15 Questions All Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask Girls (And The Answers!)

Men are from Venus, women are from Mars. Men and women are almost the same but there’s a lot more to compare between the two genders. One cannot fully understand the other without a little questioning and answering but sometimes, the most important questions are a little too hard to ask.

One key to a perfect relationship is that the guy and gal should be very open to each other. That’s easier said than done because despite how pop culture depicts men, guys aren’t all brave. You can expect guys to get in bar fights left and right but if they’re faced with a woman scorned, they’ll cower in fear.

Guys do their best as to not offend women, most especially women who are special to them. To avoid offending the opposite gender, some guys prevent themselves from asking a few questions that direly need answering.

With this fear of the opposite gender in mind, today’s men are finding it hard and harder to understand what makes women think. Sometimes, it’s just best to ask but that’s not always the best option. Here are 15 questions guys are too afraid to ask girls...and the answers.

15 Are Periods Really That Bad?

Every guy has gone through being on the receiving end of a mood swing of their girlfriends while they are on their period. Sorry for the girls out there, but they turn into monsters during their monthly visit. Guys never experience what it's like to be on a menstrual cycle, which begs the question, are periods really that bad?

Well, yep. Just think about how uncomfortable it would be to continuously bleed from the bottom. You'll feel it every time you sit down, and you'll feel it every damn time. As for those mood swings, they can't help it. Hormones go bonkers during this time so yes, periods are really bad.

14 Do You Gals Kiss And Tell?

The act of kissing and telling is looked down upon by society but some guys just can't help themselves from bragging about the girl they went out with the other night. It's definitely not cool to brag about the girl from last night but alas, it's a reality we all must face. Guys aren't the only ones guilty of kissing and telling as girls do this with their friends when the opportunity arises.

Guys, if you're girlfriends' gang begin giving you weird or funny looks, there's a good chance she told a little bit about your sex lives. The question of whether or not she told either good or bad news remains to be unknown though. Just trust in your skills and in yourselves and pray to every god you know that she told good stories and not bad ones.

13 Why Do You Take So Long To Put On Makeup?

The scene is familiar. A guy messages his gal about what time their date is and what time she'll be ready. The girl sets up a time and once the guy gets to the girl's house, she's still doing her makeup. Guys never go through the trouble of putting on makeup so we never understand why it takes girls up to an hour and a half to get ready.

For the most part, girls don't put on makeup to impress everyone. They put on makeup to impress the guy they're with. It's a long process and it's especially longer when they still have to fix their eyebrows. You wouldn't put an unfinished painting in an exhibit, right? Girls have to perfect their makeup because if they don't they'd look horrible with unpolished lipstick, blush-on, and other makeup mistakes.

12 Does Size Really Matter?

Since the dawn of man, questions regarding the size of the male sexual organ have been abundant. Is it too big, is it too small? The questions are endless. The questions aren't for the benefit of men though as guys are more curious about what the opposite gender thinks about the size of Johnsons. Does size really matter?

It's all a matter of preference. Some women prefer it big, some prefer it small, some prefer it just right. We get it, it's really tough to ask a girl whether or not size matters for her because we're afraid to hear the answer. Science has proven that having a bigger size does give men a little more oomph in bed but let's not forget that performance is still key. If you think you're a little lacking from down below, just make sure you can make up for it with proper techniques and endurance.

11 Can We Split The Bill?

When it comes to first dates, there's always been a debate about whether or not guys should split the bill with the girls. For men, it's sort of a gentleman's way of taking care of the girl to pay for the bill fully but in this day and age, women are more than capable of handling themselves. It's very awkward to ask this questions because guys don't want to appear as cheapskates to their ladies especially on their first date ever.

There's nothing exactly wrong with splitting the bill. Since it's just the first date and you two are getting acquainted, there's it's okay with going splits on what you spent. The safest bet is to just be upfront and honest and ask her whether she wants to split the bill or not. If she gets offended or storms off the scene, good for you because you dodged a bullet.

10 Do You Pleasure Yourselves?

Let's face the fact that guys love to pleasure themselves. The chances of getting lucky every day aren't 100% so guys use a little "helping hand" every now and then. By every now and then, we mean almost every day. Girls are a different kind and it's hard to determine whether or not they pleasure themselves. Even if they do, just how often do they do it?

Yes, girls do pleasure themselves every now and then. There are more sex toys for women than there are for men. With regards to how often they do it, it depends on the person. Some girls who are more in touch with their sexuality do it as often as guys. Most girls though, prefer to rarely do it. Again, it depends on the girl and how comfortable they are with their wild side.

9 Is Being A Virgin A Turn Off?

Not every guy gets lucky in bed early on in their lives. Some even choose to preserve their virginity for someone special. You see, girls aren't the only ones who take a vow of abstinence. For guys who are still virgins, they often lie about their sex lives for fear of turning off their partners. After seeing Steve Carell's 40-Year Old Virgin, the curiosity remains even bigger.

It's not really a big problem for girls if their current partner is a virgin. It's all about preference. Guys who've done it before are of course, more experienced than others and this means a better time in bed (usually). But, with practice comes experience so virgins get better in the long run. If you're a virgin, tell the girl and be honest. Don't lie about your sex life because she'll know one way or the other.

8 What's The Proper Answer To "Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?"

Ladies are rather insecure about their appearance so they pick clothes with utmost meticulousness. Once they have their outfit for the night ready, they ask one question that seems to boggle all minds of men, while making their hearts skip a beat; does this dress make me look fat?

Despite being asked so many times, men can't still seem to find the right answer for this question. If the dress does make them look fat, it's hard to be honest as the truth might hurt. If the dress doesn't make them look fat, the girls won't believe the guy. As always, honesty is the best policy. It's better to say the right answer than to tell a lie. Girls will find out the truth about the dress one way or the other so it's best to just spill out the beans immediately.

7 Do You Expect Us To Always Make The First Move?

Every relationship starts with courting and a little bit of flirting. The hard part isn't making up cheesy lines or dressing up nicely to woo her. The hardest part of the courting process is making the first move. We've all been in the place of an admirer from afar. If we aren't confident enough, it's hard to make the first move but does making the first move really matter for girls?

That depends, of course. If the girl likes the guy as well, then there's nothing wrong if the girls make a move first. However, for women, a little confidence goes a long way so a guy making the first move is already a point for them. It's not a requirement though. Some girls are fine if they make the first move so it's best to just analyze and see which one of you guys are willing to make the first step in the relationship.

6 Are "The Girls" A Big Bother?

For guys, women's breasts are a thing of beauty. Men rarely think about "the girls" and all they want is to just look at and feel them. Breasts aren't just a different part of a woman's body though and for some men, the question of what it would feel like to have breasts linger in their innocent minds every once in a while. The biggest question is, are they really a bother to girls?

For starters, breasts hurt sometimes during the menstrual cycle. They get sore. It even hurts more when they get hit even with the smallest amount of force. Next, it's hard to sleep facing down because of the girls. Women who are more gifted in the chest aren't as lucky as many would consider because breasts are indeed bothersome most of the time.

5 Is It Okay To Do It While You're On Your Period?

Periods ruin a lot of things; more for women, less for men. No girl loves to be on their period but since it's a biological process they're stuck with, there's nothing else to do but wait it out and hope for the best. One question guys have about periods is about whether or not, it's okay to booty bump while women are on their menstrual cycle.

Some men aren't too picky and a little blood won't shy them away from doing it. There are non-messy ways to do it while women are on their periods such as doing it in the shower. There's nothing exactly wrong with doing it while a woman is on her period but it's all up to her whether or not she wants to do it. It's a rather messy process unless it's done in the shower so unless neither of you are squeamish, then go for it.

4 Is It Really That Hard To Decide Where To Eat?

Dates are amazing if done right and if both parties are satisfied with whatever happened during the romantic night out. The formula to a perfect date is some neat and entertaining activities and most especially, the perfect restaurant. This is easier said than done as some women are more indecisive than others and it's not easy picking where to eat.

Guys know how hard it is to get an answer from girls whenever they are asked about what or where they want to eat. For guys, this isn't much of a problem as they aren't as picky as women when it comes to the food they eat, for women, however, their cravings are hard to determine so it's really tough to choose what food is best for the night out. When all else fails and the questions get too repetitive, just eat at a local fast food restaurant. Not all dates have to be expensive.

3 Why Do You Always Go For Bad Boys?

The friend zone is one area that every guy loathes to death. Nothing hurts more than being called as "just a friend" by the girl you like most. What's worst is that the girls often fall for guys that don't deserve them. Guys that will hurt them in the long run. Guys that will leave them crying at night. Guys that are basically called the bad boys. Why though? Why do girls always pick the bad boys?

There's no definite answer for this but the common response is that girls pick the bad boys because they want to change them. Aside from that, bad boys also offer up a more "exciting" and "thrilling" relationship for girls. While we can't force a girl to be in a relationship with us, it's just so horrible to see the good girls fall for the bad guys.

2 Are Eyebrows Really That Big A Deal?

Out of all the parts of a woman's face, the eyebrows are the most important ones when it comes to how girls want to look nice. Women will spend countless minutes perfecting their eyebrows and some men think it's a game. For women, eyebrows are everything and yes, they are a really big deal. Like a REALLY big deal. It takes up the most time during women's makeup session.

Not all women are born with thick eyebrows like Cara Delevingne. Most women have thin eyebrows and this isn't the trend nowadays. What's "in" are more masculine and think eyebrows like guys have. Putting on the perfect eyebrows is tough. It can go one of two ways; really bad or really good. Men should just accept the fact that eyebrows are life for women so it's best to be patient.

1 Does Playing With "The Girls" Help?

Men can't help but get a little bit touchy when in bed. Their hands go from point A to point B and everything in between. Does getting a little too touchy help in bed at all? More specifically, does playing with "the girls" make things a little more satisfying and pleasurable for the ladies?

It all depends on the girl. Some girls prefer getting their girls fondled while doing it. It adds a whole new level of intimacy to the act. Some girls prefer if guys kept their hands at the hip area or just basically anywhere aside from the breasts. Not all women like the feeling of hands on their chest area, especially if it's sore.

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