15 Random Facts Everyone Missed In 2017’s Biggest Movies

Do you ever find yourself thinking, I wish I knew some more facts about movies? Happens everyday, you say? Well then, we have got the solution for you. We figured that most of you out there would be interested to learn some random tidbits of information about some of the biggest films of the year. These are things that aren't really advertised, so unless you're actively looking for information, you aren't likely to find it. For us, facts like these make the movies more enjoyable. Since most of the films are new, we will avoid any and all critical spoilers. The things that we've highlighted may be plot-related, but knowing about them won't hurt your viewing experience. Well, except for one. If you haven't seen Logan and plan on it, run...run now. And Power Rangers...hmmm...who cares about that film?

So, what kind of random facts are we talking about? Well, there's no grouping the things on this list. Basically, we've just selected the most interesting bits of information from the year's biggest films. If you're wondering why a 2017 film isn't on this list, it's almost certainly because we couldn't find anything interesting about the film that people wouldn't already know. We're in the business of information, so if we can't inform, well then what's the point? Here are 15 Random Facts Everyone Missed In 2017’s Biggest Movies.

15 Beauty And The Beast Righting Old Wrongs

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Like most Disney movies, the original Beauty and the Beast had been critiqued to death. Though it was beloved by the world, many people pointed out some issues in the 1991 film. When the live-action remake came out in 2017, many of these issues were addressed in the film. Some of these included questions about why Mrs. Potts was so old, how the villagers never noticed the Beast's castle, and how old the Beast really was. To satisfy fans, the 2017 Beauty and the Beast included a prologue that discussed a forgetful spell that was cast on the villagers. This explains why they don't know the Beast's castle was nearby. As for Mrs. Potts' age, LeFou pokes fun at the quandary by asking if she is Chip's grandmother. The final issue, the one about the Beast's age, well this was handled by excluding the line from the song, "Be Our Guest," which spoke of a 10-year period in-between the spell being cast and the present.

14 The Real Wind River

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Wind River is a powerful film that deals with important issues, but the director, Taylor Sheridan, didn't realize just how current those issues were. There's long been a major problem with the lack of investigation into missing Native women on and near reservations. Sheridan set out to make a film about this. But, while filming, he was informed by some visiting Shoshone tribal leaders that, at that very moment in time, there were 12 new and unsolved murder cases involving native women on the reservation, a reservation that housed only 6,000 people. Much of this is because of a law that eliminates the ability of Indians to prosecute non-Indians. If any non-Indian is involved or suspected in the crime, a state officer must be involved or the case must be tried in a federal court.

13 Get Out And The Theme Song

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In the film Get Out, there's a theme song running through the film. The song "Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga" is sung in Swahili, so it tends to be overlooked by many. But there is some great meaning to the lyrics. The one distinct word in the song is "brother," a word that is universally attached to blackness. The composer, Michael Abels, suggests that this word was left untranslated because of its universality that allows the song to speak to all languages. According to Abels, the song is meant to represent voices of dead black slaves and victims of horrible crimes warning Chris. In English, the lyrics are "Brother, run! Listen to the elders. Listen to the truth. Run away! Save yourself."

12 Girls Trip Breaks The Barrier

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Girls Trip is a hilarious film that audiences really connected with. It was led by an all-female cast and showed, once again, that female-driven movies and storylines do sell well. It was also the first comedy of the year to break $100 million. But the primary claim to fame for Girls Trip is that this was the only film in history to break $100 million having been written, produced, directed, and starring black people. The first to break $100 million. That's it. That's all. Think about that for a second. Monster Trucks broke $100 million…

11 Wonder Woman And The Wristwatch

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There's an interesting fashion history lesson to be learned from Wonder Woman, one that plays an important role in the film. This is the wristwatch. The watch, we learn, was Steve's father's. Now, it's interesting to note that this watch was a pocket watch that had been converted into a wristwatch. Though wristwatches were invented much earlier than WWI, they were almost exclusively worn by women in those years. Prior to WWI, pocket watches were the dominant choice for men, but when the war came, the men needed an easy way of keeping actions synchronized without signals being sent out for everyone to see. For this reason, pocket watches were converted with straps to put on the wrist. When soldiers began wearing them, it became popular for all men to wear wristwatches afterward.

10 Guardians Of Galaxy 2 And The Stan Lee Cameos

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Ever since the very first MCU film (and even before that), Stan Lee has been making cameos. Over the years, they've become a fun little thing that film fans look forward to seeing. With each new cameo, fans, looking to explain how this character that looks the same exists in every film, started to create theories. One of the most popular was that Stan was a Watcher, possibly even Uatu, the main watcher. Well, Guardians of the Galaxy came close to confirming that with a credits scene that included Stan talking to other Watchers. Afterward, Kevin Feige all but confirmed the theory, saying:

"Yes, we always thought it would be fun. Stan Lee clearly exists, you know, above and apart from the reality of all the films. So the notion that he could be sitting there on a cosmic pit stop during the jump gate sequence in Guardians was something very fun – James had that idea and we shot that cameo and loved it so much, you know, you see it a couple of times in the movie. It wasn’t in for a long time and we put it back in towards the end of the process where he references that time he was a Federal Express agent – we thought it would be fun to put that in there because that really says, so wait a minute, he’s this same character who’s popped up in all these films.”

9 Power Rangers And Show Connections

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All in all, Power Rangers was a silly movie, but it performed well enough at the box office and was plugged enough to be one of the biggest films of 2017. The cool facts about this movie are not many, but there are a few connections to the show that people might find interesting, assuming they don't already know about them. One has to do with Bryan Cranston, who played Zordon in the film. This wasn't his first stint with the Power Rangers franchise, though. Cranston did a few voices back in the original show, even before he appeared in Seinfeld. Since the movie wasn't great, it's unlikely that everyone stayed until after the credits. If they did, however, they would have seen a little clip about Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, hinting at a possible sequel with him involved. Finally, after Rita Repulsa is slapped into space, she gives a little smile. Now, this isn't just to say, I'm alive and will come back. The shot is framed to show the moon in the background. In the show, Rita's base was on the moon.

8 Baby Driver And Flicking Through The Channels

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Baby Driver is absolutely jammed full of little hidden details and clever facts that can blow people away. To keep it fresh and not just ramble on with a few different ones, we thought we would focus on the flicking through the channels scene. In this bit, Baby flicks through the channels quickly. We see glimpses of several shows and even hear a few lines of dialogue from the TV. Amazingly, every single one of these channels plays a role in the film. We all caught the Monsters Inc. line, when Baby says, "You and I are a team. Nothing is more important than our friendship," because Kevin Spacey's character tells him not to quote the film to him. But the other lines such as "You are so beautiful," "They grow up so frickin' fast," and "How's that working out for you?" are all heard as well. Also, two other clips are shown. One is a music video that Edgar Wright also directed and the first scene in the film is based on it, and the other one features a bull and the line "he'll have to do it on foot now." This last line foreshadows the climactic scene in the film. Basically, it's all connected.

7 The Dark Tower And Stephen King

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Even though The Dark Tower was incredibly disappointing in really every way possible, we expected it, so we can't be mad. They tried to make a massive story into a single film. Of course, it failed. Either way, several Stephen King homages or Easter eggs were included and those were fun to spot. We thought we would list a few. Perhaps the most obvious is the twin girls referencing The Shining. There was also a St. Bernard dog, which speaks to Cujo, a poster of Rita Hayworth from Shawshank Redemption, a picture of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, a toy/model of the red car from Christine, the smiley face from Mr. Mercedes, the name Pennywise from It, the portal number 1408 from 1408, and the book "Misery's Child" which hints at Misery. There were apparently more references meant to be included, but many had to be cut due to copyright issues.

6 Disaster Artist And Mark Damon

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Though it is briefly mentioned in the film The Disaster Artist, the story behind the character named Mark and the impact that The Talented Mr. Ripley has on Tommy Wiseau, and The Room was a big part of The Disaster Artist book. Before Wiseau made The Room, he was trying to become an actor. Meanwhile, his friend and collaborator, Greg Sestero, was being warned about Wiseau. Sestero was taken to see The Talented Mr. Ripley by a friend to show him how similar Wiseau is to the conman in the film. After that, Sestero took Wiseau to see the same film to see if Wiseau would see the similarities as well. He did not, but he was changed by the film. It inspired him to create a film himself that he could star in. It also gave him the character name of Mark. Confused? You should be. There is no Mark in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Nope. But Wiseau thought that Matt Damon's name was Mark Damon, so he named the character after him.

5 Ghost Story And The Note

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Without giving too much away, Ghost Story involves a note written on a very small piece of paper. It's important but mysterious throughout the film. Interestingly, this note was a mystery to the cast and crew as well—all except Rooney Mara. The director had Mara write something on the paper that was important to her and put it in the wall. When the film was done, the house was demolished and the note was never retrieved. That might not add anything to the movie for you, but we found it kind of sweet.

4 Spider-Man: Homecoming And Tony Stark

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We all know that Tony Stark plays a major role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but we wanted to highlight some of the lesser-known details. Even though Spider-Man first officially appeared in the MCU in Civil War, it turns out that he was in the films before that. He showed up in Iron Man 2, to be precise. Though it was only a fan theory before, it was confirmed that the little boy in the Iron Man that Stark saves in Iron Man 2 is a young Peter Parker. The other connection that we thought was amazingly meta is the voice of Spider-Man's AI, Karen. The actress behind this voice is Jennifer Connelly. This choice is clever and funny because the voice of Stark's AI is Paul Bettany, Connelly's real-life husband.

3 It And The Dark Deleted Scene

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While everyone has been talking about It and the great success it has had in theaters, one of the loudest discussions from the cast and crew and those involved in the film was about a scene that was deleted from the final cut. Though some have suggested that the filmmakers might return to this scene (or something like it in the sequel), it seems that the scene was cut because it was too dark, even for It. The scene took place in 1637 and featured a version of Pennywise before he was the clown we know him as in the film. He approaches a mother asking for her baby. When the mother refuses, Pennywise gives her an ultimatum. Give the baby or give everything. Here's how the scene was written:

She kisses her baby and sets it down… She turns away from the baby. Faces those dying embers… Pennywise crawls over to the baby and starts to feast. SHARP CRY FROM THE BABY CUT OFF as we hear CRUNCH. Abigail continues to look into the BRIGHT ORANGE GLOW of not the flickering fire….. but the DEADLIGHTS. Her expression changing. Fear. Denial. Grief. Acceptance. And then nothing. Just a glazed look. AS IF NOTHING HORRIFIC IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING BEHIND HER.

2 Logan's Continuity From The Wolverine

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After some speculation from fans about a possible bit of foreshadowing in The Wolverine hinting to the ending of Logan, the director, James Mangold, confirmed that they did have this connection in mind while filming the climactic scene in Logan. The connection, for those who don't know, is that in The Wolverine, Yukio (Rila Fukushima), a character with the power to be able to see people's deaths, warns Logan about his eventual death, saying, "It’s not like I get a complete picture, more like looking through a keyhole. But I’m always right. All I can see is one part of a person’s life, their death. And I saw yours," she says. "I see you on your back, there’s blood everywhere. You’re holding your own heart in your hand. It’s not beating." This was later connected to Logan’s climactic scene in which he holds hands with Laura, making the vision quite poetic in the end.

1 Thor: Ragnarok And The Make-A-Wish Kid

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If you know anything about Chris Hemsworth as a person, you know that he's a pretty sweet human being. Well, it's hard to tell if this gesture was him being a nice person or if it was just good business sense (probably the latter), but it was learned that one of the best lines in Thor: Ragnarok, a line that is in the trailer—so no spoilers—was actually suggested by a child who was visiting the set from the Make-A-Wish foundation. On the day that the cast was filming the encounter between Thor and the Hulk, Hemsworth was in-between takes and chatting with the child. The young genius then suggested that Thor should say, "I know him from work." Hemsworth immediately fell in love with the line and threw it in during the shoot.

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