15 Rappers Who Are Total Douchebags in Real Life

If you are a fan of rap, then you know that there are some rappers who make a living off of being big-time jerks. It is just part of the rapping world; throwing shade, starting feuds, and just being a

If you are a fan of rap, then you know that there are some rappers who make a living off of being big-time jerks. It is just part of the rapping world; throwing shade, starting feuds, and just being a bit of a douche are all traits that make their way into the rap scene. We can hear these themes repeated in many rap lyrics, and it seems that these ideas have been adopted by quite a number of rappers, young and not-so-young. Check it out for yourself with our list of 15 Rappers Who Are Total Douchebags in Real Life. Here we will talk about some of the biggest jerks in the rapping world, as well as the trouble that they have gotten themselves into. In our opinion, we find it shocking that these people are still able to amass fans and are able to perform at concerts and venues.

Anyway, the reasons for these rappers’ status as douchebags will vary a bit, but the main consensus is that they are just all-around mean to other people and they try to do things on their own terms - and only on their terms. Whether they are objectifying women, glamorizing rape and domestic violence, or getting involved in drugs, you will see it all with these rappers. Oh, and don’t think that they are above petty social media feuds either. It turns out that a lot of these rappers have taken to Twitter to roast others and bash their enemies. How petty. Take a look for yourself!

15 Chief Keef

Via The Gazette Review

21-year-old Chief Keef hails from Chicago. Even at his young age, his life has not been without its controversies, making him fit for our list of rapper douchebags. Chief Keef found himself in hot water for possessing, manufacturing, and distributing heroin. He also had an incident in which he ran from police, resisted arrest, and pointed a gun at officers. The death of rapper Joseph Coleman (Lil’ JoJo) may have links to Chief Keef; he is suspected of being somehow involved in the murder. Authorities turned to him after he was caught poking fun at Coleman’s death on Twitter. Of course, Chief Keef later said that his account had been hacked. According to Coleman’s mother, Chief Keef paid a hitman to kill Coleman. Chief Keef has also been criticized by other rappers for being inauthentic, a loose cannon, and a contributor to Chicago’s violence problem. This kid needs to get his sh-t together.

14 Tyler the Creator

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25-year-old rapper Tyler the Creator certainly has some growing up to do. He has been criticized for using homophobic rhetoric in his rhymes, as well as on social media. In particular, he seems to have a fondness for the word “f*ggot”. He is also known for his music videos, raps, and lyrics that treat women as objects and possessions for men. The violent portrayals of relationships in his work often lead to people being offended and put off by his music. His album Goblin has been ranted against for actively promoting rape culture. In the face of all this criticism, Tyler only tweeted out to his opponents, telling them “if they need d*ck, hit [him] up!” He has also been slammed for using racial stereotypes in his work, and a PepsiCo ad featuring Tyler was banned for its offensive content. At a performance in 2014, Tyler was arrested for starting a riot among fans.

13 Joe Budden

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Rapper Joe Budden is involved in a three-way rapper feud, along with Drake and Meek Mill. Joe first made fun of Meek Mill during a podcast, commenting on a photo of Meek with his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj. Joe went on to make fun of Meek’s blushing before saying that he hates “everything about it.” That is when Meek Mill took to social media and stated that Joe was only an attention-seeking pitiful brat. When Joe heard about the diss from Meek, he took it upon himself to lash out at Meek, stating that he doesn’t rap well enough to have a beef with him. What a low blow. Then Joe took shots at Drake, saying that his latest studio album was “uninspired.” Joe’s song “Making of a Murderer, Part 1” is a direct diss at Drake, calling into question how Drake achieved rapping success. Joe really needs to just focus on himself.

12 Vanilla Ice

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The ultimate rapper wannabe is Vanilla Ice. Just listen to his raps and you will notice how slow and irregularly rhythmic they are. Anyway, Vanilla Ice is known for his song “Ice, Ice, Baby” but that song also landed him in hot water when his hit song was said to have been stolen from Queen’s single “Under Pressure.” Vanilla Ice is also known for being just plain rude in general, and never wanting to answer questions or take interviews (not that he needs to worry about that nowadays). He has been arrested numerous times, once for threatening a poor homeless man with a gun. Vanilla Ice has also been arrested for assaulting his wife, and seven years later, he was once again convicted of assaulting her with kicks, hits, and shoves. Grand theft and burglary charges followed in the beginning of 2015. He claimed he thought the house was vacant. Right.

11 Jay-Z

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Sorry Beyonce, but Jay-Z has earned himself a spot on our list of rapper douchebags. Jay-Z was involved in a violent altercation at the end of 1999, when he and his posse went to a New York City nightclub. While his friends distracted everyone, Jay-Z sought out Lance Rivera and stabbed him with a five-inch blade. Turns out Jay-Z suspected Rivera of bootlegging copies of the rapper’s album. There is also plenty of relationship drama between the rapper and his famous wife, Beyonce. When Bey released her latest album, Lemonade, people were suspecting that Jay-Z had cheated on Queen B in the past, and her Lemonade lyrics were hinting at that. Jay-Z shot back, saying he would create his own new album, which would clear up the misconceptions. Great, a he-said, she-said. There was also the rumor that Jay-Z’s cheating involved fashion designer Rachel Roy, as evidenced by social media posts by Bey and Roy.

10 Macklemore

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Rapper Macklemore may be having a heyday with his lyrics and song work, but he has a string of offensive actions and events that makes him highly qualified for the douchebag label. First of all, Macklemore attended a 2014 show in Seattle, and arrived wearing a get-up that was stereotypically reminiscent of a Jew. He wore a fake nose, mustache, and beard, and ended up angering and upsetting a lot of fans. He is also rumored to be part of the conspiracy theorists who spread lies about 9/11. Macklemore was also blasted for criticizing artists Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea for cultural appropriation (even though he is guilty of the same thing and repeated hangs out with them). So he just decides to publicly diss them, but when he spots them on the red carpet or at an awards show, he’s all buddy-buddy? Not cool, man. He seriously needs to get his act together.

9 Flavor Flav

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First of all, Flavor Flav tried to rebound his career by appearing in a VH1 reality TV show in which he was trying to find true love...for three whole seasons. He would give the women stupid challenges to do that degraded their dignity and pitted them against each other, making them look like brainless bimbos with big boobs. Maybe that’s what Flavor Flav’s true love is. The Public Enemy rapper has seven children with three different women, and he has failed to marry any of them. He is a heartbreaker and seems to only be doing things for his personal gain. After he dropped out of high school, the rapper was involved in various crimes for years, such as breaking and entering, burglary, and robbery. He also spent time in jail for assaulting his girlfriend (and mother to three of his children), Karen Ross. He shot at one of his neighbors and got three years in jail for attempted murder, and he struggled with substance abuse.

8 Lil’ Twist

ViaThe Gazette Review

23-year-old Lil’ Twist also goes by the name Twizzy F, and he is currently signed by Young Money Entertainment. He is a high school dropout who only made it through the 9th grade. Oh, and he hangs out with Justin Bieber, another douchebag and wannabe. In fact, Lil’ Twist was driving one of Justin’s cars when he was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. Two years later, he received charges for burglary, making criminal threats, battery, grand theft, and not one, but two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. He now faces up to 25 years behind bars for assaulting Kyle and Christopher Massey (of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon fame). When Lil’ Twist was ordered to attend a court trial for his assault case, he never even showed up, which only dug him deeper into the hole he created for himself. Who would want to hang out with this douche?

7 50 Cent

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Yes, we are still talking about 50 Cent; we know that he’s such old news, but he is enough of a douchebag to merit being on our list. 50 Cent latest jerk move was making a mockery of Jimmy Henchman, who was brought to trial for a murder conviction (it was overturned in court). 50 Cent went on social media and posted “OG Rat Jimmy got a new MURDER trial. Ain’t nobody left to tell on Jimmy. LMAO. #FRIGO.” This is just one example of what 50 Cent has done to make a name for himself in the rap scene. He just uses social media, his own songs, and music videos to put other singers and rappers on full blast and totally diss them in public. He has been doing it for years! Speaking about Meek Mill in 2016, 50 Center said that “The kid is not that bright.” 50 Cent also recorded himself making fun of an autistic janitor at a Cincinnati airport. This guy’s a real gem.

6 Nas

ViaHow To Rap books

At 43 years of age, you might think that Nas is getting a little too old for all of this high school drama. Nas seriously has it out for Jay-Z, who is said to be the father of Nas’s ex-fiancee’s baby. In fact, Nas seems to have a thing for knocking women up and then leaving them for dead. He was in a relationship with Kellis, and things were heading for wedding bells, when they split up, even though Kellis was pregnant. She gave birth to Nas’s son in the summer of 2009. It isn’t just in the romance department where Nas is a big jerk. He once accepted $300,000 to perform at a venue in Angola, and then he just never showed up. Then in the fall of 2009, the IRS was after Nas for some $2.5 million in a federal tax lien. It turned out that Nas had unpaid taxes from 2006, and continued up to 2011, reaching a monetary value of over $6 million!

5 Wale

ViaHuffington Post

This 32-year-old Washington, D.C. rapper is another douchebag for our list. He is notorious for having a big, drawn-out feud with Meek Mill, and Rick Ross was involved in it, too. What happened is that Rick Ross helped to raise both Meek Mill and Wale to the higher echelons of rapping fame. So when Meek and Wale began fighting with each other, Rick was at quite a loss. Meek Mill had taken to the realms of social media to create a post that was an obvious jab to Wale. It read: “When n***as b broke they talk more! Meek mill x Rozay x Mmg x 4 life #watchyabody.” Wale responded with “MMG for LIFEEEEE.” Then, during an interview, Wale was perceived as throwing major shade at Meek Mill, but Wale tried to recover from this by saying that you can’t trust the media. Then he called himself a genius. Egomaniac much?

4 Nicki Minaj

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If there is a female rapper with a reputation for being hard to get along with, it is Nicki Minaj. Remember when she tried her hand at being a judge on American Idol? She was co-judging along with Mariah Carey, and having two divas on the panel definitely did not work. The two were basically at each other’s throats for the entire season, and needless to say, they didn’t want anything to do with each other or the show after that! The latest drama from Nicki Minaj is her social media feud with Meek Mill. The two have been romantically linked, but it appears that there are many ups and downs in their relationship. It started when Nicki posted a cryptic tweet on her social media account that may have hinted at her attitude towards Meek Mill. She wrote “Never help an ungrateful person get on their feet. It’s like telling a wolf that you’re a sheep.” Meek responded with his own tweet: “Some of ya’ll need to learn to enjoy your man’s company instead of picking fights with him 24/7.”

3 The Game

Rapper The Game may be 36 years old, but he still acts as though he were a child playing immature games with people. First of all, The Game tried to elevate his social status by getting with the daughter of a politician. He dated Valeisha Butterfield, and the two were even all set up to be married in the early spring of 2007. However, in the summer of 2006, they called off the engagement. Way to ruin someone’s life, The Game. He wasn’t finished, though. His next relationship, which he dove right into, was with Tiffany Cambridge. The two got together, and The Game decided to take a VH1 offer for a reality TV show. What better way to remain somewhat relevant and in the public eye than with a show? Marrying The Game was stupid, and never even resulted in marriage. Oh, and let’s not get started on when The Game assaulted one of his own fans.

2 Pusha T


Pusha T works as the President of GOOD Music, which is the record company owned by Kanye West. You can probably already see where we’re going with this. Pusha T has a reputation for being a douche, and there are a few rappers who can attest to that fact. For instance, rapper Consequence tried to take Pusha T to the courtroom after Pusha T released his single “My God.” Consequence claimed that Pusha T had stolen the lyrics from his own song, titled “The Last Supper.” Another rapper, Lil’ Wayne, felt targeted by Pusha T on one of his collaborations titled “Mr. Me Too”. Lil’ Wayne said that he thought the lyrics were directed solely at himself, and tensions flared. Lil’ Wayne wrote a song for Pusha T, called “Goulish”, in which he raps “F*** Pusha T and anybody that love him/His head up his a**, I’mma have to head-butt him.”

1 Kanye West

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Well, duh. Not only did Kanye West go on to marry the most self-centered woman in the world (Kim Kardashian), but he matches her sky-high ego with his own. Kanye thinks that he is God’s gift to the world, and he is definitely not afraid to let you know what. Whether it is through his songs and lyrics, his stupid remarks during interviews, or when he is publicly speaking (or interrupting) at an Awards Show, Kanye has made a career out of being a grade-A douchebag. We all remember when he crashed Taylor Swift’s moment at the MTV Video Music Awards (“I’mma let you finish…”), as well as his proclamation that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a charity telethon for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Kanye is all about himself, all the time. Plus, as much as he likes to think the opposite, his music just isn’t any good, and his vocals have absolutely no rhythm to them.


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15 Rappers Who Are Total Douchebags in Real Life