15 Reasons We Think Mandy Moore Is Hot AF

Is it possible to find a pop-star turned actress that is extremely successful, well liked, and incredibly sexy? Of course we're talking about the incredibly beautiful and talented Mandy Moore. Originally born Amanda Leigh "Mandy" Moore, the talented young girl began her entertainment career as a young singer and became a household name at just fifteen years old. And it's safe to say we all had a monster crush on the "sweet as candy" pop-star back in the '90s... and not much has changed today.

Mandy managed to turn her singing career into an acting career-- something that many other pop stars have tried to do and epically failed at. While not all of Mandy's movies are box office hits, she manages to captivate her audience and wow us with her talent and  understated sexiness. Mandy also has appeared on the small screen in shows like Scrubs and more recently, This is Us, further proving to us why we can't get over the gorgeous actress.

There are many different sides to Mandy Moore, all of which are surprisingly sexy. Whether it's her humanitarian side, her silly side, her wholesome family side, or her sophisticated yet sexy side; we can't help but find Mandy incredibly attractive. Read on to learn all the things that make Mandy Moore incredibly hot.

15 Sweet As Candy

The first time we even heard of Mandy Moore was when we were bopping along to her bubblegum pop songs. Her breakout hit, Candy had all of our teenage hearts skipping a beat--especially when we saw her in the music video and realized she was even prettier than we imagined. The pop song debuted on Mandy's album, So Real back in 1999. While Mandy was just 15 years old at the time, us then teenagers couldn't help but see her as the cute girl next door-- making her even more appealing back then. Now of course, we prefer the adult, sophisticated Mandy-- but we can't help but remember her as one of our first pop-star crushes.

Apparently today, Mandy claims to hate her breakout hit, Candy and even joked about wishing to refund everyone that purchased her first two pop albums. In 2002 while on tour for another album, Mandy actually dared to cover her old hit and gave it a more bluesy feel. Way sexy, Mandy.

14 Never a Bad Hair Day

As the years have gone by, we've come to know Mandy as a sophisticated yet sexy brunette. However, when she first hopped onto the music scene, she sported a more natural blonde look. When she started making a name for herself as an actress in films like How To Deal and A Walk to Remember, she switched over to a darker hue. Year after year, Mandy proves to us all that she can literally pull off any hairstyle. In her film, How To Deal, Mandy revealed a choppier, shorter hair cut that was incredibly hot. Even with a conservative haircut with bangs like she had in A Walk To Remember, Mandy looked gorgeous with dark brown locks and blunt bangs. In later years, Mandy showed off her blonde look in films like Saved and Princess Diaries, which had us all daydreaming about the beautiful pop star. Does Mandy ever have a bad hair day? Apparently not.

13 Proud of Her Height

At a cool 5'9, Mandy Moore proves that being tall is nothing to be ashamed of-- it's something to be proud of! In an attempt to help taller women find appropriately fitted clothing for their tall stature, she founded Mblem, a clothing line for taller women. These clothes were designed to fit longer torsos and legs at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the clothing line had to shut down after four years due to lack of sales and "creative differences". It was probably due to the fact that Mandy was busy working on her acting and singing career, letting her fashion line take a back seat. While her clothing line may not have lasted long, we appreciate the sentiment behind it. 

12 All American Girl

Many people may not know this, but before Mandy made it big, she was known as "the National Anthem Girl" since she would sing the patriotic tune at so many different sporting events. After having been born in New Hampshire, Mandy and her family eventually moved to Orlando, FL where she discovered she loved to sing and had definitely had the talent for it. At the age of nine, Mandy starting attending theatre camp (the same one that Natalie Portman and other famous actors attended) and began her singing career by belting out the National Anthem at local sporting events. She then went on to perform in commercials and voiceovers, and the rest is history.

11 Steamy Scenes in This Is Us

It's no secret that Mandy Moore is sexy onscreen, whether it's in a music video, movie or TV show. That appeared to be true in her latest hit show, This Is Us where she played Rebecca, a young mom expecting triplets. Throughout the show, she shared some intimate, steamy moments with her onscreen husband, Jack (played by Milo Ventimiglia). Mandy recently told Variety that she oftentimes felt awkward during these sex scenes-- especially since she had to wear a 35-pound prosthetic pregnant belly through many of them.

We have to admire Mandy for sticking to her principles when it comes to doing nude scenes or sexy ones on screen. Even in A Walk To Remember, an extremely romantic movie, Mandy displayed nothing but class during her intimate scenes. Mandy always manages to give a tasteful performance and makes sure to leave plenty to the imagination.

10 Her Sweet and Small Tattoos

A running theme in Mandy Moore's life seems to be the message of "less is more". This sentiment is proven yet again in her tattoo choices. While Mandy doesn't have too many large tattoos on her body, she does have a very small, yet very interesting one on the inside of her ankle. She revealed the meaning of her small tattoo on Late Night With Seth Myers and it definitely wasn't what we expected. Mandy admitted having a very tiny sperm tattoo on her foot that matched the ones her band members also have. It was in reference to an inside joke between Mandy and her band members about not going to town on themselves in the shower since they all shared a dressing room bathroom. The band even wrote a song called Babies on My Feet in reference to the same joke. Hilarious.

9 Mean Looks Good on Her

While Mandy Moore exudes nothing but sweet (like candy...sorry, we couldn't help ourselves), she can really nail the mean girl character. We first saw Mandy's nasty side when she played the rude, popular girl on The Princess Diaries. But we have to admit: something about the blonde hair and snotty attitude made us like Mandy even more. While the part may have been somewhat silly, it showed audiences what kind of acting Mandy was capable of-- if someone that sweet and likable could play someone so rude and obnoxious, she obviously has some major acting chops. We really got a taste of Mandy's mean side when she starred as the super-religious, Jesus obsessed best friend in the controversial film, Saved. Her role in this critically acclaimed film really put her back on the map as a respected actress. And watching her be so strict and rigid was kind of hot.

8 She Sticks To Her Principles

There's nothing wrong with going bare for a movie or TV role if you're comfortable doing it. But it takes a lot of guts to turn down perfectly great parts simply because you won't go nude. Mandy Moore makes a point to never be naked on screen due to the simple fact that she doesn't like the idea of complete strangers knowing what she looks like naked. Fair enough. Mandy says she is perfectly capable of being feminine and sexy without having to strip down to her birthday suit-- not that there's anything wrong with anyone else doing it. Mandy also makes a point not to wear super revealing clothing. While we totally understand and respect Mandy for standing strong behind her principles, we can't help but be a little bummed out for obvious reasons...

7 She's Serious About Her Craft

Mandy Moore has been in countless movies and TV shows, and there's a good reason why. No, it's not because she's absolutely gorgeous (although, that doesn't hurt)-- it's due to the fact that she's a really good actress and takes her roles extremely seriously. Mandy has worked really hard to get where she is in her acting career today. No matter what role she plays, she works hard to put herself in her characters' shoes and really commits to her artistic choices. To prepare for her role as Rebecca on This is Us, Mandy really wanted to understand what it was like to be pregnant and prepare to have a family. Mandy has no kids, so she worked hard to learn everything there is to know about the pregnancy and birthing experience by studying countless birthing videos and even spent time with a nurse to learn everything she could. Now that's commitment.

6 She Can Hang With the Guys

Nothing is sexier than a girl who can hang with the girls and just as easily be one of the guys. When Mandy was just fifteen, she went on tour with major boy bands, Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. While Mandy's opening act was probably overshadowed by the boy bands with the huge following, she held her own. These days, Mandy reflects back on her time with the guys and can't seem to shake one bad memory from that exciting time in her life. Mandy claims that Justin Timberlake once told her that she had large feet for a girl and it completely traumatized her. To this day, Mandy is still haunted by the memory. For the record, we'll take all 5 feet and 9 inches of Mandy, big feet and all, any day.

5 The Girl Cleans Up

Mandy Moore always looks great, but have you seen her at any award shows this season? She absolutely blows us away with her red carpet looks. Most recently Mandy stepped foot onto the red carpet at the Golden Globes this last January and she literally blew everyone out of the water. She sported a sleek black gown with a plunging neckline that we definitely all appreciated. Her hair and makeup were done beautifully, giving Mandy a special glow she wore proudly the entire evening. Back in the day, Mandy would wore somewhat iffy outfits to award shows-- remember the taffeta, plaid ballgown skirt? We tried to forget it too. These days, Mandy exudes elegance and sophistication and let us all say: that girl cleans up!

4 Her Adorable Instagram

These days, Instagram accounts filled with bikini shots, duck selfies and pretty plates of food are a dime a dozen. It's refreshing to see an Instagram account that shows a person just as they are: no frills, just real life. Mandy Moore's Instagram displays the latter and we can't get enough of it. Most of her Instagram features her beautiful smile and positive attitude, and thankfully there are no duck lips in sight! Our favorite part about Mandy's photos are her fun throwbacks. Mandy loves bringing back photos from her childhood as well as pics with exes like Wilmer Valderrama. If Mandy is on good terms with so many of her exes, it really says something about her character. Honestly, we could easily stare at Mandy's pictures all day.

3 She Makes Wholesome Incredibly Sexy

These days it's hard to find an actress that doesn't bare it all or wear revealing outfits. When Mandy Moore is onscreen, you definitely don't see any of that-- yet she's incredibly attractive. This was proven true when Mandy starred in her hit film, A Walk to Remember, where she played Jamie, a teenage girl who suffers a terminal disease. Even with her mousy hair and plain outfits, her confidence and zest for life made her incredibly beautiful and refreshing. Even in Mandy's life off screen she makes a point to keep things classy and always appear poised and well put together. In Mandy's case, less is always more.

2 She's Open About Her Family and Sexuality

For most of Mandy Moore's career, she kept quiet about her personal life and the details of her immediate family. But just last year, Mandy came out to the public about her family and their unique dynamic. Mandy admitted that her mother and father divorced because her mother was gay and ended up in a relationship with another woman. And on top of that, Mandy's two brothers are both gay. Seeing Mandy be so open about her family and their unique situation was so inspiring and really helped us to understand why she is such a kind, open-minded person. After Mandy came out with the news about her family, the LGBTQ community appreciated her honesty and openness and were proud to have her as an ally.

1 A Pop Singer Who Successfully Crossed Over

It's a tale we know all too well: the pop singer who attempts an acting career. Almost every time a pop star crosses over into the acting world it's extremely disappointing and oftentimes, downright embarrassing. However, Mandy Moore has proven that being successful in both arenas is actually possible and we love her for it. While Mandy's music may be mostly in the past, we have to admit they're catchy tunes that really define a time in pop music. Her songs have also provided extremely memorable soundtracks and are somewhat timeless in that regard. But no matter what role Mandy plays, she really does a convincing job and has a way of engaging with her audience. We can't say the same for wannabe actresses like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson and their cringeworthy performances on the silver screen.

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