15 Reasons Why Brie Larson Is Hollywood's Hottest Oscar Winner

With the excitement for the release of Kong: Skull Island, all the world is abuzz about the film’s lead actress, Oscar-winner Brie Larson. At just 27-years-old, the talented actress is a force to be reckoned with, not only for her stellar acting chops but for her made-for-the-big-screen beauty. From the top of her head to the tips of her well-heeled toes, Larson is a lovely addition to Hollywood’s A-list crowd.

While she’s been in the business for years, Larson’s “breakout” role was in the film Room, which won her great acclaim from Hollywood heavyweights and movie fans alike. But did you know that Larson also had roles in other popular movies including 13 Going On 30, 21 Jump Street, Trainwreck, and Don Jon?

She’s also graced us with her pretty presence on the small screen with parts on television programs including Touched By An Angel, Kroll Show, Hope & Faith, Community, and she’s even hosted SNL! Funny and fine? What a cool combo!

Brie Larson is hot. In fact, she may be the reigning hottest actress in Hollywood right now. Her star power is rising with every film she’s in, and her looks aren’t fading a smidge. She’s the perfect combination of girl next door and the girl that you’d be too afraid to approach at the bar.

Take a look at these 15 pics that prove that Larson is one smoking hot babe. Once you’re done, your next step will be to run to the nearest cinema and see her on the big screen in her latest flick. You will be so into watching Larson on film that you may just choke on your popcorn.

15 Barefaced And Beautiful

Even without a single stitch of makeup, the naturally beautiful actress Brie Larson is simply sexy. Simplicity is the key when you want to show how amazing you can look without the aid of celebrity makeup artists and high-priced hairdressers. Larson’s dewy skin is youthful and luminous and her big brown eyes look clear and shiny against her creamy complexion and rosy cheeks. Her lips have the perfect shape – no lip liner or fillers needed to make this babe look any better. Her plain hairstyle shows that it takes very little for the actress to look like a million bucks without having to spend a dime on styling products. Sure, it’s fun to get all done up for awards shows and special occasions, but the regular Larson is just as stunning as the red carpet version. If only more celebs would be willing to show their bare faces to the world.

14 Green With Envy

Kermit the Frog always said it is not easy being green, but the emerald-wearing stunner, Brie Larson pulls off the green look effortlessly. With top-notch looks like hers, Kermit wouldn’t give a second thought to his relationship with his long-time lover, Miss Piggy! This jewel-toned gown is exquisite on the toned and well-postured body of Larson, and the revealing, yet tasteful style is red carpet perfection. Larson’s natural makeup pairs well with her simple straight hairdo, and her choice in earrings showcases her gorgeous face without competing with it for attention. Her skin simply glows and she’s ready for the cameras to snap her from any angle. While green is not a typical dress color choice, after other women see how great it can look, thanks to Larson, it may become the new hot color for the season. Larson’s sheer confidence is evident and she ought to be self-assured. She looks lean, green, and ready to be seen!

13 Belle Of The Ball

Wow, what an ensemble! This bright bluish-purple color choice is the perfect complement to Brie Larson’s creamy and flawless skin tone. The plunging neckline and sparkling bejeweled belt make this dress fit for a princess – and Larson looks just like one. Her bright bold lips and pulled back hair show off her gorgeous face and those jaw-dropping pearl earrings are a sophisticated choice for such a well-put-together woman on a special night. Whoever did her styling deserves an award, because this is certainly one of Larson’s all-time best looks. She’s at an awards show in this photo, but she steals the spotlight from all the winners every time a camera clicks her image. Larson’s bright smile could light up a room, and this pic is from the ceremony when she won her award for Best Actress for the movie Room. Kudos to an A-list star who always gives a stellar performance.

12 Did Somebody Order Room Service?

Enjoying a relaxing continental breakfast in bed never looked so good or tasted so sweet. What on Earth could be better than waking up in a 5-star hotel suite looking like a million bucks, having the warm sunshine come through the window, and enjoying a decadent breakfast in bed, thanks to the convenience of room service? That cup of coffee could never be as steamy or hot as the glamorous woman seductively sipping it, and those pastries may be delicious but not nearly as sweet as the luscious Larson is. Going out for breakfast is totally overrated when you can have everything you want in the privacy of your own hotel room. Who needs to hop over to IHOP when there’s a world-class chef ready to whip something up for you? Larson must have had a long night of beauty sleep because she looks simply incredible. Those hotel pillows and bedding must be awfully soft.

11 Shining Star

All that glitters is, in fact, gold for the brightly shining and ever-rising star, Brie Larson. While posing with pizzazz for the paparazzi, the stunning sequined beauty dazzles from the inside and the outside. Her embellished gown fits her body like a glove and her subdued, yet unique earrings give the dress the final touch to make her look like a living disco ball. Larson’s toned and bronzed arms are on display thanks to the sleeveless cut of her dress and her makeup pairs with the look with precision and perfection. Although she is not smiling in this photo, surely Larson is as pleased with her camera-ready look as everyone else is. This shimmery gown is one of Larson’s finest looks, but even with all the glitz and glam, the woman underneath the clothing is the true shining star. She may even be the brightest in the entire solar system!

10 Taking The Plunge

This special black evening dress seems relatively simple, but that super deep plunging neckline shows off Brie Larson’s impeccable body with sex appeal and true sophistication. Her defined shoulders, neck, and collarbones are all on full display and her body looks fit and fabulous as always. Simple and minimal makeup is all this stunning actress needs to enhance her natural beauty, and with her lovely hair pulled off her face, we get to see her gorgeous looks even better. A traditional sweetheart neckline is always pretty, but this one gives us a little more to rave over since it’s a bit unique and structured. Larson looks elegant as well as confident, two attributes that make her the star she is and will continue to be for years to come. She seems cool and comfortable in the skin’s she’s in, and we all love admiring it too. Thanks for Larson for taking the plunge with this sizzling dress!

9 The Hot Shoulder

We have all heard the expression, “giving someone the cold shoulder,” but in Brie Larson’s case in this smoldering hot photo, she is giving us the exact opposite – the hot shoulder! A very hot one as a matter of fact. As she seductively peers over her bronzed shoulder, Larson longingly gazes into the camera with piercing eyes and a no-nonsense personality that jumps right off the screen. Her golden hair looks sexy and tousled and her mustard yellow top is a nice match for her lightly tanned complexion. That sliver of a black bra strap peeping out is a little tease and those black painted fingernails show that Larson has a slight edge to her personality. The all-black background in this photo makes you wonder where Larson was when taking this sexy photo, but that adds to the overall allure that keeps us always guessing what the star will do next.

8 Funny Girl

Who says a serious actress can’t have a silly side too? This photo of a broadly smiling Brie Larson makes you want to know what she is laughing about. That pretty smile shows off Larson’s perfectly straight and white teeth and her pink lips are youthful and soft-looking. Her metallic nail polish shows that she is on-trend and her wavy hair is fun-loving and frames her face to perfection. What a cool ring she has on to match with her cool persona. Larson’s smile is contagious and makes you want to smile right back at her. She looks perky, pretty, and like she has a really fun personality. It is no wonder she is smiling so brightly though. With all the amazing success the star is having as of late, she has got plenty to be happy about. She probably won’t stop smiling for the next decade at the rate she’s at!

7 Natural Beauty

Look at the fresh-faced Brie Larson frolicking in the green fields and showing off her love for the great outdoors. Her hair is light blonde and vibrantly bouncy and her red shirt looks great against her creamy soft skin. The wind blowing against her hair allows for her to appear carefree and ready to explore the wide world around her. Wherever Larson is in this photo, it looks like the fresh air is clear and the surroundings are lovely. It must feel nice to get out of the studio and the sweltering lights and into the glorious green pastures. This photo seems to be of a younger Larson, but her fierce spirit and love of the camera show that she was destined for fame and she knew it. Great looks, a go-getter attitude, and a love for the beauty that surrounds her make Larson a natural stunner no matter where in the world she’s standing.

6 Denim Darling

In this seriously seductive photo for the well-known Elle magazine, the absolutely sexy Brie Larson is giving denim one heck of a run for its money. This all-denim outfit is the perfect look for Larson, paired with sky high stilettos and an eye-opening pose. Her hair looks effortless and bedroom-tousled, and her stare into the camera is captivating. She looks slim, fit, and ready to take on whatever comes next in her life, all while looking smoking hot doing so. Who knew denim on denim could look do amazing? Apparently, Brie Larson did. Or at least her stylist knew she would take this look and make it her own. Sales for jeans must have skyrocketed after this magazine hit the racks. Women want this look as their own, but few will nail it with the sex appeal Larson is able to. Hit the stock market for some shares of Levi’s!

5 Ravishing Redhead

Wow, this woman can simply do no wrong. No matter her hair color, the always stunning Brie Larson looks sizzling hot. As a ravishing redhead, Larson looks mysteriously sexy, even in a casual baseball black cap. Her low-cut revealing tank top doesn’t hurt her case much either! Larson must have a ton of fun changing up her look, and this redhead style is one she should considering keeping for a while because it really suits her well. Her pop of red lipstick adds to the overall oomph of her style and that alluring gaze into the camera lens keeps us looking right back at the actress. Most people cannot pull off such a bold hair color, but Larson seems to have every look nailed down with success. It’s no wonder she’s such a force on screen. You just can’t seem to turn your eyes away from this major Hollywood hottie! Red is your color, Brie!

4 Low Cut And Lovely

That is some neckline, Brie! With a seductive low-cut dress all the way down to her waist, Larson is really showing off her super sexy body with nothing holding her back. Even though the gorgeous dress is seriously daring, somehow Larson looks quite confident and ready to show off her best “assets.” If you look very closely, you will see there is actually a sheer panel of material covering the front of the dress, but we can all see very easily through it. But that’s the point, right? With a dress like that, who’s looking at her face, but if you happen to, you will see that her makeup looks amazing as does her simple hairstyle. Small black earrings pull this look together with elegance and ease and Larson’s inner glow proves she’s a shining star. After wearing this number, what could she possibly do next to make her any sexier?

3 Animal Instinct

What a super stylish animal print jacket Brie Larson has on. Those skin-tight leather pants show off the sexy Larson’s long and lean legs, and the print of the jacket shows she’s not afraid to unleash her inner animal prowess. Her gorgeous red hair matches the print on the jacket and her seductive look into the lens is the purr-fect way to show the cameraman who is boss. Larson looks a tad tough and a whole lotta sexy in a look we do not normally see her in. She seems like a force to be reckoned with but still has a fashion-forward style not many can emulate. A pitch black background allows for Larson to be the main focus of the shot and the pose is perfect for this particular look. Who knows if Larson has anything on underneath that fuzzy coat, but a lady never tells… even when she’s dressed like an animal.

2 Lacy Lady

This is one of Larson’s most stunning and sexy poses thanks to her long and shiny red hair and revealing lacy black shirt which leaves little to the imagination. Her flawless makeup is impeccable and her ability to pose is model-perfect. Larson has many different looks, making every photoshoot better than the last. With her obvious natural beauty, Larson is a photographer’s dream come true every time she steps into the studio. It’s hard to say if Larson pulls off the red haired or the blonde look better, but why should we have to choose? She’s always super-hot in any shade and in any outfit she wears, especially this sexy see-through number. All eyes are always on Larson, making her an A+ hit in every film she is in. The photos are an added bonus to give us more time to stare at her enviable beauty. What a true stunner!

1 SNL Siren

Here, the lovely and talented Brie Larson is hosting the late-night comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live. She must have had the live audience sitting on the edge of their seats thanks to her raw talent and sexy black outfit. Her amazing body looks fit and fabulous and her blonde hair looks superb as it normally does. Larson’s smile shows she is having quite a ball making people laugh, and the band behind her must be excited to have such a huge star on the stage with them. Larson is an acting genius no matter the genre, so doing a little comedy must be fun for her to dabble in every once in a while. She’s a true fan favorite, so seeing her live must have been a thrill for the audience of this particular show. The folks at home definitely stayed up late to watch their favorite actress hit all the punchlines on SNL that night!

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