15 Reasons To Be Disgusted With Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin has been known for decades now as a comedienne and actress. She has certainly had her ups and downs as a celebrity and is known to do just about anything to hold on to her status in the entertainment world. This has caused her to be a somewhat controversial figure in the industry. At this point, with her recent decision to take a photo holding a bloody head of Donald Trump, she is once again front and center. But is that really a good thing? The press she has gotten over this recent photograph has been overwhelmingly negative...and for good reason!

But as disgusted as you may be with Griffin’s most recent debacle virally soaring through social media and mainstream media, there are so many more things that she has done over the years to make you equally as disgusted. Unfortunately, Griffin lets her mouth run away with her at the drop of a hat and is always more than willing to say something for overall shock value. This has caused her to chip away at her loyal fanbase over the years. Now, while she is still a celebrity, it is generally because she is more universally disliked by audiences. So if you’re going to dislike Kathy Griffin, I don’t blame you at all, but here are 15 reasons that you can use to justify your disgust!


15 Made An 11 Year Old Child Panic

When we all slap our foreheads about something Donald Trump has said or done, we tend to get angry. Many people on the left have a tendency to speak their mind very plainly about Mr. Trump and have been...critical, to put it mildly. But people also tend to forget that the man has an 11 year old son that he and the First Lady are doing their best to shield from all the things being said. To an 11 year old child, the world is very different and dad is the best person ever! When 11 year old Barron Trump happened to be watching television with his mother and saw a picture of Kathy Griffin (who he surely does not know) holding what appears to be his father’s bloody head, it was sure to cause some panic! That is exactly what happened...and it’s not okay!

14 Used Children As the Butt of Jokes


Another reason to be disgusted with Kathy Griffin in general is that she has for a very long time, been ready and willing to make kids the butt of her jokes. Under 18 or not, if you’re a celebrity, you’re fair game to Griffin. This behavior has gotten her in serious trouble with networks in the past, to which she has always gotten very negative attention. From comments about a (then) 11 year old Dakota Fanning in rehab, to some inappropriate Miley Cyrus statements from the Hannah Montana era, she has never really been afraid to bring kids into her distasteful jokes. This is clearly another reason to cringe at the mention of Ms. Griffin. Her crass humor is something she wears as a badge of honor, so don’t expect any apologies for this behavior any time soon!

13 Calling Out Jesus

When about 85% of the world’s population believes in a higher being, considering themselves affiliated with some type of religion, you are bound to make some enemies by calling out a major figure in theology. Sure enough, Kathy Griffin can’t even get praised without making people mad. When accepting an Emmy Award in 2007, she criticized people for thanking Jesus in acceptance speeches. Then, she followed that by declaring the award to be her god now, saying: “Suck it Jesus!” This enraged the Christian community and many non-Christians as well. Showing such disrespect to the accepted savior of so many in the world crossed a huge line! Griffin is a very outspoken non-believer, blaming nuns for her fleeing from the Catholic church. Sure some got the humor, but far more got completely turned off as a result of the speech.

12 Feud With Ellen DeGeneres


Kathy Griffin has not had a whole lot of great things to say about famed comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. She has made some statements in one of her books that did not reflect a positive impression of DeGeneres. Griffin has stated that DeGeneres had a mean side to her, which has allegedly hurt the feelings of Ellen. She has also made statements that she felt Ellen could do so much more to support female comics. When virtually the whole world loves and holds Ellen DeGeneres in the highest regard (her popularity is through the roof), it’s probably not a good idea to pick a fight with her, Kathy! Even if she’s prescribing to the “no such thing as bad publicity” philosophy, it’s still a pretty dumb move in my opinion.

11 Antics on CNN

It is absolutely true that CNN has finally cut ties with Kathy Griffin. But it is important to understand that this has been a long time coming! Griffin has gotten away with so many stunts while appearing on CNN that the most recent Trump issue was just the last straw. She dropped an F-bomb on live television during New Year’s Eve programming, earning her a reprimand. She had to give her check back when saying the F word AGAIN when talking about a six year old boy. She pretended to give Anderson Cooper oral sex and taking off her top (still wearing a bra), and even made fun of her antics passively on the network! So it’s no wonder CNN just couldn’t let this Trump head thing go! Go figure.

10 Comments About Barbara Walters


When it comes to the world of journalism, there are some people with which you definitely should not mess. Barbara Walters is one of those people and perhaps at the top of the list. Barbara Walters is essentially royalty in the journalism world and is the fairy godmother of the hit daytime series The View on ABC. When Griffin made some off color statements about radio shock jock Howard Stern having sex with Barbara Walters, it was not to be tolerated. The View subsequently banned Griffin from the show for these comments. The View isn’t the only show and venue to ban Griffin either. The number of places Kathy Griffin can go seems to get smaller every time she opens her mouth. Barbara Walters certainly wasn’t having it on her show. Lesson learned Kathy.

9 Feud With Sarah Palin

Whether you love or hate Sarah Palin, her feud with her really makes her look tacky and distasteful. It is clear that Kathy is a raving liberal and Palin is perhaps the exact opposite, but can’t you be a little more respectful of one another? Obviously not in the case of Kathy, who Tweeted out that Sarah Palin was perhaps somehow responsible (or at least happy with) the shooting of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. She also went after Palin’s daughter Bristol by referring to her as “White Precious.” Palin remarked that Griffin should come to Alaska and bully her in person. It seems that if you don’t care for Palin’s politics, the smart thing would be to not give her an opportunity to look classier than you Kathy. You aren’t doing Democrats any favors.


8 Selling Out Neighbors and Friends


Kathy is neighbor to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and makes it known very publicly that no one is off limits. We know Kathy...we all painfully listen to you go on about anyone and everyone no matter who or how old they are. She’s claimed that she witnessed Kim Kardashian misspell her own name, while also dishing on virtually every celebrity she knows or has met. She’s been doing this for much so that she even parodied herself on an episode of Seinfeld doing the same thing toward Jerry. But when you sell out everyone you know for the sake of some laughs, doesn’t that mean that everyone will be completely fake toward you or avoid you altogether? What a sad way to live for Kathy...or anyone!

7 Taking On The Whole Trump Family

Ever since the 2016 presidential campaign, Griffin has been claiming that she was looking forward to the comedic opportunities if Trump were to be elected, even though she personally didn’t want to see him win for the sake of our country. Well, that’s been the case for many comedians, but few have taken it to her extreme. In her shows, Kathy Griffin has gone after the whole Trump family, including young Barron. It has always been taboo to stay off presidential children (especially when they are not adults), but Kathy doesn’t care. She’ll make wisecracks about the whole family without any regard for decency or respect. She may see it as just another day at the office, but trying to shelter an 11 year old child from that is no easy task. This is yet another reason why you should be disgusted with her actions.

6 Heckling Megyn Kelly


Everyone is entitled to their opinion on absolutely everything. In the case of former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly, Kathy proudly showed out and got tacky during a “Women in Entertainment” breakfast in December of 2016. Megyn Kelly is known to be a conservative and made the statement that she had “high hopes” for the Trump administration. She also stated that there were admirable qualities about Donald Trump. Whether you agree with this statement or not, Kathy decided to flip her the bird prominently and proudly as some others in the room booed. Kathy got even more criticism for that action, as most believed it was not the appropriate way to express a difference of opinion. Sadly, it is just par for the course when it comes to Kathy Griffin.

5 Overly Political

Celebrities getting active politically is nothing new. Celebrities have been using their star power for years to advance certain political candidates or political agendas. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there has to be balance. Kathy Griffin clearly does not know the meaning of the word “balance.” If you look at her Twitter feed, you may almost believe that she has absolutely nothing better to do than Tweet every thought that enters her head. She has made her stance politically painfully clear, to the point that the whole world knows her opinion. But it begs the question...why should any of us care?! She is a self-proclaimed D-list celebrity with a big mouth. Does she not know that the louder she shouts the less any of us listen?

4 Leaving Fashion Police


Kathy considered Joan Rivers to be something of an idol. Many people considered Joan to be a matriarch of comedy, and for incredibly good reason! So when Kathy had the opportunity to join the cast of River’s hit show Fashion Police, she should have looked at it as an opportunity to gain some cool points back. Kathy did some episodes of the show, but then decided to back out, citing that it wasn’t a good fit for her and her comedic style. Certainly, that is entirely her choice, but Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers has made statements that she felt that Kathy leaving the show was not respectful to her mother. Surely it wasn’t intended to be a slap in the face, but it just goes to show you that Kathy Griffin can’t seem to make good career decisions for herself!

3 Half-Hearted Apologies

Listening to the apology of Kathy Griffin that has been made most recently about the bloody Trump head, it is clear that she fully understands that she screwed-up royally this time! This is perhaps the most genuine she has ever been in an apology. But apologies are nothing new to Kathy. She has, over the years, had to walk back times when she stuck her foot in her mouth. But in almost all of the times before when she has apologized for her words or actions, Kathy did so half-heartedly. She always had some type of wisecrack or excuse for her statements. It always felt like she was somewhat forced into an apology. Like claiming to be the only Catholic with a sense of humor, or saying if CNN fired her, she’d go over and give Dick Clark a lap dance.

2 Dated Steve Wozniak


This may seem like I’m calling Steve Wozniak the disgusting part here, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, Steve Wozniak is the man! The sad part is that Steve allowed himself to get cheapened somewhat by dating Kathy Griffin for a period of time. The world knows Steve Wozniak by his nickname “Woz,” and as the co-founder of Apple Computers, along with partner Steve Jobs. Woz has always been something of a casual tech mogul, not seeming to take the world too seriously. This is why he has been so well thought-of in the world...he’s kind of the teddy bear of moguls. We just hate that for a brief time, he saw something in Kathy as a girlfriend. That’s been over for a long time now, but it is surely worth mentioning!

1 Got Banned From The Apollo

Like many celebrities, Kathy Griffin advocates for a lot of very worthy causes. But for someone that considers herself to be so progressive and liberal, she should not forget that there are still some jokes that she just shouldn’t make. Case in point is the joke she made about Nadia Suleman (AKA Octomom), at The Apollo theater. To an all African-American crowd, Kathy Griffin, with her red hair and pasty white complexion commented about having P---y lips like that, along with some other racially fueled comments. The management was apparently livid and she completely lost the crowd. Kathy was banned from The Apollo after this, which is perhaps the most famous comedic venue in the country. That is a pretty big party foul Kathy and yet another reason to be disgusted.

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