15 Reasons Hollywood Can’t Stand Anne Hathaway

Google “hate Adolf Hitler” and you should get about 638,000 results. Now, Google “hate Anne Hathaway” and you will find about 558,000 results. It’s a difference of about 80,000 results but it is still quite alarming how “hate Anne Hathaway” stacks up against one of the most despised people in history. Is Anne Hathaway really that unpopular? Well, it appears so. Sure, the well-known actress has her supporters but so did Hitler. How did this all happen? How could a seemingly beloved and award-winning actress suddenly become the target of such vitriol and ridicule? As it turns out there are a number of reasons that people can’t stand Anne Hathaway. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that public sentiment so dramatically turned but it would seem that it happened somewhere around 2012.

Detractors even have a name. They are referred to as “Hathahaters” and they are growing in numbers. That means that there is a growing segment that would refuse to go to a movie that features the controversial thespian. This could be a reason that Hollywood isn’t exactly banging down her door anymore. Yes, she is still getting work and she has been in some decent films in recent years but she is far less busy than in the past. Here are 15 reasons Hollywood can’t stand Anne Hathaway.

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15 Her Face

By mentioning her face as a possible reason that Hollywood can’t stand Anne Hathaway, we don’t mean her 7-foot wide smile, 78 teeth, and oversized peepers. Instead, pointing to her face as a reason for mass dislike is, according to Professor Terry Pettyjohn, based on psychology. It has to do with how good or bad the times are. In good times, people prefer to see actresses with round faces. The opposite can be said for when times are a little leaner. Remember, this is just the theory but it seems to fit when we consider Anne Hathaway’s rise and fall in popularity. It also gives people a reason to hate her without needing to explain why they do. They can simply blame science and sound a lot more legitimate than if they just blame the pixie cut.

14 She’s Always Acting

It doesn’t matter if she is a guest on a late night talk show, being interviewed by a newspaper, or delivering a speech, Anne Hathaway is always acting and she lays it on thick. She seems incapable of acting naturally and it’s nauseating. She’s the type of person that would sit in front of a mirror for two days rehearsing how to deliver her lines when she orders the Cobb Salad at some trendy restaurant. Of course, the poor waiter will need to go through the torture of listening to a long-winded monologue while his other customers starve to death. She would likely proceed to replicate that Meg Ryan "pleasure" scene from When Harry Met Sally after taking the first bite too. There aren’t any awards in the field of dramatically ordering a salad.

13 She Comes Off Fake

This complaint goes hand in hand with the perception that she embellishes everything. Hathaway tends to come across as being disingenuous. For instance, she described herself as unhappy upon receiving an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Les Miserables. She claimed that winning an Oscar is supposed to make a person happy but she didn’t feel that way. She pointed out that it felt wrong for her to be standing up on the stage wearing a gown that cost more than a lot of people will have over the course of their lives. Really? It sure didn’t look or sound that way when she delivered her acceptance speech at the 85th Academy Awards. According to Anne, she was just pretending to be happy. Gag!! She must know that there are no awards given for acting while accepting an award.

12 Self Pity And More Drama

OK, she absolutely did deserve a little bit of sympathy a few years ago when her boyfriend at the time was discovered to be a con man and sent to jail. However, she was fishing for our empathy and tears when she complained about the pressure and self-sacrifice involved in losing weight for her role as Fantine. She acted like she was the only person to have ever dropped or gained weight for a movie role. She mentioned how people would hug her and then get all emotional because the tiny delicate flower of an actress was so frail. Poor baby!! It’s amazing how she mustered up the strength to walk to the podium and hold her award without any assistance. Does she realize that actors like Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth, former co-star Matthew McConaughey, and a slew of others have done it for their roles?

11 Selfish Moment At The Golden Globes

Anne won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes for her portrayal of Fantine in the 2012 movie Les Miserables. As successful as the movie was, it’s not like she carried it on her shoulders. Hugh Jackman won the Best Actor Award and the film also won awards in other various categories. When Anne’s name was read out as the winner of the Best Supporting Actress Award, she proceeded to feign surprise and then deliver a long-winded speech in which she pretentiously thanked almost everyone under the Sun. Shortly afterward, when the entire Les Miserables cast was being honored, Anne quickly commandeered the microphone and continued on with her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech and thanked a few more people. This selfish display showed how much she wanted the moment to be all about her.

10 She's Blamed Men For Her Failures

Anne is quite aware of the negative feelings towards her and she has admitted that it gets under her skin at times. She didn’t do herself any favors by insinuating that men are mostly responsible for so much of the vitriol. During an interview a couple of years ago, Hathaway pointed a finger at the media basically saying that they are unfairly unkind to her so that they can make a few bucks. It would almost be believable had she not gone further and blamed men in the media. She referred to a story in the New York Times that was quite critical of her. She pointed out that the story was written by a man but most women in the industry support her. That statement ought to go a long way in boosting her popularity.

9 Over-The-Top Crying During An Interview About Les Mis

Does it ever stop? Does everything this woman says have to make us want to puke? After filming Les Miserables, she did an interview with MTV in which she recounted her reaction to seeing herself portray Fantine in the movie. Anne, being Anne, didn’t shy away from indulging in her infamous overdramatic antics. She told the audience that she cried while watching herself. Yes. That’s right. She cried. She must have realized that her response was a little over-the-top so she attempted to correct this by adding that she didn’t cry because of her acting, she cried because seeing the film brought her back to when she was filming. You know? She was remembering all of the hardships and self-sacrifice. Just for added theatrics she went on say that the rest of the film made her cry like a baby.

8 Hypocritical About Thoughts On Les Mis Role

Anne was apparently moved to tears by her own performance in Les Miserables. It really seems that she considers her role as Fantine as the greatest portrayal of anyone ever done. She revealed a little bit of her blatant fraudulence during an interview with the Los Angeles Times during which she was asked to weigh in on her overall performance in Les Miserables. Perhaps she didn’t want her answer to be as annoying as it was during the MTV interview? Whatever the reason, Anne replied with a simple “Eh”. Wait a minute!! What about all of those tears? What happened to all of that sadness and emotion that she told us about during the MTV interview? Did she no longer feel the pain of Fantine’s innocence?

7 Baggage Prevents Potential Roles

It’s not necessarily any one particular thing that annoys people about Anne Hathaway. The pixie haircut? The face full of teeth? Her prissy demeanor? None of these on their own should be enough to make Hathaway the focal point of such intense fury. However, there is the combination of these attributes plus other factors that make Anne Hathaway unlikeable. She has claimed that she doesn’t really care how people see her – but she should. Hollywood sure cares how an actor is publicly perceived. After all, if the public won’t watch a movie because a certain star is featured then that film will not be as successful. Anne said that several directors while praising her abilities, told her that they were concerned about all of the “baggage” that she was carrying.

6 She Was Bound To Fail – Tall Poppy Syndrome 

What is “tall poppy syndrome” you may ask? It is a British term that refers to the flower that rises above the others which make it the perfect choice for being cut first. It simply stands out above the rest and can’t be ignored. With her successes in The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, and especially Les Miserables, Anne became that blooming poppy. This has made her a prime target for being snipped and she really got cut down to size. The thing is, there are so many other celebrities that have also been victims of this “syndrome” but it always seems to blow over. Not in Anne’s case. There is something so objectionable about Anne Hathaway that she has been cut down to the lowest part of the stem. Yet, the haters keep cutting.

5 Oh Geez!! Even More Drama

Anne Hathaway was swimming in Hawaii in 2014 when she got caught up in a strong riptide. Naturally, Anne was in full drama mode as she yelled and waved her arms for help. Understandable. Pictures showed a panicked Hathaway struggling to keep her head above water as she battled the riptide. A passing surfer, possibly mistaking the award-winning star for a young boy, rescued her and brought her ashore where, despite being fully conscious, she was given mouth to mouth by her husband, Peter Shulman. He also reportedly sucked on her foot to remove any possible toxins from a coral cut that she received on her foot. It’s easy to see how this incident might make a few people roll their eyes back but this incident also instigated some very cruel and, quite frankly, unwarranted responses from many “Hathahaters”.

4 Overexposure In The Public Eye


Most of us like pizza but that doesn’t mean we want to eat it every single day. Like a lot of good things, it eventually loses its appeal and we soon even feel sick to the stomach at the thought of having another slice. This can apply to almost anything or anyone including celebrities. People got sick and tired of Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber and people are losing interest in the Kardashians. Like these people, seeing and hearing about Anne Hathaway has become grating. Even happily married couples need a bit of time to themselves. Take a break and reinvent yourself!! Sooner or later, people will ask “Where’s Anne Hathaway?”. That’s when you can come back with a fresh slate. This strategy has worked for loads of celebrities and it would likely work for Anne Hathaway.

3 Unfairly Compared To Jennifer Lawrence

As if things weren’t bad enough for Anne, people started to compare her to a seemingly polar opposite, Jennifer Lawrence. For starters, there is a pretty significant disparity in their ages. Jennifer is 26 while Anne is 34. Jennifer is a sexy blonde that comes across as a legitimately cool person. Granted, it could all be an act. Anne Hathaway is a little awkward looking (especially with that pixie cut) and she comes across as a bit of a stuffed shirt that would probably be a little boring, if not unbearable to be around. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t shy to poke fun at herself while Hathaway seems to take herself quite seriously. Comparing these two personalities is like comparing chocolate pudding to Brussels sprouts. There isn’t any real possibility that Hathaway could look all that appealing in that situation.

2 Her Stock Is Dropping

When you’re hot, you’re hot and everybody wants a piece of you. Anne Hathaway had a pretty good string of successes between 2012 and 2014 with roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Les Miserables, and Interstellar. The last couple of years have seen her in The Intern, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Colossal. While the latter three were generally well-received, they were not nearly as successful as the former three. Sure, you can’t expect to make blockbuster after blockbuster but her upcoming project might be a bit of a risk. She is currently making Ocean’s 8 which at first glance appears to be the Ocean franchise’s equivalent of Ghostbusters 3. The mere fact that her acting schedule has slowed significantly over the past couple of years indicates that interest in the 34-year-old actress is waning.

1 It’s The “In Thing”

A lot of people get caught up in trendiness and it seems that hating Anne Hathaway is trendy. According to the founder of John Hopkins University’s Civility Initiative, P.M. Forni, certain pleasure centers in the brain are activated when we belong to a group of like-minded people. He says that the extreme dislike of Anne Hathaway gained momentum and people were all too willing to join in. You could call it “mob mentality”. He added that these psychological dynamics also apply to cyberbullying. Dr. Jack Goncalo claims that people simply don’t want to think and that if the mob can do the thinking for us then we can focus our thoughts on something else. It would almost appear that disliking Anne Hathaway is something that we can’t help doing. The bandwagon effect is quite powerful.

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