15 Real-Life Photos These UFC Stars Want Deleted From The Internet

When we think about the UFC, the first image that springs to a person’s mind is that of two mixed martial artists squaring off inside an octagon and getting ready to pound the hell out of each other. After that first mental image, we can start thinking about the other aspects of this sport. For example, no one can deny that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication for any of these guys to reach this level in the profession. Not only that, but it also takes a whole bunch of courage. Could you imagine getting inside an octagon and standing in front of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson without soiling yourself?

Yeah, that might be a terrifying prospect. But surprisingly enough, it is one that a lot of crazy dudes around the world beg for. A lot of those who got the chance didn’t come out the way they were expecting to, but they still got the shot they wanted.

However, as much as there is a lot about the UFC and mixed martial arts that should inspire fans to better their own lives, there is a darker side to the business. This dark side, as we could call it, is something that cannot be denied nor stopped. Just ask the NBA or the NFL. When you put so many young athletes in the same place and give them a whole bunch of money, bad stuff is bound to happen. And thanks to the Internet, a lot of these embarrassing incidents have made headlines around the world. So sit back and relax because here are 15 real-life photos these UFC stars want deleted from the Internet.

15 GSP And The King Of What?

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If you are not one of the most hardcore mixed martial arts fans, you might not know about this aspect of Georges St. Pierre’s life. GSP is, by far, one of the most folkloric mixed martial artists in history. This guy has a career record of 25 wins and only two losses. That is the kind of record only legends can boast about.

Nevertheless, like many sports legends, GSP has a part of his life that he might not be so keen on divulging. GSP even went on record to apologize for doing something a person of his star power should’ve been probably known not to do in the first place.

We are talking about when the former UFC champion sent a letter appealing for a judge to have leniency on an old friend of his, named Jimmy Cournoyer. The only problem was that this old friend is serving a 27-year prison sentence after he was found guilty of being one of the biggest suppliers of drugs to the American East Coast.

14 The Dana Effect

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In the introduction, we talked about how bad stuff tends to happen when you give a lot of money to young athletes. But when it comes to the UFC, it is not just the athletes who get involved in the shenanigans. The one person who is most notorious for having funny pictures on the Internet in the UFC is actually the guy who runs the entire show. Dana White has so many embarrassing pictures on the Internet that it would surprise even the biggest UFC fans. Perhaps the most notorious of the many photos Dana White wants deleted from the web is this little encounter he had with Ronda Rousey.

It was a big win for feminism and female athletes when the UFC first announced that they would incorporate a women’s division to the company. And while many people lauded Dana White for his initiative, they probably took a step back after seeing this gem of Dana getting a wee bit too handsy with his number one female star.

13 Dana Again

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Since we are already on the topic of Dana White, there is no reason to veer away from the subject so soon. There is a lot of Dana we would like to show you, and this little gem is a special one. Sure, feminists must have had a field day criticizing Dana after he grabbed a handful of Ronda Rousey’s behind. But then again, Dana already got payback for that.

How do you get payback for grabbing a woman’s a*s? Easy, someone will come up to you and grab your junk. Yes, this was not the most subtle of photographs to make its way into the mainstream Internet, but it is a priceless picture nonetheless.

And as odd as it might seem, this could prove to be a little redemption for Dana. Of course, it was odd to see Tiki Ghosn grabbing his boss’ private parts, but this could also prove that Dana’s “playful” relationship with his fighters spreads through both male and female divisions of the UFC.

12 Literally Mayhem

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As ridiculous as it might seem, this is one of the most hilarious pictures in the history of the UFC. It might have taken place very far from a UFC octagon, but since that smiling piece of work that was being arrested by the fully-geared SWAT officers is a former UFC fighter, we felt obligated to show you this amazing photo.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Jason “Mayhem” Miller, one of the most controversial fighters in the history of all combat sports. This guy has done stuff as ridiculous as falling asleep naked inside a church. But the infamous SWAT incident happened when the cops went to his Mission Viejo home to arrest Miller for a warrant they had in connection with domestic abuse allegations. What they didn’t expect was that the MMA star would barricade himself inside the house and live-tweet the five-hour standoff between him and SWAT officers.

11 Unfair

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This is a picture that not only the UFC would like to take away from the Internet, but the entire community of fans who love mixed martial arts would like to forget. It was heartbreaking to see a champion like Daniel Cormier crying after working so hard and eventually losing his UFC light heavyweight belt to Jon Jones after all the sweat and blood it took him to win and keep that belt in the first place.

The reason why we want this photo deleted is because his tears might’ve just been the most unfair thing in the history of mixed martial arts. After all, he did not lose a fight to a normal human being.

Cormier lost to a Jon Jones allegedly juiced up on an anabolic steroid called Turinabol. What makes matters even worse is that this was Jones’ second or third shot at coming back to the promotion after doing something stupid. We feel for Cormier, but all we can do is wait to see what measures Dana White will take.

10 The Hallman Incident

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There is not a lot to explain on this one. Plain and simple. Former UFC fighter Dennis Hallman just showed up to fight at UFC 133 wearing a Speedo. Yeah, today we are used to watching some of the best combatants in the world, like Conor McGregor, step into an octagon wearing super tight shorts and stuff like that, but the Speedo incident back in 2011 was something unprecedented.

It turns out that before that event, no particular UFC employee was tasked with checking the shorts of UFC fighters who were going to compete at any event. Who would expect that to be a problem? Either way, after Hallman stepped into that octagon wearing the tiny Speedo, Dana White had to take some precautions for the future.

The Speedo incident was made even worse because during his fight, Hallman had what we could call a wardrobe malfunction that horrified the Philadelphia crowd.

9 The Weirdest Fight

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Not only the many pictures that were taken during this most unorthodox of bouts, the UFC probably wants all of the videos that were taken from this fight to be deleted from the face of this earth as well. Seriously, if you have not seen anything about the UFC 83 encounter between Nate Quarry and Kalib Starnes, you owe it to yourself to watch that fight.

Not only the weirdest, but in that fated night back in April of 2008, what might have just been the most shameless fighting strategy in the history of mixed martial arts was presented to the world. You know how people say Floyd Mayweather runs from his opponents? Well, no one took that as seriously as Kalib Starnes. The Canadian fighter literally ran away from Nate Quarry the entire fight. Of course, when it came down to the judges’ decision, he lost the fight unanimously. Still, we have to admit that if you want to be a UFC fighter and not get hit, there is no better strategy than this one.

8 Conor And The Booty

Conor McGregor is the name on everyone’s lips, and he has been for the entire year. No mixed martial artist, not even legends like Randy Couture or Anderson Silva, ever had a chance to make as much money as the paycheck Conor was offered for the fight against Floyd “Money” Mayweather. As a matter of fact, no mixed martial artist was ever offered a chance to face a boxing champion of the magnitude of Floyd Mayweather. McGregor is indeed a pioneer when it comes to both earnings and opportunities for a mixed martial artist outside of the UFC octagon.

However, even though he might be mostly secretive about his personal life other than occasionally showing off what he buys with his money and talking about how he came from the mean streets of Ireland, there are pictures of McGregor here and there that he probably wants deleted from the Internet. One of these pictures is this gem of the champ pulling a Dana White.

7 Jon Jones Arrested

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Jon Jones could’ve been one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. This guy could literally do anything inside an octagon. He was terrifying and he destroyed anybody that ever got in his way. A testament to that is that he only has one loss in his entire career, and that loss happened because he was disqualified for throwing illegal elbows. And since we are on the subject of illegal actions, we could not make up this list without mentioning his arrest record.

The most notorious allegation on Jones’s off-the-octagon issues happened when he was accused of causing a traffic accident and running away from the scene without checking up on the occupants of the other vehicles. The big issue here is that one occupant of a vehicle involved in the accident was a pregnant woman who was injured during the whole ordeal. Jones ended up having to serve 18 months of supervised probation.

6 UFC 200

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UFC 200 was supposed to be the biggest event in the history of mixed martial arts. Everything was set for the first encounter of two of the best light heavyweights in the history of the sport as Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier were supposed to square off. Not only that, the money surrounding the event was something out of this world even for UFC parameters. Reports were saying that the payday Jones would earn, depending on how the event turned out, could reach eight figures. That is not that much compared to the nine figures Conor McGregor was set to receive in his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather. But for mixed martial arts at the time, this was ridiculous money.

Unfortunately, as fans have ever since gotten used to when it comes to Jon Jones, the event was a disappointment. And that didn’t happen because the fights were bad. It happened because the main event was actually canceled since Jones tested positive for an illegal substance and was prohibited from fighting at UFC 200.

5 The Diaz Problem

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The UFC is no stranger to fighters getting arrested for the most ridiculous of reasons. You remember that we talked about Mayhem Miller and his antics against the law. Jon Jones is another name that promptly comes to mind when the issue surfaces, but there was a third big-name mixed martial artist who had unpleasant encounters with the law.

Nick Diaz is no stranger to taking mugshots. Apparently, the older brother of McGregor rival, Nate Diaz, has been arrested multiple times for incidents as dangerous as driving under the influence. And in what was supposedly his second DUI arrest, the fighter didn't even seem concerned in his mug shot. He actually looked happier in his mugshot than most people do in their driver’s licenses. Still, this is nothing to play with since when Diaz was first arrested for a similar incident, he missed multiple court dates and ended up having to pay $25,000 in bail.

4 Rousey Party

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Hey, everyone needs to blow off steam at some point, right? How they choose to do it is also none of our business, but we couldn’t help but imagine that this is a picture Ronda Rousey does not want the world to see. The first reason for the thought is that this was probably not a picture she posted on the Internet to get a few thousand likes. It seems to have been just the opposite as this picture of Rousey during her private time has sparked way more controversy than anyone could’ve expected.

The word around the MMA and gossip forums ranges anywhere from the fact that Ronda might be gay to the idea that she could be allegedly cheating on her boyfriend with another woman. No one should have a problem with the first theory. To this day, we have only seen Ronda date guys, but if she wants to date another girl, what’s the problem? It’s her life, let her do what she wants. On the other hand, if the other conspiracy theory was correct and she was cheating on her boyfriend, that’s not cool.

3 Bye-Bye UFC

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The mixed martial arts business is a cutthroat one. But unlike many occasional fans might be led to believe, the UFC is not the only game in town. Bellator is just around the corner, and they have been picking up former UFC champions like it’s none of their business. How much do you think old-school fans would like to one day see Tito Ortiz or Randy Couture fighting for a promotion that is not the Ultimate Fighting Championship?

Well, it turns out that Dana White is not almighty when it comes to retaining the contracts of his legends. Couture was already retired and never actually fought in an official Bellator bout, but it certainly could not be easy for UFC fans to see one of their Hall of Famers coaching in the first season of the Bellator equivalent of The Ultimate Fighter, Fight Master: Bellator MMA. Nor could it have been easy to watch as Tito Ortiz started fighting in the rival promotion back in 2014.

2 Rampage Time

Since we made a point in mentioning Rampage Jackson during the introduction, why not start the list off with some of his antics. Rampage is the very definition of a guy who does not give a sh*t. Seriously, inside this man’s mind, he already helped the sport as much or even more than anyone else. And after reckoning his contribution to the game and the ridiculous growth the UFC experienced while he was still fighting, Rampage decided it was time to party.

And when we say party, we’re not talking about the kind of party you and your friends do on the weekend, even if you are the kind of crew that gets belligerently drunk and tears stuff up in nightclubs. Rampage is a different kind of party animal. And we believe you can get a good sense of what kind of party animal he is with this particular picture. But hey, with a 37-12 professional record, this guy could do anything he wants.

1 The Knockout

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It is always sad to see a long-standing reign go down the drain. Unfortunately for Ronda Rousey, that is what happened on November 15, 2015.

UFC 193 was supposed to be just another walk in the park for the champion who had retained her UFC title for six consecutive fights and was going into the seventh expecting another clean victory. As you all know, the way that fight panned out was not what the majority of the MMA community was expecting.

Holly Holm connected one of the most beautiful head kicks in the history of the women’s division of the UFC and knocked the champion out cold. If that wasn’t enough, the following fight in which Ronda tried to regain her belt, this time facing Brazilian striker Amanda Nunes who had just defeated Holm, the former UFC bantamweight champion was knocked out again, this time in just 48 seconds.

As the picture that represents the start of her career’s decline, we can confidently say that Ronda would very much like to see this photo deleted from the web.

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