15 Reasons Alicia Vikander Will Never Have Angelina Jolie's Bank Account

Let’s make one thing clear here: there’s only one Angelina Jolie in the world. And while there have been plenty of actresses that have tried to follow in her footsteps (but failed miserably), there have been a few that have tried to imitate Angie in one way or another (we’re looking at you, Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox). Simply put, there is no one out there in the entertainment industry that can come close to becoming another Angelina Jolie. To say that the actress has become an icon is an understatement, and at this point, nothing will change that.

With that being said, you have to give some of these girls credit for trying, right? Just recently there have been a lot of comparisons made between Angie and Swedish-born actress Alicia Vikander. That’s because Alicia is starring in the new Tomb Raider reboot and will be the new Lara Croft, a character that has been synonymous with Angelina Jolie. And while there’s no denying that she looks great in a pair of cargo shorts, there’s just no comparing Angie’s screen presence to Alicia’s. Still, the girl is being called the next Angelina Jolie for a reason. That’s because she’s being very careful about the roles that she chooses and the projects that she attaches her name to. Still, critics can’t help but wonder if she has what it takes to be a household name just like Angie. Here’s why Alicia Vikander will never be able to top Angelina Jolie's amazing star power and fame.

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15 People Aren’t Impressed With Alicia’s Version Of Lara Croft

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Producers have only shared a short teaser trailer of Alicia Vikander in her new role as Lara Croft, and people already have a lot to say about the movie, even though they haven’t seen it in its entirety.

And unfortunately, the critics aren’t being kind. While they are giving Alicia credit for having trained as hard as she did before making the film, they say that she just doesn’t have the same screen presence that Angelina Jolie had in the role. Plus, others don’t even understand why the film was remade in the first place. Isn’t one Lara Croft movie series enough? And better yet, why didn’t they just ask Angelina Jolie to come back for the new film? It’s not like Angelina Jolie is out of shape (and it’s not like she has a lot of things going on career-wise, either).

14 Alicia Just Doesn’t Add Up

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Alicia had to do a lot of intense training to prepare for her role as Lara Croft. In fact, she’s even revealed that her body was completely transformed after months of tough workouts. And while you can definitely see the results of her hard work (just check out those back muscles and insane abs), some are wondering if Alicia was the right choice for the role. Plus, this is her first action movie role. It’s a lot to put on someone’s plate, especially if they haven’t done this kind of work before.

For Angelina, she just didn’t have to try this hard. Some would even say that’s because she’s got natural ability (at least that’s what her fans think). Alicia has to work ten times as hard just to prove that she’s a worthy Lara Croft. For some critics, Alicia just doesn’t add up.

13 Angelina Jolie Isn’t Happy About The Reboot

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Even though she hasn’t flat-out said it, a lot of people believe that Angelina Jolie isn’t happy about the Tomb Raider reboot. After all, it was the first movie that helped Angelina Jolie become the household name that she is today. Plus, when a lot of people hear the name Lara Croft, they automatically think of Angelina Jolie. It’s her character, not Alicia’s.

Angelina hasn’t bothered giving Alicia her blessing or any advice on how to play the character, either. Even though Alicia has said that she would love to meet Angelina in person, that hasn’t happened either. By distancing herself from the Tomb Raider reboot, Angelina is making it pretty clear that she’s not happy about the movie or Alicia Vikander replacing her for that matter, too.

12 Critics Prefer Angelina Over Alicia

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Even though fans and critics have only seen a snippet of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in a teaser trailer, they are already saying that they prefer Angelina over Alicia. Sure, that’s not even fair to Alicia as the entire movie hasn’t even premiered yet, but people have already made up their mind. And for Alicia, it doesn’t sound promising at all.

The Huffington Post had this to say: “The first look at the reboot is practically a shot-for-shot remake of some of the more thrilling moments from the critically acclaimed video game. The Swedish actress certainly seems up for the task ― she trained extensively for the role beforehand ― but here’s hoping the dialogue is better than it sounds, because The Cradle of Life is looking like a full-blown masterpiece right about now.”

11 Alicia Doesn’t Have The Same Screen Presence

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When you see Angelina Jolie on the screen – regardless of whether or not it’s the big screen of the small one – you take notice. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance that you’ll completely stop what you are doing in order to watch her in a television show or movie. She just has that special something about her that commands everyone’s attention.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Alicia Vikander. Sure, she’s very talented at what she does, but if she were to walk in the room, it’s doubtful that every head would turn in her direction (unless you are really paying attention!). Simply put, only Angelina Jolie can stop traffic! Other actresses don’t have that same power, if you know what we mean.

10 Alicia Is Not A Household Name

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If you say the name Angelina Jolie, there’s a very good chance that 9 out of 10 people know exactly who you are talking about (that one person must be living under the rock). If you say the name Alicia Vikander, there’s a good chance that people who have been paying attention to European cinema know who she is. Plus, they might also recognize the name if they are huge Michael Fassbender fans: Alicia and Michael got married in Ibiza last year.

Alicia just isn’t the same kind of household name that Angelina is here in the United States. Sure, that might change in the coming years, but for now, it’s Angelina who has the upper hand, especially when it comes to her popularity. Alicia needs to work a little harder to get people to pay attention to her.

9 Alicia Hates Being A Celebrity

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Alicia Vikander isn’t the kind of actress who will show up where she knows the paparazzi is hiding and waiting for her. Now, we don’t want to say that Angelina Jolie is the kind of person who will do that, but more often than not she likes to show up at all the right places at the right time. In comparison to Angelina, Alicia has done a better job of keeping her personal life under the radar.

With that being said, it almost seems like Alicia doesn’t know how to play the celebrity game. Angelina on the other hand knows just how important her public profile and her celebrity is for her career. Sure, Alicia is still new and learning as she goes, but it’s safe to say that Angelina has mastered the art of being a celebrity and a powerful Hollywood actress.

8 Angelina Has More Star Power

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Angelina Jolie makes the cover of major magazines and publications for a reason. It’s because she has star power. At this point you can say that she is the most popular actress of her generation. There’s no one that can compare to her, and that includes Alicia Vikander, too.

But at the same time though, Angelina has admitted that she never really wanted to be a Hollywood star. Instead, she had other things in mind. Angie kind of “fell” into acting, so to speak. She once said in an interview, “I became an actress because my mom wanted me to become an actress. It took me until my mid-30s to realize I actually didn't. I actually wanted to write and direct and be more involved in politics and humanitarian issues.”

7 People Are More Interested In Angelina

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Angelina Jolie could sit in a room full of people and talk about anything and people would find it extremely interesting. That’s just how obsessed some of Angie’s fans are about her. Alicia, meanwhile, knows she needs to work very, very hard to win any kind of roles these days. Sure, she’s an Oscar winner, but winning an Academy Award doesn’t equal lifelong career success.

Of course, let’s not write off Alicia Vikander just yet. She is, after all, working with some of the best people in the entertainment industry. And considering how young she is, she’s got her entire career ahead of her. Alicia has said, “It's a mixed feeling when everything you've ever wanted in making films is coming true, and yet you feel scared because it's happening all at once. Suddenly you're in rooms with people you've looked up to for years, the Judi Denches. You wonder if you're good, if you have what it takes.”

6 Alicia’s Beauty

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Alicia Vikander is a beautiful woman. There are very few people who would actually question her beauty (even though she doesn’t look like your typical Swedish actress, according to some eagle-eyed observers there). But can we even put her in the same category as someone so undeniably gorgeous as Angelina Jolie? That’s what critics have been asking for quite some time now.

Angelina Jolie is one-of-a-kind. She’s got the kind of face that you will remember, even if you don’t know her name. She’s strikingly beautiful with picture perfect features. It’s no wonder that so many women from all around the world pay thousands of dollars to look just like Angie every year. Angelina has timeless beauty. She’s also got a classic Hollywood look to her. You can’t really say the same about Alicia, no matter how beautiful she is.

5 Angelina Is Hollywood Royalty

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There is absolutely no denying that Angelina Jolie is Hollywood royalty. After all, her father was Jon Voight and her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, happened to be one of the most beautiful models of her time. With her father’s talent and her mother’s good looks, it’s no wonder that Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest stars in the world today.

Unfortunately, Alicia Vikander doesn’t have the same advantage. She wasn’t born into Hollywood royalty and she didn’t grow up having the same advantages that Angelina had while in Los Angeles. While Alicia does have more name recognition now compared to several years ago, she’s still not in the same league as Angelina Jolie. And it might be quite a few years before she reaches Angelina’s level, too.

4 Does Alicia Feel Comfortable In Hollywood?

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Alicia is still learning the ropes when it comes to Hollywood. Sure, she’s managed to attach her name to several big budget projects, but people don’t react to her name the same way they react to Angelina Jolie. Plus, she’s still trying to find her place in both the entertainment industry and the big, messy, complicated celebrity world. Clearly, she doesn’t feel as comfortable in it as Angelina does. Heck, some people even think that Angelina has the paparazzi on her speed dial!

Alicia has said, “I guess, like most foreigners, when you're away, you see your own culture being even more strange. But where I come from and my roots mean a lot. I miss my family and my friends. Something I've realized as I've been traveling is that it's more about the actual people than the actual place.”

3 Alicia’s Not Into the L.A. Or New York Lifestyle

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Alicia Vikander has hinted quite a few times that she feels more comfortable making European films than Hollywood ones. And who can blame her? She’s more familiar with the way Europe works than Hollywood. Plus, she’s got more star power in London than she does in Los Angeles. With that being said, though, if Alicia wants to make it in Hollywood, she needs to prioritize her career and focus more on making big budget films with producers and directors that will help make her a household name on this side of the pond.

Alicia once said, “I love New York, and I would love to try to live here for a while if I ever got the chance, but it's also extremely hectic. I don't think I would cope with that.”

2 Angelina Doesn’t Have To Try So Hard

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As we’ve already mentioned, Alicia Vikander still has a very long way to go before she becomes a household name. Angelina has been an A-lister for nearly two decades now. Unlike Alicia, Angie has nothing to prove to her critics at this point. They could love her or hate her, and according to Angie, she couldn't care less. She’s done everything she’s had to do as an actress and knows that she’s already reached her peak as a movie star.

Angelina once said, “When I was little, like Maleficent, I was told that I was different. And I felt out of place – too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in. And, then one day I realized something, something that I hope you all realize: Different is good.”

1 Angelina Has More Advantages

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Angelina Jolie hasn’t made a movie in a very long time and quite clearly, she doesn’t have to make any films in the future, either. She could drop out of Hollywood altogether and people would still stay interested in her and her personal life. Alicia, on the other hand, doesn’t have that kind of star power. Plus, Angie is in a better position. Being the A-lister that she is, she doesn’t have to beg anyone for roles or prove her worth for that matter.

Angie once put it this way: “I actually feel that women in my position, when we have all at our disposal to help us, shouldn't complain. Consider all the people who really struggle and don't have the financial means, don't have the support, and many people are single raising children. That's hard.”

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