15 Reasons Why Avengers: Infinity War Will Be Marvel's Worst Movie

At the end of The Avengers, the hype was real when the post credit scene rolled around. There was a mysterious character who turned to face the camera, and from that moment, we've anxiously awaited the day when the Mad Titan, Thanos, would come to the MCU and require that all of the Avengers come together. The upcoming confrontation will be divided into two separate Avengers movies, the first of which is called Avengers: Infinity War.

Over the years, Marvel has teased us with this epic movie, dropping subtle details, character announcements, and little videos that hint at what's to come. It's clear that Avengers: Infinity War will be the pinnacle of the MCU and one of the most awaited movies for decades. Taking place 10 years after Iron Man, it's a bombastic film, a decade in the making.

However, with such a hotly-anticipated film, those who've started to look objectively know that the movie could fall flat on its face. With a big film like that, you can imagine all of the cracks that could start to develop. We've seen this happen before, but it's scary to know that it could happen to Marvel with this movie.

Granted, we would love to be wrong and see Avengers: Infinity War become one of, if not, the greatest superhero movie of all time, but we have to be honest -- we're a little worried.

Here are 15 reasons why Avengers: Infinity War will suck.

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15 Too Many Characters

This is the first and most obvious source of hesitation with this film. Since The Avengers came out around five years ago (man, I'm getting old), there have been many additions to the MCU roster of superheroes. Characters like Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange, just to name a few, have all made their way into this universe. Now, Avengers: Infinity War, in order to properly satisfy expectations, has to include all of these superheroes we've come to love over the years. After all, it would be a huge letdown to see some heroes missing.

While this sounds really amazing on paper, the sad part is that this alone could destroy the entire movie. Batman V Superman and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 both crumbled under the weight of their own ambition with too many characters and plotlines. Who's to say that Avengers: Infinity War won't do the same? The Russo Brothers have teased in the past that the film will include 67 characters, but that has since been outed as hyperbole. Nonetheless, there will be a lot of heroes to include, and we're not sure that even two movies will be able to properly cover them.

14 Some Avengers Will Be Useless

With such an eclectic cast of characters, there will be a lot of powerful superheroes on screen. From the mighty Thor to the whimsical Doctor Strange, there's no shortage of powerhouses on the side of the heroes. However, for every Iron Man, there's a seemingly useless Black Widow. Let's face it -- there are many Avengers who just aren't as powerful as the rest. This fact alone makes people like Hawkeye much less useful when the big bads start coming down to Earth.

Now, let's take this a step further. Some characters will be fairly inconsequential in taking down Thanos, and it's not hard to then imagine that some characters will be inconsequential to the overall story. Trying to give every single hero an equal amount of screen time is simply an unrealistic goal. The fact of the matter is that some of them aren't going to get as much attention as others. This, in turn, makes the impact of having so many superheroes on the big screen not as impressive as it would otherwise be. We fail to see how they can overcome this issue, and it's one we expect to pop up in the film.

13 Death Won't Be Permanent

Name one catastrophic death of a big character in the MCU. What'd you come up with? Quicksilver? Was he in a Marvel movie before Age of Ultron? Exactly. For all of its triumphs, the MCU seems to laugh at the face of death, and not in a good way. Every time someone dies, it's only a matter of time before we figure out it was all a ruse, or the character comes back to life. They did it with Agent Coulson, they did it with Bucky, and for some reason, it's worked fairly well for them. Our fear with Infinity War is that this trend will continue. In the comic storyline, Thanos essentially killed all of the Marvel heroes, but reality was changed after Nebula stole the Infinity Gauntlet. While that's fine for a comic, it would seem horribly cheap in terms of a large film.

If a character dies, we want it to stay that way. We want to feel the loss of a hero we've grown to love, which will only make us want Thanos to die that much more. Wouldn't that be a satisfying conclusion?

12 Won't Deliver on Hype

As I said at the start of this piece, there's a lot of excitement for Avengers: Infinity War. However, we've seen how hype alone can further destroy the final product. (Does anybody talk about No Man's Sky anymore?) Marvel has been feeding this hype train for years now, and if there's one movie they need to get right, it's this one. If Infinity War fails to deliver on the hype, Marvel's entire Phase 4 could be dead before it even begins.

The problem goes a bit deeper than that, though. Marvel has set a high bar for themselves when it comes to their films. We've come to expect quality productions when watching these movies. Many people expect Infinity War to be amazing. Period. This expectation could, unfortunately, work against the movie. Imagine if the film isn't perfect but is still somewhat good (similar to Age of Ultron). Because people were expecting one of the most legendary films of all time, they're going to look at the problems of Infinity War, magnify them to astronomical levels, and call the movie a piece of garbage. Marvel needs to cover all of their bases if they want the movie to succeed in the eyes of the fans.

11 Thanos

When it comes to heroes, Marvel has it down pat. However, when it comes to villains, that's a bit of a different story. It's been quite some time since there was an MCU movie with a standout villain. It's almost as if they aren't even trying anymore when it comes to developing an antagonist. However, Marvel does recognize this flaw about their movies and has said that they will improve in the future. Furthermore, they've also directly stated that Thanos will be a great and well-developed villain. Consider the expectation set.

What concerns us, personally, is that there's no guarantee that Thanos will be an interesting or exciting villain. All we have to go off of is that he will have the Infinity Gauntlet and will want to destroy the entire world. We've seen MCU villains who have wanted to destroy the world before. Will there be anything that sets Thanos apart from the rest of them? Sure, he's been hyped up since 2012, but that alone doesn't make a good bad guy. If Thanos is less than great, it could ruin the outcome of the movie -- at least in the reception department.

10 Setting Up Phase 4

As of right now, there aren't many people who are looking forward to Marvel's Phase 4 with their movies. After Avengers: Infinity War, they haven't given us much reason to care about what happens next (yet). Personally, I'm not excited to think that we'll be losing a lot of the familiar faces when this switch happens. That being said, it's been heavily theorized that Infinity War will be their way of cleaning the slate and setting up the structure for Phase 4, similar to what DC did with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

We all know of movies that fail when they try to set up future installments, and that's exactly what could happen with Infinity War. The higher-ups could demand such a focus on Phase 4 that a lot of what's happening in the movie could be lost. In order for this film to be successful, it has to engage people in the story taking place, as well as deliver to the fans who've been watching their movies since 2008. Trying to fit in some Phase 4 foreshadowing would be unnecessary and will probably be despised by many viewers. After all, we put it as an entry on our list, so we wouldn't care much for it either.

9 2 Movies

When Avengers: Infinity War was originally announced as a two-parter, many people (myself included) were really excited. Many times in Hollywood is a story split up into two parts just to make some extra money, but in this case, it's warranted. There are so many characters that need to be woven into this story that having two movies seems like the way to go. However, it was recently announced that Avengers: Infinity War would no longer be two parts. Instead they would be two separate movies. While there isn't much detail to go off of there, it's somewhat disappointing. Having such a big movie in two direct parts would make the conflict much more exciting and spectacular. But by making the movies more distinct, it's difficult to see what the actual angle is.

It's not hard to imagine how this decision could hurt the product of the movie in the long run, and we hope that the change was for the better. Until we know more, this choice remains a question to us and many others. We hope that Marvel knows what they're doing, and we have faith, but that doesn't mean that we don't worry.

8 The Plot Will Suffer

In many stories, you either get a focus on the characters or the plot. With a movie that has a cast as massive as Infinity War, it's almost required that the film spends more time with its characters. That's not to say that the plot won't get some attention, but it's worth noting that much smaller movies have failed in this respect. Infinity War could also buckle in this department. The plot has to properly bring together all of the stories we've seen up until that point, and as is the case with hyped movies, if the output is any less than great, people are going to hate on it.

Furthermore, because the movie is placing such an emphasis on all of these characters, there's reason to believe that the plot will be little more than Thanos gets the Infinity Gauntlet, and he needs to be stopped. We want to see a bit more, we want to know about Lady Death, and we want to see some character arcs pay off in the end. If the movie is just a punch fest, then it will be undeserving of a lot of recognition considering that beautiful movies like Logan have already come out.

7 Rely on Previous MCU Knowledge

We talk a lot about how impressive it is that Marvel's film universe has been around since 2008. By the time Avengers: Infinity War comes out, it will have been ten years. That's quite a feat! However, for people that didn't really follow the franchise, that's ten years worth of movies that they need to catch up on. If they go into Infinity War with no prior knowledge of these characters or their motivations, they simply won't appreciate the moving parts of the film as much as others would. In the long run, that means that the movie will be received worse than normal.

Hopefully, Marvel goes the route of telling a complete story. It's difficult trying to satisfy those that have been looking forward to it for years while still making sure newcomers can still follow what's happening on screen. Overall, it's just important that the movie is structured so that people aren't required to watch all of the previous MCU films. As long as they recognize the characters, they should be fine for a viewing.

6 The Dialogue

Proper dialogue is essential to any movie. When it's not done properly, people notice very quickly (just ask the viewers of The Phantom Menace). Marvel movies generally have good dialogue apart from one consistent flaw: there are a lot of jokes. While movies like Guardians of the Galaxy feed off of this, it's in other titles like Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron where it starts to become a little annoying. The quips fly constantly, and when they bring together some of the biggest jokers in the MCU, we expect it to get insufferable at times.

Another way the dialogue could fail is if the movie tries to force some emotional moments that don't really resonate. While this hasn't been characteristic of Marvel movies up to this point, there's a lot riding on this film. In the event that they want Infinity War to be very serious, they could go the other extreme and make everything seem flat and boring through how the characters speak to one another. Hopefully, every character speaks in a way that we recognize. The only people that should be telling jokes are the ones that are known for it. Any people that have the serious lines should be those who are known for being serious as well.

5 Won't Pay Off the MCU

Avengers: Infinity War is often cited as the culmination of everything the MCU has done since Iron Man. Apparently, they've been planning the fight with Thanos for quite some time now and have been orchestrating their films toward it. The problem then is that we've all invested so much time into these movies and characters. For this movie to work, it has to pay off all the years that we've poured into these characters -- all of the movie premieres and all of the end credit scenes included. There has to be some sort of internal reward for us fans in this movie alone.

If Infinity War doesn't pay off all of the years we've spent on the MCU, there's no doubt that there will be a horrible uproar. This ties in with the movie potentially trying to set up Phase 4. We want there to be a conclusion of sorts with all of the films we've watched until this one. If there isn't some sort of finalization, then the product suffers, and in the end, we suffer as fans of the franchise. And nobody wants that -- especially not Marvel.

4 Too Much CGI

Take this entry with a grain of salt, but hear me out at the same time. So many movies today rely on heavy uses of CGI and big bombastic final acts to try and entice audiences. Because of how common a practice this is, the less we appreciate it, and the more grating it has become recently. Doctor Strange was actually praised for avoiding this cliche conclusion and instead doing something a bit different than what we're used to. We're hoping that Infinity War can take a similar route. We're not expecting anybody to "bargain" with Thanos, but have a fight that we haven't seen before. No faceless armies or anything along those lines.

Furthermore, if CGI is going to be used, the Russo Brothers need to make sure that it enhances rather than detracts from the quality of the film. Overusing CGI will result in this movie looking painfully fake (remember The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies?). While I'm not saying that CGI shouldn't be used (because that would be impossible for a movie with dozens of superheroes), I'm saying that they should evaluate how they're using it and make sure that it's used effectively.

3 Unnecessary Destruction

Have you seen any trailers for the new The Mummy starring Tom Cruise? If you haven't, just understand that it's vastly different from the previous versions of that film. Too many movies these days rely on what's called "disaster p--n" in order to grasp the attention of the audience. There have been dozens of films that destroyed the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. Oftentimes, that's just a catalyst to grab your attention and make you go "Wow!" However, especially in today's world, this destruction isn't necessary, and it's not earned. Movies like Man of Steel need to dial it back on the devastation aspect and remember that a superhero movie is about more than just that.

With Thanos gaining the Infinity Gauntlet and being prepared to wipe out all life in the universe, we're a bit concerned that Marvel could go a bit too far with the destruction in the movie. While it is necessary for Thanos to effect some kind of damage, there comes a point where it's so grandiose that we become numb to it. From that point, it will be compared to the hundreds of movies that use sky beams as climaxes.

2 The Fight Itself

Perhaps the part about Avengers: Infinity War that we're most excited for (and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this) is the fight against Thanos. Seeing all of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy come together to take down the Mad Titan will be one for the history books (assuming he doesn't use some kind of cheap army). The only caveat is that the fight could become uninspired and lame.

The good news is that the Russo Brothers are directing this film. They previously worked on both Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, the latter of which had one of the greatest fight scenes in any superhero movie to date. The point is that they know how to direct action sequences. Hopefully, they don't become overwhelmed with the sheer number of MCU heroes they have to incorporate. Keeping in mind that Avengers movies all have that one continuous shot of all the heroes working together, the Russo Brothers certainly have their work cut out for them. If that fight falls flat, then the whole movie does too (at least in terms of the casual audience).

1 Not Enough Time

Keeping in mind that Avengers: Infinity War is no longer two parts, we're not sure how much time will be given to the confrontation with Thanos. That being said, we'll just assume that the fourth Avengers film will tie into it somehow. Going with that, we get about five hours of screen time for these two films together. What exactly do they have to do in that time? Pay off the MCU, give each character a purpose for being there, establish the motivations of Thanos, showcase him getting the Infinity Stones, have a big fight sequence, set up Phase 4, rectify the relationship between Cap and Iron Man, etc. You get the point by now. There is so much that needs to be done in this film that it's unprecedented. Never before has a movie been this ambitious.

Because of that, we're concerned that the movie isn't going to have enough time to do everything it needs to. And when things like that happen, corners get cut. When corners get cut, nobody walks out of the theater satisfied. We hope that Marvel knows exactly what to do and how to balance everything present in Avengers: Infinity War. We want them to succeed, but we don't know if they have enough time to do so.

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