15 Real-Life Photos These WWE Stars Want Deleted From The Internet

You can easily get lost in the beauty of pro wrestling. Keeping up-to-date with Superstars, we tend to forget that out of the ring, they're normal human beings. Take Roman for example; the dude gets booed out of buildings on the regular, however, once he takes off his attire, he’s a family man going back home to his wife and beautiful daughter. The human part of pro wrestling typically gets overlooked.

For someone like Vince, the goal is to keep Kayfabe alive, so seeing Superstars in candid situations isn’t necessarily the WWE’s favorite thing. That works double when the Superstars are caught in sticky situations as you’ll see in this article, whether that be getting kicked out of an airport bar or even, getting into a verbal brawl with a fan. In this article, we cover real-life images that these WWE Superstars and the company likely want deleted from the internet!

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass on the link to a friend. We now pull up the curtains and take a look at these 15 WWE Superstars taking part in real-life situations they likely didn’t want us to see. We now begin with a “Not So PG” candid photo of the most PG female on the entire roster. Can you guess who?

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15 Bayley’s Candid Booty

Outside of the ring, Bayley keeps making headlines for her underrated booty. Her character is the most PG on the entire roster, however her backside is certainly of the “Not So PG” nature given the slew of candid pics available online. This one was posted by a fan during WWE’s MSG Live Event. Rocking some skin tight leggings, Bayley is looking anything but PG in that attire! Given her young fanbase, it’s better this photo does not exist.

As for her in-ring career, it hasn’t been the greatest. Her booking for the most part has been awful; truly mind-blowing how the company has managed to squander one of the most over babyfaces in NXT history. Her recent injury was a tough pill to swallow, however the timing couldn’t have been better as she’s in desperate need of a character refresh. Once she returns, we hope the WWE can get things right with this Superstar.

14 Candid Ambrose At Airport

Unlike most of the other Superstars that reside in the California or Florida area, Ambrose travels a little further in order to get back home living out of Las Vegas. In terms of fan interaction, Dean isn’t the most social WWE Superstar as he likes the “loner life” more so than being a social butterfly. So someone taking a random picture of him at the airport isn’t something he necessarily wants.

Similar to Bayley, Dean has lost his way since dropping the WWE Title a year ago. His character has grown very stale and again, that’s thanks to booking, as the Lunatic Fringe worked a storyline that was way too long alongside The Miz. Unlike Bayley however, it seems like the grass is finally starting to look greener as he recently joined Seth Rollins forming a Tag Team. For both their careers, this was the correct move.

13 Strowman & Roman Tour Rome Together

Looking at the current WWE product, no feud has come close to the one featuring Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. In terms of WWE content for 2017, this program between the two has been far ahead of anything else.

So when this picture was released, it caused quite the stir (as you’d imagine). While working overseas in Italy, the WWE roster made a pit-stop in Rome visiting the Coliseum. Given they were far away from North American soil, the group decided to tour together. Well, numerous photos showcased the bitter rivals together, even Titus himself posted a group photo featuring both Braun and Roman. A fan actually went a step further, snapping a photo of just Braun and Roman side-by-side acting like a bunch of tourists. It was a mistake that everyone involved regrets and a photo the WWE wants deleted from the internet!

12 Jericho’s Recent Altercation

Age 46 years old, Chris Jericho is a man blessed with many passions and talents. Along with his incredible pro wrestling career, Y2J also enjoys some time touring alongside his band Fozzy. Nowadays, he’s put his WWE career on the shelf working with the group touring worldwide.

A recent incident however surfaced online via TMZ, and as you can imagine, the footage went absolutely viral. The clip featured Chris Jericho in a candid shouting match following a show. Jericho dropped several 'F bombs' during his interaction with a fan, and Y2J blamed his emotional state claiming he was drained. Obviously, he regrets the decision and stated he just should have walked away. When the dust settles from the ordeal, it's a moment Chris wants us to forget about and in truth, he likely wishes it was deleted from the internet altogether. However, we all know that won’t happen...

11 Scott Hall Kicked Out Of Airport Bar

Just a couple of years ago, Hall was in a very dark place infusing his life with countless pills and alcohol. The legend was literally just waiting for his death at that point. Thankfully, along came DDP Yoga, and Hall is now a new man with a new lease on life. Physically, he appears to be in the best shape of his life and his peers are very content with his new behavior.

However, he’s had some blemishes along the way including this public photo taken of the former WWE star at an airport bar in Atlanta. According to the story, Hall was kicked out of the T.G.I Friday’s for being too noisy, intoxicated and rude to the bartender. Things escalated when Hall kept hitting on the bartender, who in return was giving him absolutely nothing. This caused Hall to drop the B bomb on the bartender; he was eventually kicked out with police escorting him out of the restaurant bar.

10 Orton At Wal-Mart

Taking a candid photo of a WWE Superstar during a show is one thing, but to take it of them while in a store like Walmart is whole other story. For some reason, this type of picture has been taken on more than one occasion. Not only were Orton and his wife victim to such a photo, but even the likes of Nikki Bella and John Cena, and Reby Sky and Matt Hardy also have pictures at the checkout counter while inside a local Walmart.

What can we say, the store has everything and while on the road, it’s a convenient spot for WWE Superstars. However, snapping a pic of them doing some shopping is too far, making it a picture that crossed the line in terms of privacy. We believe Orton especially would rather this photo did not exist.

9 Brock & Sable In Public

When Sable left the WWE in the early 2000s, many believed we’d seen the last of her. She took the company to court following her release for sexual harassment in the work place, leading many to believe she was never returning. However, like Vince says, never say never, and she would actually return in 2003 for a short run. It was then that she met her current husband, Brock Lesnar.

Since her second departure back in 2004, not only have we never seen Sable on WWE television, but she’s also been rarely seen elsewhere. In terms of indie bookings, she completely pulled the plug on that following a brief New Japan stint a decade ago. Nowadays, she’s living a quiet life out of Saskatchewan, Canada, so as you can imagine pictures are few and far between. This one was taken recently at a school gym, in all likelihood, it’s a photo the couple wishes was not taken as it breached their privacy.

8 Vince Crashes Bentley

Nowadays, Vince has taken a permanent backseat when it comes to the product. McMahon only works behind the scenes nowadays, and his character is rarely seen anymore.

In terms of candid photos, pictures are few and far between. However, he did make the headlines for a real-life situation he likely would rather be kept on the down low. On his way to the Stanford head offices, McMahon crashed his Bentley. Pictures surfaced online of his damaged vehicle, along with Vince himself looking quite startled. McMahon doesn’t like looking vulnerable, making them pictures he likely wanted deleted ASAP. However, the damage was already done with the likes of TMZ making the candid photos public. At the end of the day, what counts is that Vince escaped the situation injury free and we’re all thankful for that.

7 Braun Breaking

Entering the main roster as a member of the Wyatt Family a couple of years ago, perhaps nobody could have predicted the impact Strowman would eventually have. While in the Wyatt Family, he just seemed like another generic big guy that was bland in terms of charisma. However, following the draft, he took his game to another level becoming arguably one of the top five Superstars in terms of popularity on the entire Raw roster.

What makes him that much greater is the fact that in real-life, Strowman is said to be an absolute teddy bear whether it’s with young fans or even, his fellow co-workers. This real-life picture proves exactly that as Strowman sits next to Renee Young on the plane while taking a silly selfie. In truth, although the picture is gold, the WWE would likely love to pull it off the internet given the fact that it breaks kayfabe.

6 KO Breaking

Similar to Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens is said to be the polar opposite in real-life. On-screen, KO is arguably the greatest heel in the entire company. His work in the ring and his microphone skills are a notch above most. What’s truly mind-blowing is out of the ring, he’s known as a loving husband and father, which was exposed through his recent DVD autobiography.

The picture above further humanizes KO as he poses for a picture alongside fans. Not only is he taking the picture, but he’s also pulling a big smile, something we rarely see on WWE television, unless of course it’s that classic KO sarcastic smirk. Similar to Braun, in order to keep kayfabe alive, it’s better such a picture gets deleted from the internet; however, that isn’t the case and at the very least, we can enjoy a different side of the WWE Superstar.

5 Wyatts Breaking

We continue with the theme of wrestlers breaking character with the Wyatt Family and this throwback picture. When it comes to creepy and eerie characters, keeping kayfabe alive is absolutely crucial. However, that was not the case in this picture as the duo snaps a quick picture with a local store worker. We’ve seen these types of photos time and time again in the past and in truth, they’re photos Vince likely doesn’t want us to see as it hurts the “realism” aspect of it all.

Nowadays, both Wyatt brothers are struggling. Bray went from WWE Champion to randomly getting put on the Raw show. As for Harper, despite his great skillset, he’s constantly been MIA. Things aren’t the greatest for the two, however given both their talents, we expect them to re-emerge sooner rather than later, particularly Harper.

4 CM Punk Airport Throwback

CM Punk isn’t the biggest supporter of fan interaction. He’s snubbed fans on numerous occasions and he’s even publicly stated that he likely won’t respond to a fan when he’s living in his personal life. His feelings towards fan interactions are pretty much summed up in this photo as he looks on in complete disgust while waiting for his wife AJ, at the Chicago airport.

As of this writing, Punk continues to lay low with no signs indicating what his future may hold. The options seem to be simple; continue with MMA (likely not in the UFC), join an indie wrestling promotion (like New Japan), or, make an improbable return to the WWE. Inching towards his 40s, time isn’t necessarily on his side, so the time to choose is now and most fans hope that decision is a return to pro wrestling.

3 “The Banks Public Statement”

Oddly enough, one of the most over WWE females in the company isn’t the biggest fan of interaction with the people outside of the squared circle. Now, Sasha has admitted she loves meeting fans at organized events, however the same can’t be said in public situations (she hates it when fans approach her, especially at airports). This picture sums it up as the fan likely senses the wrath of her feelings as evidenced by her facial expressions.

Being a role model to so many women, the WWE likely wishes such a photo was deleted from the internet as it paints a different picture of The Boss, and one the company likely opposes given her status and popularity with the company. However, you can’t blame Sasha for being honest. If we ever see Banks at the airport, we’d hesitate to approach her that’s for darn sure given the evidence!

2 Stephanie Talking Business

The WWE hates sneaky candid pictures and that works double when it’s taken of Stephanie McMahon, one of the higher ups in the entire company. This picture features Stephanie talking some business; the situation seems to be a confidential one, and something we the fans should not be seeing. We assume the other dude in the picture is Johnny Ace, discussing something alongside Stephanie.

Stephanie (the on-screen character) has been MIA since WrestleMania. Her character was halted after she fell through a table. She hasn’t been seen since, however many believe a SummerSlam or post-SummerSlam return is most probable at this point. Making a return and going face-to-face with Kurt Angle is something the fans likely want to see, as such an encounter would likely lead to a future match involving Kurt and long-time foe, Triple H.

1 Paige & Del Rio Airport Incident

It just seems like things go from bad to worse when it comes to the relationship between Paige and Alberto Del Rio. Things reached a new low in this public situation as the two were caught in the crosshairs of a public fight. Audio was also gained from the incident. Paige was caught telling Del Rio that he was abusing her and taking drugs for the last several days. All the speculation caused quite the backlash. If that wasn’t enough, the picture above of a startled Paige put the cherry on top of this disastrous relationship and altercation.

Since the incident, the couple has been laying low. Del Rio was stripped of his championship while Paige and the WWE remain mute on their relationship. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out with most fans hoping Paige loses Del Rio, and returns back home to the WWE.

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