15 Reasons Kendall Is The Hottest Kardashian Of Them All

A month after Kim Kardashian-West ghosted on Instagram, Kendall Jenner quietly shut down her account last week, abandoning a following of 68 million. After the news made headlines, Jenner hit  The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that her decision came down to needing a temporary digital “detox.”

According to fashion’s favorite reality star, she fell into the familiar trap most young people find themselves in after consuming way too much interwebs. “I feel like I would wake up in the morning and I would look at it first thing, I would go to bed and it was the last thing I would look at. I felt a little dependent on it,” she told DeGeneres. But unlike most young people, KENDALL JENNER IS A WORLD FAMOUS INSTAGIRL!

In 2014, nearly a decade after making her debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as Kim’s cute little sister, Jenner’s fame inched a few notches higher than her siblings when the fashion industry finally granted her access into their elite circle. Following the switch from E! star to supermodel, Jenner made it to Time’s list of Most Influential Teens after a whirlwind fashion season, where she stomped catwalks in New York, Milan and Paris. Then, later fulfilled her own dreams when she appeared on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway. But it was the selfie of her long hair intricately positioned into a halo of hearts, which racked up 2.6 million likes and over 100k comments, that cemented her title as the hottest Kardashian. Why? Because she snatched the title of most-liked Instagram photo of all time from Kim Kardashian-West. As of this writing, KimYe’s photo remains stunted at just 2.5 million likes…but who’s counting?

Between fashion campaigns, poolside bikini-clad selfies and flicks of her celebrity cool girl squad partying hard, Kendall stole the crown as hottest Kardashian from Kim by beating her at her own game—sex appeal and good lighting. If you didn’t already realize that Kendall is in fact, the hottest Kardashian-Jenner, here are the 15 reminders.

15 She Knows How To Party 

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

You know the saying, “you are who you hang out with?” Well, Kendall rolls with a squad that includes “it” girls like fellow top models Gigi Hadid and rappers like Tyler The Creator and A$AP Rocky. Jenner is a regular at LA hotspot Mr. Nice Guy, but as Khloe Kardashian has confirmed, Jenner knows a thing or two about throwing her own ragers.  Kardashian confirmed that for her 21st birthday, the night got so crazy thanks to the a-a-a-a-alcohol, Jenner forgot a stranger gifted her a Rolls Royce. No offense to the Kardashian-Jenner fam, but I don’t remember anyone receiving a free luxury whip.

14 Magazine's Even Say She's The Sexiest Woman In The World (Over Kim)

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

It’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner family is made up of beautiful women, it’s the one of the reasons why for ten seasons the family has been able to lock in solid ratings. In the beginning, it was Kim who grabbed the attention, appearing on virtually every countdown praising the hottest women in the world….and then 2014 happened. FHM rolled out its annual list of the Sexiest Women in the World and listed Kim as number 38. No surprise there! What did shock money was the fact that Kendall debuted on the list notches higher than her sister, coming in at 31. The next year, Jenner would go on to beat Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. They should’ve seen it coming.

13 Her Top Model Status 

via Vogue

“But...what exactly is their talent?” It’s a question respected journalists, haters and even fans have pondered about the rise of Kris Jenner's unstoppable Kardashian-Jenner empire. Kendall was the first of the siblings to step out of that bubble when she proved her talents on the runway and in front of the camera. In 2014, she signed with Wilhelmina Models and quickly joined the ranks of Karlie Kloss and Naomi Campbell after walking in the Chanel runway show and appearing in campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein. Sure, Kim was the first to cover Vogue, but she was alongside Kanye West; Kendall was the first of the family to land Anna Wintour’s pages solo. In September, Jenner was the face of the coveted September Issue. More importantly, she’s actually respected in the same community that continues to give Kim the cold shoulder.

12 She Keeps It Real 

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

At this point, we’re well aware that in order to achieve Kim’s “glam” you need a squad of makeup artists/magicians to execute the perfect contour. However, Kendall is more like Beyonce...she wakes up like this. Her Instagram page is mostly made up of bare-faced photos with her flaws (just joking, she has no flaws) and realness on display. She's thrown shade at her sister's plastic surgery. When Kylie Jenner admitted she received her first round of lip injections at 16, not only did Kendall balk at the idea, she made it very clear she'd never go under the knife. The best part of Jenner's realness? While the cameras were rolling, she publicly criticized Kylie for dating Tyga and allowing him to tag along on a family vacation.

11 Even When She’s A Blonde, She Slays  

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

When Kim Kardashian debuted her platinum blonde locks the internet collectively went, “HUH?!” Not only was it weird to see the brunette suddenly go light in honor of Paris Fashion Week, platinum just didn't work for her.  While Kim is no stranger to a worst look list, she ultimately spent five days rocking the platinum locks before returning to her darker ‘do. Fast forward to this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Balmain pulled a switcheroo and turned Kendall into a temporary blonde and Gigi Hadid into a brunette. Her new wig sent shockwaves throughout the internet, but the overall reception was “YASSSS!!!”

10 She's The Type To Talk Openly About Boobs

via mirror.co.uk

What began as a behind the scenes look at NYFW as a top model running to photoshoots and runway shows, Kendall and Gigi rocked black bras and openly discussed their boobs during one of their most hectic work weeks. The clip, amazingly labeled “Boob Talk” featured Kendall solidifying her title as care-free cool girl as she compared, grabbed and openly discussed all things boobs with her best friend. Has anyone else noticed how safe the eldest Kardashian sisters have been playing it? The notorious TMI-filled conversations that was once shared on the series has now been replaced with Kanye concerts and full on mom moments.

9 She Moonlights As A Photographer 

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Believe it or not, the photographer behind numerous images of North West, Bella Hadid and Jaden Smith happens to be Kendall. Who doesn’t love a woman behind a camera? This year, Kendall teamed up with Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber for a Love magazine spread starring the new model. The 10-page "American Beauties" spread sizzled the internet - and you can thank Jenner for that. After being cherry picked to shoot the images by the glossy's editor-in-chief Katie Grand, Jenner tapped Kaia (a member of her girl gang) for the shoot. Prior to the spread, Jenner snapped a viral photo of North West Kim just had to debut on her app because it was just that good.  Talk about a double threat.

8 She Has Enough Guts To Get  Pierced

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner secretly got her nippled pierced years ago and made sure to show off her new jewels in the most outrageous way possible: a runway show. The internet exploded when Jenner  stomped down her first Marc Jacobs runway show wearing a sheer tan top that revealed her piercing. Off the runway, Jenner has kept her sheer top game on ten, even wearing the look on the streets of NYC, talk about BOLD. Despite Kylie having the piercing first, Kendall revealed on her app that it was actually her idea to get the piercing first. "I wanted to get the piercing for SO long before Kylie" she wrote. "She did hers and then everyone thought I copied her, but I swear I had the idea first." Totally believable.

7 She DGAF About Going Topless 

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Not only will Kendall go topless in the name of fashion, she used to #FreeTheNipple on Instagram all the time. Maybe she’s being activist? Whatever the call to bare all is, the oldest Jenner sister has proved that she’s the fiercest by pulling the same stunt that got Rihanna banned from Instagram. In a post titled “Free The Nipple” on her app, the model went on to grill the app for removing images of women’s bodies. “I think it’s cool and I really just don’t care! It’s sexy!” she wrote. “It’s comfortable and I’m cool with my breasts. That’s it!”

6 She's The Only Single Sister 

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

So, here’s the deal with love lives of the Kardashian-Jenner fam - everyone is taken! Kourtney will forever be locked in a love-hate-love again relationship with Scott Disick, Kim is Ms. West, Kylie has been dating Tyga (both privately and in public) for the last three years and Khloe is currently coupled up with Cleveland Cavaliers baller Tristan Thompson. Despite being previously linked to Harry Styles, Michael B Jordan and ASAP Rocky, Kendall insists she’s single. She loves single-dom, she loves ditching guys for her girl gang. She’s practically a bro-ey girl, and that alone automatically puts her at the top of the list.

5 Kim Literally Told Kendall She's The Hottest 

via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Yep, that’s right. Kim Kardashian West has admitted that Kendall is the reigning queen of Kardashians. In a season nine episode, a very preggo Kim took paparazzi style photos of Kendall sunbathing in a skimpy bikini. Not only did Kim confirm the photos would be her inspiration to snap back post-baby, she goes onto openly discuss her jealousy of her sister’s fit body. But before that episode even went on to air, the tabloids caught the story first, and reported that Kendall’s older sis was shellshocked to learn that her coveted spot as the hottest Kardashian was being snatched up by her supermodel sibling. Sorry, Kim. It happens.

4 Her Total Net Worth Trump's Kylie's 

via Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Kylie may be building her own lip kit empire, but Kendall Jenner has amassed a $12 million fortune, two million more than her younger sister. Let’s not forget that pre-lip kit world domination, Kylie spent a long time figuring out her niche, meanwhile Kendall was quietly collecting $300k for each sponsored Instagram post. That explains the digital burn out, huh? Granted, the sisters collectively rack in bucks by teaming up with brands, Jenner amassed most of her fortune with luxury campaigns including a gig as spokesmodel for Estee Lauder. Considering the age gap between Kim’s age and Kendall’s age, by the time Jenner turns 35, she’ll have amassed well over Kardashian’s current net worth of $140 million.

3 She's A La Perla Girl

via La Perla

It's one thing to walk the Victoria's Secret fashion show, but only do the top tier models lock in a spot as the face of La Perla. This year, it went to Kendall. The model starred in a photoshoot for the clothing and lingerie company’s spring/summer collection and managed to break the internet starring in a lingerie clad selfie inspired video. Prior to Jenner's La Perla campaign, Naomi Campbell made serious waves as the face of the brand. The bosses over at La Perla confirmed that Jenner was specifically chosen for the part because of her "contemporary charismatic appeal." Read: We need the Jenner sex appeal to sell sexy clothing. Checkmate.

2 She Dressed Up As Old School Bad Girl, Paris Hilton

via Twitter

It took guts for Paris Hilton to wear all of those slinky, sequin numbers that made her an icon during the early aughts, so let’s give Kendall some props for shutting her 21st birthday DOWN in an identical version of Hilton’s most barely there outfit. For Jenner's 21st birthday her "it" girl ensemble was created by Antoine Salameh under his label LaBourjoisie and cost just under $9,000. Jenner showed off her sexy look on Instagram, captioning one of her last Instagram photos, "Paris Hilton vibes." When Jenner made her return to Instagram, a shot of her wearing the dress was one of the first images she re-shared. I can count 1,000 reasons why.

1 Her Bikini Body Is Insane 

via Kendall Jenner Instagram

Kendall doesn’t need to have the same insane proportions as Khloe or Kim to rack up even more likes than her older siblings when she’s rocking a teeny, tiny, bikini. This summer, Kendall announced she was the queen of the bikinis subtly...by flooding our feeds. Thanks, Kenny. Whether she's riding the waves in St. Barts or showing off her toned physique in the pages of Vogue, Kendall's bikini selfies not only rack up more likes than her sisters, her line of bikinis and swimwear can barely stay on the racks thanks to the heat she brings in every single snap.

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