15 Reasons Why Bebe Rexha Is The Greatest Albanian Export

Bebe Rexha is the new pop sensation but it looks that she is just getting started. Bebe is literally the girl that you want to keep your eyes on. We truly think that she is the greatest thing Albania

Bebe Rexha is the new pop sensation but it looks that she is just getting started. Bebe is literally the girl that you want to keep your eyes on. We truly think that she is the greatest thing Albania has ever given to this world. If you still don't know what or where Albania is, just let Bebe Rexha be your answer. Oh yes, we are perfectly aware of Rita Ora, beautiful beaches, tasty food, and Albania's economic contribution to the world. And you know what? It doesn't change a thing. Her star is only brightening up and we are afraid people without sunglasses might get blinded pretty soon. Not only does Bebe Rexha have an angelic voice and sinful looks, but also, her character is exactly what the music industry is all about. She is not afraid to speak up and stay humble on the same time. That is sexy.

Bebe Rexha is the girl you want to fall in love with. Of course, we must be perfectly honest with ourselves — the chances of actually getting anywhere close to Bebe are pretty low. I mean... have you seen her lately? If being beautiful would be a felony, Bebe would be first to end up behind bars. But as long as this is not happening, we think that Bebe should be officially named an ambassador of Albania.

15 Bebe Is The Most Gorgeous Albanian You've Ever Seen

Bebe Rexha must be happy that she was not born during the witch-hunt times, because her gorgeous looks would get her killed pretty fast. Yes, we could be babbling all day about Bebe's beauty, but the best thing you can do is simply visit her Instagram... and stay there forever. Her Albanian roots make you wonder if she is actually as wild as she looks like. If the answer is yes, then we must say that her boyfriend will be the happiest person alive alongside with Tom Brady. Yeah, it might take about 5 Super Bowls to equal the happiness of spending nights with Bebe Rexha. Those stunning forms that make a man commit sins are the dream of any person on the planet earth. And, for the record, I am not talking about Super Bowl here. So, those curves alone are the reason why Bebe is Albania's greatest treasure, oh but there is so much more.

14 She's A Bad Girl

Remember when I said that Bebe Rexha can sting like a bee? There is one difference, though. Bebe Rexha stays alive after stinging you. And boy oh boy, she can be mean. Bebe is not afraid to use rough language and she is rarely playing a good girl. Actually, we think that the worst thing that can happen for any man is getting into an argument with a girl like Bebe. Her sharp tongue, confidence, and deadly look could destroy anyone who tries to disagree with that. We really think that it is a great attribute to have while trying to overcome all those high obstacles of show business. It does not mean that Bebe is a bad person, by any means. In contrary, she is amazing. However, it is a mad world we are living in and knowing how to protect yourself and your environment is a must. It looks like Bebe has that figured out. So don't make her angry.

13 Bebe Is Responsible For Eminem's and Rihanna's hit "The Monster"

Does this ring a bell? Yup, those are the lyrics from Eminem's and Rihanna's song "The Monster". What does Bebe Rexha have to do with it? I can reassure you that she is definitely not the monster under Eminem's bed. She is, however, one of the writers of this hit song. That only proves us that Bebe Rexha has not only looks but also some undeniable talent. We actually think that collaboration between Eminem and Rihanna one this song was extremely successful and every single person who was behind the scenes should be recognized. Bebe Rexha is one of them. It looks like this girl just cannot stop surprising us. Sadly, she never had a chance to meet Eminem in person. Still, with such a talent in songwriting, you simply cannot fail.

12 Her Name Literally Means Honey Bee In Albanian

Did you know that Bebe's first name is actually Bleta? Translated from Albanian in means honey bee. That is actually the reason why Rexha chose Bebe to be her stage name. And we must say that it was the perfect decision. It might be silly that stage name is so important in the entertainment business, but it is true. Having a name which sounds like a curse word in some languages and is impossible to remember that easily might kill you career in no time. Gladly, Bebe is not the case. Her name sounds just like "babe" and that instantly makes us fall in love with her. On the other side, Bebe sends you a message that she is always ready to sting everyone, who mistreats her. Oh yes - Bebe Rexha looks as cute as a honey bee but also has enough power to stand for her grounds.

11 Bebe Is Extremely Emotional And Humble

Sometimes we have to wonder how much of that screen character is actually real and how much of it is just acting in order to have more followers. Maybe it is a little bit of both? We do believe that this is the case with Bebe Rexha. She looks so truly glamorous in her video clips and Instagram photos. No one would dare to call it fake. However, behind all the fame and shining clothes, little Bleta is hiding. And that girl is humble and emotional. You can feel that in all of her interviews. Of course, the swag is still on, but she never sounds cocky or arrogant. In contrary, Bebe is always talking about the importance of being kind to each other and helping the ones in need. That is extremely important as she has a huge fanbase and she is forming the way that young people think and act. We think that she is doing a great job.

10 Her Songs Are Just What We Need

One can love or hate Bebe's songs, but no one could ever disagree that she is producing fresh content which all the young people can relate to. For instance, her song "No Broken Hearts" has 158 million views on YouTube. Yes, the song is pretty simple and straightforward — you must be happy in the club because a good party does not need any broken hearts. Is it true? For sure. Bebe wrote this song after she got her heart broken (what kind of unthankful bastard would do such a thing?). It actually shows her attitude towards life. Of course, she is a girl and like any other girl, she was devastated after the breakup. However, she used those emotions as a stepping stone in her career. We have seen great singers like Rihanna doing it before. So, those fresh, upbeat, and easy to relate songs of Bebe are exactly what all of us need sometimes. And there is no shame in that.

9 She Loves Zayn And Hates Justin Bieber

How good would be show business without some drama and gossip? One of the most popular and rather embarrassing questions that all the celebs have to answer time to time is about their crushes. When Bebe Rexha was asked this question, she had no doubts... It looks like Gigi Hadid should be cautious about letting Zayn Malik anywhere close to Bebe. The girl is obsessed with Zayn. We think that it would make a really great love triangle. After all, any news is good news. Of course, it would be a cheap trick, but those records won't sell themselves, will they? Enough of guessing. The reality is that Bebe's crush on Zayn shows her good and solid taste for men. Bebe did not blink for a second to pick Zayn and mentioned that Justin Bieber is not that hot. That is a pretty stingy answer, but this girl is not holding back. Just let me remind you that she is a honey bee.

8 She's Put Albania On The Map

If we asked you a question: how much do you know about Albania? Is it in Europe, Asia, or Africa? Is it even a country? Of course, it would be nice if everyone knew the answers but the point is - Albania is an extra low profile country in the Balkans, which is not really recognized by many people around the world. Even though Bebe Rexha was born and raised in New York, Albanian blood is running through her veins. That is why the more popular Bebe gets, the more attention Albania receives as well. To tell you the truth - this country has some amazing landscapes starting from mountains ending with beaches. Bebe Rexha is already responsible for spreading the name of this little country to the world, so she might as well become an official ambassador. Of course, all the scientists and politicians do great things, but when it comes to making something known, you cannot find a more influential person than a celebrity such as Bebe. At least not today.

7 She Can Make Your Heart Stop

Just look at those eyes… but be careful not to get your soul sucked out by that sharp look of Bebe Rexha. We can only imagine how hard it would be to keep a long eye contact with Bebe. She has this ability to make you feel completely naked and that will only serve her as a great weapon going forward. You see, no men can resist this kind of women. If we actually believe that eyes are the mirror to one's soul, then Bebe has a very strong one. This powerful look is very common among Balkan girls and we can understand now why Bebe is proud to be Albanian. Who wouldn't be thankful to their ancestors for having such a perfect set of genes? Combining Bebe's look with her talents and curves, we get a deadly combination. It really seems like she knows how to control her life and get what she wants.

6 Bebe Loves Her Fans

It is not enough to produce great music if you want to be a successful musician these days. With social media controlling the lives of so many people, it is a must to keep an honest connection with the fans. And it really looks like Bebe Rexha knows that. Or should we say that it is just her natural reaction? Bebe calls her fans Rexhars and she is consistently thanking them for all the success. That makes a lot of sense. We cannot understand those stars who get so arrogant and think that they did it all by themselves. Newest Bebe's song "I Got You" has over 54 million views in just one month and that is mostly because she loves her fans and tries her best to be open with them... Oh yes - and also because the song is superb. What else can we say? Bebe is a grateful girl and chooses to love her Rexhars rather than forget them.

5 She's An Independent and Strong Woman

Being independent and strong is exactly the image of successful women of the 21st century. Those times when a woman was a property of a man are long gone. So, Bebe Rexha falls right into the category of independent women. From her early days, she was always taking care of herself. Bebe passionately worked to achieve her life goals and that sets a great an example for all the girls everywhere. In her childhood, Bebe played trumpet for 9 years. If that is not impressive already, she also taught herself to play guitar and piano! Now add her songwriting skills and beautiful voice to the equation and voila! We have a superstar. There are no doubts that Bebe's talents are one in a million, but without her strong personality and full independency, talent is only one feature.

4 She's Tight With Nicki Minaj

Niki Minaj is a very controversial person in the music industry, but no one dares to doubt her influence and talent. The fact that Niki has chosen to work with Bebe only proves how respected and important Bebe already is. And all of this was before she even turned 27. Bebe and Niki have worked together on David Guetta's single "Hey Mama" for the first time. It was a smash hit and that is how those two girls became friends. Last year, Bebe Rexha featured Niki Minaj in her most popular song up to date "No Broken Hearts". On top of that, Albanian sensation claimed that Niki Minaj is one of the greatest and kindest people in show business. This friendship is a great

3 She's Not In It Just For The Money

Nothing is more painful to watch than a person who is doing something purely for money. It is always hard to watch an act of zero passion. There is nothing wrong with wanting money, but it should never be the first priority. That is why we love Bebe Rexha. She is in the business not only for the money but surely out of the passion for music. From her little days, it was easy to spot that the true love of Bebe's life is music. She keeps repeating it till this day and that is such a powerful message to all the people. Bebe Rexha has worked her butt off in order to be such a successful role model. Bebe surely deserves all the fame in the world and we are sure that she will use it to change this world for the better.

2 She's Horrible At Flirting — Which Makes Her Cute

When asked about her dating experience, Bebe Rexha was very honest. She is not even trying to hide the fact that she is not capable of flirting and music is her only love. Of course, being such a beauty she gets a lot of attention from the fans all over the world. However, she is dealing with it strangely. According to her, Bebe's style of flirting is "bitchy". She just doesn't understand most of the clues and keeps answering all the messages with irony and satire. How cool is that? We know that all the guys who tried to hook up with Bebe would disagree, but it is actually cool. Also, it is sexy in a way, how Bebe doesn't understand what an amazing and smart woman she is. This combination of humility and confidence just makes her even more adorable... if that is even possible

1 She's Extremely Proud Of Her Albanian Heritage

Officially, Bebe is an American citizen and could easily ignore her Albanian roots. And many famous people choose to do so, but we think it can be slightly disrespectful. Bebe Rexha, however, is proud of her Albanian roots and is thankful to her ancestors. That is a very honourable thing in our eyes. Bebe can even speak Albanian a little and does it proudly whenever asked. Of course, her knowledge is not of a native speaker's level, but who cares? Also, she sounds so much sexier when speaking in exotic Albanian language. It adds a lot of mystery to Bebe's charisma and personality. How can someone not love a stunning woman with knowledge of such an exotic language? We wouldn't know the answer. Bebe Rexha is truly mesmerizing and people should be happy to be able to see her talents enhance every day. A girl who recognizes her past and works hard for her future must be admired.

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15 Reasons Why Bebe Rexha Is The Greatest Albanian Export