's killing of their father didn't help his cause, and this directly led to tension between Cersei and Jaime. After all, it was Jaime that helped his baby brother escape the jaws of death. After his disappearance, Cersei has sent droves of men to track down and slay her younger brother. Perhaps it will be Tyrion to fulfill the prophecy and kill Cersei.

9 She Was Awful To Sansa Stark

Make no mistake about it; Cersei was downright awful to Sansa Stark during her time in King's Landing. She took such great pleasure seeing Joffrey abuse her, and was of no help to the young Stark while she remained in King's Landing. Cersei was nearly jubilant when Joffrey decided to push Sansa off to the side after the beautiful Margaery Tyrell came in the picture. Cersei is not the type of person to deal with any shred of competition, and Sansa taking away from her relationship with Joffrey didn't sit well with the eldest Lannister.

After seeing her relationship with Jaime, I always had a weird feeling about the relationship between Cersei and Joffrey. She has said that she loves her firstborn more than anything, but where would that love stop? She loves having power, and what would give her more power than sleeping with her son? Well, I suppose it doesn't matter now that Joffrey is dead, and she's ruling Westeros. Thankfully, Sansa was able to escape King's Landing, and her time with Cersei helped her gain knowledge of the inner-workings of politics, as seen in her heroism in the Battle of the Bastards.

8 Her Affair With Lancel Lannister

For someone as beautiful and as powerful as Cersei Lannister, she has a weird thing for sleeping with members of her own family. During the time when Jaime was a prisoner of the Stark family, Cersei had an itch to scratch, and her partner of choosing was her own cousin Lancel. For whatever reason, it seems as though Cersei has no desire to sleep with anyone outside of her family. She even mentions that she and Robert Baratheon weren't sexually active together during their marriage. Incest might be the one thing that Cersei does best aside from being absolutely awful every second of the day.

In this case, Cersei's relations caused a whirlwind of pain for her. After converting to being a God-fearing religious fanatic, Lancel spills the beans on Cersei to the High Sparrow, which landed Cersei into captivity. It's quite amazing to watch this all unfold, as Cersei had lived quite a luxurious life throughout the series prior to her incarceration. Though the people of Westeros may not respect the incestuous Cersei, they are absolutely terrified of the ruler that she will no doubt become. She's cunning and powerful, and has no qualms with killing many to save her own skin.

7 Her Destruction Of Margaery Tyrell

Though I could include virtually every important member of House Tyrell in this spot, I'll go ahead and narrow this down to Cersei's treatment of the beautifully deceptive Margaery Tyrell. Much like her mother-in-law, Margaery had an incredible ability to fool people with a brilliant facade. Because people can spot bits of themselves in others, Cersei was wise to Margaery's game from the start, and made sure that she was callous to the young Tyrell from the start. But, because she's clever and evil as hell, Cersei found a way to ensure that Margaery would suffer a most brutal life.

After Cersei was able to get the High Sparrow in a position of power, she made sure that House Tyrell would suffer. After all, it was foretold that someone younger and more beautiful would come along to take everything. The natural assumption in the show was that Margaery Tyrell was that very person. Cersei had never forgotten those words, and made sure to be as cruel as possible to Margaery, eventually killing her. Now that she's gone, one can only assume that Khaleesi is that woman that Maggy the Frog spoke of all those years ago.

6 Her Inbred Children

Had she known that the fruit of her loins her lead such tragic lives, Cersei might have abandoned the idea of having them in the first place. Oh, that's right, she did know! Despite the prophecy of Maggy the Frog, Cersei still pursued motherhood, and in true Cersei taste, she made sure to have all of the children with her brother Jaime. The poor Lannister/Baratheon inbred children were doomed from the start, and Cersei couldn't have cared less about their potential deaths. For as fierce a mother as she was, Cersei's disregard for their predicted deaths should leave your head spinning.

Thanks to Cersei and Jaime, the world was gifted Joffrey, who is one of the most hated people to have strolled through Westeros. They also blessed their people with the soft Tommen, who had a fighting chance to be a decent King. But, due to his age and lack of toughness, that poor boy didn't last long. And finally, there's poor Myrcella. Myrcella spent a decent chunk of her life in Dorne, which ultimately led to her death. Why was Myrcella in Dorne? Cersei took the advice of others, and unknowingly sent her child to her demise. The children were the worst, and it should come as no surprise that they are direct descendants of Cersei Lannister.

5 She Helped The High Sparrow Gain Power

If you're ever interested in studying someone who has a talent for making incredibly poor decisions, look no further than Cersei Lannister. While I have given praise to her ability to adapt, I've also been pretty harsh on the awful decisions that she has made over the years. Cersei's involvement with the High Sparrow seemed to play into her favor at first. It was the catalyst for Margaery and Lora to be imprisoned, effectively taking them out of the picture of having positions of power in King's Landing. It also led to a full on religious takeover of King's Landing, and it led to Cersei being locked away and treated without any shred of respect.

That's right, Cersei's actions once again meant a world of hurt for a vast number of people, but this time, she got a taste of her own milk of the poppy. Cersei had an miserable time away from her comforts of King's Landing, and was relegated to slurping water from a dirty dungeon floor. As hilarious as it was to see, Cersei ultimately caved, and performed the walk of atonement throughout the streets of King's Landing. She was spit on, laughed at, and verbally abused while taking her naked body back home. She gets credit for doing anything to get back to her child, but my goodness was this decision incredible stupid.

4 Her Decision To Send Myrcella Away Led To Her Death

Now, I will be the first to admit that there were a great number of factors at play in this one, but that still doesn't change the outcome for Cersei's only daughter. Cersei, being the protective mother that she is, decided to heed the advice of others, and sent her daughter Myrcella away to Dorne to ensure her safety. What Cersei didn't count on was the arrival of Prince Oberyn to King's Landing. From there, it was all downhill for the unsuspecting Lannister daughter. When Prince Oberyn is killed by The Mountain while being Tyrion's chosen champion, his widow begins a plan to avenge his death and cause pain to the Lannister family.

After arriving back in Dorne, Ellaria set her sights on killing Myrcella, and does so in the most tragic way possible. After secretly lacing her lips with poison, Ellaria plants a kiss on Myrcella's lips as she is leaving with her father Jaime back the King's Landing. Myrcella dies on the journey home, and Cersei was down another child. There is no doubt that Cersei wasn't the only reason why her daughter was killed, but her role in Myrcella's death is another indicator how awful this woman can be.

3 She's Hugely Responsible For Tommen's Suicide

In reality, it seemed that poor Tommen never stood a chance. He was a kind child, and acted as the complete opposite of his awful brother Joffrey. Tommen had all sorts of potential to be a great King, but was ultimately denied the chance to show what he was made of thanks largely to his mother. Tommen was in love with Margaery Tyrell, but Cersei was having none of that nonsense. She devised a way to get Margaery away from her son, but this came at quite the price. Cersei herself would also deal with imprisonment, though she found her way back to her son. Margaery was not so lucky, and her bad fortune proved too much for the young Tommen.

After leveling the Great Sept of Baelor, Tommen decided that he had had enough of this life, and promptly jumped out of a window, and plunged to his death. In an instant, Cersei lost her last child, and it was all thanks to her. But really, does Cersei even mind? After all, thanks to Tommen's suicide, Cersei is running the show, and has never been as powerful as she is now. While I'm sure the pain of losing her last child thanks to her actions will always haunt her, Cersei is finally where she has wanted to be all along. I do not envy the poor people of King's Landing who now face a life led by the most terrible character on the show.

2 The Torturing Of Septa Unella

Hell hath no fury like a Lannister scorned. After her own doings came back to haunt her, Cersei made it a point to inform Septa Unella that she would have her revenge. AS much as I hate Cersei, I have to give it up to the woman. She held true to her word, and set out to make life a torturous hell for Septa Unella. Cersei, though not the one delivering the torture, made sure to get the last laugh after tying Septa Unella down and letting the resurrected Moutain have his way with the woman. Though her stint on the series was relatively brief, Septa Unella left quite an impression on viewers.

I'm sure that many people or many characters would have made a similar decision, but low and behold, it was Cersei who decided to keep Septa Unella alive so that she could be tormented. She wanted to inflict as much pain and humiliation on her as she did while Cersei was incarcerated. Despite these last two acts being incredibly heinous, the top spot on this list belongs to the event that catalyzed both.

1 Leveling The Great Sept Of Baelor To Avoid Punishment

Cersei had done most every evil thing in the book, and this one in particular tops the list. Her actions lead to an incredible twist of fate for the evil Cersei, and she was facing some serious charges. But, instead of facing her trial with a shred of dignity, the clever Lannister plotted one of the most shocking acts in the history of Westeros. While full of people, dignitaries, and higher-ups, Cersei blew up the Great Sept of Baelor, killing an incredible amount of people in one swift blow. To make the moment all the more evil, Cersei is seen casually sipping on her wine, and watching her masterpiece from the comforts of her room.

Unbeknown to her, this would lead to her son Tommen killing himself, and would see her lover and brother Jaime be incredibly displeased with her. That act was the ending point of the most recent season of the series, and left fans begging for the next installment of the series. It's incredible to think what this show has accomplished during its run, and where it is ultimately headed. Though I despise her character, Cersei is an absolute force, and I'm quite confident that she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve that we will see during the final two seasons.

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