15Sweet As Candy

The first time we even heard of Mandy Moore was when we were bopping along to her bubblegum pop songs. Her breakout hit, Candy had all of our teenage hearts skipping a beat--especially when we saw her in the music video and realized she was even prettier than we imagined.

The pop song debuted on Mandy's album, So Real back in 1999. While Mandy was just 15 years old at the time, us then teenagers couldn't help but see her as the cute girl next door-- making her even more appealing back then. Now of course, we prefer the adult, sophisticated Mandy-- but we can't help but remember her as one of our first pop-star crushes.

Apparently today, Mandy claims to hate her breakout hit, Candy and even joked about wishing to refund everyone that purchased her first two pop albums. In 2002 while on tour for another album, Mandy actually dared to cover her old hit and gave it a more bluesy feel. Way sexy, Mandy.

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