15 Reasons Why Being A Celebrity Would Be Lame

Are you a person who has always dreamed of being someone important? When you were growing up, did you look at the man or lady on the TV screen and think "that's going to be me someday, I just know it." Maybe you saw your favorite athlete getting a lot of attention from women and thought, "man, that's the life." If that is the case, I'd first like to say, that is your dream and you shouldn't let anyone, including myself, stop you from making it a reality. Second, I regret to inform you that this article is not for you, because after you read it, hopefully, you'll see that fame can be a real b*tch sometimes and hopefully that will make you more cautious and aware of the dangers of fame and fortune.

Don't get me wrong - there can be some big advantages to being famous, like being admired by millions of fans or having money, in a lot of cases. I mean, who wouldn't want to be someone like Drake, Katy Perry, or Brad Pitt? They may live more complex lifestyles than the average person, but they're still winning. What you didn't know or probably choose to ignore for whatever reason, is the dark side of fame. The question is, does the good outweigh the bad? Read on to find out why I think being a celebrity would be lame.

15 The Haters

Yes, haters are going to hate, but if you’re not a celeb, it can be much easier to ignore them. Sure, everyone has their fair share of detractors, but as a famous person, your haters multiply tenfold, As a celebrity, it’s possible to casually walk down the street and mind your own business but still get hated on, and depending on the celebrity, it could be for no reason whatsoever. Just think, if you had to spend the rest of your life being ridiculed on social media at any given time of day by random strangers how miserable you’d be. Pretty soon you’d want to knock someone’s teeth out. Of course, if you do that, you probably won’t help the problem and in most cases this will only make your life an even bigger hell than it already is.

14 The Vices

All the stress and the drama of being so important can really get to you. Plus, you live a wild and crazy lifestyle anyway, so it’s only second nature that you live a little, right? Unfortunately, with all the worries and problems you’d face on a daily basis, it can be kind of hard not to take a swig every time something in your life goes wrong. Pretty soon the drugs become something of an escape, but you soon find out that the escape is only temporary and a living nightmare is in your future. Over time, you become a completely different person and you do things your old self wouldn’t even think of doing. You become a total monster and are real pain to be around. Worse part is not very many people can relate, because not very many people have to put up with that amount of stress, so not much help there. Yikes.

13 The Expectations

Imagine this: you go to your favorite restaurant, you’re assigned a table and all seems well. You look down at the floor and think "man what a creative way to decorate". You then look back up and it appears as though everyone is staring at you. You look down again to see if your mind is playing tricks on you, but sure enough, everyone is still staring at you like you’re some sort of endangered species or some pre-historic dinosaur.

The best part is, that's kind of supposed to happen because you guessed it, you're a celebrity and even though you're pissed off about it, it's your own fault. You made the decision and now you're here reading this list getting even more pissed off and possibly wanting to punch air (see Boyz N The Hood) because there's no way to reverse this nightmare. All of this can, and more than likely will, happen if you become famous.

12 The Break Ups

If you're a celebrity that means you're more than likely on the road most of the time. That mean away from your significant other, as well. With that being said, this relationship is going to take a lot more trust than most. For one thing, you're no where in sight and people tend to get lonely. Sure it may start out innocent, like just needing a friend to talk to, but that "friend" could turn into something so much more and since you're hardly ever there, it makes it that much easier to get cheated on.

On the other side of the world, you're in Hollywood, surrounded by people you probably wanted to have sexual relations with before you even met your current lover. Also, you're probably very excited, because, well you haven't seen your partner in a few months and it's really starting to show.

11 Your Love Life, Period

Your love life is pretty much everyone’s business, so be prepared to be criticized if you happen to date a chick that isn’t a supermodel or a guy who isn’t making 7 or 8 figures a year. You’re going to be considered insecure to a lot of people, because some will assume that you’re only dating the person you’re with due to the fact that you don’t want to be the one looking like a loser.

Not to mention the pain and torment you'll probably put your lover through from being dragged through the mud on social media (ask Justin Bieber), and just about anywhere else for that matter. Then again, be prepared to be criticized if you DO date the hottest chick or the millionaire, as well. To a lot of people that makes you a pretty shallow person who only cares about a guy’s wealth or a woman’s body. I guess it’s a catch 22 if you’re famous. Does that really sound like fun?

10 The Dress Code

There’s almost no way to go right on this one. Wear clothes you bought at your local goodwill on a night out and you’re supposedly broke, wear skimpy clothing or barely anything and you’re a slut. Seriously, when you’re famous, those worn out Jordan's you got for Christmas 6 years ago, exposing your worn out socks, is a sign that you’re either too cheap to get a new pair or too broke too buy them. If you haven't figured it out yet, this is bad.

Since you're a celebrity, everyone will know and everyone will have an opinion. Instead of you being someone who just doesn't care all that much about making a fashion statement or someone who's just trying to have your own style, you're cheap. Are you still with me, so far?

9 The Tips

I have a question: how much do you tip the waiter or waitress at a restaurant? If you're a celebrity the correct answer should be a hell of a lot more than a non-famous person.

This one is really bad because if you choose to be stingy with the tip or just not pay a tip at all, the person that served you may put you on blast, and that is totally not a good thing for your reputation. On the flip of things, don't be supersized, because down the line when you're not so famous and god forbid you're sitting outside on a street corner begging for change, people will murmur something to their friends like, "isn't that that has-been?" Also, don't be surprised if you get laughed at either. Remember you're a celebrity and some people never wanted you to become that. This is some sick sort of pay back for them.

8 The Fake Friends

You just can't be a celeb without fake friends, AKA the leeches. They say they're your "friends," but really all they're after is a quick buck and since you're a hotshot celebrity, that quick buck is more like a quick five hundred thousand dollars.

The so called friends I'm referring to are the ones that are always around when you're doing big things and becoming successful, but are no where to be found when you become irrelevant. You normally don't meet these types when you first become famous, but when you're at the height of your success, watch out.

7 The Alone Time

Some say it's lonely at the top, well when you're a celebrity, it's lonely, period. You may have your fair share of parties you can attend and you definitely get to meet a lot of people, but if you thought you were entering Hollywood to socialize with your favorite childhood hero and sip wine all day, you're in for a rude awakening, my friend.

Call me a buzz kill all you want, but I'm just trying to help. That famous celebrity crush you have on someone could potentially fade away the moment you realize they're not at all what you were expecting. While it's true that sometimes celebrities date the famous people they had a crush on, that's not always the case. So just remember that.

6 The Busy Life Style

Interviews, appearances, meet and greets, and just about everything else you can think of will fill up your to-do list almost every day. That means a lot of days where you don't get too much rest. I don't know about you, but when I don't get my 8 hours, I know I'm totally screwed for that day. This will be your life on a lot of days and you will be expected to suck it up and go through with it.

If you refuse to do so you will be thrown in jail - okay, so maybe it's not that serious, but be prepared to find a new and more fitting occupation. Also, since you're no longer trying to be famous anymore, you'll notice that people will slowly but surely start to forget who you are. Then your haters can strike and say nasty things like calling you a one hit wonder, saying you don't have it anymore and you're all washed up, or calling you irrelevant could work also.

5 The Embarrassing Moments

Remember the time you farted in that elevator and the person who had to smell it gave you a look like he smelled rotting flesh? It may have been embarrassing for the moment, but eventually  you got over it, right? It wasn't like the person who smelled your flatulence knew your name or saw you before, so it's no big deal, right? Well not if you're a celebrity.

Everything you do is a big deal and as a result, it's a lot harder to never live something down. This means that you should probably take classes on how to not give a rats ass. With time, you might be able to not care ever in your life again. Said no one ever.

4 The Stalkers

Some people grow up idolizing celebrities to a point where some literally worship them as if they are gods, and others take it a step further and find out their victim's whereabouts and stalk the hell out them. Someone with that state of mind can be dangerous and when you think about all the reasons why it's that serious for them to go wherever you go, you might start to rethink your career choice.

When things get this bad, you know you have officially made it in Hollywood. I'm not sure if you should feel proud or terrified but I will ask this question: is spending the rest of your life looking over you shoulder something you want to do?

3 The Wealth

The more money you have, the more people are looking to take from you. This can be, but is not limited to, your family members, your friends, those leeches I told you about earlier in the list... I'm not at all saying that you shouldn't be giving back, you can even become a humanitarian if you'd like, but there's a thin line between helping someone and being taken advantage of, and with your amount of wealth, that line can be crossed way more easily. Friends can become your enemies, heck, even your family could turn on you.

Point is, money can not only change you, but it can also change, the people closest to you as well. The power of the almighty dollar is pretty scary when you think about it.

2 The "He Said, She Said"

Yup, the rumors, what else? When becoming famous, you are entering the world of bizarre and crazy adventures. Sometimes these bizarre made up stories are entertaining and pretty funny, while other times they're frustrating and hurtful. So get used to the gossip and embrace the hate, because you're going to be hearing a lot of it. While you're at, it might be a good idea to fight back every now and then and challenge a rumor. Just remember not to be too harsh or people will think you're an asshole or bitch. That's bad for your reputation, which in turn is bad for your business, and you don't want to mess that up because that's how you get paid.

1 The Cold World

Did I happen to tell you that being in Hollywood is kind of like going to a Boys and Girls Club, except you're not coming home? While it's true that you will get to see your loved ones every now and then, for the most part, that isn't the case. You have a new family which consists of your managers, agents, stylists, and publicists. You associate mainly with other celebrities and when (not if) you fall off, there really is no guarantee that someone will help you get back on your feet.

Imagine losing all contact with your family members and your friends, basically becoming a whole new person and once you can no longer make money in the industry you work for and need a job, no one comes to your aid. Yeah, it sucks to think about and it could definitely happen to anyone, but when you're famous, bad things tend to happen a lot more than you think.

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