15 Pokémon Backstories You Should Know About

The world of Pokémon is made up of a wonderful cast of characters and literally hundreds upon hundreds of Pokémon. Across 7 generations of Pokémon, Game Freak has created an entire universe of creatures that range from downright awesome, to the just plain creepy. With a huge variety at bay, each player can find a Pokémon that suits him very well.

As of now, there are 765 Pokémon. The numbers are pretty impressive but what we’re most impressed about is how each of the creatures have their own background stories. For Game Freak, it wasn’t enough to just design the Pokémon, they had to create its own lore as well. The end result is a deep universe surrounded by some amazing tales.

The entire lore of Pokémon doesn’t end with the anime or video game series. The franchise reaches books, comics and other forms of media. What’s even better is that because of the depth of each individual Pokémon, fans are free to create their own stories and speculations as to how the world of franchise revolve around the creatures.

There are quite a few interesting stories surrounding the 765 Pokémon. However, players might’ve been too busy with catching all of the Pokemon so they must’ve overlooked the huge lore. Don’t expect to see any Pikachu stories here as we’re going deep into the roster. Here are some of the best Pokemon backstories the game has to offer. It ranges from light-hearted tales to creepy and eerie ones.


15 Sandygast/Palossand


These two are some of the upcoming generation 7 Pokémon in the game. This sand creature fits very nicely in Alola as it also carries a tropical theme to it. So, how does one sand castle become a Pokémon you ask? Well, a Sandygast is born when the grudges of fallen Pokémon and other creatures get soaked up by the sand.

The sand atop its head is actually a lure. If kids try and grab it, they’ll fall under the control of the Pokémon. What the Pokémon will do is lure people into it so that it’ll become bigger. So Sandygast’s and Palossand are actually made up of dead Pokémon and human remains.

Check out this concept art of Palossand by Game Freak. Seen here is a Pikachu in the process of being swallowed by the Pokémon. When a Pokémon is unconscious, its eyes become a spiral and not a cross. What we’re seeing from the picture now is that there’s a dead Pikachu being consumed by Palossand.

14 Lampent


By now, players and fans of the anime series may have noticed that there are no human hospitals in the game. Everything else is for Pokémon. We haven’t even seen a graveyard in any of the series. This piqued the interest of fans since there are Ghost type Pokemon all around. So, where do all souls go after they pass on?

Lampent is, in essence, is a Ghost Pokémon shaped pretty much like a lamp. Simple logic. At the center and insides of Lampent is a fire.  One of the eerie abilities of a Lampent is that it can sense whenever someone is about to die. That’s why it hangs around near deep forests and cities. When a Lampent senses death, it comes near the person or poor creature, to steal away his or her spirit.

13 Yamask


The good thing is, it’s not always a grim fate for those who die in the Pokémon world. That is if you want to become a Pokémon. Aside from being turned into Lampent chow, humans can also turn into a very sad and dark Pokémon called Yamask. True to its name, Yamask carries a mask around. The mask itself is a replica of the human it once was.

Yamask aren’t wandering souls. In fact, they still keep a shred of humanity despite already being turned into the Pokémon they once captured and fought with. Yamask are often seen looking at their mask. Since the masks remind them of who they once were, they can’t help but shed a tear.

Despite this, trainers still capture Yamasks for the goal of eventually “catching ‘em all.” Next time you go up against a Yamask, remember that it was once human so go easy on it because your character may share the same fate.

12 Phantump 


There’s a certain trend when it comes to Pokémon and sad backstories. It seems like most of the Ghost types have one thing in common; terrifying origin stories. What happens when a Lampent wasn’t able to take your soul? What if you didn’t turn into a Yamask? Well, that’s where Phantump comes in.

Cute and cuddly at first glance, Phantumps seem like these innocent Pokémon who happen to be Ghost types. The reality of it is, they were once; like Yamask, humans. Not just any human, Phantumps are tree stumps possessed by spirits and souls of children who got lost in the forest. That’s pretty grim considering that there are a ton of forests in the Pokémon universe. What the game is trying to tell you is that whenever you capture or defeat a Phantump, you’re doing it to a child. The sadder part is that these kids obviously died alone and scared.

11 Salandit


Fire and people don’t mix well with each other. That’s why it’s a wonder how trainers manage to cope with having Charmanders and Cyndaquils as their starters as they literally have fire on them. Salandits are a different topic. Found in Alola, these lizards will surely ruin your day whether they’re on your side or not.

Aside from being fire-based Salandits also emit a poisonous gas. “Salandit emits toxic gas, together with flames, from the base of its tail. This poisonous gas has a sweet smell, and anyone who unknowingly breathes it in will become dizzy.” That’s why having them on the team is bad. Things would get worse if trainers have a female Salandit on their team. The females also emit a gas that attracts Salandit males. This means they would group up to create a huge toxic mess around the trainer brave enough to get one of the females.

10 Cubone


Let’s start with something a little light-hearted. Original Pokémon fans may be familiar with a cute little Pokémon that dons a skull on its head. That’s right, Cubone. This small but ferocious Pokémon isn’t that desirable to have on a party considering its stats, but there’s a good reason why players should consider picking it up.

For starters, the skull on a Cubone is actually its mother. That’s right. The Cubone we’ve been avoiding for years on end is currently lonely and is without the comfort of its mother.

The official description of Cubone is that it “pines for the mother it will never see again. Seeing a likeness of its mother in the full moon, it cries. The stains on the skull the Pokémon wears are made by the tears it sheds.” While it may not be the best Pokémon out there, it’s definitely one of the Pokémon that deserves the most love.

9 Jirachi


Now we’re with the cutest Pokémon on this list; or on any Pokémon related list for that matter. There’s a reason why Jirachi is shaped like a star. It’s basically the shooting star of the Pokémon world and any trainer would know that whenever Jirachi’s around, they should begin wishing for whatever it is they want.

Jirachi is a small and very stubby Pokémon. That curve on its stomach is actually a third eye. Pokémon lore states that that is Jirachi’s “true eye.” Like shooting stars, seeing Jirachi is particularly rare as well. It goes on extensive hibernating periods that could last for hundreds of years. When asleep, Jirachi can still defend itself.

To make a wish, trainers simply have to look for Jirachi and write their wish in one of the three tags attached to its head. This means that Jirachi can grant a maximum of three wishes only.


8 Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam


This story is pretty dark. Although unconfirmed by Game Freak, there are a lot of rumors that the Psychic Pokémon, Abra, is actually a human boy. This theory comes after one of the NPCs in Pokémon Red is actually a Kadabra that was formerly a boy. It’s a pretty nightmarish scenario. Waking up only to figure out that you’re now a Pokémon is very terrifying.

The theory is that the first evolution, Abra, is actually a seriously deformed human boy. That explains why the Pokémon always runs away in battle whenever it is encountered. It senses threat and doesn’t want to be harmed by his own kin.

Upon evolving into Kadabra, the child, or Abra, is gone. The Pokémon has no more humanity left in it and all that’s left is a monster. It’s creepy, dark and Kafkaesque. Part of us would love to hear Game Freak confirm the rumor but part of us would want to keep it as a mystery.

7 Mankey/Primeape 


Mankey and Primeape are Gen 1 Pokémon. But like past Pokémon titles, the two Gen 1 Pokémon are going to make their way to the new Pokémon title. With each entry, Game Freak tries to provide a different description for returning Pokémon. Somehow and someway, the descriptions in Pokémon Sun and Moon has taken a turn to the dark side.

Mankey’s description is “it can spontaneously become enraged. Everyone near it clears out as it rampages, and the resulting loneliness makes it angrier still.” While it’s Primeape evolution’s description is “it has been known to become so angry that it dies as a result. Its face looks peaceful in death, however.”

Basically, a game geared towards kids talks about how a Pokémon is angry because he’s lonely. His loneliness is caused by his temperament. And the only way for this Pokémon to become happy is through death.

6 Yvetal

This Y-Shaped Pokémon from the 6th generation of Pokémon is the actual representation of Death. Alongside Xerneas, these two signify a life’s end and beginning. Yvetal is also the cover Pokémon of Pokémon Y and there’s a good reason why no trainer or Pokémon should ever attempt to harm, let alone kill, Yvetal.

Aside from looking pretty awesome, Yvetal also carries with it a massive amount of power. It’s literally a ticking time bomb that is set to kill every living thing on the Pokémon world when it dies. “When this legendary Pokémon's wings and tail feathers spread wide and glow red, it absorbs the life force of living creatures.”

What happens is that Yvetal will steal the life force of every living thing if it happens to die. Upon doing so, Yvetal will be reborn a thousand year later, hopefully with new millions and millions of lives to eventually end.

5 Mimikyu 


It’s obvious in hindsight that Mimikyu is trying to mimic a Pokémon. Game Freak didn’t shy away from making Mimikyu quite a miserable Pokémon and its misery is what makes it such an adorable Pokémon. Mimikyu is trying to copy a very popular Pokémon called Pikachu. Dressed in a yellow cloth with a wooden branch for a tail, Mimikyu’s disguise is a total failure but is just so adorable.

“The rising popularity of Pikachu-styled merchandise around 20 years ago is the reason that Mimikyu makes itself look like Pikachu. In fact, this Pokémon is dreadfully lonely, and it thought it would be able to make friends with humans if only it looked like Pikachu...” that’s actually quite sad.

Rumor has it that any person who sees Mimikyu without a cloth will be stricken with a mysterious illness. We don’t know if the actual Mimikyu is ugly or just plain terrifying. What we do know is that we’d want to hug Mimikyu for being so lonely.

4 Drowzee/Hypno 


Okay, a Drowzee is basically a shady looking anteater that’s basked in mud from the waist down. It’s a pretty creepy looking Pokémon as it is and how we wished the horrors stopped there. Like Ghost and Psychic type Pokémon, Drowzee has a pretty weird backstory that made us glad that Pokémon don’t exist.

Drowzee apparently LOVES to watch people while they’re sleeping. That’s not the worst part. Drowzee will often place their huge nostrils on top of the poor human to suck out his dreams. That doesn’t actually sound bad if you’re having a nightmare though.

When it evolves, Drowzee turns into Hypno. These creatures are also terrifying. What makes matters worse is that they carry a pendulum to hypnotize people. Our guess is that Hypno likes to put people to sleep so that it can suck out their dreams more peacefully. That’s certainly a nightmare fuel for most of us.

3 Bounsweet 


There are literally a ton of cute Pokémon out there and one of them happens to be found in Alola. Bounsweet is a berry come to life. It isn’t the first fruit-based Pokémon out there, but it certainly is the most popular. It’s found in Alola, the region for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon and it’s part of the 7th generation of Pokémon.

Bounsweet’s popularity comes from its cute appearance and the aroma it gives out. It’s very popular to both humans and Pokémon alike. In fact, humans love to keep Bounsweet around the house to make it as a makeshift air freshener. As for the Pokémon, Bounsweet’s wish that they aren’t too popular with them.

“Unfortunately, it’s sometimes swallowed whole by Pokémon drawn to its aroma.” This sentence alone makes us feel sorry for the little guys. They’re swallowed whole by Pokémon and they have no other way out.

2 Arceus


Even Pokémon must’ve come from somewhere right? That’s where Arceus comes in. Simply put, Arceus is the God Pokémon. Often called to as The Original One, it’s believed in Pokémon lore that Arceus is responsible for most of the things in the world. There’s a reason why it’s called The Original One and that’s because it may actually be the very first Pokémon.

Arceus is believed to have created the Sinnoh region. However, after a while, it was believed that he was responsible for the entire Pokémon world. Aside from this, Arceus is believed to be responsible for a few Mythical Pokémon; the Lake Guardians Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit, and the Creation Trio, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. There’s no doubting that Arceus is one of the most sought after Pokémon out there and players would do anything to get it. Who wouldn’t want the actual Pokémon God on their team?

1 MissingNo


Alright, MissingNo is not a Pokémon. However, it was part of the game once and the glitch is very well-known around the fan base. It’s also a very prominent term in pop culture. Say MissingNo in any gaming convention and everyone there would know what it is.

Back in the day, developers have very limited sources. They’re pretty much restricted by the technology available at the time. MissingNo is a child of the restrictions. At its core, MissingNo is a glitch. When seen in Pokémon Red/Blue, it’s just a blur or a very broken sprite. Regardless of its appearance, MissingNo has a few characteristics including its Normal/Flying typing.

MissingNo comes in 6 forms and is basically glitch caused by faulty programming. Although it’s not an actual Pokémon, there’s no doubting that MissingNo made an impact on the community, the developers, the games and of course, the entire Pokémon franchise itself.

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