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15 Plot Holes You Missed In Game Of Thrones

15 Plot Holes You Missed In Game Of Thrones

via HBO

Game of Thrones has been by far one of HBO’s most wildly successful long-running television series of the past decade. The series has managed to maintain a high level of popularity throughout its six successful seasons, and fans are already disappointed to hear that there may only be two long seasons remaining for the show. When you have such a popular series, a lot goes into making sure it maintains a high level of success and popularity. A great story and a likable cast are plenty, but that’s not always enough to make sure a show stays relevant. Of course, Game of Thrones has managed to have a high level of success in all aspects of production throughout its time on HBO.

Even though Game of Thrones has proven season after season that it’s still capable of shocking audiences and maintaining an intense plot, it still has its weak moments and manages to make a few mistakes along the way. In a long-form drama mixed with fantasy elements like Game of Thrones, you’re bound to have a few slip-ups in the plot line and manage to confuse audiences. When you create an entirely new world with new rules and histories, it’s hard to make sure all the edges are smooth and that there are no errors in the way the world turns.

Game of Thrones doesn’t have many, but it definitely still does have a few plot lines that leave us questioning the world and its plot after the show ends. Let us know if you have any answers to these 15 biggest plot holes in Game of Thrones.

15. Why Was Bringing Jon Snow Back So Simple?


When Stannis wanted to kill Renly, he had Melisandre give birth to a black ghost baby. He’s sacrificed children, drunk blood, spilled blood, and even burned his own daughter alive, all to become king. Even after these biggest of sacrifices, Stannis still was never able to get what he was after. But as soon as Jon Snow died, Melisandre was able to bring him back no problem. Why didn’t she have to sleep with anybody, murder babies, or burn children alive? With just some bathing and whispering, Jon Snow is back to being a major character. Was this just poor writing, or is there something more about this resurrection that we aren’t aware of? The Gods certainly work in mysterious ways, but this is a little too mysterious for us. Instead of just being some fantasy element we can chalk up to suspension of disbelief for the show, we need to know why the magic is so inconsistent.

14. How Did Sam Get Away But Hodor Didn’t?


One of the most tragic scenes in Game of Thrones history came to us last season when we saw Hodor ripped apart by white walkers in order to save Bran. Not only did he sacrifice himself for Bran’s escape, but it was also revealed that his life was a never ending loop of him saying a version of “hold the door” because when he was young he had a vision of his ultimate death. But this wasn’t the thing that confused us the most about the episode. The thing that made us really think was when we remembered a few seasons back when Samwell was able to escape the White Walkers with Gilly and her tiny baby. Sure, they had the dragon glass, but it still seems crazy to us that Samwell and Gilly are better at escaping walkers than the huge Hodor and Bran, who also has the ability to control the minds of others.

13. How Did Arya Go Unnoticed, Especially In Front Of Tywin?


One thing that has bothered us the most throughout the series was that Arya was able to escape unnoticed for so long. Sure, there were a few moments that Arya was identified by her name, but for her status and the intense desire people had to find her, it seems surprising that she was able to get away for as long as she did. Sure, she got a haircut, but puberty hit as well as her hair just growing back; so people could eventually tell she was a woman trying to hide. The thing that boggled us most, however, was the fact that even Tywin hadn’t noticed her! He realized she had some sort of hidden status after she addressed him only the way someone of her status would address people, but he still didn’t believe that she was a Stark. Perhaps he really had noticed and just chose not to say anything for some strange reason. What do you think? Why did he never notice?

12. Gilly’s Never-Aging Baby


Gilly is one of the most underwritten characters in the show who’s struggled just as much throughout her life as any of the Stark children. She’s suffered abuse from her father, had some run-ins with the white walkers, and now has to deal with the backlash from her love Samwell’s family, all while raising her bastard son, who also happens to be her half-brother. What seems even harder about Gilly’s situation? Her baby has yet to become a toddler, even though we’ve seen them across several different seasons. Just in the most recent season, we saw a little bit of an age change in her child, but before that, it seemed as though she had a newborn baby way past the time that it was newly born. The rest of the Stark children have shown obvious aging- both in the actors used and the character stories they play. But Gilly’s baby just seems to have some serious trouble aging.

11. Daenerys Was Suddenly In Love With Her Rapist


Perhaps this isn’t necessarily a plot hole, but rather poor writing, but one of the most mind-boggling events to happen in the series was when Daenerys suddenly became infatuated and in love with her husband. When they first got together, she was terrified of him as he abused her and made her perform sexual acts that she was visibly not interested in. By the time Khal was dying, they were calling each other their moons and stars and Dany was terribly torn up about losing her king. She still states she won’t remarry because of their relationship. It makes no sense why she was so quick to turn around. Perhaps she knew she wasn’t able to get out of the situation, so she had to make do with what she had. But that’s a pretty poor excuse for displaying a victim falling in love with their abuser on screen!

10. How Did Bran Survive The Fall?


Some characters seem to die with the hit of a few arrows to the chest or a simple stab to the stomach. But it seems that nothing can kill Bran. It was pretty outrageous to see him climb the wall in the first place. His mother had mentioned at some point that he did enjoy climbing walls and that he did it often. However, that’s not enough to explain exactly just how he was able to climb the wall. As if that wasn’t illogical enough, it was even crazier that he was able to survive his fall when Jamie pushed him in the first episode. Obviously, his survival was necessary for countless reasons. But the situation still makes it outrageous to think that he was able to survive that great of a fall, with nothing easing the landing at the end. Maybe a push from a second story, but in times before modern medicine, it seems some of these characters survive too easily.

9. How Does Littlefinger Keep Getting Away With So Much?


Littlefinger is definitely one of the sleaziest and most manipulative characters of the series. I mean, he owns a brothel- it doesn’t get much slimier than that. But one thing that seems crazy to us is the fact that he’s been able to get away with it for so long. At first, he blamed Tyrion for Bran’s attempted assassination in one of the earliest seasons. Tyrion eventually found this out but was just peachy with Littlefinger’s tactics? How did any of the Lannister’s trust him after that? Not only that, but he pushed Catelyn’s sister through the hole in her kingdom, and there was really no one around to witness? It just seems a little too easy for him to get away with all of the things he’s done, especially when he’s done so much to all of the characters. Perhaps he has some sort of trick up his sleeve that will be revealed in later seasons? Or maybe the writers just know that his antics are crucial for a good story.

8. How Did Arya Survive Being Stabbed?


Bran isn’t the only Stark child that seems a little too good at surviving. Arya got her lucky day this past season when she was able to survive multiple stab wounds to the stomach by the waif. She was then attacked again, only to escape and not end up bleeding out! Fans came out with all sorts of theories after watching her brutal attack as to how she could possibly survive that stabbing. Maybe she had protection on her stomach? Perhaps she was disguised? Maybe it was all an illusion put in place by the Waif? But what ended up happening wasn’t a crazy fan theory. She just ended up being OK. Her stomach healed, and now she’s the new and improved Arya with a stronger, more stab-able stomach! It’s crazy to the fans to think that the tough Khal died from one stab, Jon Snow got stabbed less than Arya and was killed, but Arya will now be just fine, not even needing surgery? There’s got to be a better explanation to her surviving.

7. Why Wasn’t Daenerys Taken To The Temple Of The Dosh Khaleen When Drogo Died?


In the last season, fans were shocked to see Daenerys stripped of her title and taken to the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen, the place Khaleesi are sent once their Khals die. Although Daenerys made it apparent to the Dothraki just who she is, what she had done, and what she was capable of, they still sent her away, tricking us into thinking she’d never rule again. Of course, fans of Dany know better than to think she doesn’t have some clever trick up her sleeve involving fire. But still, it makes us wonder; why didn’t she get sent there when her Khal originally died? Instead, she was allowed to travel around with her dragons, setting slaves free and killing bad guys. Some suggest that the sight of her dragons probably made the Dothraki a little more convinced that she wasn’t meant for the Temple. But it still seems convenient to her storyline rather than just making sense.

6. Melisandre Has Been Naked Before


One of the most jaw-dropping scenes of last season was when Melisandre took off her necklace to reveal that she was an old, withered woman, and not the young, long-haired, sexy seductress that she so often portrays herself to be. This made us question all of her motives-as if we weren’t already! The biggest plot hole, however, was when we went back to rewatch the past seasons only to see that she was seen without the necklace before! She just happened not to be an old woman but remained her young beautiful self. Why did taking off the necklace make her old at one point but not another? Perhaps it was part of the magic she used to bring Jon Snow back? Maybe the creators simply forgot to make sure she was always wearing her necklace? Or perhaps there’s more magic involved when she was bathing versus when she was just undressing after a long day.

5. What Happened To Gendry?


Where in the world is Gendry? Gendry escaped after almost becoming a blood sacrifice since he had the blood of the king in him. Obviously, since Stannis is dead, he’s not the most wanted man any longer, but that doesn’t mean we just forgot about him! When he didn’t show up after the last time we saw him escaping in a boat, we just assumed he was going to be in the next season. The creators had mentioned at one point that some of the characters would be taking a season off, most notably Bran. But we still never even got a hint towards where in the world Gendry could possibly be. It’s likely he froze to death at sea, was captured by some weird Game of Thrones creature, or just simply starved to death. But even if he isn’t ever coming back to us, it still seems a bit lazy for the writers to not even mention him.

4. How Did The Sand Snakes Make It To The Boat So Fast?


One of the biggest plot twists in the series, in the most recent season, was when the women of Dorn were able to execute Doran Martell, his son Trystane, and Trystane’s fiancé, Cersei and Jamie’s daughter Marcella. The only problem with this scene was that they were able to kill Doran at his home in Dorn, but then almost instantly were also able to kill Trystane, whose boat was already ahead of Marcella’s at King’s Landing. Now the obvious explanation is that the creators didn’t feel the need to show us the scenes of the women escaping and taking over the boat that Trystane was on. However, this still keeps us wondering if there was a different way that the girls were able to go from Dorn to the boat in King’s Landing so quickly. It really brings down the credibility of a show when we have to put pieces of the plot together and scramble to figure out too much on our own.

3. Ramsay’s Dogs Disappear


In the beginning of the last season, we saw Sansa and Theon attacked by Ramsay’s men and dogs, only to be saved by the fearless Brienne- she showed up with Podrick to slaughter the men, saving Sansa from having to return to her abuser. The only problem? Brienne forgot to finish off Ramsay’s cannibalistic dogs as well. But it doesn’t really seem to be a problem seeing as how the dogs just wandered off, didn’t they? Since the dogs were trained all of their lives to be vicious and evil, it seems strange that they wouldn’t stick around to attack Brienne. The Stark children’s dire wolves seem to show up at every possible time, arriving at the most convenient times. If these dogs were so fierce and loyal, why did they scatter once Brienne appeared? Perhaps it was just too expensive to shoot the scene of the dogs, so the editors hoped we’d forget.

2. How Did Khal Drogo Melt The Gold So Fast?


Fans loved seeing Daenerys’s evil brother murdered by her new King, the very King that her brother had sold her to in the first place. He had always wanted his golden crown, and he was finally able to get it…just, you know, permanently. And also in a way that totally killed him. To give you a refresher, Khal melted down medallions into pure liquid gold and poured it over Dany’s brother’s head. This was great writing and a memorable scene of a vengeful death. The only problem? Science says it’s impossible. The gold melted way too quickly for a fire that probably wasn’t really that hot anyway. However, Game of Thrones is probably the last show where we should start questioning the science behind it. I mean, dragons? Let’s not go there. But there are certain things that happen in the show that we can’t just chalk up to it being a fantasy.

1. Varys And Arya Were Able To Travel Across The Seven Kingdoms Quickly


The biggest plot hole Game of Thrones has is the inconsistencies in the storyline. It doesn’t make any sense that some characters take three episodes to travel a block, while characters like Varys and Arya are able to travel across the Seven Kingdoms in the blink of an eye. The creators have addressed this by saying that the journey is simply not interesting enough to mention. They believe that we don’t want to see characters take three episodes to get from one place to the other. This is true; every time someone gets on a boat something bad does not have to happen to one of the characters. But sometimes it still seems too quick. A scene that lasts no longer than a minute, of two people on a boat exchanging some dialogue, might still be costly for production, but it would be nice to see more people mention the time it takes them to get from place to place. That would help us stop searching for the transporter pads every episode!

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