15 Rare Behind The Scenes Pics These Wrestlers Want You To Forget About

Oh, the wrestling business! Whether it pertains to the on-screen product or what goes on behind the scenes, fans of the business always have something to talk about. In this article, we take a unique approach by featuring certain photos these wrestlers likely want us to forget about.

The bulk of the piece takes a look at current real-life rivals posing for a picture together in the past, when things were okay. We also feature some other photos of wrestlers partaking in forgettable acts, like public intoxication or even, a former romantic relationship. We truly have it all in this article so buckle up, it's sure to be a bumpy ride!

From a recent shot featuring Wyatt and JoJo entering an arena together, to Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan awkwardly chatting alongside one another backstage, these pictures are regrettable for most of the Superstars involved. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend, they’ll likely be just as shocked as you are looking at some of these rare backstage images. So without further ado, here are 15 rare behind the scenes pics these wrestlers want you to forget about. We start the article off with a recent cringe situation! Let’s get started, ring the bell timekeeper!

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15 Xavier Woods & Paige

Yo Big E, let’s just keep it PG. You know what’s good, just don’t get all Rated-R like your boy Xavier Woods.

That recent quote was dropped by The Usos on an episode of SmackDown during a rap battle between the champs and The New Day. The crowd was shocked such a diss was dropped as it was the first time the incident between Paige and Xavier was mentioned on WWE television. The company swiftly edited out the line later.

For both Xavier and Paige, it’s a moment they likely want us to forget about. This rare behind the scenes picture is just a reminder that the two were in fact close at one point. Both have moved on nowadays, specifically Paige who’s romantically involved with Alberto Del Rio. For both sides, it’s best such a rare image is forgotten about.

14 Bray & JoJo Spotted Together

Bray and JoJo made headlines recently for an alleged affair scandal that rocked the world of sports entertainment. Wyatt, who was not only married, also has children. Bray’s ex-wife ended up filing for divorce once she found out about the affair and the reason for the separation was revealed on the divorce document.

Well, it seems like whatever was going on between the two is likely continuing as the young ring announcer and Bray were recently spotted together coming out of a rental car. It isn’t the first time the young JoJo is implicated with a WWE Superstar, she even had a past fling with company megastar Randy Orton. As of right now, it’s best the two lay low for a little while, and avoid getting such pictures being snapped, which will only add fuel to the fire, something the WWE does not want.

13 Batista Partying It Up

Although Batista is fondly remembered as one of the most successful WWE stars of the 2000s, his trajectory was never supposed to go as such. The WCW Power Plant told the Animal he’d never make it due to his older age. He overcame the odds and his addition in the Evolution faction was his ticket to big time success.

However, behind the scenes, Batista struggled big time as the fame got to his head. Batista’s personal life was in shambles as he began to live the life of a “s*x addict”, something he referred to himself as being. This picture is clearly something he wants us to forget about as it shows s a time that The Animal wasn’t really himself. Thankfully, he can now put those demons in the past as he continues on with his successful Hollywood career.

12 Rey Mysterio Unmasked

Rey Mysterio was one of the few wrestlers that understood how important his mask was to not only his identity, but his overall success. WCW made the awful decision to unmask him at one point and thankfully, once he joined the WWE, the mask was back on full-time as Vince was well aware how crucial it was. Mysterio thrived in the ring as not only an upper-card act, but a merchandise selling machine as well. For that reason, his WWE departure was very hard to swallow by the company.

Nowadays, Mysterio is enjoying a limited schedule which includes meet and greets, indie shows, and the training of his son Domenic. He still keeps the mask on, however in this throwback shot, we get a rare glimpse of Mysterio back in 2014 without the mask alongside Mr. T.

11 Bret Hart & Hulk Hogan

Hate him or love him, you’ve got to respect Bret Hart for his honesty over the last couple of decades. Bret doesn’t sugarcoat anything, typically telling us exactly how he feels about a certain individual. One wrestler Hart has bashed constantly throughout the years is one Hulk Hogan.

The heat between the two began way back in the early 90s when Hogan refused to put Bret over. Things would just get worse in WCW. The picture you see above is a rare glimpse of Bret, Hogan and Vince all together during the early 90s at the heat of Bret’s rise to the top, while Hogan desperately tried to hang on. Bret still remains bitter over his time with Hogan, making this a picture he likely wants us to forget about. Poor Hulk just can’t catch a break...

10 Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo

Hard to believe these two worked together at one point in time. The results were disastrous as Russo sunk WCW even further than Bischoff ever did. Without McMahon’s guidance, Russo’s ideas failed to connect with the fanbase (to put it nicely).

Following the death of WCW, the two have taken jabs at each other time and time again. Till this day, the two remain bitter rivals and discuss their separate hatred for working with one another via various Podcasts. Now Bischoff’s hate isn’t compared to Jim Cornette’s, but still, the two remain very far apart.

This is without a doubt a rare shot from their WCW days that both these men want to forget about. It explains everything that was wrong with the company and clearly, Vince Russo is still living in the past discussing the reasons as to why he failed so badly at the position. It’s not rocket science, Vince.....

9 The Bo Dallas Arrest

Poor Bo Dallas still can’t catch a break. He’s been on the main roster for a couple of years now, but has yet to scratch the surface. When you think of Dallas you generally think of three things; one, his family. Two, his NXT run and three, the time he got wasted in public at an airport. The third part is likely something he wants us to forget about, however.

It was Bo’s second arrest as he was also clipped with a DUI back in February of 2012. However, it didn’t make the news like his recent public intoxication arrest that took place last year in September of 2016. Bo was arrested at the Dallas, Texas airport. To make matters worse, onlookers caught the entire ordeal and it was posted by TMZ for all of us to see.

8 Maria Before Mike

Mike and Maria Kanellis are currently working over on the blue brand. Something many fans tend to forget however, is the fact that this isn’t Maria’s first romantic wrestling-related relationship. Back in 2005, she dated CM Punk for a couple of years after the two met down in OVW. They split amicably, and Maria shows no ill will towards Punk, calling the break up a healthy one. However, given her new found happiness, she’d rather such a picture stay in the past.

She’d go on to meet indie wrestler Mike Bennett in 2011. Three years later, the duo got married in autumn of 2014. The two have worked wonders on the indie scene as a heel act, so much so that they caught the attention of the WWE, the couple has a bright future with Vince’s company.

7 Matt Hardy & Edge

This picture is still difficult to digest given the past these two have endured. The former good friends got caught in quite the situation after it was revealed that Edge and Lita were hooking up behind Matt’s back while he served his injury. Friends turned into enemies, and the entire story was rather cringe-worthy especially due to the fact that it played out on television.

It’s great to know that the problem is now in the past as Matt has stated he forgave Edge. Even Edge speaks glowingly about Matt, recently making the claim that his “Broken” persona would work wonders with the WWE. We’re happy things ended up working out for the former friends; however, such a picture is still rather edgy knowing everything they went through. We assume both would prefer to put such photos in the past and move forward.

6 Marty Being Marty

The film The Wrestler was quite sad and it did give us a look at the life of a certain performer once their time in the spotlight is up. Many of them refuse to work normal jobs and instead, try to stay in the spotlight by working with an independent promotion or attending meet and greets on the regular.

For Marty, this is the path he took. Jannetty hasn’t been relevant in mainstream wrestling since the 90s, yet at 57, he still keeps the dream alive appearing at various shows and meet and greets. Along with that, he’s undergone some severe personal demons and this picture clearly demonstrates that as Jannetty was caught during ‘Mania weekend by a fan walking in the pond of a hotel lobby. It’s just another forgettable part of Marty’s post WWE life.

5 The Queen’s Mugshot

Perhaps not even her father the Nature Boy, could have predicted how easily Charlotte would pick up the art of pro wrestling. Despite entering the business in 2012, she’s got the instincts of a true natural ring general. Already a five-time champion, Charlotte has a huge chance to match her father’s legacy as one of the greatest of all-time. As of right now, there is no better female than The Queen in the WWE.

Long before she joined the company however, Charlotte has some dirt she’d likely want us to forget about, including a couple of divorces. However, what transpired in 2008 was pretty bad as she posed for the mugshot you see above for assaulting an officer. She faced a month and a half of prison-time but thankfully, she avoided that. Looking at her current status, she wants to keep such a photo in the past.

4 Chris Jericho & Kelly Kelly

This picture started a firestorm online as Jericho and Kelly were heavily linked outside of the squared circle. Despite the age difference, the two were caught together in several instances whether it was out at a bar, or riding into an arena together. What was truly alarming about the ordeal was the fact that Jericho was a happily married family man since 2000, tying the knot with (now long-time wife) Jessica Lockhart. The situation eventually blew over, and thankfully, it didn’t tarnish Y2J’s legacy. Without a doubt, he wants to keep such a picture (and allegations) in the past.

As for Kelly, she was recently linked to a return, although that now seems like a thing of the past. Kelly is more so remembered for her backstage antics than what she gave inside of the squared circle.

3 Brie Without Daniel

This picture might be hard to digest for some fans, as Brie is without her man Daniel Bryan. This is something that is forgotten about; but yes, Bella did have a previous relationship before Daniel with a rocker. Back in the day, Brie dated Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen. She hasn’t spoken much about the relationship, and in all likelihood, it’s something she wants to keep in the past.

Of course, she would end up meeting Bryan and by April of 2014, the couple was married. They recently welcomed in a new addition to their family with the birth of Birdie Joe Danielson, born on May 9th, 2017. The couple is living a happy life nowadays as Brie continues her hiatus away from the squared circle, while Daniel continues in a non-wrestling role for the time being as the acting GM of SmackDown.

2 Stephanie McMahon & AJ Lee

Unlike her father and husband, rarely did Stephanie get attacked by former WWE stars. One exception however, was former Divas Champion AJ Lee, who took a shot at Stephanie via Twitter demanding equal women’s rights in the WWE. Stephanie sarcastically thanked Lee for her comments.

AJ left the WWE shortly after, while Stephanie grew in power. Since Lee departed, the Women’s Division has been on the upswing with more relevant in-ring female talents than ever before. It remains to be seen if AJ will ever return to the company, however, one big elephant remains in the room and that’s her lackluster relationship with the boss, Stephanie McMahon. For both Lee and McMahon, this is a forgettable picture of the two seated alongside one another. And hey, that’s Cody Rhodes, the dude that traded in his outdated WWE face paint for an ROH World Championship.

1 Triple H & CM Punk

This is another shot everyone involved likely wants to forget about, including Shawn Michaels, because well, Hunter’s his boy and stuff. Truly remarkable that HBK and Hunter mocked Punk during his WWE tryout calling him an indie mark. Years later, that same dude was carrying the WWE’s ship.... Ironic, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, things would go south when Punk wasn’t given a ‘Mania main event match and he ended up walking out of the company. He voiced his frustrations on the Colt Cabana Podcast, in large part, taking shots at Triple H. Punk is still gone from the WWE with no sign of returning, while Hunter has only gained power working with the upcoming talents down in NXT. Call it age, call it experience, but the new talents now speak glowingly about Triple H and his mentorship, something Punk never got to experience.

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