15 Questionable Celebrity Parenting Moments Caught On Camera

With their lives constantly at the center of attention to the public, celebrities are always questioned for any and every move they make. But for celebrity parents, the stakes are much higher.

Whether it’s a comment made in an interview or an act caught on social media, haters are always ready to jump in and give their two cents on the situation. While some incidents are deemed inappropriate, others are just an opportunity for internet trolls to spread negativity.

Parenting is no easy feat, but with the public eye watching your every move, the famous moms and dads of Hollywood receive unsolicited attention and advice. However, with the paparazzi on your tail and a reality television film crew following your every move, these celebrities have no excuse when it comes to their parenting styles. From screaming matches to drunken escapades, celebrity parents are exposed in the limelight as their parenting skills are questioned and critiqued by the millions of people all over the globe.

No parent is perfect, but these 15 celebrities can’t escape the attention they receive when their questionable parenting moments are caught on camera.

15 Joe Simpson And Jessica's Double Ds


In Hollywood it’s a known fact that behind every celebrity, there tends to be a fame hungry parent. For the case of Jessica Simpson, this is more than accurate. While some parents of famous actors or singers use the spotlight to praise their child’s abilities, Joe Simpson chose to applaud his eldest daughter’s physical assets. In an interview, the former Baptist minister commented on the singer’s established sex symbol status, “Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is sexy. If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she’s sexy in both. She’s got double Ds! You can’t cover those suckers up.” Umm… thanks dad? After his disturbing praise got spread around media outlets, many were appalled by the choice of words the father used to describe the blonde’s appearance. Uncomfortable by the comments, critics were not only disturbed, but also questioned the creepy relationship the father has with the pop entertainer.

14 Leah Messer - Texting And Driving 


With the success the 16 & Pregnant series received for MTV, the network created a spin-off series to further follow the teenage mothers on their journey of raising their children at a young age. Teen Mom 2 proceeded to follow Leah Messer as she raised her two twin daughters with her now (first) ex-husband Corey. Despite the heartache their divorce brought on Messer, she was able to find new love again with Jeremy and welcomed her third daughter. However, the hectic lifestyle of raising three young daughters was enough to send the reality star into several breakdowns. Her disregard for reality was enough to have her second husband call it quits on their relationship. Messer then became a twice divorced mother with three young daughters, but with the cameras rolling, footage showed her incapability to properly take care of her children. The show illustrated her tardiness of getting the twins to school and texting while driving revealed from the cameras placed within the car. Messer also received questions regarding her parenting abilities when she appeared to be high while filming scenes for the hit reality show. After a stint in ‘rehab’ and temporarily losing full custody of the twins, Messer is now still raising her children as a single mother.

13 Hulk Hogan - Crush On His Daughter?


Well known for his professional wrestling career, Hulk Hogan and his family had a brief stint in the world of reality television with their show, Hogan Knows Best. Along with the cancelation of the show, Hogan and his wife Linda proceeded to undergo a nasty divorce and the father of two was even accused of cheating with his daughter Brooke's best friend. But that wasn’t the controversy that raised eyebrows for the Hogan patriarch. In 2009, paparazzi captured Hogan rubbing sun lotion on Brooke’s legs and backside while she lounged pool side. The pictures disturbed many for his inappropriate actions with his only daughter. Furthermore, the incident only fuelled rumors that Hogan has a creepy crush on Brooke for behaving in such a manner with the young blonde. His unnerving actions came to light again a few years later when the former wrestler tweeted a picture of his daughter’s figure with the caption ‘Brook’s legs’, which were being shown off in a short pair of jean shorts. Needless to say, not many found the photo to be just a proud father showing off his daughter.

12 Britney Spears - Baby In The Front Seat


Britney Spears has received plenty of attention since her early days as a Disney Mouseketeer and throughout her transitions to becoming one the world’s most decorated pop-star. While her rise to fame was filled with positive feedback from the public, that quickly changed once she entered motherhood. In 2006, the blonde singer was photographed putting her five-month-old Sean Preston in harm’s way by driving with him on her knee. Spears was quickly criticized for her actions and the unsafe conditions she was exposing her son to while operating a vehicle. In a statement released to the public, the “...Baby One More Time” singer defended her actions after what she claimed to be a horrifying encounter with the paparazzi, “I was terrified they would put us in danger. I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm’s way.” Despite the reasons for her actions, the moment caught on camera was enough to have many question her parenting decisions. Oops. I bet she won’t do that again.

11 Billy Ray And Tish Cyrus - Pole Dance? No Problem 

While Miley Cyrus appeared to be innocent on hit Disney series, Hannah Montana, her inner wild child was beginning to blossom for the world to see when she gave a controversial performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. The then sixteen-year-old singer performed her hit single, "Party In The USA", while dancing what was deemed inappropriate when she proceeded to perform a pole dance mid-song. While many parents had strong concerns for her routine and tight figure hugging shorts, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus were shown by cameras cheering their daughter right along as she continued to move and groove on stage. The reactions from the former Disney star's parents gave many reason to question their authority and ability to watch out for their daughter that was quickly growing up in the limelight of a cut-throat industry. Despite the backlash they received, they still continued, and still today, support their pop-star daughter.

10 Mama June - Back With The Man Who Abused Her Daughter

June Shannon and Alana Thompson quickly rose to fame after their jaw-dropping appearance on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras as the outrageous mother-daughter duo. Their redneck ways and horrid eating habits were enough to have viewers begging for more of the hilarious backwoods family. With their spin-off show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Mama June and her daughter were sitting pretty on a pile on incoming cash. However, their success came to an end when Mama June was caught hanging around a former convicted sexual offender, Mark McDaniel, who was sentenced to ten years in prison after he assaulted Shannon’s oldest daughter Anna. The matriarch and McDaniel appeared in multiple photos together, including lying in bed at a hotel and touring a house for sale. After the photos were released, along with McDaniel’s rap sheet, TLC didn’t hesitate to pull the plug on their hit reality show. After the cancelation, the family appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil, for he was genuinely concerned about the well-being of Shannon’s four daughters.

9 David Hasselhoff - Drunken Disappointment

Apparently someone didn’t get the memo to not ‘hassle the hoff”, for David Hasselhoff’s daughters filmed a private video of their father, that was later released to the media. In the 2007 tape, it illustrates the actor in a drunken stupor only wearing a pair of jeans while lying on the floor eating a hamburger. While enjoying his meal in an intoxicated state, the relapsing alcoholic’s then sixteen-year-old daughter was pleading with her father not to drink any more alcohol that night for he would be fired from his gig on the stage version of The Producers. While the pleas from his daughter pulled at some heartstrings, others questioned his ability to act maturely and like an adult around his still relatively young daughters. In fact, many had choice words for the father to act so incoherently drunk while in the presence of his children and thought his behavior was wildly inappropriate.

8 Kate Gosselin - Spit It Out!

Making her claim to fame with her former hit TLC documentary series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin allowed cameras to get a peek into her hectic life raising eight young children. While having a household full of children would be extremely stressful, the mother’s temper was shown on numerous occasions. Which is why it came as no surprise when the blonde reality star announced her divorce to her husband Jon. But the divorce was not the only end for the family, for the show was not renewed. However, the network created a spin-off series appropriately called, Kate Plus 8. Despite being a new start for the family, Gosselin still continued to illustrate her demanding tone with her children, especially her twin daughters, Mady and Cara. Audiences took to social media to address their concerns with the tone and manner in which Gosselin talked to her eldest daughters when she became transparently angry with them in an interview and rudely told them to “use their words.” Despite the backlash that comment received, the show still continues to draw in faithful viewers.

7 Alec Baldwin - "You're A Thoughtless Little Pig!" 

Alec Baldwin may have an impressive resume for his work in Hollywood, but the same couldn’t be said for his parenting after the jaw-dropping incident that occurred between he and his daughter. In the midst of a nasty divorce with his first wife Kim Basinger, the former couple’s daughter, Ireland, was stuck in the middle of their bitter end. In 2007, the media was able to get a hold of a leaked message that Baldwin had left on Ireland’s voicemail. Within the message, the actor used disturbing language with an extremely abusive tone. At just eleven years old, his innocent daughter was on the receiving end of a verbal insult where Baldwin proceeded to call his daughter a “thoughtless little pig” and other degrading names. Understandably so, many were appalled with his actions and words directed at his daughter and then as a result he was momentarily banned from having contact with Ireland. Today, the father and daughter are on good terms and they have even mocked his infamous rant.

6 Farrah Abraham - 7 And Full Of Makeup


After allowing MTV cameras to document her life as a young teen mom, Farrah Abraham became the reality star that audiences love to hate. Her decision to expose her body by involving herself in the adult film industry was enough to have millions question her parenting capabilities and morals, but that didn’t stop Abraham from raising her daughter Sophia on her terms. The single mom continues to receive an array of criticism for the way she allows her daughter to dress and wear makeup. But it was the photos she posted of her seven-year-old’s photoshoot that had the entertainer’s parenting skills being questioned. In a face full of makeup and a purple bikini, Abraham’s daughter was pool side for the camera in poses deemed too provocative by critics. The Teen Mom star’s Instagram page was flooded with hate as comments on pictures condemned the young mother for allowing her daughter to appear in such a manner and exposing her daughter to potential pedophiles on the web.

5 Michael Jackson - The Baby Balcony Dangle


Michael Jackson may be one of the world’s most beloved pop-stars of all time, but his questionable behavior was a facet the media could have done without, despite the ratings it drew in. While his personal life has been deeply dissected prior and after his death, Jackson’s most inappropriate parenting moment was caught on camera for millions to witness. As a couple of hundred fans gathered outside of Jackson’s hotel, the “Beat It” singer took his guests by surprise as he dangled his infant child, Blanket, out over the balcony of his hotel room. Right away, his action was condemned by audiences from all other for putting his baby in such a dangerous situation that could easily have ended badly with one miscalculated move. This infamous moment has since been an opportunity for comedians to poke fun despite the threatening harm it could have inflicted on the baby.

4 Janelle Evans - Always In A Fight

Like all the mothers on MTV’s hit documentary reality series, Teen Mom, Janelle Evans has her fair share of problems. In fact, she may be the network's mom with the longest rap sheet. While getting pregnant as a teenager was not the worst thing to happen to the North Carolina native, Evans certainly proves that she is the worst at it. Despite raising her first son Jace without his father, the reality star’s drug problem and frequent arrests was enough destruction to eventually have her mother Barbara be granted custody of the child. While Evans claimed to work towards getting her life back on track in order to get back her son, she only got into more trouble, most of which was filmed by MTV cameras. The show captured the mother getting in fights with her baby daddies, attacks with her mother, and smoking weed. All of which proved that Jace was in better hands with Evan's mother. While she still doesn’t have custody of her son, Evans is now pregnant with her third child she is expecting with her most recent boyfriend. Good grief.

3 Octomom - Regrets Her Own Kids


Octomom made her rapid climb to fame in 2009 with the infamous controversy over her becoming pregnant with eight babies despite already having six. Many were appalled by this reveal and viewed it as child abuse and immature parenting. However, it only went downhill as the mother of fourteen proceeded to not only go on welfare to support her children, but also became involved in stripping and the adult film industry in order to make ends meet. These forms of income were not well received from critics and media audiences and they questioned her ability to care for her kids. But the inappropriateness didn’t stop there, for the mother grossly admitted that she couldn’t stand her children to In Touch magazine, “I hate babies, they disgust me… Obviously, I love them-but I absolutely wish I had not had them.” This statement had many further supporting their claims of Octomom’s inability to parent.

2 Shauna Sand - That's A Dress You Wear With Your Daughter?


The forty-five-year-old American entertainer may be appreciated for her work with Hef's magazine and mediocre acting career, but the same can’t exactly be said for her parenting skills. Shauna Sand is no stranger to baring it all for the cameras and she didn’t exactly hold back when paparazzi were able to catch her and her daughter out and about Beverley Hills in 2010. While it appears sweet that the two were hanging out together, the outfit that Sand donned had many questioning what exactly the mother of three was thinking. While her young daughter walked alongside her looking extremely bored in a purple skirt and jacket, the blonde was looking as if the sidewalk was her runway. Sand was dressed, barely, in a see-through lace number that only covered up her assets with matching black underwear and bra she wore under the transparent dress. Mom of the year? I don’t think so.

1 Dina Lohan - Drunken Interview

Linsey Lohan may have once played a teenage drama queen during the prime of her acting career, but her real life continues to be filled with drama thanks to her father and mother. Michael Lohan has been criticized for his actions as a parents for several years throughout his daughter’s career, from screaming matches and public fights with his daughter and ex-wife Dina, the Lohan family is infamous for their chaotic domestic headlines. While he has had his own troubles with his famous daughter, in 2015 it was revealed that Lohan and his second wife lost custody of their two young sons after police got a hold of the couple fighting in front of the children. While the actress' mother has tried to play the victim many times throughout the history of their family's feud, she did portray herself to be an incompetent mother when appearing on the Dr. Phil show. Despite having the intentions to showcase that she is a stable mother and not the root of her daughter's or family's problems, the mother of three appeared to be intoxicated during her time on the show. Which ultimately once again questioned where the parenting skills and authority were within the broken family.


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15 Questionable Celebrity Parenting Moments Caught On Camera