15 Reasons Eugenie Bouchard Doesn’t Want You To Follow Her Sister

With 1.5 million followers via social media, Eugenie is arguably the hottest Canadian out there in the world of social media nowadays. Although her play on the court continues to fade in 2017, she remains more relevant than ever due to her brilliant PR work. Not only is she followed by lots of fans via Instagram, but she's also on other platforms via Snapchat and Twitter. Similar to the likes of Danica Patrick, Bouchard has become a sponsorship giant signing several deals with the likes of Rogers and even Nike. What helps in all of this is the fact that she’s incredibly good looking and only 23 years young.

Although we constantly praise Eugenie, something many haven’t even realized is the fact that her twin sister Beatrice, is just as fine to look at and ogle. In this article, we do exactly that, taking a look at steamy Beatrice Bouchard pictures. Beatrice has an impressive following of almost a quarter of a million via Instagram and you’ll quickly understand why once you scroll through this article. Older than Eugenie by six minutes, some might argue that Beatrice is the steamier of the two (but we don't want them to fight over who-is-hotter, or do we?)! Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 photos Eugenie Bouchard probably doesn’t want you to see of her sister. Let’s begin!


15 Steamy Lingerie Selfie

Yup, we’re not pulling any punches in this article, starting off with a super steamy post from Beatrice herself via Instagram. The photo received over 13K likes and when you see her outfit, you instantly understand why the picture gathered so much interest from her peeps. To be fair now, she’s not just randomly posing with some lingerie for no reason, instead, she’s promoting for a lingerie company, something we’ve seen countless public figures do over the course of the last couple of years. Given her family name and well, downright hotness, we have reason to believe she’s thriving in the social media space.

She hasn't reached the amount of followers Eugenie has yet (in the millions), however she’s on her way and with such pictures, we can expect that number to rise rather quickly.

14 The Recent Instagram Post


So, Eugenie gets a lot of flak for her Instagram posts; some make the claim that she’s more of an Instagram icon nowadays as opposed to a tennis star. She recently made headlines rocking a “Not So PG” bikini, which featured a banana-like bottom. The media was all over the incident and judging by the pictures, Eugenie wasn’t afraid to show off her incredible bikini body. Recently posing for SI, Eugenie loves to flaunt her goods. It turns out, so does her sister, and arguably, she might just be doing it better!

This is a recent post from just a couple of days ago and well... wow. Rocking a perfectly fitted bikini and tan lines, some of us have fallen off of our chairs looking at such a pic. Not too shockingly, a “marry me” comment was made in the picture's comments section.

13 Sister & Sister Halloween Costume

Both Bouchard sisters love to dress up when Halloween comes around. Eugenie has dazzled in the last couple of years when rocking the attire on the joyous occasion; who can forget her interpretation of a cat just a couple of years back? Let’s just say that the top portion of the outfit was for a mature audience. She even managed to make a Bowser outfit look extremely steamy with her slender curves on full display in the costume that featured a skimpy top along with a tightly fitted skirt, both matching the Bowser colors.

Some would argue that sister Beatrice does it better and as you’ll see in the article a little later, she might have the slight edge over her sister. However, both have taken the safe route in a couple of instances wearing matching attires. From polar bear outfits to the steamy army girls outfits you see above, these sisters love to match.

12 Kissing Neymar


In the world of pro sports, there are just some athletes that have a way with the ladies; what can we say, not only are they talented at their craft but they also attract flocks of women away from their domain. In the world of professional football, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar serve as female magnets. Taking a look at Neymar’s dating history from the past, you’ll likely bow down to the list of names he’s “scored” with. He’s still enjoying the dating life, having yet to really settle down. Do you blame him?

It seems like another steamy female’s attention he caught was Eugenie’s sister Beatrice. The two met up at a charity event and Beatrice looked completely into the footballer, even giving him a kiss. The Bouchard sisters love mainstream boys, even Eugenie herself admitted to having a celeb crush on Justin Bieber.

11 The Nun Outfit

Okay, so earlier in the article we made the claim that although Eugenie has pulled off some fantastic Halloween outfits in the past, her sister still rivals her on that level, judging by her own outfits in the last couple of years. Well, we weren’t lying and here’s some proof coming from a throwback photo taken of Beatrice a couple of years ago during the beloved “holiday”. Rocking the black outfit and large cross, we can’t help ourselves but to salivate at such a photo. Like Eugenie, sister Beatrice isn’t afraid to show-off some cleavage, especially when Halloween comes around.

She pulled things back a little bit this year wearing more of a PG-outfit, however see for yourselves on her Instagram account, she still looked mighty fine while out and about at a Montreal nightclub.

10 B-Day Girl


This is a throwback picture as Beatrice celebrated her 22nd birthday. Eugenie and Beatrice are twins, both at the age of 23 nowadays set to turn 24 in just a couple of months, in February. In this throwback shot taken from her social media account, Beatrice is going all-in, celebrating the occasion with a massive bottle of Moet Champaign which, well, doesn’t come cheap. Seriously, look at the size of that thing!

Along with the impressive bottle, Beatrice looked smoking on the night, as she wasn’t shying away with the cleavage aspect of her outfit. For what it’s worth, Beatrice is technically the oldest of the two as she was born just six minutes before Eugenie. Beatrice jokingly stated that although she might be older in age, her sister Eugenie was blessed with the height when it comes to their different statures.

9 The SWAT Costume

This one is a throwback shot of the stunning sisters from back in the day as once again, they wore matching costumes dressing up as SWAT members. Oh, if only the SWAT team really looked that good! Once again, the sisters both looked fantastic even in their younger days and some would even say that sister Beatrice gets a slight edge in the looks department.

We must give credit to Eugenie though, as she recently broke the internet once again with her recent Instagram post. Is it messed up that she’s making waves for social media posts and not her tennis game? Yes, absolutely, but we cannot discredit her incredible look which was on full display during the Halloween weekend as she dropped jaws rocking a Baywatch inspired ensemble. Wipe your chin! You’re salivating everywhere!


8 Smoking Hot Skeleton Outfit


Let’s be honest here, a Skeleton costume isn’t necessarily something you associate with being sexy. Well, Beatrice put that notion to the test and let’s just say that she laid that debate to rest rocking such a smoking outfit. Rocking the all-white Skeleton look, most of us are left here in disbelief on how she managed to turn such an ordinary costume into such a steamy ensemble. When it comes to Halloween, the Bouchard sisters are always stealing the show, and this outfit is yet another example of that. Hey, maybe we should have a clash of Halloween outfits between Eugenie and Beatrice! Who would you vote for?

The vote, without a doubt, would be split. Although they have different looks, there’s no denying how steamy both the sisters are.

7 Backside and Beach Fun

Through countless beach pictures, Beatrice is slowly growing her stock with the online masses with a following over 200K, which is quite impressive. The Bouchard sisters certainly know a thing or two when it comes to marketing their names. Despite her downfall on the court in recent years, Eugenie Bouchard continues to gain various sponsorship deals. Like Danica Patrick in stock racing, although her stock has fallen in her domain, she continues to cash-in as a giant via sponsorship deals.

Along with Coca-Cola, Rogers Communications and Nike, Eugenie also signed a ten year deal with Aviva Canada. If all that wasn’t enough, her beautiful face is even on the box of Pinty’s, a food company. Despite her play dwindling down since 2014, she’s still getting it done with the sponsorships. Without a doubt, sister Beatrice is hoping to walk in the same footsteps.

6 Beatrice The Tennis Player


Unlike her sister, Beatrice isn’t an international tennis star, however she does play the sport casually and you’d assume she’s got some valuable experience given the fact she grew up with her sister Eugenie, who needed someone to practice with at the time. Looking smoking hot in the black ensemble, Eugenie’s sister is promoting for the Roger's Cup, which recently came to Canada. One can only imagine the amount of fame Beatrice could have received had she entered the sport and turned into a success story like her sister.

As for Eugenie, she certainly started off strong, taking a liking for tennis at the age of five. By the age of 12, she had already moved to Florida in order to pursue the sport alongside her trainer. All the hard work paid off in 2014 as she took the tennis world by storm reaching the finals of Wimbledon barely into her 20s.

5 Party Girl

This photo is a rare shot of Beatrice partying it up out and about at what appears to be a rave-type of party. Bouchard looks simply flawless in the photo rocking the short black jean attire, with a see-through black top. What puts the cherry on top is her smile; yup, the Bouchard sisters can both steal our attention with their infectious smiles from ear to ear.

It appears as though Eugenie is the sister that has a lot more edge to her and that might come from her competitive spirit. Bouchard made headlines in 2017 for calling out Maria Sharapova after she failed a drug test. Although Eugenie at one point idolized the tennis star, she pulled no punches in ripping her adversary for being a cheater and using banned substances. Bouchard received several “thank you” text messages from her peers and she added the cherry on top of the situation by defeating Maria shortly after on the court.

4 A Goddess-Like Pose


Like sister Eugenie, Beatrice loves to see the world, particularly some of the hottest beaches life has to offer. Beatrice has a slew of steamy beach photos but this one comes in the form of a goddess-like pose while she rocks a breathtaking one-piece ensemble. Another potential clash we can see in the future: Eugenie versus Beatrice, who wore the bikini outfit best? In this picture, there’s simply no doubting that Beatrice can rival her sister in the bikini attire game.

As we stated, the sisters love to travel and even Eugenie recently posted a slew of travel pictures from recent trips. She was back home to Montreal recently, even attending a Montreal Canadiens game; of course, she was up in the lodges, so unfortunately the masses couldn’t fully ogle her.

3 Glutes Of A Goddess


As we stated earlier in the article, following her early departure from the Mallorca Open, Bouchard took some time off and headed to a beach establishment in Spain. Her bathing suit attire turned a lot of heads on the day, as the likes of TMZ had a field day with the bathing suit, taking various shots of the back of the ensemble. Eugenie’s got booty and that was rather apparent from the photos.

However, her sister might in fact have a better glute game and the picture you see above is a perfect example of that. This perfect picture above is in fact Beatrice, who called the picture wallpaper-worthy due to the view. We’ll agree, it’s without a doubt wallpaper-worthy but that’s also due to the fact that a certain “asset” is the true hero of such a photo.

2 Sipping A Drink On The Beach


Another smoking beach photo... is it just us here at The Richest or are we suddenly feeling a knack to take a trip somewhere out on a hot beach? Well, following the slew of steamy Beatrice beach pictures, some of us are likely booking a trip as we speak. Yeah, her look is that infectious!

Obviously, at a young age the sisters went their own paths in terms of interests. Eugenie started off in the tennis field at a young age. She actually had investors early on, a situation that went to court. Basically, along with her father, the investors earned themselves 10% of Eugenie’s earnings which is absurd. The court ruled against the partnership making the claim that Bouchard was unfit as a nine year old to make such a decision. The partnership ended in 2013 and by 2014, she took her game to the next level with the sketchy investors no longer by her side.

1 The “Not So PG” Outfit

Along with smoking hot bikinis, Beatrice can also rock the hell out of an outfit. Even something as simple as a regular top and jeans. However, this top is no regular top as she looks smoking with a little bit of cleavage on the side, leaving many of us lost for words (seriously, who turned up the temperature in here?). If this article hasn’t proven how steamy Eugenie’s sister really is, you can take a look at some more pics via her Instagram account which is already being ogled by 228K fans. Again, it’s not like Eugenie’s 1.5 million, but still, quite the accomplishment nonetheless.

It’s worth mentioning that the twins also have a third sister, Charlotte Bouchard, who looks really similar to Eugenie, more so than her own twin sister Beatrice. Younger than both sisters, Charlotte is another beauty in the family.


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