15 Reasons Penny Isn't Good Enough For Leonard

There are a lot of people out there who really can't stand The Big Bang Theory, usually because of the low-end writing and lack of decent jokes, but we actually find it more annoying to try and sit through the character development. These people would never exist in real life and if they did, they would never end up being together. It just makes no sense and while we're willing to suspend some level of disbelief, it gets to a point where it just annoys us too much for us to be able to enjoy the show. An example of this is the relationship between Penny and Leonard.

Yes, we know that so many of you are reading this and screaming at the screen right now, unable to understand why anybody would not want these two people together, but their love just doesn't make any sense. While we're not going to pretend that Leonard is flawless and doesn't make any mistakes throughout the series, we cannot stand the fact that he is with Penny. We get it, she's beautiful, but that woman should not be with Leonard. He should be with somebody better.

We know that a lot of you are probably still not convinced, so we thought we’d put together a handy list to remind you of all the ways that Penny is not good enough for Leonard. The only realistic option would be for the guy to leave here as soon as possible!

15 She's Not Smart Enough

We know that this one is going to seem pretty harsh to some people, but there's no way that somebody as smart as Leonard would even want to be with somebody like Penny, let alone end up being with them. This is the sort of thing that seems to come about in popular culture that makes no sense when you look at how the real world works. We get that some people out there will go for just looks, but if you're this hyper-intelligent, it won't be long before you realize that you have nothing to talk about. Penny isn't stupid, but there's no chance that she’s smart enough to bag someone like Leonard. In a society that ran properly, she would be regarded with derision while Leonard would be held up as some kind of celebrity.

14 She Doesn't Respect Him Or His Friends

Look, the point of some of the characters in The Big Bang Theory is to be laughed at, and while they should be at times, it seems like Penny really has little to no respect for the people that Leonard considers to be his friends. We think that, regardless of whether you like your partner's friends or not, you should have the respect to show them some common decency when you're in their vicinity, rather than making fun of them every chance that you get. If Leonard was to do this, tell Penny that all of her friends were stupid and make fun of them for not having the same sort of brain capacity that he has, she would be upset. However, she can make fun of his friends for not having the same social skills that she does. It's a real double standard.

13 She Believes In Psychics

This probably won't be a deal breaker for a lot of people, but if you're a man of science, there's no way you should end up with somebody who has opinions based on no real-life evidence whatsoever. When Leonard makes fun of Penny for believing in psychics, she gets very upset, which is ironic when she would definitely laugh at Leonard and his friends for having an opinion on something she didn't think was true, such as their obsession with nerd culture. We know that everybody deserves love and we don't want to be intolerant of other people's views, but somebody who puts so much of their belief in science just shouldn't be with somebody who has alternative views like this. It wouldn't work and it shouldn't work.

12 Leonard Is Constantly Forced To Compromise

It might just be us and our bias against Penny, but it seems to us that this couple only tends to argue when Leonard has done something that Penny doesn't like, such as trying to move their relationship further or having a problem with the way the two of them interact. This leads to Leonard having to compromise on a regular basis, rather than Penny changing the way she feels about the world. We don't think this is right. It's our belief that a relationship can only work if both of the people involved make sure that they change how they are to accommodate what the other person needs. Sure, there are some things that you shouldn't have to compromise on, especially if it concerns moral or ethical issues, but in order for a relationship to work, then there needs to be some kind of flexibility on both ends.

11 His Best Friend, Sheldon, Never Liked Her

While these two characters do eventually manage to find some common ground and get along, Sheldon is not a fan of Penny when she and Leonard first get together. While we understand there are many things in the world that Sheldon doesn't like, there's got to be some level of understanding when it comes to his dislike of Penny. The man is rigid and on pretty much everythinh, which leads Leonard and the rest of his friends to never really take him seriously, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't ever listen to him about anything. Sometimes, he's got the guys' best interests at heart and we think that he was right to believe that Penny and Leonard are not well suited for each other. They come from different worlds and there's no way they can beat the odds and be together forever.

10 She Broke Up With Him Because Of Wil Wheaton

It's not like we have something against Wil Wheaton or anything, but if a stranger that you've never met is able to get you to break up with your boyfriend, especially one that is worshipped by total nerds, then you've got a serious problem that you need to sort out. If any of you are in love with somebody but are having doubts, please make sure that you actually consult somebody you trust before you make any rash decisions that could end up hurting your partner. That's the sort of thing that somebody worth being with would do, rather than jumping at the opportunity to take the advice of somebody they barely know. We don't know whether we should see this behavior as desperate or stupid on Penny's part, but either way, it's yet another reason she shouldn't be with Leonard.

9 She Prefers Attractive Idiots

Believe it or not, but Penny actually has a go at Leonard for ruining stupid men for her, as if he wasn't doing her a massive favor. We're not saying that attractive people or people who look after themselves have to be stupid, but if you're with someone of low intelligence just because they have a good body, you should probably be ashamed of yourself. You're just using that person which is bad on its own, but what kind of person has such a low level of self-esteem that they're willing to go out with someone who provides them with nothing of interest just because of how they look? It's pretty shallow. If you ask us, Leonard would be better off with someone smarter.

8 She Is A Jealous Person

Even though Leonard was pretty dense not to see the advances being made by his flirty lab assistant, it doesn't mean that Penny should've reacted in the way that she did when she found out about it. She knows Leonard doesn't have the sort of social understanding that she does and therefore, should not have gotten so upset when he didn't immediately shut it down. She should've had a calm conversation with him, one that didn't patronize him or make him feel bad for simply not picking up on the signals being thrown out by somebody else. We really just felt sorry for Leonard throughout this whole saga. Not only did he feel embarrassed because he couldn't recognize flirty signals from his assistant, but he also got an earful from a woman that he loves.

7 She Wasn't Always Honest About Her Doubts

As you grow older, you realize that love and relationships aren't the sort of thing that you can just throw yourself into and that there are going to be ups and down. The human brain is imperfect and you will always have your doubts about certain aspects of your relationships. However, adults also know that the best way to deal with these doubts is to make sure you don't hide them, letting them bubble up within you and turn into something new. They can ruin relationships, so you should get them out there as soon as possible and have an open discussion with your partner about these doubts. This is something that Penny never does and it ends up getting in the way of her relationship. Of course, the person who ends up suffering because of this is Leonard.

6 She Tells Him He Can Move In Even Though She's Not Sure

Penny lets Leonard believe she's happy with the thought of them moving in together even though she isn't. Moving in with someone is a life-changing decision and somebody choosing to drop out at the last minute can be devastating. You could lose money or even end up homeless. This one goes beyond any sort of emotional detachment or fear of being vulnerable and is just plain reckless if you ask us. It's immature to expect yourself to be protected if you endanger somebody's wellbeing like this.

5 She Keeps Her Commitment Issues To Herself For Years

It's absolutely fine to have baggage because there isn't a single person in this world who doesn't have it, so anybody expecting to get into a relationship should be comfortable with the fact that whoever they partner up with will be bringing their own dose of baggage to the table as well. This is just a fact that everyone has to come to terms with when they're older. However, if you want to be with someone, it's only fair that you let this baggage be something you deal with together. No relationship can become complete until the two of you learn that you can trust each other unconditionally and really know each other. That's the only way two people can survive being with each other in the long term.

4 She Uses His Passions In Life Against Him

You get to a point in adulthood where you realize that one of the best things in life is to have something you love rather than someone you love. Having someone to love is important, but if you can get by on your own dedicated to your passions then you'll never be bored. This is something that Leonard learned before he met Penny, but Penny seems to have spent her life trying to get with people instead to fill that passionless void. We don't think this is a bad thing. However, if you then get jealous because your partner spends much time doing what they love rather than focusing solely on you, then you need to grow up.

3 She Gets Angry At Him Because Of His Romantic Choices

If you take a look at the relationship these two have throughout the show, it's impossible to really see Leonard as anything other than truly loving. This is a man who writes letters and spends days trying to plan a romantic night for him and his girlfriend. Rather than see this as something special, though, Penny ends up getting jealous of Leonard's ability to shower her with romance. Any normal person would see this as a chance to change, as a chance to show Leonard that she too can be really romantic and show her boyfriend how much she appreciates him. Instead, Penny gets upset and makes Leonard feel bad for trying his hardest to make her feel special.

2 She Is Terrible With Money

While we will admit that this does end up changing as the show goes on, with Penny even starting to make more money than Leonard once she starts to give up on her dream of becoming an actress, it's not how their relationship starts out. Penny is drowning in credit card debt when the two get together, Leonard is forced to bail Penny out a couple of times throughout their relationship. This highlights just how much Penny is able to use Leonard for his money. This is a woman who has spent her entire life being able to get by on her looks, so having a smart boyfriend with money by her side is exactly the sort of thing she would do if she wanted to make sure she always has a safety net.

1 She Is Manipulative

While Leonard can be pretty great, we're not trying to pretend he doesn't have his own shortcomings in some areas of his life, especially regarding his inability to properly stand up for himself. Penny will often take advantage of this. There have been many times throughout the show that she has proved she is unable to really handle being with somebody she can manipulate, even going as far as manipulating his friends and her own friends as well. What you're seeing here is a woman taking advantage of the kind nature shown by the people around her. She should be ashamed of this, and Leonard should see it as a major flaw. Instead, he continues to let this woman manipulate people without ever properly calling her out on it.

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