15 Prettiest Athletes From 15 Different Sports

For millions of guys, watching women in sports is like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only do you get to watch the thrill of competition, but you also get to experience the allure of physical attraction, all at once. These women are at the peak of strength and agility, which naturally leads to amazingly svelte figures and brilliant smiling celebrations.

Yet some dudes still insist, "Oh, women can't run as fast" or "They can't jump as high." Well guess what, dude, they could whoop your behind at any sport they chose, so just get over yourself and watch them compete.

Women can do it all, and many have transitioned their sports prowess into lucrative careers. Groundbreaking NASCAR star Danica Patrick has made millions on endorsement deals. Olympic stars like Aly Raisman have followed suit. But hey, we don't want to give away the whole list just yet. Scroll down to view the hottest women in a variety of athletic competitions from around the globe. Here are the 15 most beautiful female athletes in their 15 different sports.

15 Leryn Franco - Javelin

This beautiful brunette, Leryn Franco, once set the Paraguay record for javelin toss in the Olympic Games. She's no longer an active athlete professionally, but she still works out and attends many sporting events. Looking at her Twitter page, you can see that this athlete is a yoga fanatic. She is also an avid cook and posts several pics of her favorite foods. Leryn also models in her spare time and has been the victim of an occasional wardrobe malfunction. There is one such picture online where Leryn is strutting down the runway in a beautiful silky floral blouse. While concentrating on walking smoothly and having proper posture for the cameras, she is totally oblivious to the fact that her right breast is completely exposed. Or was that what the fashion designer had intended? Sometimes, it's hard to tell.

14 Alana Blanchard - Surfing

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Alana Blanchard is a beautiful blonde in a field of very fit athletes. If you search "hottest female athletes" online, you will discover a large number that are either track stars or surfers; which makes sense, right? Both such sports involve hours of practice outside under the bright sun. The athletes get hot and sweaty and tanned to a golden bronze. Alana has taken some time off of surfing recently since she is pregnant with another surfer's (Jack Freestone) child. Professional surfing is one of those under-the-radar types of sports and usually only gets attention when disaster strikes. For example, Alana Blanchard was nearby, surfing in the blue waters, when Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark and lost her arm. The 2011 film about the incident, Soul Surfer, featured Alana as a lead character, and she was played by Jack Nicholson's daughter, Lorraine Nicholson.

13 Winifer Fernández - Volleyball

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This may be one of the most recognizable athletes on the list, but most dudes aren't recognizing the face. The backside of Winifer Fernández was made quite famous in various viral memes and screenshots released during the Olympic games. And there are videos too...lots of it. You can watch Winifer hit the floor, hard, over and over again. Her entire body and toned round assets jiggle in slow mo as she digs and dives for the volleyball. But the petite athlete isn't all curves. She has a cute expressive face that compliments her figure quite well, although cameras are usually aimed at her rear. Her Dominican volleyball team finished 6th in the latest Olympics and more recently finished first in the Pan-American Cup. Winifer appears on nearly every "beautiful female athlete" list online and says she is honored to be mentioned.

12 Sierra Blair-Coyle - Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing is a fun sport, which has seen a drastic rise in popularity over the past decade or two. Now, many gyms offer climbing walls and various field trip style hikes and outings. The sport is great for building muscle in those hard to reach areas of your body, which traditional weights seem to neglect. It's also a chance to get out into the wild, soak up some sun, and watch pros, like Sierra, scramble up the mountain in some short shorts. Now, Sierra is not usually dolled up with makeup as she is seen in this photo. You are more likely to find Sierra with no lipstick and eye shadow (au naturale) wearing nothing but a black sports bra and some tight pink shorts clinging to the ceiling of a cave like a spider. The Arizona native also posts tons of beach pics on social media and looks awesome in a bikini.

11 Danica Patrick - Auto Racing

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Danica was mentioned in the intro, and for good reason. Not only is she a gorgeous woman, who only seems to look better as the years roll on, but she is also a true pioneer in a sport that has been short on women for years. She was the first woman ever to win an Indy race. The bad news is, that's about her only major trophy. She has since made the switch to NASCAR and hasn't won any races. She does maintain some popularity awards, though, and those have served her well as she's gained endorsement deals with Go Daddy and her own sporty fashion line, among many other deals. She also is ranked 8th in pay, which is great for her to surpass so many men. Recently, she lost her driving sponsor, and it is still up in the air whether she will drive next season. If so, whose team she will drive for? Danica could also call it an early retirement. She has other interests including yoga and healthy cooking, for which she has a book that she wrote and will be released soon.

10 Paige Spiranac - Golf

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Here's another athlete who isn't actually the best in her field. But damn, if she doesn't look great trying, there is no doubt that Paige makes her money off of golf. She is a hired pro who gives lessons and earns income off of YouTube videos. Her Instagram is huge, it launched her career, and is still one of the most attractive feeds in the business. But, can she succeed against pro golfers in a tournament? Not really. She's only golfed in a couple invitationals and didn't even get close to the leader board. Maybe that's why the LPGA hates her. They label her as a "golf influencer," not a pro. She inspired the LPGA to pass a new dress code for female golfers, making it illegal to wear plunging necklines and mini skirts. Paige protested the new rule. But don't worry, she'll be just fine. She recently signed on to represent PXG as their brand ambassador, a deal that puts her bank account up high on the leader board.

9 Skylar Diggins-Smith - Basketball

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Skylar is gorgeous and has been the sweetheart of many celebs, including Drake. But hands off, guys. The WNBA all star is married now, recently tying the knot with her college sweetheart and former Notre Dame football receiver, Daniel Smith. So let's talk about Notre Dame. Yes, their football team sucks. It has been so hit-or-miss since coach Brian Kelly's arrival. Last season, they finished an awful 4 and 8, losing a number of close games when it counted the most. But, let's get real here. Football is no longer ND's best sport. Not even close. What most folks don't realize is that ND has had a women's basketball dynasty going on for years. Skylar won two championships for ND and played in three altogether. That success led her to being picked 3rd overall in the draft by the Tulsa Shock. She now plays point guard on the Dallas Wings.

8 Melanie Adams - Pole Vault

Here is a beautiful Australian blonde who represented her country in pole vaulting at the London games. If you browse through her Twitter account, you'll find that she's not only a track star, but she does just about everything. There are images of her water skiing, playing field hockey, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, fishing, and even doing some mixed martial arts. Just about every sport you can think of. Oh, and the woman has a photo of it. She also is seen on a model runway in China and also doing some yoga, like every hot female athlete tends to do. But then, the woman disappears. It's a mystery! Her Instagram doesn't work. Her Facebook hasn't been updated. She hasn't tweeted in a long time. Funny how a beautiful and popular athlete can just drop off the planet. So, if you find her, let us know.

7 Lindsey Vonn - Skiing

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Lindsey Vonn has managed to stay in the public eye long after her Olympic appearances. She has stated that she is making a run for next years' games, but we'll see if she can overcome a long list of career shaking injuries. Skiing or not, though, Lindsey will be on TV. For a while, she was romantically linked to Tiger Woods. Tiger seems like he is forever doomed in love, and he and Lindsey broke up after dating for over a year. Last August, some intimate photos of the former couple were leaked online, much to the dismay of both athletes. Meanwhile, Lindsay also does commentary on multiple sports shows, as well as making guest starring roles on reality shows like Running Wild with Bear Grylls. She has been body-painted for Sports Illustrated and also appeared in the buff for the ESPN body issue.

6 Ellen Hoog - Field Hockey

Hoog is a field hockey star from the Netherlands and has earned two gold medals in the Summer Games of 2008 and 2012. In the latest Olympics, she had to settle for a silver medal. Not only is she on the winning team, but she is their go-to star. She took the winning shot for gold in 2012 and secured the silver in 2016. Off the pitch, Hoog has posed in seductive outfits for a few magazines. She posts regularly on her Instagram page, where you can see that she seems to be having quite a bit of fun. In one shot, she is sitting on the edge of an in-ground pool, wearing no top. In other shots, she is sipping wine on a yacht and enjoying sunsets on the beach.

5 Alex Morgan - Soccer

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Alex Morgan was a phenom when she entered the soccer world. The California native played at Berkeley and then graduated early, entered the draft, and was picked number one overall. She was the youngest player to achieve that honor. She later went on to win U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year, the FIFA Women's World Cup, and Olympic gold. She also holds scoring records of 20-plus goals in a season, rivaled only in numbers by Mia Hamm. She still plays in the pros as a striker for the Orlando Pride. She's also a New York Times bestselling author, penning middle grade fiction about (you guessed it) kicking the old ball around. She's a beautiful person, both inside and out, and recently made news for donating a percentage of her salary to children's charities.

4 Ronda Rousey - Mixed Martial Arts

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You knew that Ronda Rousey was going to make our list at some point. The groundbreaking MMA champion has won it all, including gold. Although recently retired, a term which means nothing in the fighting world, Rousey has stayed in the public eye. Most recently, she starred on a reboot of the 1980's class, Battle of the Network Stars. She starred as a team coach who attempted to whip some very old (like Corbin Bernsen of LA Law?!) stars into shape to beat the other team. Everything from dunk tanks to kayaking were included in the hilarious yet slightly pathetic contest. Ronda has also starred in Furious 7 and Blindspot, amping up her acting resume. A fighter who can act? That's right. Which leads us to the latest rumors of her transitioning into the WWE.

3 Nikki Bella - Wrestling

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Who is the biggest fan of this gorgeous WWE diva? Well, that would have to be none other than fellow wrestler John Cena, who proposed to the beauty in the ring at WrestleMania 33. And this wasn't just another dramatic turn in the story of wrestling, as Cena offered a legitimate wedding proposal, Nikki accepted, and the couple is still together. Or, maybe Nikki's twin sister, Brie, is her biggest fan. Nikki, who is older by a few minutes, has paired up with her sis in the ring and on reality television. Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace was born in California, then raised in Arizona, alongside her sister, Brianna. The Bella Twins made their first WWE appearance in 2008 and quickly rose in the ranks to champions. The tag team has recently disbanded, as Brie took a break and Nikki made a big comeback after taking a break of her own. Nikki is also cast in the latest season of Dancing with the Stars.

2 Aly Raisman - Gymnastics

The 3-time Olympic gold medalist, Aly Raisman, has been in the news quite a bit lately. Whether she is posing in the buff for a magazine, being harassed by airport security, or making waves after getting cat-called at an award show, Aly has made her voice heard. Her reactions to any controversy are polarizing and unfiltered. Her latest rant concerns a s*xual abuse scandal of the longtime US Gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar. He is accused of misconduct of over 100 victims. Aly didn't hesitate to call out the US Gymnastics for doing such a crappy job and employing the creep. "Everyone is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Olympic champion or you’re an 8-year-old that goes to gymnastics in Ohio or wherever you are in the U.S. Every single kid is important and I want USA Gymnastics to do a better job with that," she said.

1 Maria Sharapova - Tennis

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Maria Sharapova has been around for a while. But believe it or not, she still has it. Recently, she showed up in a smoking hot black mini dress on the court. She was bedazzled in Swarovski crystals and in skintight fabric that may have given her the confidence boost she needed and led to her winning her first Grand Slam match since her drug suspension. Much like an outfit, sometimes a placebo drug can give an athlete a mental edge. Many argue that meldonium, the banned substance that she was suspended for, was no placebo and was in fact performance enhancing. Others argue that the metabolism boosting drug is little more than a diet pill and that it has no place on the banned list. Either way, Maria is longing to keep this scandal in the past and focus on a future full of winning once again.

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