15 Plot Holes That Ruined Lost

Lost was an epic show that stirred up a lot of talk. The show lasted an amazing six seasons from 2004 all the way to 2010, and people all around the world couldn’t help but wonder how a show about being lost on an island lasted that long. It started out seeming like a really good survival show where a plane crashes and people have to learn to live on the island and help each other out until help arrives, but as it turns out, that was as far from the truth as it could get. Lost ended up being a very hard to follow, very confusing, yet somehow addictive show.

Lost never really did fit under one specific genre because it had aspects of so many different genres, such as adventure, mystery, serial drama, science fiction, and even supernatural. It was such an oddball show that it just did not fit in any one particular category. There were a lot of things left unanswered and a lot of plot holes in this show because the producers usually jumped around a lot in the story and they did not really seem to know which direction they wanted to take the story. The show lasted for a whole six seasons and when it ended, it left viewers confused about everything. Were they all in purgatory all along? Was the island even real? What was with those polar bears? In this article we are going to discuss 15 of the biggest plot holes from the show that left everyone scratching their heads.

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15 The Mystery Of Walt And His Psychic Abilities

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Walt first appeared on Lost as one of the original survivors of the plane crash that took place in the pilot episode. He was a very young boy and was accompanied by his dad, Michael, and their dog. From the very first episode, we always knew that Walt was somewhat of a special boy. He seemed to know things that the average boy his age would not know. While he was still on the show, he seemed to have some psychic abilities, he would see things that the others could not, and he sometimes he could even move things with his mind. Even though he had disappeared earlier in the show, he still appeared off of the Island to give the others advice and guidance, as if he were some sort of guardian angel. The show never really explains what Walt is or why he is everywhere the others seem to go, but it seems as though maybe the creators of the show did not even know who or what Walt was.

14 The Island Mysteriously Heals People But We Don't Ever Learn Why Or How

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Early on in the show we learned that John Locke was paralyzed before they crashed on the Island as a result of being pushed out of a window by his own father. So how is it that he is now seen as a survivalist type of person who has full use of his legs? The answer behind that question seems to also be the answer as to why Mikhail was able to come back from the dead, and why Rose no longer had cancer. It would appear as though the Island has the ability to heal people, but why then did Ben get cancer while on the Island? Does the Island pick and choose who it heals, or did the Island just simply stop healing people after a certain point? This seems to be one huge plot hole that the creators of the show just did not think through and it makes no sense to us viewers at all.

13 They Detonated A Bomb To Kill The Island And Nothing Happened

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In one of the episodes Danielle decides to that it would be a good idea to go back in time to the 1970s and blow up the Island in order to, hopefully, avoid the several crashes that happen from happening. This however backfired for Danielle, when she detonated the bomb and nothing happened. Well that’s actually a lie; there was an explosion and in theory it should have done a great amount of damage, but somehow nothing was harmed. Not even Libby who was directly in the path of the explosion at the time, was thrown five feet, and then got up and was perfectly fine. So, what was the point of the bomb? Why even write it into the show, if it was never going to have any effect in the first place and would never be mentioned again? It seems as if this may have just been a very poor attempt at a filler episode to meet their quota.

12 Those Pesky Numbers Were Never Explained

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If you ever watched the show, then you know exactly what I am talking about. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 are the numbers that appear on the show so often that the viewers knew them by heart. They are the numbers that won Hurley the lottery, the numbers used to get into the hutch, they drive people crazy, they are the sequence to stop an explosion, and they were literally everywhere (for the first couple of seasons, anyway). After that, we can assume that the creators of the show just did not know what else to do with the numbers because we never saw or heard about them again. Why make those numbers so important and vital in the first couple of seasons, if you plan on never using them again? For a while the numbers seemed to be the key to everything, but now they seem like just a bunch of pointless random numbers that have no meaning, which left everyone very confused.

11 Locke As A Hippie Was Random And Unnecessary

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When we are taken back to John Locke’s past we see that he is a very shy man who works for a box company, but in one episode, for some reason they seemed to change Locke’s story. In one episode, and one episode only, they pan out to a flashback of John Locke’s past where they show him with a much different personality. In the flashback, he was living in a commune and in charge of growing a certain drug. This part of Locke’s past was never discussed again and it was another one that just seemed to be more of a filler episode than anything else, since we already had a look inside of John Locke’s past. If you do not consider this to be a plot hole, then you probably at least found to be a very confusing part of the show that just felt like it did not belong.

10 Returning To The Island Caused A Weird Unexplained Time Warp

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Eventually in the series everyone was able to get off of the Island and go back to their normal lives the best way that they could, but they soon realized that the Island was where they were meant to be and devised a plan to go back. They decide to plot a plane crash, reenacting the first one in every way possible, in order to get the plane to end up back on the Island. Everything seems to be going smoothly until they realize that half of the plane ended up in the present while the other half of the plane somehow wound up in the 70s. This left a lot of people confused and it was never really explained as to why or who this could have happened. I suppose it is just another one of those things about the show that will never make sense to anyone except maybe the creators of the show.

9 Juliette's Says That Claire Was The First Woman To Give Birth On The Island But That Is Not True

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In season three, Juliette makes the comment that Claire was the first woman to ever give birth on the Island, but she seems to be forgetting something. Juliette, or the producers of the show, seem to be forgetting that Danielle had actually given birth on the Island way before Claire even got to the island. In fact, Danielle gave birth on the island before Claire was even pregnant off of the island. It is starting to feel as though maybe the people who created the show were very unorganized in their way of thinking and that they really just started to forget things that they threw into the show. This is actually a pretty big plot hole because the kidnapping of Danielle’s newborn baby was a huge part of the story for a while, but when Claire gave birth everyone seemed to just forget about the fact that Danielle had a baby.

8 If The Show Is Purgatory, Then What About Jacob?

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The biggest theory about this show was that the people of the Island were all actually in purgatory and when the creators of the show confirmed that the "flash sideways" did take place in a kind of purgatory, we just got even more confused. The reason for our confusion is that when you are in purgatory, you are dead, and you cannot age. Yet somehow, Jacob and his brother were not only born on the Island, but they were raised there as well, where they grew up to be men. How is this possible, if they truly were in purgatory? Is the flash sideways linked to the island? Maybe the only reason that the creators made the character of Jacob was so that they could establish an enemy, but you would think that they could do that without creating the biggest plot hole of all. The story of Jacob was a rather confusing one, but then again most things about this show were very confusing.

7 The Entire Time Travel Plot Line Was Confusing And Was Never Explained

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Time travel became a very big part of this show in its later seasons and it seemed to be such an easy thing to do. All that the people on the island had to do in order to time travel was to turn a big wheel near the heart of the island. This might not seem like that big of a plot hole, but when the wheel was turned, somehow some people went back in time while other people on the island stayed in the present. So we never really figured out exactly how the whole time travel thing worked. Was it the whole island that was going back in time, or was it just the people who were closest to the wheel at the time that it was turned? Viewers also found themselves wondering how people knew what year that they were going to, since there were no markings on the wheel.

6 The Writers Seemed To Have Forgotten Than Danielle Already Met Jacob

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So, if you followed the story line close enough then you would know that Danielle’s baby was kidnapped shortly after she was born. Danielle claims to have gotten a very good look at the kidnapper’s face and says that she would most certainly recognize him if she were to see him again. If you were following the story line, then you would also know that the kidnapper was in fact Jacob. However, when Danielle meets Jacob for the first time she does not recognize him and it really is like the two are meeting for the very first time. Did the creators forget the story behind the abduction of Danielle’s child? Or were they simply just hoping that the viewers would forget so that they could twist their story once again? This is another one of those things that will forever remain a mystery about the show and keep people scratching their heads.

5 Why Were There Polar Bears And How Did They Survive For So Long?

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Everyone knows that polar bears typically reside in a colder environment where there is ice and snow all around, so viewers were shocked when one made an appearance on the island. It seemed to be a normal day and the people of the island were out fishing for some dinner when all of a sudden a polar bear appeared. That's right – a polar bear on a tropical island. It is almost as if the creators weren't even trying to convince people that they knew what direction that they were going with this show. It seems like they started out with a basic survival show and wanted to make it last longer, so they added in a bunch of nonsense and it ended up just being ridiculous. The show does try to explain away the polar bears at one point, saying that the Dharma Initiative was using them for research purposes, but how would they have survived on that island for so long?

4 The Smoke Monster Was Never Fully Explained

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The smoke monster, something we viewers saw from the very first season, was very mysterious. It would consume whatever was in its path and it seemed to have had the ability to take the form of people and animals. What was the smoke monster? Well, we never really did get the answer to that question, but a lot of people seem to think that it was the protector of the island. Other people called it a sort of security system to keep people off of the island and to keep anyone from causing harm to the island. Many people believe that the island is actually its very own character and that it had to be taken care of just the same as a human being would. This means that people thought that the island had to be fed and cared for and that the smoke monster was what fed the island, but we will never really know.

3 What Was The Cork In The Heart?

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Viewers were not surprised when they learned that the island had a heart. The heart was a pool of water in the center below the island, close to where the time traveling wheel was. What people were surprised about was the fact that it had a cork in the center of it. Okay, it might not have been an actual cork, but it was a cork-like rock formation located directly in the center of the water. While we do not know the exact reason for it being there, a lot of people assumed that if the “cork” were removed the island would disappear forever. This is something that the creators never did talk about it was not that big of a plot hole, but it did have a lot of people talking. It did seem strange and like it was placed there on purpose, but it also was not nearly as strange as some other things on this show.

2 Desmond Somehow Can Travel To The Afterlife And Back Again

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Desmond was discovered when the oceanic survivors managed to open up the hutch that he had resided in for so many years. In the later seasons we find out that Desmond is able to go to purgatory and then return as if he was never there to begin. Nobody really ever understood why this was happening because in order to be in purgatory you have to be dead. So does Desmond keep dying and coming back to life? Apparently he had a resistance to electromagnetism and that was how he was able to go back and forth between the two dimensions, but it still did not quite make sense to anyone. This is just another one of those things in the show that had a lot of viewers at a loss for words and very confused, as did many other aspects of the show. Things got so crazy in this show at one point, that it lost a lot of ratings because people just could not keep up anymore.

1 What Was The Purpose Of The Man In Black?

The man in black is introduced in the very first season, with Jack being the very first person to see him. Although we never really learn what the deal with the man in the black really is, we do know that he can take the form of many people, and he is said to be another protector of the island, much like the smoke monster was said to be. The man in black was a very mysterious person, and he mostly appeared to Jack, trying to lead him to certain places, although we are not really sure why. The man in black is another mystery of this show that was left unsolved because the creators never went in depth about who the man in black really was or even what purpose he served for the island. So many things in this show just never seemed to add up and there were so many questions left unanswered.

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