15 Reasons Lindsay Lohan Could Be An Illuminati Clone

Most already know Lindsay Lohan from starring roles in movies such as Mean Girls, Parent Trap, or her heavily publicized breakdown in 2007. Her recent activity has been strange, aloof, and is similar to that of many celebrities who have been accused of being Illuminati clones. Many conspiracy theorists have tackled whether or not Lilo is a clone, but it is definitely still up for debate, given how illusive the Illuminati can be.

Some necessary information on Illuminati clones: supposedly a celebrity gets replaced by a clone when they want to abandon the limelight, but are still being used by the Illuminati to control or manipulate the public. An Illuminati clone is used to continue the living legacy set by a human celebrity, when the human is tired of being a puppet to the Illuminati. Some speculation has arisen as to whether an Illuminati clone is simply a lookalike found and then brainwashed to act like a celebrity, a humanoid robot or a direct biological clone. For the sake of brevity, we’ll put all three of these speculations under the umbrella of “clone”.

Some also suggest that clones are replaced every couple of years due to rapid aging and that there are “Multiples” of every cloned celebrity. This “Clone Theory” Has gained a lot of traction in recent years, with people questioning the clone status of public figures such as Eminem, Hillary ClintonBritney Spears and Avril Lavigne. Whether it’s fact or speculation can’t be proven, but some of the evidence put forward can be pretty convincing.

Here are 15 reasons Lindsay Lohan could be an Illuminati clone.


15 The Disney System

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan. What do these stars have in common? They were all kids that got their start on the Disney channel, they’ve all been heavily paparazzi-ed, they’ve all been in (Illuminati orchestrated) car accidents and they’re all rumored to be Illuminati clones.

Most people would think this is a coincidence, but conspiracy theorists have posited that Disney indoctrinates the next generation of puppets into the Illuminati, and as they’re audience ages they are replaced by an easier to control clone. All of these celebrities have also been linked with Illuminati iconography, either in their music videos, on their social media, their jewelry or tattoos, as is Lindsay Lohan’s case.

14 Illuminati Tattoos

Lindsay has been spotted with a tattoo of two red triangles, one inside of the other, with the text “What dreams may come” beneath. The triangle has long been iconography associated with the Illuminati. It characterizes “the eye of providence” which symbolizes the omnipresence of God but it’s been co-opted over the years by Illuminati elite to symbolize the omnipresence of the new world order.

What’s more, Lindsay supposedly got it during some kind of spiritual ceremony. The ceremony took place at her mother, Dina Lohan’s house, who is also rumored to be a part of the Illuminati. This tattoo could represent her involvement in the Illuminati but also could be a sort of branding to distinguish Illuminati clones from the real thing. Rumored clones Ellie Goulding and Chris Brown, also have red triangle tattoos.

13 Her Early Films

Lindsay Lohan got her start starring in widely loved Disney TV movies. In the early 2000s she was a fresh faced star on the rise, very different from the image we have of her now. These early films have been characterized by conspiracy theorists as a sort of propaganda created by the Illuminati to subdue the masses.

It’s thought that Lindsay was not yet an Illuminati clone, but she was an Illuminati pawn. These films are an important part of pinpointing exactly why she was replaced, the reason being that these films got the public on her side. Thus, if she were to want to abandon her acting career, it’s not crazy to think that the Illuminati would want a replacement.

12 The Car Crash

It is a widely believed theory that the Illuminati will mastermind car accidents to kill off celebrities at the height of their fame, only to replace them with an easily puppeteer-ed clone. Lindsay has been in a reported 4 total car crashes, which could be a result of substance abuse or simply ineptitude, but some posit that the Illuminati was the driving force behind at least one of these crashes.

Her first crash was in 2004 after the filming of Mean Girls, which might have been the last time we saw the real Lindsay. The following years were nothing but turmoil for Lilo’s public persona. After she went off the rails, America fell out of love with the once fresh faced star. This, again, could be the result of substance abuse, but to see someone completely transform both in looks, acting ability and behavior, all after a car crash, is mysterious to say the least.

11 Aging In Clone Years

If you look at an image of any celebrity at the start of their career compared to now, you will no doubt notice a stark difference in appearance. You will also notice how rapidly some celebrities are aging compared to others. Many of these rapidly aging celebs have been accused of being clones. This parallel goes with the theory that synthetic clones age disproportionately quickly.

With minimal sleuthing, you will be able to find shockingly convincing before and after pictures of celebrities such as Eminem, Britney Spears and of course, Lindsay Lohan. All which have evidence of plastic surgery and general damage from substance abuse, but also genuine differences in the structure of their faces. So much so that it’s hard to believe these differences come from cosmetic surgery alone.

10 Illuminati Friends

Most might not be aware of drama filled, sometimes a little insane, early 2000s friendship between Illuminati elite Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. They aren’t friends anymore, which is understandable, because many attribute Lindsay’s breakdown to her public shunning from Paris Hilton's friend group.

This conflict peaked in 2006 when Hilton's friend Brandon Davis, was caught on tape saying that Lindsay was a “Fire-crotch”. Lindsay kicked back by calling Paris the C word, also caught on tape. A recent interview with Paris confirms their friendship is unsalvageable, Paris stating point-blank “She’s dead to me”. This may be a nod to the fact that the real Lindsay is actually dead.

9 Mind Control

As mentioned earlier, Lindsay Lohan infamously called Paris Hilton the C word. This in itself isn’t any kind of indicator that she’s a clone, but what happened when she was asked about it by a TMZ reporter after the fact is what conspiracy theorists find incriminating. Her response to the reporter asking about the aforementioned profanity was that she had no memory of ever saying it.

This could be just Lindsay covering her tracks or another case of intoxication, but theories suggest that this was a result of Illuminati mind control, or perhaps, the C word clone was replaced by a “multiple”.


8 Blood Rituals


Now we get to the inexplicable series of leaked photos of an intoxicated (or brainwashed maybe?) Lindsay Lohan playing with knives and flashing her bra. Coke-induced frenzy, or Illuminati ritual? Either way, the press had a field day with these leaked photos, not to anyone’s surprise, because they are quite strange.

The snapshots depict a glassy eyed Lilo striking compromising and sometimes homoerotic poses with friend Vanessa Minnillo, many also involving dirty kitchen knives. More humorous than they are condemning, nearly ten years later, they are still confusing.

7 The Infamous Breakdown

Lindsay Lohan started spiraling in 2006 when she went to the hospital for dehydration and exhaustion. In the photo of her coming back from her visit to the hospital she seems like real Lindsay, but over the course of that year and since 2007, she has changed significantly. Dying her hair, getting into multiple car crashes, getting nose job revision after nose job revision and just acting odd in general.

This breakdown was on the cover of nearly every celebrity news publication, and it curiously coincided with the crash of the housing market. OK, that’s a stretch, but if you think about the how widely this story was spread, not only to publications such as TMZ and People, but also to more serious news outlets such as ABC News, it’s possible that it was fabricated by the Illuminati to flood the news cycle.

6 Another Red Triangle

During one of Lindsay’s many court appearances following her arrests for driving under the influence and possession of cocaine, the notes she was taking were photographed.

The content of her notes were pretty unremarkable. They were simply a detailed list of court dates and information pertinent to her case, but the evidence, as stated by theorists, lies in the shape and color of her notes. She wrote the notes in red pen, in the shape of a pyramid. Sound familiar? That is because Lindsay has a tattoo of a red pyramid, which some hypothesize is used to distinguish cloned celebrities from the real deal.

5 Demonic Lindsay

For our fifth entry, we have 'Demonic Lindsay'. In a 2008 cover story for Fabulous magazine, Lindsay Lohan poses with her hands raised to her head evoking the image of Satan. The Illuminati have always had satanic ties with many alleged members accused of actually being descended from satanic bloodlines. Of course, no one is certain if this is the case for our beloved Lindsay Lohan, but this particular controversial cover just goes to show us how far Lilo has come from her straight-laced child star roots (remember how sweet and innocent she looked as a child in the movie, The Parent Trap?).

4 Our Lord And Savior, Lindsay Lohan

Continuing the trend of Illuminati imagery in various photoshoots, there is the infamous case of Purple Magazine’s 2010 cover story. On the cover of the magazine, arms outstretched, Lindsay is shown striking a biblical pose. She is photographed wearing a white robe-like dress and even more shocking, she is sporting a crown of thorns (we don't really need to explain why this is seen as controversial to many of us, right?). In satanic iconography an inverted cross is meant to mock Christianity, and what could possibly be more mocking and bizarre than a disgraced Disney child star posing as none other than Jesus Christ himself.

3 The Never Ending Vacation

For those of you not keeping up with celebrity news and may not be aware, Lilo has been living in Europe since 2014. She has stated that she originally moved to Europe in order to escape the public eye, but she’s still often posting to Instagram, Twitter and being constantly photographed by the paparazzi.

Seeing as she's still in the public eye extensively, the Illuminati could have an ulterior motive for her absence. It could be that if she were to be in the public eye back in America, it would be glaringly obvious that she's not in fact the real Lindsay Lohan.

2 Her Recent Films

It’s public knowledge that Lindsay's recent films have been remarkably unremarkable. It’s as if she completely forgot how to act, this being supported by her multiple Razzie nominations and wins, or losses, depending on how you look at it.

This may all be because while the new world order wanted her to stay relevant in Hollywood, putting her in more risqué features, they didn’t have the foresight to consider the acting ability of a clone. This one may be a little bit of a stretch, but considering how badly 2007’s I Know Who Killed Me did among movie critics, earning only a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s certainly plausible.

1 “I Only Speak LiLohan”

Lindsay has recently been caught on tape speaking in a strange, almost robotic cadence. I think you can guess where I'm going with this. This strange affectation fits with the idea that clones can’t always match their predecessor’s tendencies perfectly and can “malfunction” on occasion. This has been apparent in viral videos where celebs such as Beyonce, Eminem and Hillary Clinton seem to be “malfunctioning”.

Lindsay’s explanation of the affectation was that is was the result of learning multiple languages at once. It is no surprise that the Illuminati was able to put such a clever spin on a “malfunction” caught on tape, but it’s still hard to believe that in just a couple of years, Lindsay can acquire an accent this insane sounding.

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