15 Rare Photos Of Miley Cyrus Being Tame, But Still Hot AF

Who hasn't loved Miley Cyrus during at least some part of her rise to fame? Back in her Hannah Montana days she was loved by teens and parents, and was seen as one of the biggest child stars Disney ev

Who hasn't loved Miley Cyrus during at least some part of her rise to fame? Back in her Hannah Montana days she was loved by teens and parents, and was seen as one of the biggest child stars Disney ever saw. Then she went on to become one of the wildest, hottest sex symbols of pop culture.

First, Miley conquered Disney fame and soon grew into an adult, who couldn't be tamed. Then came the 2013 VMAs and Bangerz! Miley's shock factor soared through the roof with just one twerking performance! In fact, she became so wild, so fast, that it seemed like she skipped a few steps in between. It's actually hard to find tame photos of adult Miley Cyrus since her image changed so fast! The bad girl game is hot, and it did skyrocket her career as an adult, but sometimes Miley is even hotter without her tongue hanging out.

Actually, she can be way hotter without all the twerking, gyrating and sucking. They're rare, but here are a few good photos that were found in between the shocking moments. Some that are both sexy and serene. Enjoy 15 photos of Miley Cyrus being tame, but still hot AF!

15 A Dip in the Pool

Via: Pinterest

This photo was taken when Miley was in Miami with her BFF/assistant Cheyne Thomas. The couple appeared to be seriously close at some points during their vacation in 2012. It has been rumored that there was a little more between the two besides a mere BFF/employee relationship. In this pic however, Miley looked quite tame as she stepped out of the pool. Not only that, but she also looked hot AF in her bikini!

14 Miley Being Miley

Via: StupidDope

This photo is a rare example of the milder side of Miley being Miley. You can see the attitude written on her face, yet her tongue isn't out yet, and she's not twerking. At least not at that moment! This was one of a few that were taken at the studio of famed photographer, Terry Richardson. There were a string of candid shots taken that day, but this was the tame one.

13 Daisy Dukes

Via: Got Celeb

If anyone could look hot in the garage, it would have to be Miley! Just look at her sweet face, gorgeous smile, and smokin' body! Who said a girl had to be in a bikini or less to be a car model? An even better question would be, does Miley really need to be wild to look hot? Most definitely not from the look of this photo. She posted it on Twitter in 2012, when she was just 19.

12 Provocative, But Relatively Tame

Via: YouTube

I guess you could say that Miley's appearance in the music video for 23 by Mike Will Made-It was the beginning of the end for the tame Miley. It's true that she had progressed from being tame long before, but this is about where the twerking began. Not that Miley twerking is a bad thing!

11 Glamour Girl

Via: Marie Claire

10 Elegant Miley

Via: Zimbio

In 2015, Miley Cyrus arrived to attend the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2015 Womenswear Collection Presentation looking very elegant, yet smokin' hot! Everything about her look that night was toned down from the wild, party chick that we've all grown accustomed to seeing. In fact, she appears downright tame. Cyrus' makeup is lighter than usual giving her a slight glow. Her hair is brushed down smooth instead of kinky and out of control. The dress is super elegant, but still super sexy!

9 Can't Be Tamed

Via: Twitter

This photo is from Miley Cyrus' album cover for Can't Be Tamed. She was still a few months from turning eighteen when it was released. You can tell she was trying to shake the Hannah Montana image, but she wasn't quite there yet! Nobody was ready to accept the new Miley, who was attempting to trade the Disney look for what would eventually become a tongue flicking, twerking musical artist. Still, you can already see the fierce look in her eyes.

8 Dime Piece

Via: Pinterest

Miley can be wild, beautiful, tame, or just plain hot AF! Whatever look she has, there is no denying that she is a definitely a dime! I don't care if her crop top hoodie is talking about the retail store. It's notably just stating the obvious, which is that the woman wearing it is no less than a ten. The yoga pants match and go with her top nicely as well.

7 Back to Nature

via:Illuminati Gossip

Miley out hiking in 2015! Could she do anything tamer or hotter than that? She is wearing a sports bra and what appears to be some baggy low-cut, cutoff jogging pants. Her abs look amazing and it's apparent that she has no makeup on, but does she even need it? Nope. There aren't many stars who look this hot without it.

6 Yoga In Lace

This photo of Miley is one out of many, from a shoot with Brian Bowen Smith. It was taken in 2011, just after Miley's eighteenth birthday. I'm not sure if this is ballet or yoga, but Miley sure is flexible either way. The lace leotard gives her a hot look, but she also looks peaceful and serene. She still has her long beautiful locks.

5 Looking At You

Via: Marie Claire

In 2015, Miley Cyrus did another cover shoot and interview with Marie Claire. If anything came out of this particular interview, it's that Miley personality while being candid is totally infectious! She has these gorgeous blue eyes that are impossible to look away from.

4 Gypsy Heart Tour

Via: YouTube

This is 18-year-old Miley Cyrus on her Gypsy Heart tour! She was just breaking out of the Disney image, but wasn't quite accepted by her old fans or new. Miley had just released Can't Be Tamed the year before. Boy! She wasn't kidding around with that title, now was she?

3 Back In The Pool

In 2013, Miley had a super fun weekend in Vegas! The sexy singer was fresh off of her Wrecking Ball performance at the iHeart Radio Music Festival. Miley and Liam had recently split and maybe all she needed was a tame, low key vacation, which included some furry friends. This photo is only one from the trip, but in others Miley was enjoying the company of a monkey from a Vegas show named Don. Yes, you heard that right! Her date was a monkey!

2 Saturday Night Live

Via: Got Celeb

This is a rare photo of a tame, but hot Miley Cyrus taken as a promo for when she appeared on Saturday Night Live! This was back in 2011 and Cyrus still had her shiny long locks. She looks stunning with light shades of makeup on and no tongue in sight. It appears as if Miley might be looking down at her own cleavage, before she started showing it all.

1 The Wrecking Ball

Via: NY Daily News

Miley Cyrus might have shocked us all when she performed at the infamous 2013 VMAs, but the shock value did nothing except catapult her career. Miley's name was on everyone's lips and social media went into a frenzy. However, it was still the music video for Wrecking Ball that sealed the deal. Miley was definitely all grown up and the tame moments from here on out were few and far between.

Miley has claimed that Bangerz was based largely on her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. Although, it seems appropriate for Miley in other ways too because she came in like a wrecking ball and broke records. That video was viewed over 19 million times and that's just counting the first day of release! This photo of Miley swinging on the wrecking ball isn't so rare, but it's pretty tame when you consider the part where she was swinging on it nude.

Miley Cyrus is funny, gorgeous and smart. She loves getting our attention using any means necessary. Twerking, tongue flapping, gyrating and of course, her intimacy props. We love her wild side too, but chill Miley is still hot AF!

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15 Rare Photos Of Miley Cyrus Being Tame, But Still Hot AF