15 Reasons Josh Duggar Is A Horrible Human Being

The Duggar family may not be new to some of you. You may have heard of their ridiculous reality television show 19 And Counting. Or you may just know of them because of the hottest of their daughter, Jessa. It could also be possible that you know them from the absolutely obscene rules that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar impose upon their children.

But perhaps worst of all, you may know this family because of eldest son Josh Duggar. You might have heard about his diddling four children when he was a teenager. Or perhaps his several accounts on the cheating website, Ashley Madison (while he was married with children). Or maybe it's his allegedly abusive fun time that he had when he paid to score with a former adult performer.

There are lots of reasons to know the Duggars. It seems that, by and large, they are a horrible group of people, with a horrible set of values and rules to follow. But it also seems that, in spite of those rules, they manage to be even worse people still. And here are 15 ways that Josh Duggar managed to be a horrible human being.

15 He's Suspiciously Defensive About People Digging Into His Family's Secrets

What's interesting about this family is that it never seems like there could be anything new to come out that would further expose their hypocrisy, or disgusting ways. But then suddenly there's something new. Again, and again. In this case, Josh has been basically in hiding. For a time he was in a Christian rehab facility in order to make it up to his wife that he's been f*cking around on for years. But otherwise, he's just been avoiding media. And when he does get his face in the camera, it's only ever to be super defensive about their digging into his family's past. What is he so worried they'll find? Everyone already knows that he's a child molester. And they already know he's an awful, cheating husband. It kind of worries me to think that he's defending even darker secrets with this family.

14 Barely An Apology

When Josh Duggar was exposed, in one year, for having diddled children, cheated on his wife, and abused a former adult entertainer whom he paid to get down with, he tried to stay in the public eye (though TLC pulled their show), and apologized to all those he hurt. But he barely apologized if we're honest here. He didn't show a shred of remorse for any of the things he did. The only thing he was sorry about was the fact that he got caught. And boy isn't that the sign of an absolutely detestable human being. He didn't get himself put on a list of sex offenders, he didn't do any time for his crimes; he didn't really make amends for a single horrible act that he committed. Sure, he went to rehab, but that place only backed up his wacky views that he was clearly the Devil's plaything for a while.

13 Using Someone Else's Photo As Your Own

Just so everyone knows for sure: the guy on the left is Josh Duggar. The guy on the right is Matthew McCarthy. But Josh would have you believe that he's the more fit, better looking guy on the right. That is the very photo Duggar used on not only his Ashley Madison profile, but also his social media profiles as well. Apparently he's not the only one who has used McCarthy's image for his own personal use either. But that aside, McCarthy has now sued Duggar for using his image. Working as a DJ, McCarthy has apparently lost gigs because of the negative connotation with Duggar that has plagued the media. And those who do hire him on have taken to calling him DJ Duggar. I can't imagine how awful it must be to be constantly nicknamed after a child molester.

12 Pure Hypocrite 

Almost everything that comes out of this guy's mouth is complete bullsh*t. That, or it's a pick-up line so he can cheat on his wife. This is the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The first to be raised with all of their crazy rules. No sex before marriage (not even frontal hugs, or hand holding). No social media until marriage. No naughty websites. Josh has basically made a list of the rules he was meant to follow, and started ticking off all the ones he could break. It's a good thing that mom and dad Duggar didn't specifically have a rule about touching little girls (especially if they're your sisters), because then he might have tried...oh wait...he did touch little girls – including his sisters. Everyone is a hypocrite with something. But Josh Duggar takes it to the limit, and pushes much farther.

11 The Whole Incest Thing...

It's not enough that Josh Duggar was a child molester when he was a teenager. It just so happens that four of the five girls he molested were his sisters! His own sisters! Now some will suggest that he wasn't molesting them. Kids often try to explore because it's human nature. Parents just have to educate them properly. Well it's clear that mom and dad Duggar did not educate their kids properly, and this wasn't just kids exploring each other. This was a teenager, fully aware of his actions, sexually touching several girls. And most of those girls were his own sisters! And he never got charged for this! He was never put on a sex offenders list! By the time the story surfaced, and he had to come clean about his dirty deeds, the statute of limitations was passed (which is ridiculous when it comes to sexual abuse, and incest).

10 Naughty, Naughty Boy

It wasn't enough for Josh Duggar to touch his sisters, and move on. No, not quite. Josh got married to an incredibly patient, and saintly woman. She'd have to be. But anyway, the marriage seemed just fine, in spite of all the stories coming out about his kid diddling. But then Ashley Madison's website got hacked, and huge lists of names came to the surface. And whose name did we find registered with the affair website? Good ol' Josh Duggar of course. He had several accounts with them! He had been paying premium rates to guarantee that he could meet another married woman, and have a little fun on the side. Maybe his wife didn't give him everything he needed, but I don't believe that for a second. She followed the Duggar rules better than Josh did, which means she has to give him what he wants in bed; no excuse. He's just a horrible human being.

9 People Are Actually Defending Him

You would not believe the people in the world who have come forward in droves to defend this disgusting, child-touching, abusive, cheater. It's insane! And their reasons for defending him are quite questionable. So many people applaud him for coming forward and admitting that he diddled his sisters. First off, he had to come forward because the truth was dug up by someone else. Second of all, he hardly apologized, and did no time for his crime. And thirdly, these people defending Josh never seemed to take into account the pain and suffering of the girls he mortified by touching. They just focus on a child molester going free. They even defend his cheating, and his abuse. "He's under so much pressure". "He's just misunderstood". "It's all the media's fault". If he wasn't from Arkansas, I would be shocked at the number of dumb people who have come out to defend this awful human being.

8 Divorce Because Of More Secrets?

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - FEBRUARY 28: Josh Duggar speaks during the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort Hotel and Convention Center on February 28, 2015 in National Harbor, Maryland. Conservative activists attended the annual political conference to discuss their agenda. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

So there's a rule in the Duggar household. It goes along the lines of this: YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE YOUR SPOUSE! MARRIAGE IS FOREVER! Now it's not like the Duggars are the first to have lived by that rule. The scary thing here though is that Josh's wife Anna seems to live by it better than Josh. Even after the molestation admissions, and the paying for abusive fun time, and his accounts on Ashley Madison...she held firm, and stated that they would work through it. Only now, years after all of this came to light, is Anna even considering divorce. It has something to do with even more secrets possibly coming to the surface, and her finally not being able to handle it. She is a saint though. Has to be. She could put up having children with a child-molesting, bigoted, adulterous, abusive sham. I'd say she deserves a divorce.

7 Let The Duggaring Stop!

Alright, so it might already be known that Josh has not been the most honest, or faithful man in his family. It's come out that he's molested several of his sisters. But that's not the full story. There was at least one other girl, who was not related to him. And I'm not sure which is better. Incestuous molestation? Or simply molestation? I don't think either can really be excused. And yet, he has not served a single sentence for any count of his dirty deeds. And yet he had tried to hold himself, and his family up as the epitome of morality here on Earth. Even the sisters he touched seem to defend this horrible human. As do the rest of his family. How else could he have kept his secret hidden for so many years...conveniently until the statute of limitations was exceeded. Meaning he would not have to do time if his story ever did come to light.

6 The Duggar Defense

It's not enough that Josh is a horrible human being. There has to be more to that story. And surprise, surprise...there is! Yes, Josh molested several very young girls. But if there was something almost comparable to the horror of the deed itself, it would be that Josh's parents went out of their way to conceal the story, and keep their son from harm. They decided that they would deal with punishing Josh on their own (never mind the girls who are most likely traumatized from the experience). And apparently that punishment didn't work very well because he still went on to cheat on his wife many, many times. And both infidelity, and incest are crimes that are biblically punishable by death. And both mom and dad Duggar have said this at one time or another (before everything came out about their son). Which means they don't actually believe anything they say. Disgusting.

5 Saint Anna Duggar

Saint is the only way I can describe this lovely and faithful woman. In spite of all the horrible things that Josh has done, she has still remained with him. Now that could be considered incredibly stupid, but she has her reasoning. The Duggar family has certain rules about marriage. Like there being no such thing as divorce. And while it would be well within her right to go screw around on Josh, or finally file for divorce, she has yet to do either. She has taken the Duggar teaching, and basically said "See, I'm better than your horrible family, and look at all that's been done to me." And she's basically said that with a beautiful smile. And of course she's in pain, but she's managed to keep her chin up, and out of naughty business, unlike the entirety of the Duggar family (since they all covered up Josh's dirty, diddling deeds).

4 Addicted To Adult Entertainment

No, no. It's not like Josh Duggar is addicted to going out to the strip club (though that is where he allegedly met the former adult film performer he supposedly abused). No he was addicted to adult entertainment in general. Whether it be in video form. Or magazine. OR even live action. Now he's got a pretty wife, and presumably she would uphold the Duggar rules in giving him the satisfaction he needed at the end of everyday. And while that sounds disgusting, at least she held true to those ideals. But Josh couldn't be satisfied, and decided to sneak around, and smack around other women. And he blames it all on this addiction that he had for adult entertainment. That "other industry". As if there was some sort of subliminal messaging calling to him "go and hit women who aren't your wife! Go and have an affair!" And realistically it was just Josh changing the lyrics of the Ashley Madison jingle.

3 Paying For A Violent Time

No, unfortunately the paying for a violent time isn't anything like Josh actually paying for his awful actions. Life couldn't be that simple. Instead, it's about Josh literally paying for a good time with a former adult film performer, whom he decided to be extraordinarily rough with. This led to a series of charges laid by the woman in question, alleging assault of the naughty kind, and essentially rape. Given that there was no solid evidence for any of this because of the way the transactions occurred, the charges were eventually dropped. But given everything that's already come to light about Josh Duggar, is it really all that unbelievable that he would have done something like this? No one can prove it, but I'm willing to bet that he's guilty. Here's hoping they can find something for him to be locked up for soon enough.

2 Abusive

Now so far as anyone knows, Josh wasn't violent with his sisters, and the other little girl he touched when he was a teenager. And so far as Anna has said, he has not been abusive to her in anyway. At least not physically so. But that's not to say he hasn't been emotionally abusing the ever-living sh*t out of her. She must be at the end of her rope now, with all of his horrible actions. Then there are the allegations of physical abuse on a woman he paid to sleep with. While there's no evidence I'd believe it. But there's a greater abuse as well. Josh has sat on many councils, and has spouted a lot of right-wing, conservative Christian crap over the years. And I'd call that a form of abuse. Because he clearly doesn't believe a word of it. He's gone out of his way to prove that. So he's just manipulating thousands of people. And that's how he ends up with people defending his kid-diddling ways.

1 Bill Gothard

Before I dig into how this horrible human being has influenced Josh Duggar...I just have to point out that that last name is just the worst considering what's about to be discussed. Bill Gothard is the grandaddy of everything the Duggars stand for. All of the crazy Christian rules they follow are due to him. Every bit of it...including Josh's inclination to diddle little girls. Gothard has been accused of violating over 30 women now. Not to mention covering up abuses made by other members of his ministry. So it seems that mom and dad Duggar took a page out of his book there too. Millions of people have attended this horrible man's seminars. And now dozens have come forward talking about direct abuses of his, and his cover up of abuses from other people. It's ridiculous. Josh is still to blame for his actions, but it's clear that he had help from Gothard.

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