15 Real Struggles People Have With Their Roommates

Living with someone comes with its own set of challenges because sharing your space is never easy, and everyone has different approaches to cleaning (some don’t do it at all) and personal space boundaries. Even when you live with a best friend or someone you’re hopelessly in love with, there can be problems. This is often made even worse when you end up sharing your home with a stranger.

It makes sense to have a roommate to share costs, and sometimes even for the companionship, and yes, there are times when people get lucky and end up living with someone they are completely compatible with, but life isn’t always that easy. There are other times when you can end of up with a roommate from hell who is so annoying or disgusting that you wish you could scream at them and tell them to never come home again. Wondering what people do that can be so bad? This includes everything from hiding food in the bathroom, to having to deal with some serious body odor problems or a roommate who sneaks into their room at night to steal. Below are 15 confessions from people who have taken to Whisper to share the very strange things that their roommates have done (and they no doubt wish they hadn’t).

15 An Unusual Hiding Place For McDonald's

As a good roommate, you’re going to help out the person you live with, and if they get really intoxicated and suddenly develop a craving for McDonald's, you may, out of the goodness of your heart, decide to drive them to get their food -- and hope they offer you an order of fries or a milkshake in return.

And when you’re drunk, you tend to want to order too much food and then regret it in the morning when you see how much money has come out of your account. But it's not that this person’s roommate ordered half of McDonald's that's weird. What is weird is that while most people devour their food on the way home or at least sit in the living room to finish it off, this person’s roommate decided to hide their food in the bathtub of their home. Um, what?!

14 This Person Will Never Sleep Again

Turns out the person behind this confession is the strange roommate because instead of trying to get along with the person he lived with, he tried to terrify them instead. This guy decided that it would be funny to collect clown figurines and dolls (which are creepy as heck) purely because the person that he had been living with was afraid of clowns.

And he only discovered just how extensive his collection was when unpacking his things in a new house. The only good thing about this confession is that this guy finally moved out and now his old roommate can live in his own home without having to jump after spotting a clown in every corner! I think it’s safe to say that these two were not meant to be living together.

13 People Who Don't Like Cats Should Be Banished

Having to live in the same space as someone is not easy, and you can be the best of friends but there will still be times when you get on each other’s nerves. This is even more complicated when you’re living with a complete stranger and they have weird friends, as the person behind this confession has unfortunately found out.

According to this confession, the person they live with has a really awful friend that they cannot stand, and if that's not bad enough, the absolute worst thing is that every time this friend is over, he and the roommate end up terrorizing the cat. Needless to say, this makes the person behind the confession really mad and they are at the point where they wish they could ask their roommate to leave and never come back -- please do!

12 Smelly Feet Are The Worst!

There are few things worse than being around someone who suffers from a body odor problem, but can you imagine living with one? Well, no word on whether this person’s roommate has smelly pits, but they do have a foot odor problem, and, apparently, things have gotten so bad now that they have to secretly put foot spray in their roommate's shoes.

Imagine having such smelly feet and not realizing it? Worse still, imagine living with a person whose shoes constantly smell sour or vaguely resemble blue cheese? I don’t think it’s all that surprising that this person has confessed to being unable to live with that smell because there are few things worse. The only good thing about this is that at least they are resourceful.

11 Bailing On The Rent Will Come Back To Bite Her

Most people live with a roommate because they need someone to split the costs of living with (and we all know just how expensive that can be), but sometimes people get the short end of the straw because they end up with a roommate who does something shady. And the person behind this confession knows all about this, because according to them, they were living with someone who decided to move out suddenly, right before the end of the month when the rent was due. Even worse is that they gave their roommate no warning but simply disappeared while they were at work.

This must be an incredibly stressful situation to be in, but it seems as though there is a silver lining, because the person who just disappeared has her name (and her name only) on the lease!

10 Setting A Trap For A Thief

You’d think when you live with someone that there is a certain degree of trust, because how else will this living arrangement work? And with that trust, you assume that your roommate is not going to bring home random people in the middle of the night, throw wild parties, and definitely not steal - and we are not talking about a little food here, but cash straight from her roommate's bedroom.

The person behind this confessions claims to have been noticing that all of their cash was disappearing, and eventually they became suspicious that it could be their roommate who was taking it. So what do you do in a situation like this? Well, you set up a trap, of course, and that’s exactly what this person did when they pretended to sleep and saw the unsuspecting roommate moving about her things, and the next morning $60 was missing. Wow!

9 Great Measures To Drown Out Her Voice

What would you do if you couldn’t stand your roommate's voice? Turns out this confession comes from a person who is actually the one who does strange things to their roommate, because according to him, he gets so annoyed with his roommate and her voice that he has gotten creative when it comes to drowning her out, and one of the ways that he does this is with the help of the television.

Apparently, if you do not want to hear anyone anymore, you need to find an action movie (they are known for their loud thuds, bullet noises, and suspenseful music), and put it on really, really loudly so that it’s all you hear. Problem solved! Although, in this case, you really have to feel for the woman that he lives with, because this sort of behavior must be incredibly annoying to her!

8 Her Actions Are The Reason The Bathroom Smells

Living with someone you struggle to get on with is one thing, but living with someone who doesn’t respect your pet and its living space is something else entirely, and much, much worse. According to the person behind this confession, they have a cat, and for some reason their roommate keeps leaving the cat in the bathroom every night. So in the morning, it’s not surprising that she wakes up to find some treasures waiting for her.

If one is a cat lover, and the other one is not then already this living situation is off to a bad start, and sure, no one wants a bathroom that smells like cat pee, but at the same time, should she not be owning up to some responsibility if she locked the cat in there without its litter box?

7 They Wish The Walls Were Thicker

The awkward situation when your roommate is with someone, and you can hear everything is perhaps one of the most common roommate issues, so it’s not surprising that it was going to make it onto our list. Unfortunately, when you live with someone else they are going to bring people home, and there are going to be a few times when things turn romantic with that person. When living in a confined space, it’s very easy to overhear things that you really wish you hadn’t -- it’s also very hard to keep it quiet.

This is not so much a strange confession about what this person’s roommate did because let’s face it, it’s pretty normal, but the reason this confession makes it onto our list is because of how awkward situations like this are. And the worst part is the effort that this person is going through to try to pretend that everything is normal.

6 Wasting Electricity To Punish Their Roommate

This is probably one of the most infuriating confessions because it’s about wasting resources, and it comes from someone who thinks it’s perfectly OK to use as much electricity as they want, even when they don’t need it. The reason? They think their roommates should pay more. First, not only is it selfish to try to make their roommates pay more money for something that they are not using, but secondly, power plants produce greenhouse gas, which has awful effects on the environment. According to the United States government’s Electricity and Environment website, electricity generation is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

Needless to say, this guy is not only a bad person but also someone who doesn’t care at all about the environment.

5 Their Desire To Have Strangers Over Is Creepy

Sleep is important, and we all know how cranky we can get if we haven’t had enough of it, which is why if we lived with a roommate like this woman's roommate, we may be silently plotting their demise. According to this confession, this girl lives with a person who constantly has friends over in the early hours of the morning, and we aren’t just talking about every weekend here but rather every day!

What makes this worse is not just the fact that this person is probably making noise when they come home with a stranger, but that it poses a security risk because you don’t want to be sleeping in your bed when there is a potential creep in the room next door. And then there is also the stress that they could be destroying your things.

4 Maybe Daddy Still Pays The Bills

We all have responsibilities, but some people take theirs more seriously than others. This confession is not really scandalous, but it is strange that someone who is in their mid-thirties still has no sense of responsibility. And according to the person behind this confession, they live with a woman who makes a lot more money than they do, but she ends up spending it all on things that she doesn’t need, like an action figure -- no word on whether she’s a collector or not -- and then she has no money for the things that matter.

I don’t even want to imagine how frustrating it must be to live with this person and watch her spend all her money on stupid stuff, and then be stressed out that she's not going to pay her portion of the rent.

3 He Needs To Do Something About That Smell

We previously highlighted a confession from a person who was trying to deal with the stench of their roommate's feet, and had taken secret measures to try and prevent them (no word on whether the foot deodorizer helped or not), and this person’s confession is similar, but so much worse. It’s not just a bad case of smelly feet that they are dealing with, because apparently his roommate has a really strange body odor, and it’s so bad that he can tell if his roommate has been at home all day because it’s altered the smell of the apartment. Gross!

But how do you talk to someone about their smell without being offensive? And what if it’s a much more serious issue than they just forgot to wash or use deodorant? This is one situation you definitely don’t want to find yourself in.

2 They Take Anti Social To A New Level

We have all experienced moments when we really didn’t want to see people and would prefer to sit in bed and binge-watch Netflix, but the person behind this confession has a roommate who takes things to a whole new level. And this person has now reached the point where they think that roommate's actions are so weird that they’ve taken to Whisper to ask others if they have experienced this with the people with whom they share their homes.

Apparently, the guy doesn’t come out of his room except to get food, and then disappears back into his room. I have to say that although this behavior is odd, it would definitely be better to have a roommate like this guy instead of someone who hides McDonald's in the shower or is obsessed with action figures.

1 Drunken Antics Make For Hilarious Confessions

Most of us have done something stupid at some point in our lives. That doesn’t mean it was while under the influence but I think it’s safe to admit that there have been times when we have used questionable judgement, and this guy’s roommate had one of those moments, which is now on Whisper for everyone to read and laugh about.

Apparently, he came home one night highly intoxicated, and forgot the code to get back into the house, and rather than help the guy out (who was clearly struggling) his roommate decided to listen to him enter the wrong code multiple times and laugh about it. If the guy was doing it enough times for his roommate to think it needed to be shared on an anonymous app, then I think it’s not a stretch to say that this guy may have been sleeping outside of the door that evening!

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