15 Plus Size Models That Are Actually...Plus Size

There is a lot of stuff out there as of late about the so called "plus size model." The biggest one of them all right now is Ashley Graham. But let's face it.  Ashley is really not so plus sized. She is the type of woman that if you were dating, all of your buddies would be totally jealous, because let's face it, guys like curves. As much as it is put out there that guys are the ones that are doing the shaming, women can be way worse. Look at what Cheryl Tiegs said about Ashley, “Her face is beautiful, beautiful,” Tiegs said. “But I don’t think it’s healthy in the long run.” But wait, there is more. When Ashley dropped some pounds, one of her fans said, “You did lose a lot of weight,” and another wrote, “I am no longer a fan of yours. You betrayed a lot of people!”

Man, poor Ashley Graham; she sure is stuck between a rock and a hard place as a so-called plus size model. On the one hand, all these dudes and chicks are saying that she is too fat (even though most of those dudes would totally want to sleep with her in real life) and on the other hand she has her so called "fans" busting on her for getting too skinny.

Well, the following models take all of that stuff completely out of the equation. Here are 15 Female models that really are plus sized.

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15 Hayley Herms

via ggpht.com

Next on the list of babes that making a living from being super sized is Hayley Herms, who has modeled for Tunnel Vision and Society Plus, as well as many others. On her website she describes herself as being "published" and also as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Hayley is another perfect example of what we are talking about here. This isn't some Ashley Graham type, where you are dating her and your buddies go "Man, that chick is super hot, I dig her curves." Not at all. What they actually say is "Wow, my buddy is going out with a fat chick." Now, that sounds awful of course, but what Hayley and others like her are trying to show is that, yeah you are going out with a fat chick, and no there is nothing wrong with that at all, not even a little bit. So back off guys.

14 Olivia Campbell

via amazonaws.com

When it comes to being a plus sized model, Olivia Campbell has it going on. She has a very unique look and gets a lot of work in the business. She is originally from London and says on her Model Mayhem account: "I'm a 5ft 11 size 18 confident and vivacious plus size model based in London England. I'm extremely passionate about what I do and I put 120% into everything I do." This may certainly be true, but it also gives a pretty good idea of what she actually "does."  She has modeled for such brands as Yours Clothing and Anna Schulz. On her profile on Model Mayhem she also says "I was the face of curvety.com and recently walked in the 'Trapped in a skinny world' I plus U fashion show." She describes herself as articulate and well spoken.

13 Bishamber Das

via viralmummy.com

Bishamber is known as "Britain's first Asian plus sized model". Now that is cool and all, but aren't we getting a little specific now? I can't wait to hear about "Norway's first top model who has a tribal tattoo, a mole on her shoulder, and some really bad eyebrows." Anyway... She does have a loyal fan base though and is obviously inspirational to many, which is kind of what this whole thing is about.  One website said about Bishamber: "I am personally a big fan of hers and believe that if every girl out there starts loving her body and is as comfortable in her skin as Bishamber is, then life would be much easier and healthier for girls out there." Nothing wrong with that.

12 Naomi Shimada

via okreal.co

Naomi has modeled for InStyle and Oh Comely, and has also done some writing on being a plus sized model. "Plus-size modelling starts at size 12 which obviously I thought was crazy. But I see now it’s just the language," she wrote for The Guardian. "It just means “plus” in comparison to the super thin. There were fewer girls doing plus size, so I started making more money. I felt so free. I liked having boobs and hips and a butt."

So there you have it, and I am sure it is true. While everyone wants to be a supermodel, not nearly as many women want to be a plus sized model. And yeah, who doesn't like boobs and butts? The old saying though "You can't have too much of a good thing" does not always hold true.

11 Liris Crosse

via pinterest.com

Liris has been called “The Naomi Campbell of Plus, and let me tell you - there is nothing wrong with that at all. Some of the places she has worked at are Curvysta Magazine and Volup2. Liris is a little on the small side for this piece, but she is totally big enough to be legit plus sized. She has even been featured in the Daily Mail, where they say,"When starting out, her statuesque form, cat-like eyes, full lips and flawless complexion got Liris in the door of most model agencies, but she admits her voluptuous shape landed her on the shelf. Until now."

Liris is actually a pretty good eye test for this kind of thing, meaning it will reveal how much you dig plus size and how plus that size is for you.  There are some shots of her out there in a bikini where she looks pretty hot.

10 Jennifer Buckingham

via greatist.com

Jennifer is definitely a model who puts the "size" in "plus sized." She does not mess around when it comes to being positive about her body image.  On her website she says: "I have never been a “small” girl and for much of my life I faced a nasty uphill battle with self- esteem that manifested into both mental and physical issues. I don’t think that magically one day we are all of a sudden cured of our insecurities. However, I believe we can recondition old negative thought patterns and replace them with positive beliefs that propel ourselves forward. My work combines my love of style and fashion with the philosophy that we are all beautiful, worthy, and enough just as we are right in the present moment." Hey, I don't think I can argue with that and I don't want to. You go girl.

9 Katana Fatale

via pinterest.com

Another woman who is on the large side, even when it comes to plus sized modeling, is Katana Fatale. She has modeled for Chubby Cartwheels and SWAK. You can Google Chubby Cartwheels if you want to, I am not going to; sometimes curiosity kills the cat, and I think this might be one of those times. She was discovered when she had a body positive blog that got attention from a popular website.  Of this she says: "It's a very interesting story. I was actually discovered by buzzfeed.com! They mentioned my Tumblr as a body positive style blog to check out. I had my blog for maybe twelve days at that time, I don't think I deserved recognition like that, but my selfies caught the attention of a buzzfeed editor and that put my Tumblr blog on the map." There are worse ways to stardom, Katana!

8 Jade Allwaze

via ggpht.com

Jade has modeled at New York Fashion Week and Full Figured Fashion Week and many other places. Her Model Mayhem page says she is 5'9, and weighs 195 pounds, has a 40 inch bust, a 52 inch waist and also that she has a size 11 shoe. Now Jade is right on the cusp of this whole thing. She almost does not belong in this article, as there are numerous dudes that would be totally thrilled to mess around with a really hot chick with those proportions. In fact a lot of guys totally prefer it. But still, she is definitely a little bigger than the Ashley Grahams of the world, so she made the cut, even though a lot of other chicks on this list totally dwarf her, and yes, I pretty much mean that literally. Oh and for you guys that do like this sort of thing, her profile also says she does nudity. Don't tell anyone I told you.

7 Jezra M.

via squarespace.com

Jezra is a big chick. This is what is known as being body positive with a capital "P." I mean, you call Ashley Graham plus size? Not anymore you don't. Jezra says on her website: "Modeling for me is how I speak and connect with people. I have a long list of goals and achievements to accomplish. One of my dreams is to travel around the world and help women with my voice to gain self love, self awareness and self confidence. My mission is to encourage other inspiring plus size models to follow their dreams."

So there you have it, there are a lot of chicks that look like Jezra, and there are a lot of guys who are into chicks that look like Jezra. Let's get this straight- there's nothing wrong with putting it out there, and if you can make a little money with it, all the better. More power to Jezra, we say.

6 Katie Knowles

via chasseurdebuzz.com

Katie takes this whole plus size thing to a different level. I don't mean that she is so big; it isn't that. It is more that she has something called spinal stenosis and a degenerative disc disease. She was in a wheelchair at age 15. Now she can walk again with limited mobility. According to this piece in the Huffington Post, "She is now signed to Headline Models agency and works as an ambassador for Models Of Diversity, starring in a series of commercial and bridal shoots."

Referring to her crutches as ‘glamsticks’, Knowles writes on her Facebook page: “Don’t let my disability put you off, it makes me work harder!” So there you go, disabled, plus sized, and getting work as a model. Makes your excuses seem kind of lame, right?

5  5. Sommer Green

via zenmagazineafrica.com

Sommer has modeled for Living Doll Los Angeles, JIBRI, and Hope and Harvest, as well as many other places. On her Model Mayhem page, she relates that she used to be an athlete, and played sports in college before injuring her shoulder. This obviously makes her even hotter. A former athlete who got hurt and then let herself go a bit, and became a plus sized model? Sommer, would you go out with me? She also says on her page that "women of curves was becoming accepted, full figured modeling was now a division in the modeling industry. She tried a few test shots and learned she was a natural then after being on stage for a runway show for designs by Drini she realized this was it; this is what she was made for." Yet again, flaunt it if you've got it Sommer!

4 Vanessa Mays

via squarespace.com

Next on our list is Vanessa Mays, who has modeled for Curvy Connect Magazine and JIBRI, as well as many other places. You can find out more about her on her Facebook page.  She is another perfect example of what I am talking about here. Vanessa is a plus sized model. Ashley Graham is pretty much a normal sized model, but the way the business of modeling goes, it does not reflect that reality at all. No matter what you may think of these women's appearance, you totally have to respect the fact that they bring it, that they put it all out there, and that they are role models for a lot of women. Of course, the Cheryl Tiegs types will say that she is an awful role model, and that she is teaching women that it is okay to be unhealthy. But Cheryl, is it healthy to be stick-thin and throwing up all the time? Just askin'.

3 Sabrina Servance

via youtube.com

Sabrina has modeled for WMDSF Magazine and Society Plus. She also has been on the show Big Women: Big Love, which the  New York Post says  "follows five single plus-size women from across the country as they attempt to find love in the vast, and often harsh, dating world. The program aims to show that plus-size women experience the same difficulties as their svelte counterparts when it comes to dating. But being single and overweight comes with a whole different set of rules."  Well, you know we do kind of get that. Society, for the most part, does look down on overweight people, as it is considered a sign of weakness, and also so the the rest of us can feel superior, which is exactly why chicks like this are so brave, being out there as plus size models for real.

2 Melissa Henrius

via wordpress.com

Melissa has modeled for Ashley Stewart and Tru Diva Designs, as well as many other places. She like all of these women, is into body positivity and  says on her website: "My goal is to present myself as an example through my work. I want to show that curves are beautiful and it is okay to be a full-figured individual while still carrying herself with confidence, class and sex appeal." This is kind of the thing, though. Some people think curves are beautiful, some don't. To me what is more important is that people feel okay being who they are, not that they feel beautiful. Because let's face it: a lot of people out there are not beautiful, not even a little bit, and that goes for guys, too. Melissa though, you're kind of hot, especially if one is into the whole plus sized thing.

1 Rayna Salcido Alvarez

via raynaplusmodel.com

Rayna is a plus sized model that is based out of Los Angeles and has modeled for Cool Gal Blue and SWAK, Sealed With a Kiss Designs, and Plus Model Magazine as well as Domino Dollhouse. You can also find her in Pose Magazine. She is one more woman on this list who makes her living as a plus sized model, and is bigger than Ashley Graham and others of her ilk, although it is doubtful they will ever break through like Graham has.  Because that is the thing really; there are lots of people out there that look like this. We have certainly come a long way from people thinking that seducing an overweight woman was a piece of cake. These women are out there making a living as plus sized models, and when I say plus, you, and everyone else know what I am talking about.

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