15 Potential Future WWE Storyline Leaks To Look Out For

We hope to boost everybody’s spirits with this article that sheds a light on 15 future storylines.

Back in the 90s, technology and social media were quite behind compared to nowadays. For that reason, the wrestling industry was deeply impacted and fans had no other choice than to watch the product. It led to some serious ratings and ones that are never to be replicated again. The only source of rumors back in the 90s came from magazines, believe it or not. Man, oh man are those days ever long gone.

Today, technology has hurt the ratings pretty badly as fans are doing a lot of their watching and speculating online. The WWE is aware of this and for that, ratings have become secondary. The WWE has embraced the online community by investing a lot of their time on online PR work. The more we talk about it, the more the WWE is smiling.

As of now, the fanbase isn’t smiling all that much as the product seems to be quite stale. The Universal Champion is yet to defend his title while the WWE Champion on SmackDown had five 2017 wins prior to his title victory. So yeah, things aren’t the greatest. We hope to boost everybody’s spirits with this article that sheds a light on 15 future storylines. Some you’ll get excited about while others, you’ll just scroll past in disgust. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy the article. So without further ado, here are 15 potential future WWE storyline leaks to look out for. Let us begin.

15 Finn Works A Program With Brock

The summer of 2016 was highlighted by the rise of Finn Balor. At that point, it seemed like Finn was being pushed as the new “guy” with Roman failing the Wellness Policy. Balor would not only beat Reigns on his route to the title, but he’d also end up walking away as the first ever Raw Universal Champion.

Of course, we all know that happens next. The Demon King sustained a terrible injury and was sidelined for several months. He’s now back on the main roster and it seems like the company is easing him back into the picture. As of now, the plan is to have Finn and Brock lock up in the very near future. Heyman even showed up to Raw last week confronting Balor which probably means the two are set to clash at the Balls Of Fire PPV (I cringe saying that name). Lesnar is expected to dominate Balor and the other competitors put his way till he once again re-meets Roman.

14 Aleister Black Gets A Quick Call Up

From his song to his look to his allure to his skill-set, Tommy End aka Aleister Black seems to be the total package. He recently signed with the WWE a year ago back in June of 2016 and he came to the company with an already impressive resume. The WWE has perfected his persona and he already seems like an absolute star despite his minimal involvement at this point with a few matches.

The word right now is that Black is already main roster ready and we can expect to see him up with the big boys in 2017. Black is already working with main roster talents like Curt Hawkins and many believe that’s been intentionally done to get him ready for his main roster run, which seems to be sooner than expected. Get ready folks, cause this guy’s going to be a big deal.

13 Major Heel Turn

Looking at the current state of both Raw and SmackDown, things appear to be rather stale, but that’s usually the case following a big event like WrestleMania. In order to get the fans buzzing once again, we expect a big heel turn to take place in the very near future, and it’s likely to take place on the flagship program Monday Night Raw.

Looking at the possible suspects, two names immediately come to mind, and those two names are: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. One or the other is being linked to a heel turn. For Dean, some believe his character has gone dry and turning heel would help to give him something fresh. As for Rollins, his babyface run hasn’t been the most successful and it isn’t even close in comparison to his work as a heel. With that in mind, the company is likely thinking about having Rollins restore his former heelish persona that did anything to win a match. It’ll be interesting to see how this angle turns out. Speaking of Angle....

12 Angle Battles The Authority

Seeing Kurt Angle back in a WWE ring just seems so darn right. His timing couldn’t have been any better as he took the place of Mick Foley instantly, after poor Mick was written off due to a hip surgery. Kurt is back in the company in a non-wrestling role at the moment but you can fully expect that to change as Angle has expressed time and time again that he’s interested in making an in-ring return once the WWE gives him clearance.

In all likelihood, we believe that’s going to go down against The Authority in a long-term program. It seemed like something was in the works between The Authority and Foley, but we expect Angle to resume that story once Stephanie makes her return. A comeback match is wide open, and one would expect the Authority to hand pick a representative to take on Angle, or, an even bolder decision would see The Game take on Kurt one more time reigniting the feud from years ago.

11 Asuka Joins SmackDown Live

It’s kind of an understatement to say that Asuka has dominated the NXT Women’s Division. In fact, she recently made history for her dominant run, as Asuka surpassed Goldberg in the record books claiming her 177 straight victories with her win at TakeOver: Chicago. The victory broke Goldberg’s previous undefeated record of 173 wins.

At this point, we don’t expect Asuka to lose a single match down in NXT which will likely lead to the champion vacating her title. The WWE took their time with Asuka, teaching her the WWE system. However, it seems like the time has finally come for Asuka to make the leap onto the main roster as she takes on the SmackDown Live Female Division. One sign is that she’s being advertised for a main roster tour in Japan. We can expect some mouth-watering programs in the future, which includes a long-term storyline between Charlotte and the current NXT Champ.

10 New Arrivals

Of course, new arrivals to the WWE is always a big talking point. Nowadays, new talent seem to join NXT before the main roster, however, this rumored duo is set to immediately join SmackDown Live once they get things going in the very near future.

Who are these two? Well, one is a former WWE star, Maria Kanellis, and the other, is her husband, Mike Bennett. Apparently, the two have already signed WWE deals and were set to debut weeks ago, however, due to unknown reasons, the company is waiting on their debuts. The two are set to join in the summer, immediately debuting on the Tuesday program, SmackDown Live. All of a sudden, The Miz’s bizarre SmackDown Live departure from the Superstar Shakeup makes sense with the new duo set to take their place as the heel couple on the show.

9 Roman The IC Champion

It seems like 2017 and even 2018 for that matter, will be another couple of years dedicated to the rise of Roman Reigns as “the guy”. With Cena continuously out, the company has scrambled to find the new face and it seems like they’ve settled on Roman. Once again, the plans regarding Reigns' long-term storylines seem pretty bright, but we’ll get to his 2018 activity a little later.

For now, we take a look at what’s in store for Reigns in the short-term and that seems to be an IC Championship. The goal here is to have Roman win every championship and the Intercontinental is a belt he’s yet to win. Once he defeats Miz for the strap, the only belt he’ll have left is the Universal Championship which would set up his 2018 run to the top of the mountain once again. Barring injury or anything else, it seems like this is the plan of action at the moment.

8 The Revival Get Monster Push

The Revival making their debuts on Monday Night Raw was a welcomed sight that received some great feedback. Unfortunately, Dash Wilder picked up an untimely injury which halted the team’s momentum. However, we can expect the two back in mid-June, as they’re both expected to resume their monster pushes.

It seems like the duo are already being written back on television. Poor Enzo took another beating on a past episode of Raw, and some speculation has indicated that The Revival are the ones responsible for the act. This would make perfect sense as the two are set for a return in a couple of weeks and working a story with Enzo and Cass would be a great way to return. You can expect some big things from the duo in 2017, and that includes a possible Tag Title run.

7 Matt Eventually Goes Broken

The return of Matt and Jeff has received some rave reviews from the WWE Universe. Seeing them back in the WWE just feels right. However, Matt’s return in particular has been overshadowed by a behind the scenes controversy involving his Broken gimmick. TNA is holding the persona hostage and they’ve set a price tag on it. Surprisingly, the WWE hasn’t gotten involved in the scenario and according to Dave Meltzer, that isn’t because they don’t have interest in the gimmick but because they don’t want to start a trend in having to buy characters and gimmicks from other companies.

For now, the situation seems to be ongoing and it took a terrible twist with TNA officials exposing Matt’s previous contract. Many former wrestlers weren’t too happy with that decision as it breached Matt’s personal privacy.

6 Strowman & Brock

Braun’s monster push was done with the intent of placing him against Lesnar. With a win over Roman, the WWE made it clear they had big plans for the monster. Those ideas came crashing down for a little bit when Strowman received an untimely injury. According to the company, he was set to be out for six months, however, the rumor mill clarified that he’s only set to be out for six to eight weeks, meaning a SummerSlam return is a guarantee.

The plan and push is set to continue once he gets back. Brock is still going to be champion at that point, setting up the monster clash between the two for SummerSlam. The bout has been in the works for quite some time now and Braun is set to put up a hell of a fight against the beast. However, the plan is likely for Lesnar to retain in this mammoth encounter.

5 Carmella Wins Women’s Title

SmackDown Live seems to be the land of opportunity and the show has done a great job in letting us, the viewer, feel that sentiment. The Usos who seemed to be completely done are now the Tag Champions. Jinder Mahal who literally had five wins in 2017 is now WWE Champion. And now it seems like another dark horse is set for some big things as Carmella looks to be in line for a future championship run.

The WWE personnel is quite high on Carmella. Officials were very impressed with how she bought into her James Ellsworth storyline. With Charlotte and Asuka likely working a non-title program, we can expect Carmella to be the next in line to combat Naomi for the title and according to the rumor mill, she has a strong chance of coming out on top.

4 Sasha Finally Turns

Crazy to think that it’s almost two years that Sasha has been on the main roster. She’s done quite well since becoming a three-time Women’s Champion. However, if you ask a knowledgeable wrestling fan, they’ll probably tell you that they remember her one NXT Title run more than any of her three Women’s Title runs on the main roster.

The reason for that is quite simple, Sasha was allowed to show more grit and personality down in NXT as a heel. The same formula hasn’t been followed on the main roster as she’s worked a babyface persona throughout her run. The gimmick has gone completely dry and it’s now time to change things up and have her turn heel. We can expect the turn to take place in the near future, leading to an epic SummerSlam rematch encounter between Sasha and Bayley.

3 Corbin Wins WWE Title

With an influx of indie talent, the WWE has certainly changed their perspective on talents that were grown outside of the company. However, the WWE is still a fan of talents they grew from the ground up; Roman is an obvious example of that, and another guy is Baron Corbin. Coming from a football background, Corbin had no experience when he signed with NXT back in 2012. Five years later, he’s filled out quite nicely and continues to improve as one of the select few natural heels in the entire company.

It may not feel like it thanks to the WWE’s 50/50 booking, but the plan is for Baron Corbin to eventually make the big leap and win the WWE Title. Like it or hate it, the WWE is set on making him a big deal, and we truly believe that can take place at some point in 2017.

2 Orton & A.J. At SummerSlam/WWE Title Scenario

When it comes to SummerSlam, the event seems to be Randy’s yard as he’s been featured in top notch matches year after year for the summer PPV event. It seems like the trend is likely to continue this year, as he’s apparently set to compete against A.J. Styles at the event.

Some believe the indie comment made by Orton was partially done to stir the pot in his future program with Styles, who’s regarded as a lifelong indie guy. As of now, the match isn’t set to have a title on the line, but we can agree that such a bout really doesn’t need a WWE Championship to work around, as these guys can tell a brilliant story without a title. A.J. is also expected to work as a tag team act alongside Nakamura for the time being.

As for the championship, believe it or not, it seems like Jinder Mahal is in line for a somewhat lengthy run at this point (because of a tour in India set for September). He’s expected to walk into SummerSlam as the champion. Possible opponents include Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin and the likeliest opponent, some guy named John Cena (who’s more popular than any wrestler, including Jinder, over in India).

1 Daniel Bryan Gets Written Off The Show

This is a bold assumption, but we expect Daniel Bryan to eventually get written off of the SmackDown program as the brand’s General Manager. Once his contract expires, we believe it’s highly unlikely he stays with the WWE. Bryan has expressed time and time again that he has a willingness to continue inside of the squared circle and the rumor mill has indicated that he’s already adapted by using a new, safer in-ring style.

Chances of him getting WWE clearance aren’t very high, so he’ll probably leave. Bryan also has a bucket list of matches he’d like to work which includes a hair versus mask match overseas in Mexico and a bunch of other gimmick related bouts. We can expect the rumor mill to start flooding with news once his contract expires and he’s able to sign with whomever he wants.

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15 Potential Future WWE Storyline Leaks To Look Out For