15 Qualities That Make Every Virgo Woman Sleazy

Everyone is curious about their horoscope. If someone claims to have never read about their traits and personality, they're most likely being dishonest. Regardless whether you are a believer or skeptic, there's one thing we can all agree on; horoscopes are entertaining.

There are plenty of people who refuse to date someone if their horoscopes aren't compatible. They tend to believe that it's not worth going through the trouble when the relationship will likely fall apart at some point.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac referring to people born between August 22 and September 22. Although they have plenty of good qualities to boast about, they tend to have some major flaws that can be a turn off. Many of their better qualities tend to be overshadowed by some traits.

Looking at a list of Virgo celebrities, you come across names like Beyoncé, Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, and Cameron Diaz. Men reading this will probably think that Virgo women are worth the headache if they're that fine, but allow us to make a case!

Today, we will take a look at 15 qualities that make them sleazy. We aren't saying that Virgos are evil by any chance, we are simply pointing out some attributes that raise a red flag.


15 They're Narcissistic

Hey Virgos, here's a newsflash: The world doesn't revolve around you, so quit acting like it. Virgos can be so self-absorbed to the point where you completely lost interest in them. They live in their own world where nothing else matters, everything takes a backseat to their own interests.

They have no problem talking about themselves for hours but the minute you bring up a personal story, their tone will do a 180 turn. If she doesn't share the same interests as you, don't expect that to ever change; they're unwilling to adapt in most cases.

Virgo women are the type who feel the need to share every selfie they take on social media. Their Instagram and Snapchat stories are updated on daily basis, so the rest of us can see what a great life they have. If they aren't the centre of attention at all times, they will fall into a bad mood and pout.

14 They're Overcritical


If you recognize the woman above, you're probably never going to date a Virgo woman again. Lucille from Arrested Development was an overly critical character that made everyone miserable. When dating a Virgo, brace yourself for such behavior.

They LOVE to criticize everyone and anything. Nothing is safe from their criticism, not your looks, clothes, habits, photos.......nothing. Virgos will find flaws and faults in just about anything that you can throw at them.

Constructive criticism isn't in their vocabulary, they will put you down for the sake of it. It fuels their needs and helps them mask their own personal insecurities. If you're a sensitive person, you're better off staying away from a Virgo woman because she will tear you apart with no remorse.

13 They Can't Take Criticism

Wait, what? Ah, you have to love those type of people! Virgos won't hold back as far as criticism goes, but when the tables turn, it's a whole different story. The simplest of suggestions will offend them, even if it's in their best interest.

It's one of the worst qualities that your partner could have, and sadly, it's very common among Virgos. They are never receptive to criticism and get emotional as soon as you call them out on something.

Communication is key in a relationship but at the same time, not many people would repeat a comment if it had previously offended their partner. It makes it very difficult to build a relationship with them as it can be frustrating to communicate when they get upset so easily. Instead, you have to choose your words carefully so no one gets hurt because you don't want to irritate them!

12 They're Vengeful


We aren't saying that Virgo women will hunt you down like the third installation of Taken. Virgos are vengeful in different ways, they hold on to memories and words for eternity. They will never forget a word you say, especially if it hurt their feelings. It's important to get even for Virgos, no matter the consequences.

"Forget and forgive" is a concept they aren't familiar with, and they don't care to adapt either. If you cancel a date on a Virgo woman, she will either completely cut you off or cancel the next time you make plans.

It's difficult to have a healthy relationship when you have that mentality of getting even. They count the mistakes that you made, and the number of times you have upset them. It's a childish attitude that can be changed, as long as they are willing to commit to it.

11 They're Bossy

Virgo women are strong, possibly the strongest. They never admit to being wrong and love being independent. Some men are more than fine with having a woman who's bossy and wears the pants in the relationship.

But of course, there are different personalities out there, and plenty of men still prefer the traditional type of relationship. Virgo women are intelligent women who aim to succeed at all costs. To some men, this threatens their role in the relationship which creates tension between the couple.

So men, please be wary before dating a Virgo woman since you might not be able to handle them, especially if you have an "old school" mentality.

10 They Have A Bad Temper


Another major flag that most men won't be enticed to hear about. Virgos are easily annoyed by the simplest of things that most people wouldn't even care to notice. Once they get annoyed, they can be very difficult to deal with.

That's not to say that they will go out of their way to make your life a difficult one, but they do have the tendency to act on their feelings if things aren't going their way. And once they do get irritated, their thoughts aren't exactly filtered; you're likely going to instantly regret making her mad.

Virgos will say anything on their mind, regardless of how hurtful it could be. They use insults as a defense mechanism when confronted, and that's certainly not the type of person everyone can get along with.

9 They're Hard To Please

Virgo women have an extreme case of believing that men are mind readers and know what they are thinking at all times. Unfortunately, we all know that's far from the truth which frustrates Virgos who want things done their way and at their convenience.

Even if you do the 'right' thing by them, they will deem it as too late. They play out scenarios in their heads, imagining the things and gestures that they seek from other people. When things don't go as planned, their attitude will reflect it as they get easily upset.

Their happiness is dictated by whether things happen the way they want them to, rather than letting things play out. Virgo women are high maintenance and you would have to be fully prepared to adhere to their demanding personality. Forget about all the women you have previously dated, it's always going to take more work to impress a Virgo.


8 They Play The Victim


Many of the qualities found on this list tie together, there's a direct relationship between them. An overcritical person is a smarty pants who can't take criticism but has a bad temper. If an argument breaks out, no matter what the Virgo does or says, they will always find a way to spin it to their favor. Harsh words? None of that matters, they will justify it as self-defence.

Save the headaches and understand that Virgos simply can't admit they are wrong and would rather blame anyone else for their problems.

7 They're Gossipy

If there's anything that Virgo women love, it's gossip. If you're a private person then you're doomed in that relationship, because there's no such thing as secrets with them. They are prone to discuss personal matters, even going as far as to talk about their love life.

Men are always curious to know whether women talk to their girlfriends about private business, and yes, Virgos can't help themselves. It's an instant turn off to a lot of men because they realize that a gossipy person never changes. Their energy feeds off sharing the tea with other people.

Entertaining as it may be, gossip could prove to be a relationship killer. Some men value privacy and are willing to share certain information with the public. So, be careful before you get into a serious relationship with a Virgo!

6 They're Clean Freaks


Is it really a bad quality to be a clean freak? Depends on who you ask, but if that's a pet peeve of yours, you're better off finding anyone but a Virgo woman. Monica from Friends is possibly the best example of a clean freak and we all remember how irritating she could be.

Now, imagine if you actually had to live with someone who had the same habits as Monica. You're guaranteed to go crazy because it's not something they will ever change. It's who they are, and you either have to accept it or move on.

Being a clean freak comes with a negative stigma due to the extremes that some people go to in order to have a spotless home. Clean freaks aren't compatible with everyone, and you will only get more annoyed the longer you are around them. Of all the qualities on this list, this one is probably the most overlooked by men.

5 They Think They Know Everything

Virgos are know-it-alls who cling to their opinions and beliefs. Politics, news, sports, music, movies, they know everything. Or at least they think they do. Virgos have a tendency to pretend to know everything in life, they will argue and defend their point in the most condescending ways.

They refuse to acknowledge that perhaps another person is more knowledgeable when it comes to a certain topic. That's simply how they are wired. Granted, Virgos are intelligent and we can't take that away from them. But there is a thin line between spreading knowledge and behaving like a smarty pants.

Unfortunately, Virgos just can't seem to find the middle ground. At times, they fail to deliver their message, even when they are right, due to their tone. You won't make plenty of friends if you're vocal about your opinions but won't hear anyone else.

4 Everything Has To Be Perfect


Depending on who you ask, perfectionists have a different perception and it varies from one person to another. One thing is for certain, if you can't stand perfectionists then you won't get along with a Virgo.

They will take their sweet time to accomplish any task until it meets their personal standards. When it comes to their work, Virgos are never fully satisfied; there's always room for improvement. They tend to be artistic so they can be difficult to really understand.

Their complicated minds will often drive them and their partner crazy. They may ask for your opinion on something, but if they aren't fully convinced, then it makes little difference. Virgos go back and forth until they achieved perfection or run out of time to do so.

3 They're Stubborn

The expression "it's my way or no way" perfectly describes Virgos and their personality. They are very stubborn people, possibly more stubborn than a Chihuahua. Virgos want things their way even if it doesn't involve them. You can show them the way but does it really matter if they are unwilling to listen?

When you're stubborn, it's hard to get a grasp on reality since you block out certain ideas from your mind. Virgos are the type to cause trouble in group work, they will reject a great idea for the simple fact that it's not their very own. In relationships, both partners must make sacrifices to make it work in the long term, but it gets tough when they won't ever budge.

Stubborn people are usually scared to let go of what they previously thought was right. Even if they are proven to be wrong, they are still going to put up a fight and stick to their guns.

2 They're Undiplomatic


Forget about sugar-coating, Virgos know no such thing. They aren't politicians and don't care about pleasing everyone. They won't do things just to gain your approval. I can't stress this enough but as intelligent as they may be, they won't hold back even if it means that everyone else will be offended.

They absolutely hate being politically correct since they are outspoken and offer their two cents on every topic there is. Never try to censor a Virgo, that's just asking for trouble. It's a quality that makes them clash with other people.

Most people will stay quiet if they hear something they disagree with, but not a Virgo. A Facebook post that opposes their point of view? You can bet they will write an essay to tell you just how wrong you are. Being undiplomatic isn't the worst of things but society has become politically correct which puts Virgos in a tough situation.

1 They Have Low Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is a crucial quality that we don't talk about often. When it comes to self-awareness, Virgos are the Michael Scott of zodiac signs. Their actions will sometimes leave you dumbfounded while they have no clue what's happening. It could be a personal or business decision that is clearly not so bright, but it doesn't hit Virgos until it's too late to do anything about it.

They are guilty of doing little things that may not seem like a huge deal but in fact have a major effect on their surroundings. Several of the qualities above fall in that category. For instance, despite being overcritical, Virgos don't realize that they are and certainly not when they put you down.

They aren't are the type of people who will look at a situation from a different perspective, which often lands them in hot water.


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