15 Reasons The World Hates Cash Me Ousside Girl Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli is most famously known for her meltdown on Dr. Phil's television show in which she challenged to fight her mother and verbally attacked the entire crowd. This 14 year old disaster has since emerged into a pop culture superstar, making appearances in rap videos and all over social media realms. If you haven't yet seen the video footage of Danielle Bregoli’s Dr. Phil appearance you must do so immediately. And if you don't find a disgusting hatred for her you must be blessed with a pure heart. Since her recent and sudden burst of popularity, Danielle Bregoli has had quite a few questionable experiences, one in which she decked a flight attendant in the face, and most recently a grand theft auto charge that she pleaded guilty to.

At first, Danielle appears to be a quiet and reserved young teenager, but after hearing her voice and her demonstrative character, you will quickly find that this is not the case. Her egotistic personality is certainly nothing to write home about, and she has a special way of finding your pet peeves and exploiting them to the fullest. The most shocking twist of the Danielle Bregoli nightmare is the way her mother now behaves. After she was on the Dr. Phil show reprimanding her daughter and begging for something to change, she turns out to be the only character in this sinister plot that underwent any personality alterations. She has since been seen roaming around town carelessly with her daughter, who now collects $40k per appearance, so perhaps that's the ultimate motivation for her mother to bite her tongue. As we surf through the following pages we encourage you to bite your own tongue before you blurt out obscenities. Good luck!

15 She Thinks She's A Gangster 

Perhaps the funniest characteristic about Danielle Bregoli is her unique infatuation with putting off the ‘gangster’ persona. The very verbiage that got her famous in the first place, ‘cash me ousside how bout dah’, is either a complete lack of understanding of the English language or an attempt to emphasize words differently so that she can sound intimidating; which one do you think it is? The abomination that aired on Dr. Phil showed Danielle verbally calling out her mother to go meet her outside and fight, and when the crowd starting chiming in their two cents, she verbally called them out as well. It’s clear as day that the gangster image Danielle Bregoli puts forth is a desperate attempt to earn respect, when in fact the only thing it has been accomplishing is the exact opposite.

14 She Made A Fool Of Herself On Dr. Phil

In one of the most talked about episodes of Dr. Phil of all time, teenage ‘gangster’ Danielle Bregoli made herself internet famous for a dumb sounding catch phrase, and a desperate attempt to be relevant. Perhaps the saddest piece of this entire fiasco is that Danielle truly believes she's a gangster girl with the ability to inflict actual damage. The only damage she inflicted on the Dr. Phil show went to her ego, and although the embarrassment on television subsequently resulted in her becoming famous, it happened for all the wrong reasons. If you haven't seen the episode where Danielle makes a public spectacle of herself, we encourage you to go watch it immediately, just be prepared to cringe. No matter how famous Danielle Bregoli may actually get, at the end of the day she will always be known as ‘that crazy teenager from Dr. Phil’.

13 She Makes 40k Per Appearance... For Doing Nothing...

After glancing over Danielle Bregoli’s accomplishments as a D-list celebrity, we still haven't found a single thing she’s done in her entire life worth 40 thousand dollars, let alone collecting that same figure for a single sighting of the underwhelming teenager. If what Bregoli claims is true, she’s earning an insane amount of money for simply being there...we’re not sure what else she could possibly be doing. In a day and age where fame has never been easier to reach, Danielle Bregoli even toed the line of modern day fame with her less than attractive personality. Why anyone would shell out that kind of money to be seen with the ‘cash me oussside’ girl is beyond us. While the rest of the world is slaving away at full-time jobs, this incessant nobody is earning outrageous amounts of money for literally doing nothing.

12 She Started A Feud With Soulja Boy 

In another terrifying attempt to be relevant, Danielle Bregoli fired some shots out of nowhere at Soulja Boy. From absolutely nowhere she wrote, "F*%$ you @Souljaboy", followed by several emojis including a crybaby face. It didn't take long for the rapper to strike back, and the two started the best kind of feud, an internet one. In a tangent that left us all unamused and scratching our heads, Bregoli also claimed that she “made more money this week than you did last year”. The feud died off as quickly as it started, and was ultimately pretty uneventful, but it's actions like this that leave Danielle looking as crazy as ever. As if some jab at Soulja Boy was going to ruffle our collective feathers, she appears to have believed we all were going to gain more respect for her or something like that.

11 She Wants To Fight Kylie Jenner

With a career (if we can even call it that) that seems to be nothing but a talentless teenager plucking random stars from a hat and choosing to fight them, Kylie Jenner seems to be the unlucky one this week. Like a sort of twisted Hunger Games remake, Danielle Bregoli fires several shots at the Kardashian Klan via Twitter. She claims she could “beat all of their asses” and that they are all talentless, when in fact she might be the most talentless of them all. Whatever attention Danielle is trying to attract seems to be working, although perhaps not for the reasons she hoped. Kylie Jenner took the high road and didn't dignify Bregoli’s jabs with a response; they certainly didn't deserve one. Someone, please call pest control, this teenager will not stop yapping!

10 She Punched An Airline Passenger In The Face

In a story that just never seems to stop hitting all time lows, 14 year old Bregoli was involved in an altercation with a flight attendant aboard a Spirit Airlines flight. TMZ released video footage of the ‘cash me ousside’ girl catching someone inside an airplane, and the video is absolutely bonkers. The authorities were called and they yanked Bregoli, her mother, and another passenger off the plane after a dispute with another passenger. In an event that personifies rock-bottom, Bregoli and her mother have both been banned permanently from Spirit Airlines – “how bout dahhh”? No charges were pressed and the two parties decided to let their lawyers handle the rest, but nevertheless, Danielle Bregoli can't stop making enemies. In a ‘career’ filled with low-lights, this incident depicts exactly who we think Danielle Bregoli actually is.

9 She Has Destroyed Our Snapchat Feed 

Under the Snapchat handle @RealBhadBhabie, Danielle Bregoli is ruining our daily Snapchat feeds with her incessant attempt to squeeze as many ‘minutes of fame’ she can out of a Dr. Phil episode that haunts us to this day. The 14 year old girl acts as though she is the most immature 30 year old you've ever met. Flipping off the camera, wearing clothes that would send any mother into a mid-life crisis, and calling out celebrities that she has no business even mentioning her name in the same sentence with. In a ‘career’ that has been filled with last ditch efforts and irrelevant social media posts, each day that passes, it becomes clearer that Danielle Bregoli actually possesses no talent. Danielle Bregoli has interrupted enough of our lives, but don't try and tell her that unless you're ready to meet her outside.

8 She Tried To Fight Her Mom On Television 

As if Danielle Bregoli couldn't be any more disrespectful, she actually tried fighting her own mother on television. In one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the last decade, Danielle got defensive when her mother started pointing out the obvious pitfalls in her character. After confronting her mother backstage before the show, things then got tense after Bregoli gets out of her chair and tries to flex on her mother. Like the rest of the façade, nothing actually resulted from the words of Danielle Bregoli. By now we’re the only ones to blame for believing a single muttering from the mouth of the irrelevant Bregoli, and what else should we expect from a 14 year old? Actions like this one are reprehensible from any teenager, but they have become commonplace when Danielle takes center stage.

7 She's Found Guilty Of Grand Theft Auto 

In a series of events that preceded her appearance on Dr. Phil, Danielle Bregoli is found guilty on three separate charges, including marijuana possession, grand theft auto, and a false police report that her mother had been using heroin. After Bregoli stole her mother's purse, then commandeered her vehicle and called the police stating her mother was a drug addict, she then fled the scene. The underlying theme of this young teenager's actions are shockingly similar to a con-artist, she has repeatedly gotten away with the trouble she’s caused and appears to have never had to take responsibility for any of it.

6 She Thinks She's Hot AF

Danielle Bregoli isn't your average teenager, she has enjoyed recent internet fame and is doing her very best to drag it out for as long as humanly possible. However, she does have brief moments representing the mind of the average American teenager. It might be considered ‘normal’ for a teenager to be entitled and think ‘she’s all that’, but Danielle Bregoli is taking things to an entirely different level. Using social media realms, Danielle Bregoli has made some incredibly conceded statements about her looks, just take a look at her pictures, they reek of a young teenager who thinks the world owes her something. One of her least attractive qualities ironically comes with her belief that she is such an attractive young female. This quality doesn't make just Danielle Bregoli ugly, it would make anyone ugly.

5 She And Her Mom Have A Strange Relationship 

When we all first met Danielle on Dr. Phil, Danielle’s mother Barbara was on stage reprimanding her daughter, and pleading for Dr. Phil to intervene. In a shocking plot twist, since Danielle’s unexpected popularity Barbara seems to have done an 'about face' and taken a stance of ambivalence. 'Like mother, like daughter' they always say, and unfortunately, it appears that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Caught in between an airline brawl and pressing charges on her daughter for stealing her purse, her car, and falsifying police reports that she was smoking heroin, Barbara seems to quickly forget all of these atrocities and joined the bandwagon eager to reap the financial benefits her daughter is receiving. A shocking and sad tale that seems to continue to fall further and further into desolation.

4 She Made Her Own Clothing Line 

‘Cashmeeeousssiddee’, an illiterate and insensible coined phrase that Danielle Bregoli has earned internet fame from can now be found on the streets of America. Like most talentless ‘celebrities’, Bregoli is attempting to earn an easy paycheque no matter what the cost. The term ‘cash-me-ousside’, was Danielle’s best attempt at literacy on a nationally televised Dr. Phil program, and her sheer ambivalence to what anyone thinks of her is both annoying and disrespectful. There are several reasons that Danielle Bregoli is the worst human alive, but the fact that she’s turning a profit on a meaningless pronunciation of an already questionable phrase is one of the most prominent. Danielle Bregoli seems to find new ways to annoy America each and every week, so it’s probably safe to assume we’ll be seeing more of her soon. Thankfully, this shirt will likely not be found as Hanes filed suit for use of their Champion sportswear logo without permission.

3 She Thinks She's An A-List Celebrity 

There’s nothing more annoying than a D-list celebrity (at best) who thinks they have every right to be the first to walk across the red carpet. Nothing could be truer than with an individual like Danielle Bregoli, a ‘celebrity’ that doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the red carpet. What in the world was David Spade thinking to take a photo with Danielle? Hopefully, he was just taking the picture to show his friends, “Hey, It’s that crazy chick!”. The more likely scenario is Danielle was begging to take the picture with anyone remotely famous in order to help boost her own popularity, she likely doesn’t care for David Spade at all (and neither do we). Pictured next to a bar and an open container of alcohol, it’s another classic example of Bregoli trying to appear older than she is, after all, she’s only 14!

2 She Has A Face That We Love To Hate 

Some people can make us fall in love with them, Danielle Bregoli is not one of those people. Coupled with the personality of an over-zealous goldfish, her perceived beauty ultimately has the reverse effect. We cannot stand her mug, especially when she won't stop popping up on our news feeds. The seemingly inescapable Bregoli won't stop gracing us with her face, and we can’t stop fighting the urge to punch our computer screens. Danielle Bregoli has given us countless reasons to dislike her, but even if she hadn't, she still has that look that makes us hate her no matter what. With internet popularity getting handed out like popcorn at a baseball game, we can't help but wonder, why her? Danielle Bregoli thinks her face is precious, we think of it more as a punching bag.

1 She's Only 14 Years Old 

That's right, we’re not joking. She’s 14 years old and has the ego and personality of a 30 year old superstar who actually used talent to get their notoriety. Danielle Bregoli is counting cash, racking up legal charges, attempting to fight her mother and a crowd of strangers on the set of Dr. Phil, and she’s 14 years old. It’s shocking that someone so young and naive could possibly have gained such popularity in the United States, but with the wild world social media, we guess anything is possible. Danielle Bregoli has a long life ahead of her, she might want to tone things down a bit if she’s planning on spending her twenties outside of a jail cell.

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