15 Pokemon Perfectly Reimagined As People

The Pokemon craze swept through nations of children back in 1996 and stayed strong up until the release of the Pokemon Go app (which was released on July 6, 2016). The app aimed to cast a wider net in order to wrangle in fans of all ages... and it worked!

Everyone from kids to great-grandparents had their phones aimed in front of them, ready to catch them all. But now that the flames from the app's explosive release have died down some, it is easier to spot the true blue, hardcore Pokemon fans out there. One of those people must be Pokemon humanization artist Tamtamdi, who has made quite the name online as a fan artist across several fan art sites like DeviantArt.

Creating fan art mashups that combine two elements or franchises or fan art that humanizes non-human characters is gaining in popularity, and Tamtamdi seems to be riding the Pokemon humanization fan art wave with what looks to be an endless supply of humanized Pokemon character drawings online. We've narrowed the selection down to fifteen of our absolute favorites and we hope that they bring you some childhood nostalgia, or perhaps, some 2016 Pokemon Go nostalgia. Ah, sweet memories!

15 Celebi As A Pixie-Like Girl

At only two feet tall and weighing just eleven pounds, it makes sense that this artist would depict the "human version" of Celebi as a pixie-type person. This pixie persona makes her green hair swirled into an updo very fitting. With a thick coating of black eyeliner around her big light blue eyes, they look very similar to Celebi's black-rimmed bright baby blues. Her limbs are much longer and human-like than the stubby little limbs that Celebi has and since Celebi belongs to the grass category, her green bodysuit is perfect along with the addition of long sheer sleeves. This version of Celebi is definitely more pixie than human but then again, at just eleven pounds the human version would have to be a baby for this transformation to work.

14 Arbok As A Long-Haired Vixen

What a perfect way to illustrate Arbok as a human. It was a great choice to make this Pokemon cobra as a woman because her long flowing hair makes for a great cobra "hood" and her long trailing ponytail acts as Arbok's tail. The artist did a great job with the coloring for this image because the human Arbok's strapless bikini top is in the same position as Arbok the cobra's unique markings and the decorative bracelets that the human Arbok is wearing on her upper arms, lower arms, ankles and the hair tie on her ponytail all mimic her cobra counterpart's black rings or stripes. This lady also wears a pretty sneaky look and since Arbok belongs to the poison type, she would probably be the type to steer clear of or at least, not trust completely.

13 Omastar As A Girl Who Takes Cosplaying Seriously

It was an interesting choice to make Omastar female considering that this character's gender ratio is eighty-seven point five percent male and only twelve point five percent female. This female may be a rarity as far as the Omastar bunch goes but she looks just like the Pokemon creature she was modelled after and the artist still managed to make her look somewhat pretty while she is imitating this snail-like critter. But then who are we kidding? Omastar is a pretty darn cute Pokemon even with those crazy sharp powerful teeth that shred his opponents by sucking their insides out. We love how Omastar Girl's crazy shell hat mirrors Omastar's pale yellow helix spiral shell so well and how the strands of her blue hair stick out just like the creature's tentacles.

12 Growlithe As A Trendy Fashion-Conscious Guy

It makes sense that if the adorable Pokemon puppy, Growlithe were to be humanized, he would look like a young, fashion-forward guy. With a swoop of highlighted blonde hair, a faux (we assume that's faux because why would a humanized Pokemon support cruelty to the Pokemon creatures that he's modelled after?) fur lined zip-up vest and a fluffy tail to complete the look, this Growlithe human is ready to hit the streets with his buddies to stir up some mischief. Maybe he has a group of friends that enjoy cosplaying and that is why he's wearing a cosplay tail just like the actual Growlithe. If his ability allows the humanized Growlithe to cause a flash fire, we'd be a little nervous to see what kind of mischief this guy would cause.

11 Ho-Oh As A BBW (Big, Beautiful Woman)

"Big Bird" doesn't quite cut it. Weighing in at a whopping four hundred and thirty-nine pounds, Ha-Oh as a human would naturally have to be large and in charge as well. We like how the artist gave this woman with a very pretty and refined face full of make-up a huge potbelly that drags on the floor. It's also white just like Ha-Oh's belly. She keeps her face cool with a fan that resembles Ha-Oh's tail feathers and has an ornate hairpiece that looks very similar to Ha-Oh's feathered crest. The woman is covered by her giant red cape which is trimmed in green just like Ha-Oh's massive red and green wings. Weighing in at over four hundred pounds, we think that the artist did a great job making this human Ha-Oh look regal and as nice as a rainbow just like Ha-Oh.

10 Omanyte As A Hipster Girl With A Slouchy Beanie

Being the weaker version of Omastar, this human-looking Omanyte couldn't look any more like her Pokemon counterpart if the artist tried. She even has a timid look on her face which completes the very detailed outfit. The slouchy beanie that looks like Omanyte's shell is such a creative touch and that, along with her blue locks, gives her a hipster vibe. The glasses and shell necklace are two details that really help to nail this silly character. Even the way that the artist chose to draw the human Omanyte sitting down is obviously purposeful so that her blue shorts, the matching blue underside of her shoes and even her blue armbands or bracelets act as Omanyte's mustache-like tentacles. This humanized Pokemon has been color-coded to absolute perfection.

9 Parasect As A Bespectacled Guy With A 'Stache And A Mushroom For A Hat

We love the cleverness of this human Parasect's super long mustache that looks very similar to Parasect's front claws. His round mirrored glasses look just like Parasect's circular blank peepers. It doesn't appear as though the little guy's hat is mushroom-shaped, it actually looks like he found a giant mushroom and decided to wear it as a hat. We can't figure out this guy's story. His long white coat looks like a lab coat and his adorable purple bowtie and glasses are giving us a scientist vibe. Maybe he is a scientist who is passionate about his study of the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus known as the mushroom. Sporting his love of mushrooms on his head might be a little eccentric but he looks like an eccentric kind of guy. At a height of three feet, three inches tall, we can just see this humanized Parasect snooping around tall grasses on his quest for the search of the undiscovered mushroom.

8 Flareon As A High-Ponytailed Superstar

We have no idea what line of work this human Flareon is involved in but she certainly looks like she has something to do with the entertainment industry. Whether she is a fashion model posing for a clothing or make-up ad, starring in a music video or an actress filming a scene for a movie, she looks just like the fiery little Pokemon creature, Flareon with her blonde ponytail styled high to match Flareon's equally blonde puff. The way Tamtamdi chose to pose this humanized Pokemon is perfect because she looks similar to Flareon's stance since it is of the four-legged variety. If she is supposed to be an actress, supermodel or just a very eccentric person, she definitely the part of Flareon with equal parts fury and furry either way.

7 Beedrill As A Fashionista

From New York to Milan, she's the sassiest hornet you'll come across. With her glowing red eyes, we can tell that she's the type to sting first and ask questions later. Don't mess with this Queen Bee. It was a bee-autiful idea of the artist to give this fierce fashionista a sheer, shimmery cape flowing behind her to mimic Beedrill's wings. Likewise, the double slits in her strapless gown allow for a piece of the fabric to sashay behind her much like Beedrill's stinger. Ouch! Watch out for this one. She gives us flashbacks of The Devil Wears Prada. As pretty as she may have been drawn, we have a sneaking suspicion that her eyes are red from evil intentions of poisoning an enemy rather than from simply being tired or stressed.

6 Suicune As A Runway Model

Suicune may be one of the most stunning Pokemon creatures with long flowing purple hair and the blue body of a horse or large dog-type critter with white diamonds as a distinct feature. Suicune is also very large standing at six feet and seven inches tall and weighing in at four hundred and twelve pounds. Now this humanized version of Suicune doesn't appear to be anywhere even close to the neighboring county of four hundred and twelve pounds. In fact, she looks to be extremely svelte and thin enough to make it in the cutthroat world of runway modelling. A nice touch by this artist was to dress this human Pokemon in a sleek one-piece bathing suit since Suicune is a water creature.

5 Vileplume As A Mysterious Lady

Like the Pokemon creature that she was designed with in mind, this human Vileplume may look sweet and as innocent as a flower but beware... this blossomed beauty has the power of poison on her side. Her pretty dark veil that hangs down from her flowery beret is like a sneak peek of her personality... we get the feeling that this gal comes with as much mystery as charm and just like the adorably poisonous Vileplume creature, it seems like the human version has plenty of both traits. If a gentleman interested in this saucy lady suddenly felt itchy with watery eyes like his allergies were starting to act up, he had better run for the hills because that's a tell-tale sign that Vileplume is up to her tricks again and ready to attack.

4 Charizard As A Trenchcoat-Wearing Bad Boy

Doesn't the human version of Charizard remind you of a James Dean type? He's super suave as his fire-tipped tail effortlessly assists him in lighting his cigarette. He appears to be kind of a fallen angel with a dark yet contemplative expression on his face. We like how his long trench coat has a blue underside to match his wings. Now, considering that he is supposed to be human, we would have to say that maybe his horns, wings, and tail can be explained away as a Halloween costume but he does seem to be the bad boy type and bad boys don't generally dress up (willingly, anyway) for Halloween and this human Charizard has gone all out, matching from head to toe in perfect coordination. He does seem a bit taller than five foot seven, which is the normal height for Charizard, but maybe it's just the way he's sitting that makes him appear taller.

3 Smeargle As An Eccentric Artist Who Paints In Her Slippers

We think that Tamtamdi did a bang-up job with this one. From putting the human Smeargle in slippers that resemble Smeargle's puppy paws to making this humanized Pokemon a girl so that she could have pigtails that look a lot like Smeargle's long floppy brown ears, this drawing is spot on. Extra touches like the pointed beret, double brown bracelets and the coke-bottle glasses as well as the extra long trailing sash on her painter's apron to give the effect of Smeargle's tail all add to the overall accuracy of this artwork. We have to imagine that this is an interesting character, a girl who would prefer to paint with pigtails and thick socks in slippers, with quite a few stories to tell. Do you think she would also be moody like her Pokemon counterpart?

2 Jigglypuff As A Famous Singer

We're getting a major Katy Perry vibe with some rock-a-billy flair which seems slightly fitting since the real Jigglypuff comes from fairy stock. We happen to love Miss Jigglypuff's  big blue winking eye with her big puffy bangs that look just like Jigglypuff's signature pink swirl. The artist did a great job of making her dress bubble around her like a circle instead of making her as round as a ball like Jigglypuff. However, she looks more upbeat on stage singing her heart out than the Pokemon she was modeled after. She doesn't seem the type to sing a simple song so sweetly that it would lull her audience to sleep. But if her song did, would she take after the real Jigglypuff and get upset and draw on their faces with a marker?

1 Seadra As A High Fashion Supermodel

We love that the artist chose to depict Seadra, the cutesy little blue and off-white seahorse-looking dragon as a supermodel type in human form because Seadra has a sort of a diva look to its eyes. As a human, supermodel Seadra rocks the runway with her incredibly long blue hair behind her curling up much like Seadra the creature's coiled tail. Her fashionable ruffled dress was designed with layers to mimic Seadra's chest. Her long gradient blue and a cream-colored cape is a good way to incorporate Seadra's pectoral fins. In the Pokemon world, these fins are packed with poisonous venom that can take an enemy down faster than a final bow at a fashion show. Would human Seadra have a deadly secret as well concealed in her cape?

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