15 Reality TV Shows Execs Don't Want Us To Know Are Fake

Reality televisions shows are among the most popular of all the shows you can watch. They are cheap for producers to make, and as for viewers, it's always really fun to see real people and how they react to real situations. The only problem is, many of these shows are totally fake.

It's hard to figure out who the producers of these shows think are more stupid — us for watching the show or the people they get to be on the show. Of course, a lot of the people on these shows, such as those on Real Housewives or Jersey Shore, end up making millions of dollars, so I suppose they aren't all that stupid, except for the obvious fact that they make fools of themselves for money. Other shows, such as The Hills, are basically scripted.

Let's face it, we all know that when we watch some of these shows on television that some of it has to be at least a little bit fake, but when these shows are being sold to us as reality TV, we do expect a little honesty. Here are 15 reality shows that are pretty much totally fake.


15 Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride was a show that was on MTV 15 years or so ago. The point of the show was that people would have these totally awful-looking beaters they would transform into something totally cool. What really happened was far different than we thought. It seems that what the show often did was make their cars unable to function, took away additions after the cameras stopped rolling, and asked contestants to fake reactions. So basically, they took people's cars, broke them, made them look better, and then once the show ended, they took back the things that made them look pimped out.

14 House Hunters


House Hunters is an HGTV that is completely and entirely fake. The point of the show is that the contestants go around with a realtor and decide which of three houses they are going to buy. But the reality of the situation is, the house has actually already been bought and the two so-called house hunters are just going through the motions because they are on television. So next time your girlfriend tries to make you watch this awful show, just show her this list and turn on the football game.

13 America's Got Talent


Another reality show that is just ridiculously fake is America's Got Talent. The audience is filled with people that are part of the production and do as they're told. So, in other words, the production teams tells the audience when to boo and when to cheer. Furthermore, there have been many documented instances in which people have been told to hold up the "X" sign if they see other people doing so. It is pretty obvious that this show brings a lot of people on that they know are not talented just so they can humiliate them and boo them off the stage.

12 Duck Dynasty


Duck Dynasty is one of the better examples of how fake certain reality shows are. When the cast was interviewed on The Today Show, they said, “They come up with ideas and we just get to be ourselves in the situation.” So in other words, pretty much everything you see on the show is fake. A real reality show would be when people with cameras just followed around the members of the cast the whole time and film what goes on in their daily lives without coming up with a plot for each episode.

11 The Bachelor

One probably doesn't have to be told that a lot of what happens on a show like The Bachelor is fake, but in case you didn't know, we've added it to the list. Obviously, the whole premise is ridiculous in the first place, with numerous women feeling like they are falling in love with a dummy all at the same time. However, you might not know that many of the storylines are fictional and that people are basically told what to say to the cameras to keep those storylines rolling. Yes, on occasion two people meet on this show that end up staying together, but to be honest, that isn't romantic, it's just totally weird. Who would possibly want to be on this show that wasn't either insane, doing it just for fun, or looking to advance their career one way or another.

10 Keeping Up With The Kardashians


The show is basically about a bunch of people who are famous because they are famous and the things that happen to them because they are famous. But then again, they wouldn't be famous in the first place if it wasn't for this awful TV show. See what I mean? This is about as far from reality as anything could possibly be. If it wasn't for this show, none of these women would be famous, so there would be no need to do a show about their lives. It's kind of a what-came-first scenario, the chicken or the egg? One thing's for sure, there is not a whole lot about this show that is "real" in any way.

9 The Hills

This is another show that was totally scripted, although, it was way more obvious than most. Sometimes, there would just be some random dinner between two cast members at a totally cool restaurant when they would have this really important conversation about something. First of all, you know if the producers are sending the camera and sound crew to the restaurant, then something important is going to happen. They aren't just following Spencer and Heidi around all day hoping they say something totally dumb. What they're doing is meeting them somewhere with their cameras because they already know they're going to do something dumb. We do have to give them props, though, for admitting at the end of the last episode that the whole series was fake.


8 Jersey Shore


Jersey Shore is a little bit different than a lot of other shows on this list because a lot of what happened was actually real. The situations, however, weren't. This show gathered a bunch of idiots, put them in a house together, and told them to get pissed drunk as often as possible and be filmed while doing it. So in that situation, maybe the first season had a tiny bit of reality attached to it, but none of the other seasons did. While the first season featured a bunch of dumb kids getting drunk and trying to hook up, they continued on with that for the next few seasons because they were asked and paid to party like idiots.

7 The Real Housewives

All of The Real Housewives franchises are pretty much the same. We tune in to watch the show to see how all of these rich women act in their real lives, but in reality, the whole thing is pretty much fake. These women all get paid to be on the show, and it isn't like they're all friends with each other away from the cameras. They were all chosen and then forced to interact with each other. This also should go without saying, but no rich woman that really had themselves together would ever be on a show like this anyway. All of these women are either here because they are desperate for fame or they want more money, and they all know that the more they fight with each other and act insane, the more camera time they will get.

6 Rock Of Love


Some of these shows are obviously faker than others, and one of them was Rock of Love. It revolved around Brett Michaels, who was the lead singer of the metal band Poison, who had to pick a girlfriend among a group of women. The premise of this show actually made some sort of sense, because it was obvious that a lot of these women really did want to end up banging Brett Michaels and being his girlfriend, mostly because so many of them were so darn trashy. What was fake about it was  Brett Michaels himself. It was more than obvious that he could have cared less about any of these women and was just doing the show to boost up his dying career.

5 Breaking Amish

Breaking Amish is supposedly about what happens when you take a bunch of young people who were raised strictly Amish and have them experience what it's like to live in New York. The reality of the show is much different. There have been allegations that the cast members have had a lot of different life experiences including sex, divorce, children, and time away from their Amish lifestyle that they're supposed to abide by. This is one of those things that maybe shouldn't even matter since most of us know a lot of these shows are total bunk. On the other hand, a lot of people are watching these shows because they really care about the lives of the people in them, and misleading devoted viewers is unfair.

4 The Real World


The Real World is yet another show that calls itself a reality TV show, but really, it's anything but that. It's much more of a social experiment. Casting directors and producers pick out people they think will either want to sleep with each other or hate each other, then they invite them to live and get drunk together all the time while being filmed. There is literally nothing real about any of this. All of these people are acting this way purely because they are on camera, and the producers encourage it. Still, when the show first came out, it was really kind of groundbreaking and seemed to be totally different than anything else on TV. Now, compared to other reality TV shows, it just seems tame.

3 America's Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model was a reality show competition where women would win the chance to be a famous model, although none of them actually seemed to actually do so. One of the fakest moments on television ever was when Tyra Banks, who, in all honest, always seems kind of like a lunatic, lost it on one of her contestants yelling at her, "Be quiet, Tiffany! Be quiet! Stop it! I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this! When my mother yells like this it’s because she loves me. I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you! How dare you! Learn something from this!Tyra would have won an Oscar if she wasn't such a bad actress. This was just another of many moments on the show that showed us just how fake it was.

2 Flavor Of Love


Flavor of Love pretty much topped the charts as far as fake reality television shows go. It was, supposedly, a dating show where the winner would get to go out with Flavor Flav, who used to be the hype man for the influential rap band Public Enemy. First of all, the fact that there were all these women who wanted to go out with Flav was pretty hilarious in its own right, but even more bizarre was how incredibly insane so many of them were. There was nothing real about any of this. One woman did win, of course, never actually dated Flavor.

1 The Joe Schmo Show

The Joe Schmo Show stands out above all of the other shows for a very obvious reason — this show knew it was fake. It's basically a take-off on all of the other types of reality shows on this list. The premise was that one guy on the show, Joe Schmo, didn't know that the show was a joke, while everyone else on it was an actor, including the host. So basically, the whole thing was just a big joke on the one guy that wasn't in on it. While that might sound kind of funny just unto itself, if you watch other reality shows, it's even funnier, because pretty much everything they do on this so-called fake reality show is the same type of things they do on the ones that claim to be real.


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