15 Random WWE Stars From The 2000s You Won’t Recognize Today

The early 2000s was a crazy era in the WWE as the company slowly transitioned away from the Attitude Era. The content was different in nature, appearing to be less wacky, but it still had that “Not So PG” edge to it. Like the Attitude Era however, many stars came and left in the blink of an eye. Some you completely forget were even in the WWE (like entry number 15 for example).

In this article, we take a look at those very names and see what they're up to nowadays. Some remain in the business despite their lack of success, as afterthoughts, while others are in completely new fields whether that be in fitness, acting or even, motherhood. This article has it all, folks.

If you want some WWE nostalgia from the 2000s, you came to the right place with these recent pictures of random stars from the era. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Without a doubt, they’ll have a chuckle at some of the entries on this list. So without further ado, here are 15 random WWE stars from the 2000s you won’t even recognize today. Let’s begin with the brother of a recent WWE Hall of Famer (most of you likely forgot he was even in the WWE at one point). Enjoy!


15 Eric Angle

Eric shockingly spent three years with the WWE. Most fans tend to completely forget he was even with the company to begin with. Eric lasted from 2000 till 2003 with the WWE, spending most of his time down in developmental with OVW. He didn’t have the same instincts as his brother Kurt, and for that reason, he was mainly used to provide comedic relief during his short-lived WWE television time. He was released in 2003 and after a brief run on the indies, he packed things up for good changing fields.

Today, Kurt’s older brother is inching closer to his 50s, at the age of 49. As you see in the picture above, he still looks to be in great shape (a gene in the Angle family it seems), spending time as a fitness coach nowadays.

14 Shad Gaspard


At the age of 36, the former Tag Team WWE star of the 2000s Shad Gaspard, is still looking pretty darn large. His team Cryme Tyme, ran from 2006 till 2007 and although that wasn’t the longest run, they still managed to make quite the impact with some comedic scenes backstage, and hilarious antics inside of the ring. However, when it came to actual in-ring ability, they were both moderate at best.

Nowadays, Gaspard is another random WWE star from the 2000s that has switched career paths. The big fellow is putting his talents in the realm of acting nowadays, appearing in several films and television shows since his WWE departure. He’s also been spotted with his former tag buddy JTG from time to time as the two remain close and even make the odd wrestling convention appearance together.

13 Zach Gowen

His WWE run was a little forgettable just because it didn't last all that long. He was a part of the WWE family briefly from 2003 to 2004. His story however, was anything but forgettable as Gowen defied the odds competing on one leg. Despite the disability, he put on fantastic areal displays inside of the ring showing the WWE Universe that anything is possible. During his short-lived run, he had quite the impact competing over on SmackDown and feuding with the likes of Brock Lesnar.

Today, the 34 year old Michigan native is still keeping the dream alive. As you can see via his Twitter account, Gowen has a slew of recent photos from events he just competed at. From Ring of Honor to Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Gowen has wrestled everywhere since his WWE exit.

12 Doug Basham (with Kevin Thorn and Rob Conway)


Take your pick in this one, as the photo features not one, not two but three random WWE stars from the 2000s. We’ll give the fourth fellow, Billy Gunn, that pass as he had quite the career.

As for the others, the dude you see with the beard is actually Rob Conway, the former La Resistance member. At the age of 42, he’s still looking like a Greek God, and he’s still performing inside of the ring as well as an active wrestler. The same can be said for Kevin Thorn, who was also a random part of the WWE in the 2000s. To think the company thought his gimmick could have rivaled The Undertaker’s is mind-boggling.

The fourth face is likely the one you recognize the least and that’s of former Tag Team Champion Doug Basham. Age has certainly taken over as he’s in his late 40s nowadays, looking nothing like he did in his days as a member of the Basham Brothers Tag Team.

11 Rene Dupree

A forgettable face from the 2000s, Dupree was actually a massive deal when he signed with the WWE back in 2002 (as an 18 year old). The company had high hopes for the Canadian who had the look of a star. His career got off to a promising start as a tag wrestler, but he just couldn’t find his footing on his own. His short-lived run with the company came to an end in 2007 when he asked for a release.

Ever since, Dupree has opened up quite a bit discussing his time with the company, usually speaking in a negative light. He even recently talked about JBL’s backstage bullying which was a very hot topic. Still only 33, Rene has recently returned to wrestling as he took some time off due to reoccurring concussion issues, in which he blames stiff WWE performers like Hardcore Holly and JBL for. As of 2017, the one-hit wonder is competing on the indie scene.

10 Heidenreich


Even if you remember Jon’s short-lived run from the 2000s, you don’t recognize him from the photo above, as he looks completely unrecognizable compared to his days back in the early 2000s, feuding with The Undertaker. More than a decade later, it’s obvious the aging process has hit the 45 year old.

Once again, the WWE was excited about pushing a wrestler mainly due to his size. Not too surprising, Heidenreich tanked following a lackluster program with The Undertaker. He was better suited as a tag wrestler, enjoying his best run as a part of the iconic Legion of Doom team. Today, he remains in the business, sporadically attending conventions and wrestling PPV parties from time to time. He’s also taken part in several shoot type interviews, recently discussing his brief WWE run.

9 Monty Brown

Wrestling pundits still discuss what a huge disappointment Monty Brown was during his brief stint in the WWE. The American-footballer-turned-pro-wrestler was a gem with TNA and many thought that success would translate onto the WWE stage. Perhaps if he underwent a similar move today, the outcome could have been different but back in 2006, his jump failed miserably, as he became an afterthought with the ECW brand. After months of inactivity, the newly named “Marcus Cor Van” was quietly released by the WWE in the fall of 2007. He left the business following his release with the big company making his signing one big massive fail. Thankfully today, the WWE is finally starting to right those wrongs, treating TNA and indie talents in a higher regard.

As you see in the picture above, Brown looks quite different today; however at the age of 47, he’s maintained a great look for his age.


8 Elijah Burke


The name likely rings a bell, especially for TNA fans, as Burke is the color voice for Impact Wrestling. He’s also still keeping the dream alive today working the indie scene and attending conventions on the regular. Almost nearing his 40s at the age of 39, Burke has maintained a great look, appearing to be rather similar in comparison to his WWE days back in 2004 to 2008.

His four year run was a major disappointment and some even fail to remember that it actually happened, for the most part, because of his involvement with the ECW brand. Burke had all the skills to make it in the WWE but it seems as though he just wasn’t in the right place, at the right time. After a long hiatus, Burke was released by the WWE in May of 2008. He’s stayed on the indie scene ever since, making a good living.

7 Mean Street Posse

Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs formed the Mean Street Posse during the heat of the Attitude Era; the group started their run in March of ’99, and they officially disbanded in late 2000. The trio was mainly used to provide the program with some heelish comedic relief. Seriously though, the Attitude Era had every imaginable gimmick.

The aging process has taken over as you see in the picture above. Joey Abs, who was the only one with actual wrestling experience, looks completely unrecognizable nowadays rocking the grey hair. Even Rodney looks different, going completely bald. The one member that looks pretty much the same nowadays is Pete Gas, who also maintains a friendship with Shane till this day as the two were spotted at an NXT event together recently. You can still find the group at wrestling conventions near you from time to time.

6 Serena


Looking at the picture above, many fans would have a hard time figuring out who that person is alongside Bayley. For those of you who guessed Serena, we give you some major props. She briefly appeared in the WWE, rocking a shaved head back in the day, playing the role as a member of Punk’s cult, The Straight Edge Society. Her run was sadly short-lived as the company felt like she wasn’t taking the role “too seriously”.

She kept the dream alive ever since, working the indie scene. She was also recently welcomed back into the WWE family, appearing at The Mae Young Classic. She won her return bout but was ousted in the second round. Still only 31, the former random WWE star from the 2000s has also taken a liking for yoga.

5 Manu & Gene Snitsky

This is another two-for-one picture featuring former WWE Superstars from the 2000s that flew under the radar, especially one of these dudes in particular. This recent picture was posted by Manu via his Twitter account as he and Gene Snitsky recently travelled overseas to compete in a match at the Arnold Classic all the way in Africa! Now that’s some dedication.

Gene was and still is, somewhat recognizable due to his look. He was a huge dude, and not the best in the looks department, but in reality, that’s what made his gimmick work. As for Manu, he was a major bust from the prestigious Anoa’i family. His future looked insanely bright joining the Legacy faction but due to a poor attitude backstage, his push was not only stopped, but he was also released by the company altogether. Yikes!



If you loved the 2000s and the random WWE wrestlers from that time period, you should give MVP a follow on Instagram or Twitter, as he has a slew of pictures with some of the most random talents from the time.

As for Montel, we need to give credit where credit is due as despite the fact that his run wasn’t too lengthy, he still served a major role as the United States Champion. He did a tremendous job with the title but he was already gone from the company in 2010, lasting a mere couple of years on the main roster.

He’s worked consistently ever since, joining the likes of TNA, Lucha Underground and several independent promotions. At the age of 43, age is starting to take its toll as Porter looks older compared to his WWE days nearly a decade ago, rocking a grey-haired look today, appearing somewhat unrecognizable.

3 Dawn Marie

You likely remember her name, as Dawn Marie served a decent purpose over on SmackDown during her short-lived run with the company, lasting from 2002 till 2005. Raw tried to promote in-ring women’s wrestling at the time (somewhat), while SmackDown stayed consistent with the booking of using women more so as “eye candy”. She was remembered for an entertaining program with Torrie Wilson. Her WWE run came to an end in 2005 on a negative note, as she was released during her pregnancy leave. This caused a lawsuit between the two sides.

At the age of 46, Marie is now completely out of the business enjoying a quiet life as a proud mother. You can take a look at some of her recent pictures via Twitter, as she looks quite different in comparison to her glory days as “eye candy” with McMahon’s empire.

2 Carlito Cool


A former IC Champion, many believed Carlito had what it took to be a future WWE Champion. Heck, the guy beat John Cena in his WWE debut winning the US Title. His biggest problem was commitment and at the end of the day, that cost him his job. After refusing to enter rehab and showing up late to events, his WWE run came to an end in the 2000s. He’s wrestled worldwide on the indie scene and with WWC ever since.

Today, Carlito is nearing his 40s, believe it or not, at 38. The picture you see above features a slew of former WWE stars from the 2000s, including the recently mentioned MVP, and The Spirit Squad, who recently returned to Vince’s company only to depart once again. Carlito looks slightly recognizable today, but that’s only because of his signature head of hair which is still going strong today.

1 Kaitlyn

For the most part, the crop of wrestlers featured on the list are unrecognizable for all the wrong reasons as aging inevitably took over. For this former star of the 2000s however, aging has only made things better. Just entering her 30s, Kaitlyn looks unrecognizable for all the right reasons.

Her WWE run was short-lived from 2010 with FCW, till her retirement in 2014. However, she did manage to win a Divas Championship in that span. Today, she’s completely switched fields, even changing her name to Celeste Bonin (her actual name). You can find her via Instagram as she’s a fitness fanatic nowadays, living life as a fitness model and clothing entrepreneur in the field. She’s completely recreated her look rocking a completely black head of hair and looking smoking hot. We have reason to believe she’s consuming boxes of Booty O cereals on the regular. Click her social media profiles and you’ll understand why!

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