15 Rare Party Pics These WWE Stars Didn't Want To Take

All the way back to the 80s, 90s and even, the early 2000s, partying was an essential way of life if you were in the wrestling business. Following a show, every town had a hotspot that the wrestlers would go to. It was usually a bar-type of place. Slowly but surely, that mindset started to change. The likes of Edge and Christian changed that mentality as they preferred a good night's rest instead of a night out boozing. It was frowned upon back in the day, but now, it’s what’s expected of the talent. This doesn’t mean wrestlers don’t have fun, but during a Live Monday or Tuesday schedule, they're likely driving to the next destination and going to bed instead of having a night out. With professionalism at an all-time high, this is the new norm.

In this article however, we go against the norm and celebrate some of the very best party pictures of all time. Looking back, we believe most of the wrestlers probably wish they could have these photos back. We include both wrestlers of today (such as Finn Balor, Nikki Bella and Enzo Amore), and also include wrestlers of the past (such as CM Punk, The Undertaker and Sunny).

Enjoy the article and we highly recommend you pass this on to a friend. Here are 15 rare candid pictures these WWE Superstars did not want to take. Let’s begin with a throwback pic from a flirtatious Nikki Bella!


15 Nikki Grinds Away On Punk

For the fanbase that despises CM Punk, his dating resume will likely make you hate the guy that much more. Punk has dated a slew of women from the wrestling scene, whether it be from the indie circuit or the WWE. Former WWE Divas he hooked up with in the past include Beth Phoenix, Mickie James (rumored), Maria Kanellis, Lita and of course his current wife, AJ Lee.

Fans hope this picture is just a playful shot from back in the day as Punk and Nikki get their grind on. According to various reports, Bella was a bit of a wild child back in the day when she entered the WWE pipelines through FCW in 2007. Bella enjoyed the party aspect of the company, however, that would slowly subside and once she met John, her party days became much more few and far between.

14 Finn, Sami and Zack


For the modern day WWE fan, it certainly doesn’t get much better than this picture which features three top of the line talents. Looking at their unique skill sets, the last thing you’d expect to see is the three of them out boozing it up, especially Finn who looks like he hasn’t consumed a carb in years. However, even the cream of the crop can enjoy a drink every now and then.

The three indie legends are all separated at the moment but likely still keep in touch. Balor is over on Raw trying to maintain his upper card status while Sami is over on SmackDown trying to establish himself as a big time player. As for Sabre Jr. he wisely left the company following the CWC Tournament as he continues to dominate the indies. Looking at the state of the Cruiserweight Division, we applaud Zack for his decision.

13 Taker Partying?

Undertaker entered the WWE back in 1990 as a talented big man. His gimmick wasn’t supposed to work as it did and somehow, someway, decades later we’re still celebrating it. What’s most remarkable is ‘Taker’s unwavering commitment to the character portrayal. When ‘Taker commits to his persona, you never see him undergoing any type of shoot interview which only adds to the brilliance of the character. The only public interviews he’s taken on in the past were during his American Bad A*s days like when he appeared on Off The Record over in Canada.

The picture you see above is a rarity and just doesn’t seem right as The Undertaker is out with a suit. A couple of other pictures from ‘Takers' 90s run also exist online as he’s boozing away with some of his other peers, including Stone Cold. However, nothing compares to this shot particularly because of the fact that he’s seen in a full blown suit.

12 Enzo & His NXT Friends


This picture is truly awesome as it shows Enzo Amore in the spotlight while Carmella and Bayley look on in the background. What they seem to be looking at is TV-14 or even R rated and not PG friendly, however, we won’t go there. Finn’s face in the background is also classic as he stands next to his good buddy Bayley. The two have been romantically linked together for quite some time, however, we can finally lay those speculations to rest as both are currently in relationships.

Great to see the four together as they all enjoyed great runs down in NXT. Carmella actually seems to be enjoying the biggest push out of the four as the rumor mill believes she’ll get a shot at the Women’s Championship very soon. As for Bayley, we hope to see her main roster run over on Raw improve as she’s been haunted by some terrible writing thus far.

11 More Nikki

Another Nikki Bella shot she’d likely love to take back. This time, the guy she’s grinding away on is former WWE talent Carlito. Remember that guy? He had so much potential, but at the end of the day, his lack of desire cost him his career on the big stage. Anyway, back to the picture. Punk is now waiting on the sidelines for his second turn as Nikki gets low. Jeff Hardy is also present in the picture, seriously though, the guy looks exactly the same as he does today. The same can be said for his in-ring ability as he just recently dived off the top of a cage pulling off a Whisper in the Wind to perfection. Man, is he ever something else to watch.

Again, the picture seems playful in nature but at the end of the day, both Nikki and her man John, would rather such a photo wasn’t made public.

10 Marty & Sunny


For the long-time 90s WWE fan, boy is this picture ever a treat. These two were big time stars in the 90s as Marty enjoyed big time fame in the early portion of the decade, while Sunny became a household name in the mid to late 1990s.

Following their WWE releases, both fell off the rails pretty badly. Sunny has been arrested while being in and out of rehab facilities. The same thing has happened to Marty, as he continues to struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse. It seems like Sunny is finally getting some proper treatment as last we checked, the WWE Hall of Famer checked into a rehab house over in New York. As for Marty, he still struggles showing disdain for the WWE due to the fact that he hasn’t been inducted into the HOF yet.

9 Brie Mode Engage

Like sister Nikki, Brie also has a wild side which has a name believe it or not, 'Brie Mode'. When she gets into 'Brie Mode', look out, because things could get very wild. We saw a glimpse of it on an episode of Total Divas as Brie took down countless shots alongside Paige. From dancing on top of the bar to spilling shots everywhere, we can safely say Brie was full on 'Brie Mode' that night.

Nowadays, things are very different as Bella enjoys motherhood back home alongside her man Daniel Bryan. The two finally welcomed a beautiful daughter, something the couple has been planning for quite some time. Bella admitted that she wishes to return to the WWE at some point in the future, but for now, her commitment is to raise a healthy child; Birdie Joe Danielson.


8 Mickie & Kenny


Despite the fact that Mickie only spent five years on the main roster, she caused quite the stir both in the ring and behind the scenes. Inside of the squared circle, James was a brilliant talent and one the WWE thought could have replaced Trish Stratus as the dominant babyface act. She won five Women’s Championships during her run along with a Divas Title reign.

Backstage, things also went downhill and ultimately, it hurt her career. As you see in the picture above, James was romantically linked to Kenny of the Spirit Squad. However, things would go south in the relationship as James was hooking up with Cena. It caused a breakup between the two, and her new relationship wouldn’t fair all that much better as Cena’s refusal to go public with Mickie caused a rift between the two. In order to protect Cena, James would go down in card status and later, get released by the company. Thankfully, it didn’t tarnish her legacy and she’s now rewriting her wrongs during her second run.

7 The Miz & His Boys

Although this is a private picture from Miz’s real life wedding to Maryse, you just can’t help but to enjoy the awesomeness of the shot (no pun intended). The notable faces alongside Miz in the photo include Dolph Ziggler (his alleged rival), Alex Riley (the dude Cena hated), Zack Ryder (seriously where the hell has he been?) and Johnny Mundo aka John Morrison (Miz’s former tag partner).

It was a special day for The Miz that was filled with lots of love and likely lots alcohol. The duo would not only thrive that day, but bring that momentum into the ring as Maryse would end up returning last year, playing the role of Miz’s manager. Since her return, one can argue that The Miz has been the best natural heel in the company and he has his wife to thank for that.

6 Kristal, Layla & Candice


All three of the women you see in the picture above came through the WWE Diva Search pipeline. This was during the old WWE mentality back in the early 2000s when they used beauty as the main criteria in selecting a female WWE Superstar. Layla and Candice would actually gradually improve in the ring over time and it lead to some championship victories for both. As for Kristal, her run wasn’t as memorable as she was more of a personality during her stint which was mostly remembered for Marshall’s romantic relationship on-screen alongside Theodore Long. Boy, was it ever a different time.

All the women you see in the party picture above are now completely out of the business. Both Candice and Layla have moved on with Layla enjoying the married life, while Michelle happily raises her family away from the spotlight.

5 Hornswoggle & Jack Going Hard

This is a duo many WWE fans wouldn’t expect to see together out boozing it up, as Hornswoggle is likely ending somebody’s night with that awful bottle shot, while Swagger just looks on loving every minute of it.

Hard to believe both are now gone from the WWE. Hornswoggle was released by the company for failing the Wellness Policy. He was also said to be a bully backstage if you can believe it. The likes of Brodus Clay made the claim and it was rather shocking. As for Jack, he had loads of potential but that was squandered due to his lack of charisma. He recently decided to part ways with the WWE and he’s now taken his talents on the indie scene, recently competing in a match with another WWE alum, Alberto Patron, aka, Alberto Del Rio.

4 Cody’s Tired


Speaking of Superstars that recently left the WWE, we continue with that trend as we feature Cody Rhodes in this forgettable shot, as he seems to be down for the three count. Another notable in the photo is Joey Mercury who looks insanely young. Mercury is still with the WWE nowadays working behind the scenes.

As for Cody, he decided to bet on his talent, leaving the company for good. Rhodes was frustrated with his creative direction and he finally opted out of the WWE. He’s made the most of his opportunity since leaving the company, working for just about every prominent indie promotion out there. He was even added to the list of names that joined the prestigious Bullet Club faction. He’ll likely return to the company at some point, but for now, he’s enjoying his creative freedoms away from McMahon’s empire.

3 Mahoney, The Edge Heads & A Familiar Looking Dude

This is another vintage picture featuring the late ECW legend Balls Mahoney who spent a brief amount of time with the WWE in the 90s and later, the 2000s. He sadly passed away in April of 2016, due to a heart attack; he was only 44. The others featured in the picture include a young looking pair of Edgeheads and another familiar face.

That familiar face happens to be Luke Gallows. Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t recognize him, cause not even Vince McMahon himself remembers. Gallows had a previous WWE run under the portrayal of Festus. As you probably know, it wasn’t impactful at all and easily forgettable. To his credit, Gallows resurfaced his name on the indie scene and he did such a good job that most fans hardly remembered his terrible first WWE run.

2 The Hardys, Bellas And Rey


This picture is truly iconic, however, it does feature an unmasked face that would make it a pic the WWE Superstar wouldn’t want you to see. Of course, the person we’re talking about is Mysterio, as he’s front and center for the picture. Matt also looks extremely comfortable as he has Brie in a chokehold, while Nikki appears to be in a bit of a bear hug. Jeff looks on casually, while WWE referee Mike Chioda is seen in the background loving life with his hands in the air. After decades of being in the company, it seems like the ref made it with the cool kids.

As for Rey, he continues to be gone from the big company. Rey is enjoying a tame schedule at the moment, along with training his son to be a future wrestler in the business.

1 Hunter And Steph Share A Moment

When it comes to the private lives of Triple H and Stephanie, we really haven’t seen all that much aside from their crazy work ethic. This is a rare shot of the two as they enjoy a moment together back in the day, a couple of years ago when Hunter was just making the jump from in the ring to a more corporate position. The picture shows just how in love the couple really are, as Stephanie playfully latches onto Hunter’s tie while he looks on with nothing but love. It’s truly a great picture of the two, but due to how private they’ve been about their personal life, it’s likely one they didn’t want us to see.

When Vince’s time in the sun ends, we can expect these two, to guide the WWE into the future. Looking at their recent work, the company is in good hands.

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