15 Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories You've Never Heard Before

Few things fascinate the public more than a good conspiracy theory. Governments around the world tend to be a huge source of conspiracies - some of which are so far fetched that they claim that the U. S. government is composed of a reptilian species that have the ability to change forms and are known as "shapeshifters". Intriguing as these theories may be, conspiracy theories revolving around the government seem to be a taboo subject leaving many people weary of diving too far into them. The other greatest source of conspiracy theories is none other than Tinseltown itself. Yes, Hollywood is a breeding ground for some of the most interesting theories ever created. Anyone with an internet connection can tell you the number of theories surrounding the elusive "Illuminati" and their plans to take over the world. Some are heavy and involve destructive lifestyles and even death, while others are lighthearted and dive into the worlds of some of the most beloved fictitious universes and children's toys.

No matter the topic, most people would agree that a good conspiracy theory can leave you sitting in silence contemplating and doubting everything you once knew about certain celebrities or stories. In the right hands, even the more far-fetched theories that seem a little out there can unravel a whole new outlook on things and make you wonder what the truth may be. Here is a list of some interesting pop culture theories. New theories are constantly emerging, but here are 15 to make you stop and think, and maybe look into a bit further if your interest is piqued.


15 J. K. Rowling Did Not Write Harry Potter

Okay Potter fanatics, don't shoot the messenger here. Yes, believe it or not there are plenty of rumors out there circulating saying that J.K. Rowling is not responsible for the story we know and love. As with most conspiracy theories, there are different versions and many opinions on what may have gone down to produce this massively successful series. Some doubters say that Ms. Rowling may have been responsible for the base line of the story, but left it up to a team of ghostwriters to fluff it out and create the universe that fans know and love. Another side to the story goes into the possibility that J.K. Rowling is little more than a face and an endearing rags-to-riches story to tug at the public's heart strings. A single woman struggling financially writing her heart out in little coffee shops in England is a lot more appealing than trained ghost writers sitting in a room concocting what would turn out to be the most commercially successful series of all time. From movies, games, action figures, props, to even its own spot at Disney World - Harry Potter seems to rule all.

14 Britney Spears Has Not Been Singing On Her Own Albums


This may come as absolutely no surprise to some, but stick with me because the story gets a bit interesting. Everyone remembers the infamous 2007 Britney Spears breakdown, yes? Supposedly during that incredibly difficult time in her life, new Britney music was still being produced. How? It's hard to believe that during those days she'd be capable of pulling herself out of bed and going into the studio to record new music as she normally would. One explanation, according to conspiracy theorists out there, is that Britney is not actually the one behind the vocals. For years, Britney has had a woman named Myah who would do the backing vocals on her albums. The suspiciously identical vocals led some to believe that it was Myah, not Britney, showing up to the studio and recording the "Blackout" album in 2007. The theories don't end there. Some believe that even once Spears made it out on the other side, now living a happy and healthy life, she has yet to set foot back into the studio. It is rumored that Spears is the face of the albums, but it is actually Myah responsible for singing the vocals.

13 The Pokemon Universe Does Not Exist

Yes, it is true. There are theories surrounding the Pokemon world, digging into the possibility that the events we see in the beloved television series never actually happened. The rumor states that the main character, Ash Ketchum, is actually in a coma for the entire duration of the series. The series begins with Ash being involved in a bicycle accident, and then being struck by Pikachu's lightning bolt. After the accident, Ash is taken to a hospital to be treated, and is seen in a deep sleep. The theory says that the episodes that follow are actually dreams concocted in Ash's mind during his time in a coma as he recovers from his injuries. This would explain why Ash remains the same age throughout the series, and why his adventures seem to stretch across the world with no apparent limitations.

12 The Titanic Did Not Sink


Say it ain't so! Surely we are all aware of the historic tragedy that took place on April 15, 1912 in which 1,500 souls were lost aboard the doomed ship. Stick with me now, because no one is doubting the tragedy or the loss of life here or even the existence of the Titanic - those are all very real stories. However, there may be more to this story than meets the eye. History, and the box office smash hit film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, tell us that the RMS Titanic was built to be positively unsinkable. How is it, then, that the alleged unsinkable ship went down after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage? Well, the story goes that White Star Line, the company that produced the Titanic, along with several other ships, had another vessel called the Olympic. During the filming of the 1997 film 'Titanic', the director, James Cameron, was supposedly taken on a dive to see the remains of Titanic for himself. As he was taking photos for his research, there was one in particular that stood out as suspicious. On the side of the wreckage were the letters M and P side by side. The popular theory is that Titanic does not have either letter in its name, however Olympic has both letters, side by side in that order. The popular theory is that the company knew that the Olympic would sink, and rather than lose money on a ship that would have to be retired, they sent it out masked as the Titanic to collect insurance money. Sounds awfully suspicious, and not at all hard to believe.

11  11. Paul Walker Was Murdered

Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were tragically killed in a car accident on November 30, 2013. The pair were caught on video just moments before leaving an event, smiling and blissfully unaware of the fate that would befall them only minutes later. The red Porsche, driven by Rodas, reportedly slammed into a tree at high speed, engulfing the vehicle in flames. Video footage of the aftermath shows a fireball as bystanders watched helplessly. At first, the public believed the reports stating that this was simply a tragic accident and that no foul play was involved. Rumors began to swirl around the 40-year-old actor's untimely passing, from the "Illuminati" disapproving of his charity work, to Walker wanting to free himself of the demands of his fame. As a result, those responsible for his death allegedly rigged his car with explosives in an attempt to silence the potential threats that Walker may have posed.

10 Tom Cruise's Relationships Involved Contracts


Tom Cruise has certainly caused a few raised eyebrows in recent years. From the time we saw him jumping up and down on Oprah's couch to today, he has been involved in quite a number of conspiracy theories. His relationship and eventual marriage to Katie Holmes seemed strange right from the beginning. Though he seemed so happy and so excited and in love, his behaviour left everyone scratching their heads and wondering. Rumors swirled around their relationship up to the very end to their divorce in 2012. It has been said that Katie actually auditioned and was "cast" as Tom Cruise's wife as if it were a part in a Hollywood film. Some believe that Katie was under contract to marry Tom in order to boost her own popularity and fame, and once the contract was up their marriage was over and life would resume as normal and each would go their own separate way. Contracted marriage, or perhaps just an unhappy relationship?

9 Katy Perry's "Chained to the Rhythm"

Conspiracy theories have plagued the music industry for decades, so it should come as no surprise that they should kick off this list. Pop star Katy Perry's latest single, "Chained to the Rhythm" was originally expected to become the sound of the summer with its chilled out beach vibes. It wasn't until listeners honed in on the lyrics a bit more that they began wondering if the collaboration with Skip Marley was rooted in another agenda. Lyrics like "trapped in our white picket fence like ornaments" and "so put your rose colored glasses on and party on" lead us into the first chorus in which Katy explains "we think we're free... we're all chained to the rhythm". Some conspiracy theorists put pieces together and began discussing the possibility that the song implies Katy's alleged involvement with the "Illuminati", and a potential desire to free herself from these metaphorical chains. For years, the public has speculated that there is a hierarchy in the music biz, and the stars we see plastered on our screens and billboards are little more than dancing puppets for those at the top of the musical food chain. Perry has since stated that the song is of a political nature, and she is using her music to push a specific agenda. However, many still believe that the lyrics, recent performances, and even the cover art of her latest album show that she is trying to uncover something a bit more sinister.


8 Louis Tomlinson's Baby


Another day, another music industry conspiracy theory. This one comes from One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson and the doubt that surrounds the birth of his son, Freddie Reign. I know, this one sounds a bit out there, but stick with me.

For years, One Direction fans have speculated that Tomlinson and fellow One Direction mate Harry Styles have been involved in a romantic relationship. However, we all know that boybands thrive on the attention of young girls, so theorists believe that Tomlinson and Styles have had to hide their secret romance to appease fans and music moguls alike. Still, teenagers all around the world have created fan fiction stories and theories surrounding the alleged forbidden romance. The stories go that in an attempt to squash these rumors once and for all, the management for One Direction whipped up a plan to distract fans by having Tomlinson announce a pregnancy with a woman he had a very brief relationship with. Shock and awe turned into doubt after questionable photos and circumstances began unfolding surrounding the story. A popular rumor to explain this mystery child is that a PR agent for Tomlinson had recently given birth, and it was her baby that was used to disprove fan theories of a One Direction romance.

7 Marilyn Monroe Was Killed By The CIA

Now this is a tale as old as time itself, but it is just too prominent to be left off this list. Marilyn Monroe, the staple sex symbol of the 1950's and 1960's, died suddenly of an alleged drug overdose in 1962. This was far from the first time Hollywood had seen a beautiful young star taken too soon, however conspiracy theories began buzzing around as the public began unraveling the web of Marilyn's scandalous affairs in the White House. Monroe was rumored to have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy, and let us not forget her infamous and sultry "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" tune she crooned at JFK's birthday party. The stories go that Monroe now had ties to the White House, and potentially some top secret information. Some think that the CIA saw her as a threat, and needed to have her removed from the picture. Others believe that it was Robert Kennedy who ordered her be "taken care of". So many celebrities have died under similar circumstances over the years, easily swept under the rug as accidental drug overdoses.

6 The Amazon Echo is Recording Us


These are the stories that our grandparents warned us about, that technology would one day take over and spy on our every day affairs. It began with smart phones, and then smart TVs, and now the Amazon Echo is the latest victim being accused of being created for the government to tap into our homes and conversations and record our every word. "Alexa", the name that the Amazon Echo answers to, can tell you the news, the weather, or serenade you with your favorite tunes as you cook dinner. Seems harmless, yes? Not to some conspiracy theorist, who swear that "Alexa" is recording every word you say, and transferring it over to the government to be monitored. Arguments have been made that "Alexa" simply uses "hot words" to search the web at lightning fast speed. Despite the explanations for the super-smart devices, many do not trust the new technology being released, and fully believe that everything from their television, to their phone, and now their Amazon Echo devices are secretly recording us at all times, and wiring the information back to the government for observation.

5 Chipotle Was Sabotaged

Who could ever forget when the popularity of the mighty food chain Chipotle came crashing down in 2015 due to an outbreak of E. Coli in several restaurants. Multiple locations in several different states had to be shut down for a period of time while an investigation was conducted to get to the root of the illnesses being reported by Chipotle customers. Sure, we've seen instances where food borne illnesses were reported from restaurants or companies in the past, but something about this case seemed to stand out. Chipotle has always been known for their pro-health and anti-GMO standards. Rumors began to circulate that perhaps this did not happen by chance, but that Chipotle was the victim of "bioterrorism" by pro-GMO groups. It is possible that Chipotle was a threat to the GMO companies and they may have wanted to silence the restaurant chain. It certainly worked for a while, with so many people avoiding Chipotle well after the investigations had ended. Is it possible that the potential threat to these enormous companies fueled enough rage to sabotage a beloved food chain to silence them and attack their credibility?

4 The "27 Club"


Most people are aware of the unfortunate group of talented musicians who all lost their lives at the tender age of 27. Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison are the most prominent members that come to mind, however there are rumored to be even more lesser spoken of deaths that could be included on the list. There are quite a few theories out there about the untimely deaths, but one that sticks out the most could be the rumor that these incredible musicians all signed a contract with the devil in exchange for fame, fortune, and unforgettable talent. Jimi Hendrix was quoted shortly before his death claiming that he was not sure that he'd make it to the age of 28. Most of the deaths included in the "27 Club" happened in similar, yet somehow suspicious circumstances. It is not rare to hear of a rock star succumbing to a drug overdose, however some of the details surrounding the deaths of the "27 Club" are enough to raise questions.

3 Jack Dawson is Actually the Great Gatsby

Soon after the release of the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, conspiracy theorists came out claiming they had evidence to prove that the movie was actually tied to the 1997 film Titanic. Spoiler alert, in case anyone here has not seen Titanic, do not read ahead. Jack Dawson is a man living in poverty who wins his ticket on Titanic with a lucky hand during a poker game. Aboard the ship, he meets Rose, a young woman who comes from wealth and has a rich fiance. At one point in the film, Jack is accused of stealing Rose's "Heart of the Ocean" diamond necklace that was supposedly worth more than the Hope Diamond. At the end, we see Rose floating on what remained of a door from the ship awaiting help from rescue boats. After a while, Rose realizes that Jack is no longer responsive, and with tears in her eyes she kisses his hand and lowers him into the sea. She is later shown as an old woman tossing her Heart of the Ocean diamond into the ocean from the back of a boat. Theorists believe that Jack actually stole the real diamond and replaced it with an imposter, somehow survived the tragedy and made his way to shore, and then sold the diamond to become the wealthy Gatsby that we now know.

2 The Man in Everyone's Dreams


Now this is a strange one, and pretty creepy to think about. Apparently, there is one man who appears in the dreams of millions of people around the world. There are stories out there of psychologists requesting patients to draw pictures of the man that appears in their dreams, and when the drawings were all compared, it appeared to show the exact same man for each person. The man has a very round face, a receding hairline, and bushy eyebrows that almost unite to form a mono-brow. Some say that this man is actually God coming into our dreams in human form. There have been reports of this man being friendly and giving advice and wisdom. On the other hand, other reports have stated that this man is actually sinister and is a real human being who holds the power to enter the dreams of others and is actually a very powerful man who uses his ability to manipulate the minds that he enters. The last theory is that this is just a very generic looking face that the human brain tends to create when it does not have a specific appearance to go off of when creating a human face. Have you ever seen this man appear in your dreams?

1 The Super Mario World is a Theater Play

This is a pretty interesting theory, and one that not everyone has noticed about the classic Super Mario Bros. games. Think about a classic game of Super Mario that you've played since your childhood. If you look closely, you can see that Mario's surroundings look an awful lot like a high school theater performance. The curtains opening, the way the backdrop is designed, the levels sometimes referred to as "episodes", and Mario tends to appear in different costumes. If you look even closer, you can see that little camera guy that sometimes appears at the top screen. At the end of each level, the screen stops moving sideways and Mario runs off the screen into the darkness, almost as if he is running off of a stage. You can go even further in depth and notice that in the different games, the storylines and relationships between the characters change. Could the Super Mario World just be one giant theatrical performance?

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