15 Really Strange Stranger Things Fan Theories

Summer came with some pretty fantastic new TV shows, one of which was Stranger Things. It was a must-see show for the summer and if you didn’t tune in then you really missed out. It’s not too late however, you can still be a part of the new phenomenon. In fact, it’s more than okay for you to pause in this article and do some binge-watching immediately. No, really, it’s that good. If you are already a loyal fan, than you are in for a real treat. Season one of the show was a real nail biter, and people can’t wait until Season two comes around. Unfortunately, it usually takes a while for Netflix to get the new seasons out so until then we have to wait.

What most fans of the show are doing right now while they wait for the anticipated return of Stranger Things is to dabble in the fan theories that are out there. Lots of fans have some kind of interesting theories on what’s going to happen in Season two of the show, and some of them are downright jaw-dropping. It’s fun to read through some of them because they are fascinating, to say the least. It leads to a level of excitement when you think about the upcoming season. Will these fans be right in their theories or are they right out of left field? Only time will tell. In the meantime, let's take a look at some of the most bizarre fan theories out there on Stranger Things.


15 Is Hopper Eleven’s Father?

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Many fans out there have serious thoughts on whether Eleven’s father is, in fact, Hopper. There has even been speculation from the series' creators that have sent out teasers that say the very same thing. What is the true relationship between the two? Is it possible that Hopper's late daughter Sarah could be Eleven? So far in the show, we have seen Sarah’s death, but as we know with most shows, there could be more than meets the eye. It’s possible that the death had been staged and it will be revealed in season two that Eleven is, in fact, Sarah. Many people can argue that Hopper couldn’t possibly be Eleven’s father because she calls Dr. Brenner “papa.” But that can be easily explained because she could have been programmed to believe that someone else was her father. After all, Hopper does know personal details about Eleven, like the fact that she likes waffles.

14 The Upside Down is Really in Eleven’s Mind

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Is it possible that The Upside Down is just a figment of Eleven’s mind, something she created for her own mental escape? It would certainly cause some minds to be blown in season two. It wouldn’t be the first time a TV show or a movie took us down a road and then flipped everything completely upside down on us? Think about the Fight Club for a minute; we didn’t see that coming at all, and when it hit us we were left shaken and afraid. Many speculated that Eleven had created the town of Hawkins in her own mind as a means of coping with her situation as well as her abilities. By creating a world of her choosing, she would be free to use her abilities in any way that she wanted to. The theory is certainly plausible and only time will tell.

13 Could Hopper Be a Secret Agent?

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There are definitely a lot of theories going around about what part Hopper is going to play in Eleven’s life. So, what if he doesn’t turn out to be her father? Well, there is another theory following close behind the father theory. Many fans believe that Hopper is, in fact, a secret agent working for the government. Season One ended with him hopping in a car, and some believe that he was on the side of the bad guys and that’s where he was heading. It’s a little hard to believe that Hopper could be working for the bad guys, but it was curious when he didn’t take much concern in the fact that Mrs. Byers was desperate to find Will. Could it be that he didn’t freak because he already knew the outcome of Will? It’s certainly something worth pondering. For the most part, fans believe the government agent theory because Hopper wasn’t killed when he went into the Hawkins National Laboratory. He could be a threat to research, so why not have him removed?

12 There’s A Transformation In Will’s Future

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Could Will’s fate be wrapped in a transformation to the Demogorgon? As if Will hasn’t been through enough already, many fans believe that there is more in store for him when Season Two comes around. Season One had Will in some serious trouble and when it ended it showed Will coughing up a slug. That’s usually not a good sign for anyone, right? If that wasn’t bad enough, Will also saw himself as if he was still in the Upside Down. That could very well be his reality, and if it is, that’s just all bad news for the boy. When Will came back from the Upside Down, he wasn’t the same boy that he was before he went in. That’s no big surprise; such an experience would change anyone. Many speculate however that when he returned it was still too late, that the Demogorgon began to cultivate his body for the purpose of more power.

11 The Upside Down is Left Wide Open

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Now that people have come and gone from the Upside Down, many people believe that it’s been left wide open. Fans are theorizing that because people have escaped it that the portal’s been unlocked and can continue to be accessed. Could the portal in the Upside Down be an access point to another dimension? Many fans believe that’s exactly what it is. If it is, then maybe that reality has to be explored to discover more things. There could be other parts of the Upside Down that we know nothing about. This theory could allow the boys to rescue Eleven or there’s the possibility that Will could return to the Upside Down as well. Could he continue to go in between the underworld and his real world? If that’s true, then season two could be quite complicated leading us down rabbit holes we never thought were possible.

10 Is Eleven the Monster?

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At the end of season one, Eleven exclaimed that she “was the monster.” For the most part, the audience took that statement metaphorically. But what if it wasn’t a metaphor at all? What if Eleven was speaking her own truth, trying to admit to her new friends that there was more than meets the eye? As it stands, it looks like Eleven let loose a monster from the Upside Down, but maybe that’s not the real story? She could be the monster that was let loose. After all, she’s been experimented on for years; would it be so hard to believe that she created that monster in her head and is going to unleash it into the world? After all, the first time she saw the monster was in her head while she was in a deprivation tank so that certainly can lead the story towards her manipulating the monster herself.

9 There is Not Just One Monster

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There is that connection between eggshells and monsters, and throughout season one there’s been more than one occasion that had people believing that there may be more than one terrifying creature lurking around. Hopper did, after all, see more eggshells throughout the series, so that leads many fans to believe that there is not just one monster. After Eleven killed the main monster in season one, it’s not plausible that it’s the end of creepy creatures. It’s possible that there is much more to be seen in season two. Keep in mind that when Will expelled the slug from his body it left things wide open to consider that there were more monsters in the Upside Down than was originally thought. There are lots of monster theories circulating as people try to figure out whether Eleven is the monster or if the monsters themselves are real and just multiplying.


8 Nancy And Jonathan Are Destined To Be Together

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It’s hard to say who I want Nancy to end up with; there are a lot of speculation on her options. Many were surprised when she chose the popular guy over the guy that seemed to be deeper and more thoughtful. But when we’re young we don’t always make the best decisions right away. It takes some time for us to discover who we are really meant to be with. There are certainly a lot of good options out there for her. It’s easy to see why Nancy and Jonathan could end up together. Take that scene where Nancy and Steve were on the couch together, for example. Many speculated that Nancy looked “distant” and maybe even a little sad. Is it possible that the creators were preparing us for Nancy to be with someone else? For the time being, anyways Nancy seems to have chosen Steve, but fans just aren’t sure that’s a lasting thing.

7 There Can Only Be One Redhead

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Many fans wondered why Barb died in the Upside Down while Will made it out alive. What was the reason behind that? Barb could have easily lived as well. However, the creators decided to end her life. Though if we really think about it, even though Will got out he ended up coughing up a slug giving speculation to the fact that he may not be okay after all. Maybe coming out alive isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So why did Barb die? Many fans have theorized it’s simply because she was a redhead and the creators only wanted one redhead in the show. They killed Barb so that Nicole would be the only redhead left. Pretty weird, but stranger things have happened in TV series, and it wouldn’t be the first time a character got axed for a silly reason.

6 Eggos Are the Key

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I’m sure you’ve seen all the Eleven memes that popped up with Eggo waffles. People have been taking the idea and running with it. Fans believe that Eleven is alive based off of Eggo waffles alone. After all, Hopper knew she loved them, and he left them in the woods for her. Many believe there is a tangible connection to the Upside Down. Will those Eggos still be there, sitting in the woods when season two premieres? It will certainly be interesting to find out. The creators of the show have issued a statement stating that Eleven is alive, but what does that really mean?

5 Hopper Is Interested In The Upside Down

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There are so many theories about Hopper that it’s hard to keep track of. Is he Eleven’s father or a secret agent. Is it both? Fans are theorizing that Hopper has a little too much interest in the Upside Down. Fans believe that Hopper has every intention of going back into the Upside Down. This theory came about because of the suspicion that Hopper is a government agent and that he works with the Hawkins Laboratory. Why is he so drawn towards the Upside Down? If Eleven is really Hopper’s daughter than that could explain why he is drawn to the Upside Down because of his connection to her. He may want to discover all the different dimensions in order to better understand Eleven. His daughter is special, and he may have questions of his own that he needs answered. Maybe he knows that she’s the monster and is trying to go inside to stop it.

4 Eleven Isn’t The One That Opened The Door

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In season one, it appears that Eleven is the one that has control over opening portal doors in the Upside Down, but fans believe that it’s not her opening the doors at all. So, who then? Fans believe it’s the monster. After all, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that Eleven doesn’t have that kind of power. When her friends ask her to open gates, she is unable to. She can contact people in the Upside Down, but she can only do that from the Void. The monster, on the other hand, seems to have that power completely in its grasp. The Demogorgon can punch many interdimensional holes; it takes people from anywhere that it wants to, whether they are at home or in school. So when the gate opened at the Hawkins Laboratory, fans believe it was opened because Eleven was connected to the monster and alerted it to her presence. Although it looked like she opened the door, it was actually the monster.

3 Mr. Clarke Is Part Of The Hawkins Laboratory

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Mr. Clarke seems like an easy going guy, the kind of teacher that you feel like you could confide in and get help in a time of need. But many fans believe that there is more to his story than what it appears. He is the A/V Club teacher, and he sure seems harmless enough but maybe that’s all just an act. He seems like he has a good heart; a kid-friendly teacher that always seems to be doing the right thing. But imagine he got recruited by the Hawkins Laboratory early on, maybe in a time of his life when he was more vulnerable. He may not want to be a part of it now but has no other choice. If that is the case, then season two could open up his past a lot more. It’s likely if he is part of the Hawkins plan then they may come looking for him in season two in order to help them further their agenda.

2 Victims Are Used By The Demogorgon As Reproductive Opportunities

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It sounds creepy just thinking about it, but the theory has some serious possibilities. Fans believe that the Demogorgon is using his victims as a means of producing more offspring like itself. Think about it: A slug crawled out of both Will’s and Barb’s mouth and both of them were in the Upside Down. That is likely where the monsters nest is and where it would have the ability to impregnate them with something. Hopper also found multiple bodies within that nest which could very well lead to the idea that these bodies are being used to reproduce. It’s very similar to the nesting habits of the aliens in the Alien franchise, how they use human hosts to bring their offspring into the world. The monster, however, doesn’t always use the victims; it sometimes just eats them. So, there may be a reason why it eats some people and chooses others as hosts.

1 What Is Hawkins Laboratory Up To?

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The mystery of the Hawkins Laboratory has yet to be revealed, and they didn’t touch much on it during season one. It’s weird that the people of Hawkins aren’t aware of the suspicious Laboratory. Why is that? Is it so well hidden that they really have no idea that this organization is doing weird things in their small town? Season two is sure to answer a lot of questions surrounding the laboratory. It’s obvious that whatever is going on in the laboratory is bad and it’s something that could affect the whole town. As far as government conspiracies go, that lab is surrounded by them. If you think about the experiments, they've probably been going on since the 60’s under Dr. Brenner’s care, so there could be all kinds of creepy things waiting for us. These are sure to be unraveled during the next season. It’s all connected to Eleven; after all as she is their greatest achievement.

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