15 Racy Pics Of Female Celebs On Motorcycles

The thrill of riding a motorcycle, there’s nothing quite like it; those of you who are bikers will certainly know what I’m talking about. You feel free, like you’re about to take off as you’re burning up the ground. The adrenaline rush of riding at that speed really is a unique feeling. Some people are lucky and get to experience that on a daily basis. Not only does it look amazing, it looks super cool. Even non-bikers can testify to that. Riding in your leathers, on top of a beautiful beast of a machine – there’s no better feeling and there’s no better sight.

Guys look at other guys riding motorcycles and think they’re cool, but when it comes to women on motorcycles, cool isn’t exactly the most appropriate word. Sexy, unbelievably hot, racy – those terms are more apt when it comes to describing biker chicks. And there are actually quite a lot of them out there. There’s nothing sexier than seeing them in action, straddling a motorcycle, riding it hard; see, even the description is something a lot of people are sure to find titillating!

Some of the celebs on this list are actually biker chicks. They really are bike lovers, and ride for the love of it, for the thrill. Others are just posers who have either posed on top of a motorcycle for some shoot or other, or have used one in a movie, in one of their roles. Regardless of whether they ride or not, or if they actually love motorcycles or not, they all have one thing in common: they all look super hot on top of those beasts. These are 15 hot pics of female celebs who look amazing on motorcycles.

15 Jessica Alba Gets Sassy

Let’s be honest here, Jessica Alba could look amazing posing in front of anything. If she was posing next to some cow manure for god’s sake she’ll probably get your attention – actually that might be going a bit too far, but you get my drift! So, Jessica, clad in those tight-fitting jeans, in that sexy top, leaning provocatively on that Kawasaki is a pic that’s probably adorned the walls of a lot of horny teenagers around the globe!

Jessica isn’t really a biker chick, although she looks perfectly suited to riding a sports bike, right at home on one of those machines. But she grew accustomed to being on that Kawasaki back in her younger days, on the sets of Dark Angel. It was part of the show’s appeal, and why many people probably tuned in, to see Jessica in leather, riding that Kawasaki Ninja.

14 Megan Fox Giving That Beast Some Love

Actress and model Megan Fox has basically made a name for herself for being a sex symbol. She’s hot alright, seriously hot, and after starting out life in the limelight as a model, has added acting to her repertoire. One of her most popular movies has been the Transformers movies. She looked seriously hot in those flicks. Another thing that was great about that movie – for motorcycle lovers anyway – was the fact there was a lot of heavy machinery. Machines, motorcycles, and hot women – it’s like a guy’s dream. There was one scene that sticks in our memory. It’s a simple scene, where she visits the bike shop and straddles that beast of a motorcycle, but one that made the foxy Megan look even more gorgeous than she already was. Look at this pic; it’s as if she’s stroking it, looking seductively at it – boy what would people give to be in that bike’s position!

13 Perfect For Paris

Paris Hilton doesn’t really strike me as the biker chick type. She’s probably all over those who ride, but her herself? Nah. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look hot on one, with one of those bad boys – well, it’s Paris’ bike, all pink and girly, so in this case it’s probably not a bad boy – underneath her.

Paris has so much cash, she can pretty much try her hand at anything she wants to. Acting, singing, modeling, writing, just being there and looking pretty – you name it, she’s done it. You can also add forming a motorcycle team to that list too. Yep, no word of a lie, Paris once had her own motorcycle team, and not a Mickey Mouse one either, a proper team that actually competed in the 125cc category. "I can't believe I have my own racing team! So cool! :)" tweeted Paris, like a true, serious motorcycle team owner. As bike fans, I think we can all agree that her bike, and those team colors of pink, white and blue, look ridiculous. It’ll look alright miniaturized in a doll’s house – don’t know what a motorcycle would be doing in a doll’s house, but there you go! – but out on the track, competing in proper races? Give me a break. At the unveiling of the bike in 2010, Paris sure did look hot though. Thankfully for her rider’s sake, they weren’t subjected to having to wear such outfits out on the track!

12 Keira Knightley For Coco Chanel

The marketing team behind Coco Chanel are geniuses. It’s safe to assume a whole lot of people buy Coco Chanel, just because of this ad. It really is a memorable ad, and Keira Knightley makes it so. For the sexy Chanel ad, Keira becomes a biker chick and rocks those cream-colored leathers as she rides that Ducati Supersport 750 motorcycle. It’s one super sultry ad, one in which Keira becomes “Chanel Superwoman.” The message behind that perfume ad is that the fragrance is empowering for any woman. Nothing says empowerment like being as free as a bird, spreading your wings and taking off on a Ducati, a retro looking motorcycle.

Keira really does look splendid in that cream leather catsuit andthose knee-high boots, riding away into the sunset in Paris. There’s something dreamy about that ad, and about Keira, and it’s certainly memorable, in that sense I suppose it had the desired effect.

11 Super Young Pam Posing As Suzuki Girl

Take a look at this pic, and it’s one of our good old Pam looking all hot and steamy. I say Pam, but I bet quite a few of you are still scratching your heads wondering which Pam I’m talking about. Pamela Anderson! Now you start to see some similarities. But look at Pam from then, and look at her now, and it really does look like two different people. Sure, she’s had a load of work done, but even so, she looks unrecognizable from her earlier days. She’s a fresh-faced youngster in this pic. It marked the start of her long and illustrious showbiz career, when she was a baby in the industry. She obviously caught someone’s eye, someone that just had to get her on board. It was a great decision too, because this pic is just glorious. Pamela Anderson as a Suzuki girl. Yep, she’s been there done that too.

10 Kelly Brook Adding A Whole Lot Of Glamor To That Bike

British model, actress, and TV presenter, Kelly Brook really has been making waves in the industry over the past few years. Her career in the media has just taken off, and she’s now achieved fame, pretty much the world over. But long before she became a TV personality, Kelly was killing it in the modeling industry. Considered a sex symbol and a style icon, Kelly’s sex appeal has led to her being named as one of the sexiest women in the world, pretty much on a yearly basis since she broke into the limelight. It’s pics like this one that show what Kelly’s got, that shows why she was – and still is – so successful as a model. She’s modeled for a ton of companies, selling a range of different stuff. She also models just because she’s hot, and poses for glamorous shoots because she’s, well, glamorous. This is a prime example of that, a pic that shows us what she’s got, and what better way to take it than by lying seductively on a motorcycle?

9 Elegance Personified Riding That Beast

This is a pic of Jennifer Garner revving it up for a photoshoot for the 2003 Hollywood issue of GQ. It turned out to be a decent interview, but I doubt those who purchased this magazine were doing much reading, just looking nonstop at these sexy pics. They knew what would make that issue fly off the shelves; how about get the hot new girl on the block – as she was at that time – get her dressed up in a racy outfit, and get her on a motorcycle? It worked, it really did.

Jennifer looks far too cute and delicate to ride and tame that almighty beast. But it’s that look, that seductive glance towards the camera, wind blowing her hair out behind her, that makes this photo great. Obviously, it was a still shot, the wheels weren’t in motion, in a literal sense. But it gets the mind whirring and gets us fantasizing.

8 Seductively Straddling That Moto Guzzi

Actress and model Jordana Brewster has been around for a pretty long time, since 1995 in fact. But she got her breakthrough role in 2001, where she began playing Mia Torretto in those world-famous Fast and the Furious movies. Somehow, just because she’s starred in those movies, you associate Jordana with a girl who has a need for speed. Think of Jordana and you instantly think fast cars, bikes – pretty odd how that connection’s established seeing as how she was Vin Diesel’s character’s sister and didn’t even ride or drive. But it’s there and it can’t really be broken; she is and forever will be known for those films.

Like I mentioned, before she got into acting, Jordana was a model, and a pretty decent one at that. The brunette bombshell got her first taste of a powerful mechanic beast when she was a youngster starting out. Jordana looks extra hot wearing those tight-fitting jeans while looking all hot and steamy but still cute on top of that Moto Guzzi. Incidentally if she did actually ride bikes, that one would be the perfect choice for her.

7 Miley’s Getting Lots Of People Smiling

Due to some of Miley’s antics over the years, there’s nothing that she can really do, that’ll shock us anymore. If she wants to get that shock factor back, she needs to take it up a notch; we’re all waiting with baited breath to see what she does next!

This pic may have shocked some corny people, but it’s actually pretty elegant for a Miley Cyrus shoot. It’s a photoshoot from four years ago, when Miley graced the pages of Harper's Bazaar magazine. It’s a fashion and beauty magazine, so it’s safe to assume they weren’t trying to flog that motorcycle. Although sales of that bike must have gone up when that magazine hit the shelves! They just put Miley on that bike for the hell of it, but it was a decision that resulted in one amazing, sexy, seductive pic. Of course, that revealing outfit, and that background, also play a part in making the pic, but it’s all about Miley and that bike.

6 Candid Pic Of Selena Gomez

This isn’t a pic of Selena Gomez posing seductively on a motorcycle for a glamorous shoot, for an ad campaign, or something of that nature, although we’d love for that to happen, whatever she’s advertising for would sell like hotcakes. This is a pic of Selena riding around the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida, enjoying some time off, having some fun in-between shoots for her Spring Breakers movie. That movie didn’t receive great reviews, but was certainly memorable for all the hot girls on show in bikinis. Selena obviously didn’t feel the need to cover up in-between shots, and instead, it looked like she was having a whale of a time, making use of the props, like the bikes – well, scooters – the production crew had available. She’s all smiles as she’s riding around Florida, clad in that bikini and skimpy matching underwear. Seeing her ride past must have caused a few mishaps among other road users!

5 Eliza Dushku Giving Some Attitude

Here’s another actress and model who’s found herself in a steamy situation, on top of a motorcycle.

Eliza’s career probably hasn’t take off as she’d have hoped. Her breakthrough role was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and after that she’s mainly earned her corn as a TV actress. But one thing’s for sure, she’s definitely hot. Another thing is that she looks amazingly hot on top of a motorcycle. The sight of this hottie sitting astride a beast like this is one that’ll stick in our memory bank. This pic is from a photoshoot, but Eliza’s actually no stranger to getting on two wheels. In the TV show Dollhouse, we saw a beautiful sight: Eliza wearing some seriously flimsy attire, riding a seriously powerful motorbike, the Ducati 1098. She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, riding that big throbbing red monster. Eliza and motorcycles – a marriage made in heaven.

4 Visual Gratification With Jillian

Jillian Michaels is one hot woman. The health and wellness coach gained worldwide fame and attention when she was a trainer on The Biggest Loser. Not only is she awesome at what she does, she’s incredibly hot, possesses a sultry physique that’s ripped and toned to perfection, and has the looks too – the entire package. That alone makes for one hot woman, but add to that the fact that she’s a lesbian, and she loves to ride motorcycles – big powerful motorcycles like Harley-Davidsons – and her sex appeal increases tenfold.

Yep, as if Jillian couldn’t get any sexier, she’s a motorcycle enthusiast. A fully licensed rider, she loves nothing more than getting behind the handlebars of her Harley-Davidson. This is a pic from an event in which she was trying to help others do the same. Harley-Davidson roped in Jillian to help other women who may be interested in riding. It was an empowering experience for Jillian when she started to ride, and wants others to experience that same thrill.

3 Biker Babe BadGalRiRi

Oh wow! See Rihanna race past you on that beast and you might just mash up your vehicle. Unfortunately though, she’s not really a biker chick, although that look suits her superbly. Look at this pic and we can imagine, it’s certainly a steamy enough pic to get the pulse racing.

This is a pic from way back, around a decade ago. Rihanna, at that point, was the new hot girl on the block. Eeryone was raving about this new singing sensation, the Bajan beauty who was creating quite a stir in the industry. Pics like this only served to increase her profile and propel her further into the limelight. Vibe Vixen Magazine just had to get her on board to pose for a sultry spread and be their cover girl. It was a stunning shoot, a shoot that saw Rihanna pose in a number of different pics; this one of her on a motorcycle is one of the more memorable pics.

2 Bike Lover Marisa Miller

American model Marisa Miller has probably posed on all sorts of different things. It’s what she does, looking all hot and steamy, making people stare by wearing sultry attire and posing in sexy shoots. Here’s one example of that. She’s got that proper biker look going on in this pic. There’s not a whole lot of skin on show, but that doesn’t matter, she’s just oozing sex appeal in those biking leathers.

That’s one powerful bike she’s posing on, and the background adds to the pic too. It’s a Wild West type picture, Marisa in the wilderness, looking out over the horizon, wind in her hair, that throbbing machine beneath her, you get the drift. It’s certainly one of the best shot pics on this list. Kudos to the photographer for capturing Marisa in such a light and for choreographing an amazing pic.

1 A Motorcycle Chick If Ever There Was One

If you had to think of a proper motorcycle chick, someone who just fits that stereotypical image of a woman on a motorcycle, singer Pink would probably cross your minds. She just fits the bill perfectly. She’s a rock chick, she wears biker leather, the chains, has that hair, is inked all over her body, and has a love for riding to boot. It’s one of her many passions, and she’s regularly seen riding around LA on one of her many beasts.

She has an almighty collection of motorcycles too, and this is just one of many of her sultry snaps with one of her bad boys. This machine is one of her favorites; she’s been seen out and about on it many times. Pink looks sexy riding it anyway, but this time around, she decided to get all glammed up – in her way – and pose with her pride and joy.

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