15 Powerful Heroes From Blizzard's Overwatch You Need To Master

There’s a hero for every player and here are just 15 of the most powerful you should know about.

Back in 2016, Blizzard released a new IP that has long been anticipated by fans. After months in the beta stage, Overwatch finally launched in May 2016 and boy did it take the world by storm. Up until now, Overwatch has a solid following and it took competitive shooters into a new era. Based on its countless awards including a lot of Game of the Year trophies, there’s no doubting that the game is here to stay.

But what does make Overwatch such an amazing game?

It’s basically a standard shooter and players have likened it to Valve’s Team Fortress. Groups of players go against each other in a few modes like Control Point and Escort. It’s a pretty simple set up but what makes the game so memorable is its ensemble cast of unique and very interesting characters.

Overwatch features the Spaghetti Western inspired McCree, the Korean video gaming icon D.Va and the former world hero, Reaper just to name a few. These heroes don’t only differ in looks and background story as each has their own set of skills and stats.

There’s a hero for every player. Those who prefer a stealthy approach can choose Hanzo. Those who like the typical run and gun setup can pick Soldier 76. The game isn’t short on heroes to choose from. While Blizzard does its best to balance the game for competitive purposes, there are still a few heroes that are a cut above the rest. Here are the 15 most powerful heroes in Overwatch.

15 Reinhardt

When talking about hard-to-kill Overwatch characters, players are probably thinking about Reinhardt. The old man in a huge piece of armor is like a literal wall whenever he’s in battle. Aside from having one of the highest HPs in the game, Reinhardt’s Barrier Field allows him; and his allies, more protection as this shield can take in 2000 more extra damage.

Aside from being a good defender in Overwatch, Reinhardt also knows a thing or two about dispatching enemies. He’s the only melee hero in the game and his Rocket Hammer can deal a huge amount of damage to those in his radius. One of Reinhardt’s best skills is Charge. True to its name, Charge allows Reinhardt to ram enemies pushing them away. And if an unlucky hero happens to be in front of Reinhardt at the time, they’re as good as dead.

14 Reaper

The undisputed edge lord of Overwatch is a force to be reckoned with at the right distance. Reaper’s main skills allow him to go in and out of skirmishes in a few seconds and those who’ve mastered his weapon’s perfect range can really put a lot of players to waste.

His Hellfire Shotguns deal a ton of damage at mid- to close-range but from afar, they barely make a scratch. With Reaper’s Wraith Form and Shadow Step, players can easily close in on enemies and deal maximum damage with the shotguns. One of the neat skills of Reaper is The Reaping which allows him to take the souls of any fallen hero to heal himself.

He also has one of the most devastating ultimate skills in the roster with Death Blossom. The enemy team should keep a close watch on Reaper has once he begins dancing in the middle with Death Blossom, everyone’s in for a world of hurt.

13 McCree

When it’s high noon, McCree’s Peacekeeper will definitely put the low down on any criminals. McCree is the type of hero that doesn’t look and feel too impressive but with mastery, he’s one of the best offensive heroes in the game.

McCree’s skills are better when chained together and he can easily take out 1 or 2 enemies if the player has mastered what to do with him. Once players see the opportunity, they should use Flashbang to stun a small group of enemies. Then use Fan The Hammer on one hero, it’s best if the shots get the head for an easy kill. With the Peacekeeper out of ammo, the next step is to use Combat Roll for an easy reload and then Fan The Hammer again on one hero. If all else fails, Deadeye will do the trick.

12 Lucio

When it comes to who’s the best support in the game, players are most likely to pick the upbeat Lucio as their go-to hero. While Lucio’s offensive capabilities aren’t that great compared to the others on this list, a lot of players have probably been saved by this Support type on more than one occasion thanks to his Sound Barrier.

What makes Lucio so powerful is his Crossfade ability which has 2 modes; one that heals and one that increases speed. Aside from affecting players in a range, Crossfade’s effects can also be strengthened with Amp It Up. His best offensive skill is Sound Wave. It doesn’t deal much damage but if players are hit with it while they are on the edge of the arena, they’re as good as dead.

11 Roadhog

The pal of local bomb aficionado Junkrat is no pushover. Roadhog is a Tank type hero for a few good reasons. One is that he has a ton of HP and he’s one of the few heroes that can survive Reinhardt’s Charge. Another reason why he’s such a good Tank is that he can heal himself with Take A Breather.

Roadhog’s Scrap Gun has both a short and medium range of attack. When partnered with his Chain Hook, Roadhog can basically kill low HP heroes in an instant. Needless to say, those that have mastered Chain Hook are near unstoppable. Just make sure not to pull in any heroes in the middle of an ultimate skill. Roadhog’s Whole Hog ultimate skill isn’t something to look past either. If the enemy team is caught in a tight space and Roadhog unleashes his ultimate skill, they’ll be dead in an instant.

10 D.Va

Yet another amazing Tank in the game is D.Va. When it comes to turning the tides of the battle or just scrambling the enemy, there’s no better way to do so than by using D.Va’s Self Destruct. Any unaware hero who’s too close to D.Va when she activates this skill is dead meat. If timed correctly, D.Va can take down an entire team in just a few seconds.

Aside from Self Destruct, one of D.Va’s unique abilities is that she’s basically 2 heroes in one. If her Mech gets destroyed whether willingly or unwillingly, D.Va can still go to battle as a human. She isn’t that powerful though but she can summon a Mech once the proper conditions have been met.

Like Reinhardt, D.Va also has a shield but hers is called Defense Matrix. It isn’t as good as Reinhardt’s but it’s still enough to block some damage.

9 Zarya

Let’s move on to another Tank type hero. This time let’s tackle the weightlifting wonder, Zarya. Out of all the Tank type heroes, Zarya has the smallest health pool. That doesn’t mean she’s easier to kill though as she can use Particle Barrier to defend herself or her allies.

What makes Particle Barrier even more useful is that her Particle Cannon grows stronger the more damage her shield absorbs. If left unchecked, Zarya can basically decimate even high HP Tanks like Reinhardt and Roadhog. As for her ultimate, Zarya’s Graviton Surge is good in itself as Zarya can use the Particle Cannon’s explosive charge with it. However, Graviton Surge is best paired with high damaging ultimates like Death Blossom and RIP-Tire.

8 Soldier 76

In hindsight, Soldier 76 is basically a generic shooter soldier that Blizzard added for laughs. He’s the only hero that can run. He has well-balanced stats and his skills just scream Call of Duty but truth be told, Soldier 76 is one of the most powerful heroes there is.

Let’s start off with his ultimate skill, Tactical Visor. When activated, players basically just need to press the appropriate button to shoot and voila, enemies start dropping like flies. It’s basically an aimbot but with Blizzard’s consent. If he and his allies run out of HP, Soldier 76’s Biotic Field is a good skill to rejuvenate for a few seconds. Lastly, Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets can cause tremendous damage directly but it can also hurt enemies in a decent radius.

7 Zenyatta

Okay, many Overwatch players will definitely disagree with us on this one but hear us out. Zenyatta is an amazing damage dealer in the right hands. If players are accurate and have mastered the know-hows of Zenyatta, they can overpower many heroes using the lanky looking Omnic. How so?

Let’s look has his primary and secondary fire. Orb of Destruction has a decent rate of fire but it does deal good damage. Orb Volley, when targeted correctly, can take chunks out of the health of heroes. If that hero is affected by Orb of Discord, then they are likely to be either dead or hanging on with very little HP.

But let’s not overlook Zenyatta’s supportive capabilities. Since his Orbs home in on targets, healing with Orb of Harmony isn’t that hard to do. Moreover, Zenyatta’s Transendence can save everyone from the most devastating of enemy ambushes.

6 Hanzo

Hanzo is considered a sniper in the game so those with good aim are already in for a treat with this guy. Headshots from Hanzo can kill most heroes so a decent hiding place will do wonders for those who main this hero. Since Hanzo can climb up walls, then it’s not going to be hard to find sniping spots.

Aside from his devastating basic attacks, Hanzo is suited for a few situations. Before rushing in, Hanzo can use Sonic Arrow to see if enemy troops are already waiting in ambush. If Hanzo is caught in a tight space or if he sees enemy heroes all crammed up in one small room, a shot of Scatter Arrow should do the trick.

Another situation Hanzo is well-suited for is when the enemy is pushing the objective. Hanzo’s Dragonstrike will definitely force the enemy to scatter around because they’ll die if they don’t. This gives Hanzo and his allies a chance to turn things around.

5 Tracer

When it comes to fast characters, there’s no one faster than Tracer in Overwatch’s roster. She can warp short distances very quickly and those targeting her get frustrated most of the time just land one solid hit on her. Her downside is that she has a very small HP but let’s be honest, with her speed and blinking powers, we’ll be very lucky to and a headshot even once.

When it comes to her offensive capabilities, Tracer isn’t that much of a damager but she does have a really fast rate of fire. A good Tracer user can utilize her movement and attack speed to decimate slow and durable heroes like Reinhardt and Roadhogg. To make matters worse, Tracer can backtrack through time, allowing her to heal and reload her weapons in only a few seconds.

4 Mei

Many consider Mei as one of the most annoying characters in the game. She can block all damage and heal herself at the same time. She can slow groups of enemies in a few seconds. And that Ice Wall? Don’t get us started on how many plans that skill has ruined since the game’s launch.

If we look past her trolling capabilities, Mei is perhaps one of the strongest characters in Overwatch. When caught in a one-on-one standoff, the enemy needs to constantly move out of Mei’s range of attack because if they don’t, she’ll turn them into ice. If that does happen, it’ll only take a few icicle attacks to the head to end it all.

It’s hard to think of how to end Mei during a one-on-one standoff since she also has the ability to negate all damage and heal. Unless in a group, it’s near impossible to take out Mei. Even in groups, Mei can still survive long enough for her teammates to rally back.

3 Torbjörn

Torbjörn is one of the most unique heroes in the game as he can decimate the enemy team without being spotted. A properly placed turret will do wonders in any match. Although it’s not exactly Torbjörn that’s powerful, we can’t deny that his turrets would be nothing without the dwarven mechanic behind it.

Torbjörn's skills focus on his turrets and his ability to give his team extra armor if he has the sufficient parts. Any player new to Overwatch will find it hard to bypass Torbjörn’s turrets especially if he’s behind it and fixing it anytime it takes damage. When the going gets tough and Torbjörn has a turret and his ultimate skill, Molten Core, ready, all enemies caught in the line of fire of the turret are most likely to be goners.

2 Junkrat

There’s no Overwatch character that’s as mischievous and dangerous as the literally explosive Junkrat. He is one of those heroes whose attack can cause a ton of damage in a single well-placed hit. Those who are unaware of Junkrat’s presence in the map are in for all sorts of trouble whenever he begins revving up his RIP-Tire.

His attack is as dangerous as it gets. It’s basically a grenade launcher that can cause damage in an area of effect. When hit directly, it can kill heroes with small HP. As for his skills, Junkrat has his Concussion Mines and Steel Trap which can seriously disable those who become careless when moving about.

When players hear Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, every enemy hero scrambles to move out of its way as if they get too close, it’s only a matter of time before Junkrat detonates and instantly kills anything in its way. Perhaps the one downside of Junkrat is that his attacks can cause serious damage, even to himself.

1 Bastion

Of course, any Overwatch list wouldn’t be complete without our local innocent Omnic that goes beep-boop-boop-beep. Bastion has been nerfed by Blizzard several times already and it’s all for good reason. Before its countless nerfs, Bastion was near unbeatable and it takes a lot of players to take him down.

Up until now, Bastion is still overpowered and Blizzard’s probably running out of ideas to make sure that it’s not way too much of a force to be reckoned with. What does make Bastion overpowered? Well for starters, it’s a walking turret (definitely more powerful than Torbjörn's). When in Sentry mode, Bastion has unlimited bullets and an insane rate of fire. On top of that, he can heal himself when he’s in Recon and Sentry mode. When he has an ultimate ready and he turns into a Tank, he can easily kill multiple players in just a few shots.

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