15 Rare Photos Of Gorgeous Celebs Before They Made It Huge

You're going to recognize, and probably love every celebrity that we are about to talk about. They're some of the biggest stars in the world, such as Lena Headey, Kaley Cuoco, and Gal Gadot. But we also have some legendary actresses from the 90s like Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Though Aniston isn't the only actress from Friends that makes an appearance!

Regardless of when their time in the spotlight was the brightest, all 15 of these women are absolutely gorgeous. And regardless on if you've seen (or like!) their work or not, you're going to love getting to look at them prior to their big break in Hollywood.

In some cases like Kate Upton, you may also be left shocked at how different...certain aspects of her body looked prior to her career taking off.

Several of these photos go back decade helping also prove points like yes, Sofia Vergara looks gorgeous in her 40s but she was also incredibly attractive when she was younger as well.

These are some of the rarest and most captivating photos of these women prior to their big break, which means that even if you've seen these women 100 times (though why not make it 101!), these are photos that you may have never seen before.


15 Courteney Cox

Do you want to see a television series where Monica..I mean Courteney Cox plays a misfit superhero? Of course, you do! Which means you may not only love the above photo we have that is taken of Cox in the 80s, you may also now go check out the series Misfits of Science which the photo was taken for.

The series only ran for 16 episodes, but it's definitely weird to see a young version of Cox that predates her role on Friends. To Cox's credit, she has worked hard to have a successful career after leaving Central Perk including the series Cougar Town running for 101 episodes.

Cox may have had some great success in her career, but it looks like it may be all but over as she has no upcoming projects.

14 Britney Spears


There wouldn't be anyone out there that would blame you if you think Britney Spears is still one of the most captivating celebrities in Hollywood. A mother of two, Spears works hard on making sure she stays in excellent shape. And when you consider the amount of energy that goes into putting on a concert, something she is plenty used to, you can understand that staying in shape is also a necessity!

Looking at the above photo of a much younger Spears and it may become even clearer why she has been considered one of the biggest sex symbols of all-time. Thankfully for Spears fans, it looks like her time in front of the camera is far from over.

13 Kaley Cuoco

There is no doubt that Kaley Cuoco will continue to remain in the public spotlight for the foreseeable future. Her show, The Big Bang Theory, is still one of the most watched series' and even if you don't love the nerdy jokes, we're sure you love getting to look at Kaley Cuoco.

The above photo of Cuoco, however, is definitely taken long before she ever stepped foot in the role of Penny. We're sure younger Cuoco could never imagine the amount of success she has had.

Outside of succeeding on The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco also had a role on the series 8 Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter.

12 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood. She has appeared in several different blockbusters, such as the Hunger Games and the still ongoing X-Men saga. Not to mention having other roles like American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook; the latter of which she won an Oscar for Best Actress. There are also several films coming out in the near future starring Lawrence including Mother! which is written and directed by her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.

Adding to Lawrence's celebrity "legacy" also includes time her name (and body) were everywhere after her privacy was violated and intimate photos were released. The above photo that we dug up predates all of that, but we're sure helps explain why Lawrence went on to become such a star.

11 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the many celebrities on our list who may currently be getting up there in age, but are still considered absolute knockouts. And while you may be speechless if JLH in 2017 decided to step in front of the camera for a sexy photo shoot, you may also be over the moon with the photo that we selected from a much younger JLH.

Unfortunately, JLH's time in Hollywood appears to be done as she hasn't acted since 2015, but she left no shortage of television series' to check her out in including Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, and The Client List.

That being said, she also started acting at a very young age, so who can blame for her taking a break!

10 Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston may perhaps be the most recognizable star from the series Friends. She's continuing to pump out more films, even if they aren't the best, and when it comes to talking about who the sexiest of the series was; Aniston also often comes out on top.

The above photo, however, was reportedly taken back in 1990, which predated her time in Friends by several years. That time in her career was filled with disappointment as several of her television shows failed to get off the ground, including an attempted spin-off based on the movie Ferris Bueller.

If you love the horror comedy genre, you also want to make sure you check out the film Leprechaun which starred Aniston and released in 1993.

9 Pamela Anderson

There are several celebrities in Hollywood that have gone under the knife and significantly altered parts of their body. There is no argument that Anderson is one of those celebrities. But with the above photo, it looks like it was taken prior to her trips to the doctor. Which also may make you believe that she looked far more beautiful there then after she threw money at her body.

Anderson elected to have her artificial enhancements removed in 1999, saying in an interview,

"I just wanted my body to return to a natural state. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m very happy with my decision.”


8 Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie appeared in some projects that had minimal success but really made her big break into Hollywood when the film Girl, Interrupted came out in 1999. The role led to her winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and paved the way for a career that has made Jolie one of the most talked about celebrities of all time.

This was far from the healthiest time of her life though, as Jolie was battling an addiction to several drugs at the time.

While you may have gotten tired of reading all about Angelina Jolie and her relationship with Brad Pitt (and subsequent divorce), we're sure you are never going to get tired of staring at Jolie!

7 Lena Headey

The above photo may be shocking just because you aren't used to seeing Lena Headey outside of Westeros! But Headey has been acting since 1992, meaning she had definitely put in plenty of work before landing the role of a lifetime.

Outside of Game of Thrones, Headey has also appeared in the film 300 (and the subsequent sequel), Dredd and The Purge. And just in case that's not enough, she also played Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles but the series was canceled after 31 episodes.

Headey will be teaming up with Dwayne Johnson in 2018 for the film Fighting With My Family. IMDb describes the film as, "A former wrestler and his family makes a living performing at small venues around the country, while his kids dream of joining World Wrestling Entertainment."

Can understand why Johnson got the call!

6 Gal Gadot


Gal Gadot is definitely at the peak of her career at the moment. People thought Wonder Woman may be a good movie, but few expected the monumental success that the film has had. But while Gadot may be able to turn your head at the age of 32, the above photo was taken when she was 18 years old.

As you can perhaps tell by what is going on in the photo, it was taken when Gadot was competing to win the title of Miss Universe. A pageant she was entered in after she won the title of Miss Israel.

While her days of pageants are long behind her, we're sure Gadot could still win some contests such as the sexiest woman alive awarded by Esquire magazine!

5 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is now 45 years old but she is still considered to be one of the best looking celebrities in Hollywood. So you can imagine getting to turn the clock back a few decades, as we did with the above photo, is going to make her look perhaps even more amazing.

Especially when you consider we chose a photo of her wearing a swimsuit! Though it's not like the current-day Vergara is any stranger to wearing clothing that shows off the various parts of her body.

Vergara may be easy on the eyes, but if you want to check out her next role it's in the animated film The Emoji Movie.

4 Isla Fisher


Isla Fisher has had several roles in which she's left you stunned with how gorgeous she is. But on top of being good looking, Fisher is also hilarious, a talent she has put on display in films such as Wedding Crashers. But her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, has perhaps made you laugh even more with his characters such as Borat and Bruno.

In the above photo, however, it looks like Fisher is the one who got to play dress-up in her nurse outfit. While it's not clear on if she's at a Halloween party or not, it definitely looks like it was taken quite a while ago.

We're sure if Cohen and Fisher decide to appear at a future Hollywood Halloween party that they would garner plenty of attention.

3 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. She has completely played down her good looks in past roles, like in Monster which won her an Academy Award but is definitely going to be looking seductive in her latest role Atomic Blonde. On top of kicking some serious ass in the film, it is also reported that Theron will bare it all.

While it's not the first time the audience will get to take a look at Theron's birthday suit, we're sure it won't make this occasion any less exciting. The above photo that seems to have been taken several years ago definitely highlights Theron's good looks.

2 Lindsay Lohan


Now if we're going to be completely fair, Lindsay Lohan "made it huge" at an incredibly young age after she appeared in Parent Trap. But the photos we have for you above are at the very least taken far before the drugs and partying became a focal point of her life. They also serve as a reminder as to a time when Lohan was considered one of the most beautiful celebrities. Her good looks may explain why a sex list of Lohan's past lovers emerged featuring several high-profile male celebrities!

Lohan was destined for an early exit from life but thankfully seems to have started putting the pieces of her life back together after taking some time away from the spotlight of Hollywood.

1 Kate Upton

Kate Upton is one of the most beautiful models in the industry. She looks good in anything, but perhaps Upton is most known for outfits that put some of her more prominent assets on clear display. Which may be why you're shocked at the above photo of a young Upton who seems much less developed.

While Upton has never come out one way or the other when talking about the 'authenticity' of her chest, perhaps this photo will leave you with some questions.

Upton is looking to expand on her career in a big way in the near future as she stars in the upcoming film The Layover alongside Alexandra Daddario.

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